7 Best Portable Bathroom Heaters | Reviews + Guide

With winter around the corner, are you looking for a heater that can instantly warm up your space? 

Heaters are indeed an indispensable part of winter- be it the home or the office, we need to keep our spaces warm. While buying one, many factors have to be considered- cost, safety mechanisms, amount of heat dispensed, etc. 

But with so many options out there, it can get difficult to conclude on a suitable product. This is why we have compiled a list of the best portable bathroom heaters you can get in the market so that decision-making gets easier. 

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Best Portable Bathroom Heaters 

1. GiveBest – Best for Quiet Operation

Let’s kick-start this list with the space heater from GiveBest. This 2 in 1 wonder unit measures 7.9 x 6.2 x 10.2 inches and weighs 2.99 pounds.

Plus, it provides two heat levels (1500W and 750W), as well as one cool air fan. This means that the heater can be used in both winter and summer. 

We really appreciate the inclusion of two heat levels because sometimes, one just needs a little something to warm themselves up and not a full-blown heatwave! 

The inclusion of a thermostat also ensures that people who tend to forget that they left their heater on won’t have to worry. Basically, the thermostat turns the heater off when it reaches a pre-set temperature, and once the unit cools down and its temperature dips again, the thermostat powers it back up. 

Moreover, the heater is made of flame-retardant material, which helps to prevent any potential fire hazards. Another feature that stood out to us was the tip-over protection system, which forces the unit to power down until it is put back upright.

It also makes minimal operating sound so as to not disturb your precious sleep! 

We noticed one thing, which is that the heater is, unfortunately, not too stable and tends to stop working abruptly. This is partly due to its tip-off protection, which falsely registers the heater as having fallen down. 

Heating Method: Forced Air | Wattage: 750W & 1500W | Dimensions: 6.2″ x 7″ x 10.2″ | Weight: 3 lbs. | Power Source: Corded

2. Dreo – Best for Energy Efficiency

This smart heater from Dreo comes with a thermostat, and four modes, and is available in two colors- black and gray. Slightly pricier than some of the other heaters on this list, it measures 5.51 x 6.69 x 10.31 inches and is also relatively bigger in size.

This product is- to put it succinctly- quite amazing!

It uses alternating current to generate electricity and has a filter that is easy to clean. Not only this, it has a sensitive tip-over switch that raises an alarm if it falls- alerting people nearby, and thus, preventing any disasters. 

Thanks to the V0 flame-retardant material, you can rest assured of being safe from any fiery mishaps!

The cherry on the cake is how eco-friendly it is because it can adjust its heat output based on the temperature of the space around it. You can even set a timer between 1-12 hours, and the heater will switch off once that period has lapsed.

Finally, the filter is detachable and can be taken out and cleaned easily, so this means that the heater isn’t very high-maintenance, and just needs a little bit of care now and then. 

The thermostat tends to glitch a bit and doesn’t turn the unit back on even after the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature. So, this limits the functionality of the unit a little.

Heating Method: PTC Ceramic | Wattage: 1500W | Dimensions: 15″ x 6.69″ x 10.31″ | Weight: 3.97 lbs | Power Source: Corded

3. Antarctic Star – Best for Compact Design

This black unit from Antarctic Star is the next feature on our list. It weighs a light 3.33 pounds and uses advanced heating elements to provide extra warmth. Additionally, it has three different heating modes, ensuring that you will find the ideal temperature for every occasion.

This heater from Antarctic Star is powerful yet compact. So, despite its small size and slight frame, it is quick to power up. It can effectively heat an area of 200 square feet and uses minimal electricity as it does so.

It is made of ceramic, which is more stable than most traditional heating elements and heats faster as well. The modes on it are easily adjustable, too- just turn the thermostat switch clockwise or counterclockwise.

Also, the heater provides protection against any potential safety disasters. For instance, it has an anti-tilt switch that switches off the unit if it falls over and a built-in automatic overheat-protection system that helps the unit cool off if overheated.  

Though the heater is very handy, its plastic body emanates a strong smell that can get inconvenient and overpowering. This is a disadvantage that can be worked upon to make the product better.

Heating Method: Convection | Wattage: 1500W | Dimensions: 6″ x 7″ x 9.1″ | Weight: 3.30 lbs | Power Source: Corded

4. Baby Exo

How cute! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when we see this dainty heater in white from BabyExo. This rapid-acting heater can heat your space in just 2 seconds, and look super stylish while doing it!

Its three modes make it an all-season companion, so it’s suitable for winter, summer, or anything in between!

The unit has a matte white finish, which is quite unique since one doesn’t come across this style in heaters all that often.

It also has a very retro feel to it and if you’re stuck in the 80s like us, this heater will be a great fit for you! Also, the four plastic non-slip legs provide excellent stability and make it a perfect buy for families with children or pets.

Apart from this, it has the classic in-built tip-over protection and cool-down functionality in case the unit overheats. This double-pronged protection is also pretty unique, and we really dig it!

Moreover, thanks to the intelligent protection system, the unit auto-switches post six hours so as to prevent any damage to its heating plate. This means that you can fall asleep without any worry in a cozy room with the heater on! 

The button at the top of the unit to change the fan speed tends to get stuck sometimes, which can get a little disconcerting. It also heats up faster than some of the other heaters on this list, which is evident in certain burn marks that can be noticed on the grill. 

Heating Method: Convection | Wattage: 500W & 1000W | Dimensions: 4″ x 7″ x 8″ | Weight: 2.1 lbs | Power Source: Corded

5. F.EASY.D Space Heater

This simple and elegant heater is next up on our list of best bathroom heaters, and its fashionable and retro design makes it a hot commodity online! It is compact enough to fit into most spaces and can jazz up the aesthetic of your bedroom, your workspace, or even your bathroom.

To begin with, we found the overall look of this electric fan heater rather cute and petite. It goes well with any kind of decor and looks different from a classic convection heater.

With respect to its functionality, it has many different features, which make it a great fit for any kind of household- even one with toddlers. The four plastic legs at the bottom make the unit sturdy, preventing it from falling over.

Furthermore, the heater protects the house as well as itself from damage caused by overheating. However, when switched on, the PTC ceramic heating element can heat up the space in merely a span of 2 seconds! 

We believe that the heater costs a little more than other portable space heaters available online with similar functionality, so it’s not very light on the pocket. A little reduction in the price would make it an even better purchase.

Heating Method: Convection | Wattage: 500W & 1000W | Dimensions: 4″ x 7″ x 8″ | Weight: 2.1 lbs | Power Source: Corded

6. Lasko

If you dislike stepping out of the shower during the winter mornings and feeling like you’re going to freeze while drying off, then this unit is perfect for you! This space heater by Lasko steams up your bathroom quickly and will give you a sauna-like feel right at home.

One of the things we liked a lot about this heater was that even though it had so many unique features, it was really easy to use.

The High Heat mode makes the heater emanate a consistent amount of heat for an hour; however, a low heat mode is there, too! Notably, it uses PTC ceramic heating elements to warm up your bathroom!

There’s also a useful ALCI safety plug, which shuts off the device in a fraction of a second in case there’s a short circuit. The unit is also ETL-listed and comes equipped with protection against overheating and accidental falling of the unit.

We also liked how the product is compact and versatile enough to fit in any corner of the house. 

We noticed that the heater tends to vibrate too much, which causes it to move from its place, and this can be dangerous in a bathroom. The addition of some sort of non-skid base would be helpful to solve this issue. 

Heating Method: Convection | Wattage: 1500W | Dimensions: 7.65″ x 6.25″ x 6.25″ | Weight: 3.77 lbs | Power Source: Corded

7. Yeslike Space Heater

Ending this list with a bang is the space heater from Yeslike, which definitely deserves mention on this list of the best portable bathroom heaters. It measures 11.57 x 6.57 x 6.57 inches and is available in black.

It’s a convection heating device and would be a great gift for family, or friends!

We really liked the technology behind this heater, which uses advanced PTC ceramic heating elements, and the principle of air-forced convection to produce warmth. Plus, the Advanced Infrared System disinfects the air in addition to heating it and ensures that the moisture level in the room is maintained.

Apart from these, the 90-degree oscillation guarantees that heat goes in different directions and not just in one way.

Unfortunately, excessive heat exposure can lead to dry skin, irritation, and redness. But this heater takes care of such challenges and still manages to efficiently heat the surroundings.

It also makes sure that there are safeguards against any untoward accidents. Overheat protection technology turns the unit off if it gets too hot internally, and the anti-tip-over switch culls the power if it falls. 

We did notice a couple of things that could be better. Namely, the cord connecting the heater to the power socket isn’t long enough, so there are limitations on where it can be kept. The unit also doesn’t have a thermostat, so if the room gets too hot, it has to be manually turned off.

Heating Method: Convection | Wattage: 750W & 1500W | Dimensions: 11.57″ x 6.57″ x 6.57″ | Weight: 3.45 lbs | Power Source: Corded

Best Portable Bathroom Heaters Comparison Table

Product Heating Method Wattage Dimensions Weight Power Source
GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater Forced Air 750W & 1500W 6.2″ x 7″ x 10.2″ 3 lbs. Corded
Dreo Atom One Space Heater PTC Ceramic 1500W 15″ x 6.69″ x 10.31″ 3.97 lbs Corded
Antarctic Star Space Heater Convection 1500W 6″ x 7″ x 9.1″ 3.30 lbs Corded
Baby Exo Small Space Heater Convection 500W & 1000W 4″ x 7″ x 8″ 2.1 lbs Corded
F.EASY.D Space Heater Convection 500W & 1000W 4″ x 7″ x 8″ 2.1 lbs Corded
Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater Convection 1500W 7.65″ x 6.25″ x 6.25″ 3.77 lbs Corded
Yeslike Space Heater Convection 750W & 1500W 11.57″ x 6.57″ x 6.57″ 3.45 lbs Corded

Portable Bathroom Heaters Buying Guide

Confused about what to buy? We’ll try to alleviate your indecisiveness a bit by laying out a list of the parameters that any potential buyer of a bathroom heater should keep in mind!

1. Heating Modes

Different heaters come with different heating modes- some have only one, whereas others have 2-3. Even the heat dispensed by the heater in a particular mode varies from brand to brand. However, we recommend a heater with a fan, so it can be used during summer, too.

2. Budget

Short on money this month? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! If you’re not looking to spend a lot but still want value for what you pay, we’d recommend the Baby Exo, which provides all the needed functionality at a reasonable cost.

3. Aesthetics

Sometimes, we need a heater to blend in with the décor and not stand out, looking out of place. So, if you want to buy something unique, yet effective, we’d recommend the Baby Exo and F.EASY.D Space Heater. Its matte white finish is a treat to the eyes!

How do portable bathroom heaters work?

Portable bathroom heaters use either electrical coils or ceramic plates to produce heat. Fan-forced heaters then use a fan to circulate this heat throughout the room. Some models use radiant heat or infrared heat to warm up the room without the use of a fan.

Can I leave my portable bathroom heater running all the time?

Most manufacturers do not recommend leaving your bathroom heater on when you’re not using it or when you’re asleep. Always consult the instruction manual for safety information.

Do portable bathroom heaters use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity a portable bathroom heater uses depends on its wattage and how often it is used. Typically, a 1500-watt heater could use around 1.5 kilowatts of power per hour.

Are portable bathroom heaters safe?

Yes, portable bathroom heaters are designed with safety measures such as overheating protection and tip-over safety switches. However, it’s always recommended to turn heaters off when not in use and never use them near water or flammable substances.


Now that the list has ended, we must say we’re spoilt for choice! There are a lot of products on offer, and a lot of them have similar functionality. 

However, from a buyer’s perspective, value for money is the best thing a product can offer. Paying a lot only to have the product turn out sub-par is disappointing, so in order to save you that experience, we’re going to recommend one for you! 

Our pick would be the Givebest since it has everything you need in a space heater- overheat protection, multiple heating modes, as well as low sound levels! What sets it apart from the rest is how well-received it is and the affordable price tag. 

We hope that you found this article helpful! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we hope to be back soon with more information for you. 

Stay safe! 

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