Rotring 300 Mechanical Pencil Review

The rOtring 300 positions itself as a good entry-level option in the mechanical pencil segment. Its comfortable grip and plastic body can help new users get accustomed to the feel of a typical mechanical pencil, making it a high-value model.

Though traditional writing instruments have their own charm, the convenience of mechanical pencils is undeniable.

Having to sharpen a traditional pencil is a chore you must perform every so often, and it can grow tedious very quickly. In contrast, all you need to do to keep the writing quality of a mechanical pencil sharp is to advance its lead and continue writing.

So, to see how this entry-level mechanical pencil performs, here is our rOtring 300 review.

Rotring 300 Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 300 Mechanical Pencil, Black, 0.5mm (1904726)
  • rOtring's entry-level mechanical pencil delivers...
  • A brass mechanism delivers precision lead...

Design: Light And Easy To Use

The rOtring 300 features a lightweight, sleek design that is easy to handle and comfortable to hold. Its body and grip are made entirely out of plastic, and its design is reminiscent of the iconic rOtring 600, a higher-end model.

Rotring 300 has a classic hexagonal design with a knurled grip that can perform well in an average, everyday setting. The tip is made out of metal and though it is small, it adds to the pencil’s writing feel.

On the top end, the pencil showcases a lead indicator that displays its lead type, along with an eraser and end cap. The notable caveat here is that the eraser is connected to the pencil’s lead advancement system, which works through a click-style button on the top. Meaning, your lead holder may not be able to function without the eraser blocking it.

As for the pocket clip, the rOtring 300 comes with one made out of chrome-coated metal, helping the pencil maintain a steady grip when stored. The clip is strong and doesn’t move from its place much, if at all.

And lastly, the pencil comes only in black, leaving little room for expression if you prefer your writing instruments in a variety of colors. The paint job on the pencil is quite nice, as is the chrome finish on its pocket clip.

Grip: soft and comfortable
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Grip: Soft And Comfortable

Rotring’s plastic knurling grip is designed to emulate similar grips found on some of the more premium models and manages to be soft and comfortable. When handling the pencil for longer periods, you may notice that the grip is not hard on your fingers either, unlike some of its competitors. The grip is slightly less thicker than the rest of the pencil, about a millimeter less than the body’s diameter. Want some mechanical pencil with more textured option then checkout our review article on Pilot The Shaker Mechanical Pencil to know more on this option.

Lead type: 0. 5mm, 0. 7mm and 2mm
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Lead Type: 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 2mm

There are a fair few lead types to choose from, depending on your preference. You may opt for a 0.5mm, 0.7mm or 2mm lead type pencil, each of which perform well on a typical writing paper. The pre-loaded lead also functions well, but you can swap it out with a darker or lighter version, as per your preference.

Price: low range
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Price: Low Range

At face value, the rOtring 300 is a low-cost mechanical pencil. That said, for the features it offers, the rOtring 300 can be considered somewhat steeply-priced. 

The rOtring 600, the 300’s sibling model, costs only slightly more and offers a sturdy metallic body instead. If you don’t mind paying the extra price, the 600 may be the better option, the 300 might be a bit more interesting for you if a lightweight pencil is what you are looking for.

Product Name: rOtring 300 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil | Product Brand: rOtring | Body Material: Plastic | Diameter: 7.8mm (Grip) / 9.0mm (Body) | Grip Material: Plastic | Lead Size: 0.5mm | Color: Black
Rotring 300 mechanical pencil final verdict
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Rotring 300 Final Verdict

As an entry-level mechanical pencil, the rOtring 300 is a good option. It features quality construction and good weight distribution that makes long writing or drawing sessions more comfortable. You may use it in everyday writing situations and it performs as per expectations, though its lack of color variety leaves much to be desired.

If you can look past the lead advancement system requiring an eraser to function, the rOtring 300 can be a good investment. But if you can pay the extra price, the rOtring 600 may be the better purchase if you are looking for a cheaper option, the rOtring Mechanical Pencil Tikky is a legend when it comes to affordable but high quality pencils!

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