Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil Review

Featuring a full metal body and a knurled grip, the rOtring 800 has been designed specifically for drafting and sketching. Its unique retractable tip and ergonomic metal barrel deliver an outstanding user experience– but all this comes at an expensive price.

Rotring holds a special place among brands specializing in manufacturing writing instruments for technical purposes. 

Offering a wide range of mechanical pencils, it is known for providing quality products that are professionals’ and students’ favorites. No doubt, the rOtring 800 is one of the most popular options from the brand because of its performance and durability. 

So, should you add this writing instrument to your work desk? Let’s find out in this short review! 

Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm Black Metal Barrel
  • Unique "Twist and Click" retractable mechanism of...
  • Ergonomic metal barrel. Full metal body providing...

Material: Durable Brass, Functional Knurling

Like its iconic sibling, the rOtring 600, the newer rOtring 800 comes with a full metal body constructed of brass. Though the weight of this pencil is evenly distributed, it isn’t lightweight, mainly because unlike the 600, the 800 features an all metal build, internals mechanisms included. Therefore the pencil has a nice amount of heft, but even then, you won’t experience hand fatigue while using it. This mechanical pencil comes in handy for technical drawings, sketches, architectural drafts, and writing purposes. 

As metal can withstand regular wear and tear, you can rest assured that the pencil will last for the coming years. While the metal construction makes the pencil highly durable, the knurled grip makes it easier to hold it for long periods. 

Design: clean, sophisticated, and utilitarian
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Design: Clean, Sophisticated, And Utilitarian

The rOtring 800 has rounded sections on each end, while the rest of the body is hexagonal. This hexagonal body distinguishes the pencil from the competition, most of which come with round bodies. Not just that, but it also prevents the pencil from falling off the working surface, keeping it safe from getting damaged. 

Gold highlights are also present, along with some lettering on the pencil body, which adds flair. Like other drafting pencils, the knurling on the grip makes the rOtring 800 very comfortable to use.

Performance: Precise And Smooth

Whether you are drawing, sketching, or drafting, the rOtring 800 delivers a fatigue-free experience. The four mm lead sleeve does a great job of keeping the lead cylinder in its place, and the retractable tip makes it easy to adjust the pencil as needed. You simply need to twist the knurling close to the pocket clip to retract or extend the tip. 

Not just that, but the retractable tip keeps the pencil safe in pockets, keeping the lead sleeve protected from breakage. This keeps the pencil properly balanced, so there is no need to apply pressure while working, and it provides greater control over lines and strokes. The retractable tip is actually the biggest selling point of the pencil, mainly because you can comfortably travel with it anywhere without worrying you are damaging the pencil itself, the pocket or carry case. It can be the only pencil you own and it would perform exceptionally.

Other useful features that make the rOtring 800 a worthy choice include an emergency eraser underneath the cap and a lead clearance rod for dealing with blockages. However, this pencil does not come with a lead grade indicator, which may be a deal breaker for some. 

Recommended Use: Draftsmen, Artists, Architects And Engineers 

The rOtring 800 is specially designed for professionals like architects, engineers and artists across all industries. Its ergonomic body offers excellent grip, which is why it’s ideal for sketches and technical drawings, both personal and professional, but not for regular writing purposes. 

One thing we’d like to mention is that people who hold pencils in a non-standard way may find it uncomfortable to use the rOtring 800 for extended periods. 

Price: on the higher end
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Price: On The Higher End

With a unique retractable mechanism, non-slip knurled grip, and built-in eraser, the rOtring 800 is no doubt one of the finest mechanical pencils you’ll come across on the market. As it brings a lot to the table, it doesn’t come with an affordable price tag.

While it may not be the most expensive option on the market, its slightly steep price tag makes it unsuitable for many. People who want a mechanical pencil for everyday writing, journaling, or note-taking must look for cheaper alternatives. 

Rotring 600 Vs Rotring 800

Both the rOtring 600 and the rOtring 800 mechanical pencils are among the top options from the brand. While they share certain similarities, there are a few areas where the two models differ.

The most obvious difference is the weight of the two pencils– the rOtring 800 is slightly heavier than the 600. Another differentiating factor is the lack of a retractable tip on the 600, which makes using the 800 a lot easier. But on the flip side, the rOtring 800 misses out on the lead grade indicator, which makes it slightly challenging to switch lead grades. 

There is also a slight difference in the type of lead used, as the rOtring 800 has a softer lead. Note that the pencil tip wobbles a bit when using the click mechanism, but that isn’t a major issue. 

Product Name: rOtring 800 | Product Brand: rOtring | Weight: 31.8 g |Barrel Material: Metal | Lead Sizes: 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm | Color: Black, Blue | Lead Color: Schwarz | Grip: Metal Knurled Grip
Rotring 800 mechanical pencil final verdict
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Rotring 800 Final Verdict

Those looking for mechanical pencils that promise the best performance must consider the rOtring 800 if budget isn’t a problem. Its premium construction and classic design make it ideal for both professional and personal use. 

And features like the retractable mechanism and knurled grip further enhance the user experience. That said, the rOtring 800 is a bit heavy and does not come with a lead grade indicator, despite its high price. The main competitor of the pencil, that comes at a more affordable price and boosts a lead indicator, the Graphgear 1000 is certainly worth considering too if the rOtring 800 seems interesting to you.

On that note, it is time to wrap up the rOtring 800 review. Meanwhile, look into our other article on mechanical pencils such as Uni Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil. Until next time!

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