Pilot Shaker H1010 Mechanical Pencil Review

Featuring two lead advancement systems and a consistent writing feel, the Pilot Shaker targets heavy daily usage. Its sturdy build quality, comfortable grip, and affordable price point make it a relatively inexpensive addition to a workshop kit.

A great pencil designed for everyday use offers smooth and consistent linework while being robust enough to be a part of your workshop kit.

This robustness and reliability are crucial to the success of a mechanical pencil. A fragile tool can be quite limiting to work with in a workshop environment, particularly if you need to finish drafts quickly.

So, to see if it can find a place in a workshop, here’s our review of the Pilot The Shaker H1010.

Pilot Shaker H1010 Mechanical Pencil Review

Pilot the shaker mechanical pencil review
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Design: Two Lead Advancement Mechanisms

The Shaker, introduced by the brand Pilot, is named so due to its shake-based lead advancement system, which is also its primary selling point. This contraption enables you to advance the twin-fed lead by shaking the pencil up and down vigorously.

Shaking the pencil shifts the weights housed in the thin aluminum tube, advancing the lead out of the tip. And the shaker mechanism is designed so that the advancement system kicks in only when the user wants it to.

But if you prefer something more conventional than the shaker mechanism, the Shaker comes with a traditional click-based advancement system as well that operates with a top button. Both the shake-based and click-based advancement systems performed as intended during testing. When the pencil is not in use, the lead can retract back into the barrel, making it pocket safe.

Construction: Sturdy

The pencil features a sturdy body that doesn’t look or feel like plastic at all, with build quality that is rarely diminished by blemishes. This allows it to function even after receiving damage, which suits an everyday pencil.

Near the top, the pencil has a small eraser inside a plastic cap at the end. The tiny eraser can function well enough initially, although it may become difficult to use over time. Not to mention that you may lose it because of its size.

Right below the end cap is the Taschen Clip, a pocket clip that is every bit as durable as the rest of the pencil. It has a nice grip, allowing it to remain immobile in your shirt pocket without any issues. This can make the clip last for a long while.

As for the colors, the Shaker mechanical pencil is available in a sleek black with a silver pocket clip and tip. This model is only available in one color, offering little in terms of a striking visual appearance.

Grip: soft, textured and comfortable
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Grip: Comfortable Plastic Grooves

The Shaker comes with a grip made from the same material as the body, which allows it to withstand any working conditions. It features grooves that make it easy to keep a solid grasp on the pencil while working. Despite not featuring a textured or rubber grip, the pencil remains comfortable to grasp.

And since the pencil has some weight to it, articulating it remains simple even with tired hands.

Lead type: 0. 5mm
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Lead Size And Type: 0.5 mm HB

The Shaker mechanical pencil comes pre-loaded with 0.5mm HB lead that writes smoothly and consistently on all kinds of paper. Besides, the pencil has plenty of it included in the package, so you won’t have to worry about finding compatible leads soon.

And with the lead advancement system, the pencil feels easy to use, making it suited for heavy and frequent usage. The retractable tip adds to this aspect of the pencil as well.

Price: low
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Price: Low

For all the features that it comes with, the Pilot Shaker is an affordable mechanical pencil. The pencil doesn’t trade functionality for price, which is a desirable point and can make the Shaker an affordable upgrade.

The retractable tip is a feature that is often missing from models in this price range, so this pencil can make for an affordable upgrade, the Staedtler 925, Graphgear 500 and rOtring 300 are also options worth considering in this price point. If you want truly exclusive and special, do checkout our other review on Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil.

Product Name: Pilot The Shaker H1010 | Product Brand: Pilot | Body Material: Plastic |Diameter: 20mm | Grip Material: Plastic | Lead Size: 0.5mm | Lead Hardness: HB | Color: Black
Pilot the shaker mechanical pencil final verdict
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Pilot The Shaker Verdict

To conclude this Pilot Shaker review, we’d say that as a mechanical pencil geared towards high daily use, the H1010 can be an option to consider. Featuring a high build quality, click-based and shaking mechanism for lead advancement, and a comfortable grip, the pencil can write consistently and smoothly.

Though the pencil is not as laser-focused on precision as some high-end pencils, the ruggedness and high performance of the Shaker make up for it. Its setbacks are minor and are only rarely bothersome, if ever. These qualities have earned the pencil several good reviews from users.

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