14 Smart Storage Tricks For A Small Bedroom Without Closets

Closets are like the vital organs of the bedroom that store your belongings and help manage your daily dress-up scene. A bedroom without a closet or storage rack, quite frankly, gives off major “kidnapper’s-den feels” and is not a place where one could manage their lifestyle easily.

However, if you have only limited space in your bedroom, then cramming a huge wardrobe or a closet may not be the wisest option to go for.

Smaller bedrooms should be kept fairly minimalistic in decor, since you would need all that space to move around freely.

But, it could be a real challenge to achieve both minimalism and functionality in such situations, along with keeping it aesthetically pleasing!

And, for that precise reason, we’re bringing you an extensive guide on some really cool and smart storage tricks for limited bedrooms with no closets to block your way!

Simply keep on reading to know all about them!

Storage Tricks For A Small Bedroom Without Closets

  1. The branching-tree rack!

This one right here is for the ardent lovers of all things natural, and a spark of the wild igniting their souls! 

Branching tree rack

Using a single tree branch as a hanging rack is one brilliant hack you could employ to add a calming touch to your room.

It reflects a rustic charm and could be an excellent element for coordinating with the rest of your room decor.

This is definitely a wonderful and unique way to create a storage unit in a room that is considerably small in its overall dimensions.

So, go right ahead and make a beautiful display of some vibrant pieces of clothing which you can hang on the branch! It will efficiently hold your stuff, will require no maintenance, and save a lot of space in the room for you to move around!

  1. Going behind your bed!

Is the front portion of your bedroom too narrow to accommodate a wardrobe or a closet? Well, in that case, do check out the space behind your bed. If your bed is placed centrally or just off the wall a bit, towards its head, then it can provide you with ample space for fitting in a neat little rack.

Hanging rack behind bed

You can fit in a slim hanging rack in this area that could work well as a display and quick storage for your dresses.

However, the only issue one could face with this is your clothes could get dirty really fast. So, it can require a bit of maintenance for that matter.

Nevertheless, for all who want a space-efficient option that doesn’t involve a closet could easily opt for this.

  1. A DIY clothing rack

Want a clothing rack for your simple and small bedroom? Why buy when you can DIY!

YouTube video

Expand the dimensions and angles of a basic climbing ladder to create a charming display rack for all your clothes.

This saves a lot of space, looks impressive, and, most importantly, saves a lot of money that you would’ve otherwise spent on a fancy rack or closet.

A significant advantage that such a setup will provide you with is that of redesigning whichever way you want it to look. You can add several additional layers to the existing structure of a simple ladder to make even more space for other stuff.

Remodeling such a basic object is easy and saves a lot of time and effort that usually goes into making such things from scratch

Apart from looking like a genius idea for a storage idea right there, the rustic design also blends beautifully with modern decor, providing an amazingly cohesive look.

  1. Open structures

One clever hack to have a storage unit in a small room without much hassle is to have an open storage arrangement. Consider putting open shelves or hanger rods in a specific area of your room to hang up your clothes and keep other things.

Open storage arangement

This could be behind your bed, beside the door, or simply against an empty wall.

Apart from providing you with a space-efficient storage unit, this kind of arrangement also forces you to keep your belongings well-organized, thus, developing a good habit!

This one’s undeniably a win-win arrangement for all kinds of home decor and space-functional requirements.

  1. The bed will hide it all!

When we are looking for storage space in the room, we often forget the capacities of our beds. If you have box bed, then that can be a great storage unit for all your clothes.

Underbed storage 04

You can go ahead and add some extra partitions within the structure. This way, you can have a compartmentalized storage unit that allows you to keep your things well-organized and stacked up neat.

This dispenses the need for having a separate storage unit for clothes altogether. This arrangement can work especially well for a really small room having very little space to move around. 

You can opt for a spacious bed set that will be comfortable enough for you to sleep in and be functional enough for other purposes.

  1. Using the wall well

Walls can be of immense service when it comes to finding space-efficient storage solutions.

You can always line them with open shelves or chart out a separate space for putting up hanging racks. Or, you can have both of these arrangements in a brilliant combination, if you can plan out an arrangement like that for an entire wall.

Setting up mini-wardrobes at the bottom of a hanging space on a wall is also a pretty functional setup one could go for in these cases. This way, it not only provides you with the space to keep your clothes and shoes, but it also makes some for other stuff that you may wanna keep or even a few simple items for decor.

  1. Getting a single-rack slim wardrobe 

Now, we get it that we’re discussing the options for a place that may not fit your standard wardrobes and closets. However, thankfully, if you looked around a little, you may find slim-wardrobe options that can fit such spaces well. 

These do not take up a lot of space and usually come with a single rack. Although this won’t fit a lot of items, it can still be used for keeping a good number of dresses, shoes, and other things.

And if you fail to find such units in the market, you can always choose to have one custom-made for you at any workshop.

  1.  The Dividing Curtain 

Now, it often happens that with a single large room, it can get a bit challenging to create separate spaces for storage, sleeping, and studying. Having a designated storage space in such rooms could be a hassle, and also at times, you may end up cramming more and having little wardrobe space. 

What you can do in such situations is to use curtains for having a proper division between your sleeping or studying area and those that can be utilized as storage spaces.

This allows you to determine the amount of space you would have for your wardrobe or closet requirements. If you find yourself with smaller dimensions, then you can think of hacks to have a wall or corner options for a storage unit to keep your clothes in. You can either put up hanging rods or use the open shelves on the walls for keeping your stuff or have smaller racks to hold other items.

  1. Combining different storage units

One of the best things about creating a DIY storage unit is that it gives you ample scope for mixing and matching different arrangements. Why settle for a single style when you can have the best of many different functional units in a particular area of the room.

You can either combine a hanging rack and a vertical shelf or place open shelves beside a clothing rack to make the most out of the arrangement.

These are ideal arrangements for a room with limited space and can accommodate a lot of things without cluttering the place.

  1. Using the bed-frame 

We have already discussed how you could use a spacious box-bed unit to act as a compartmentalized storage structure for your clothes and other things.

Bed frame storage

Using the frame of the bed is another brilliant yet unconventional way to store away your belongings in a smaller room.

There are actually a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, you could make a storage structure by putting in an extra platform. This can hold a lot of things along with letting you compartmentalize the unit.

The other thing that you can do is use the frames as holders for baskets or boxes where you can keep your belongings.

This way, you can make the most out of your bed if you have only limited space in your room.

Having just the proper bed is a crucial part of designing a bedroom. And selecting a functional full-size double bed is the biggest challenge of it. However, you could check out some pretty cool websites such as Furniture Standards to know which ones would provide you with all the comfort and great storage facilities!  

  1. Slim shoe cabinets

Most of us are in the habit of putting our shoes in the closet or wardrobe which allows us to pick our footwear easily each day. However, if you have a smaller room, then keeping a multifunctional wardrobe for such purposes could be difficult owing to their size. 

A good way to have quick access to all of your footwear is by opting for slim cabinets, small shoe racks, and mini-wardrobes.

These are easily available in many different sizes and styles and could serve their purpose quite efficiently. These allow you to save a lot of floor space, and if they have a couple of drawers, those could serve as useful storage units for other things.

Overall, these are great ways to keep your things organized in a limited-space scenario.

  1. Vertical shoe rack

This one’s another genius hack that involves a ladder to create a storage unit for your shoes. You can make a vertical arrangement for your shoes, keeping them heel-up on the rungs. 

This adds a beautiful and charming rustic look to your room decor.

And since you will be placing your heels vertically on them, it will save you a lot of space for even more pairs.

One of the biggest benefits of this shoe rack is that it can be placed against any wall and needs almost no maintenance, hence, lasting for a really long time!

  1. Cornered!

When all else fails, you can count on your corners to save space for you!

Consider setting up a DIY rack or a hanging rod to hold a few dresses or so. The corners of your rooms could even accommodate a small rack or case for storing shoes or other smaller items. 

It works especially well for hanging your dresses, storing them well, and also making a pretty display. Such arrangements need absolutely no maintenance.

However, you will require a bit of planning for making this one a success, as it can soon look messy and cluttered if you add too many pieces of clothes to the area.

As long as you don’t overdo it, the corners of your room could be functional storage units for a lot of things your clothes.

  1. Clever Clips Rule!

Have you ever looked at the clever clips that mainly come in handy while hanging up your clothes for drying? It may seem unbelievable, but these can actually work pretty well for putting your clothes up as well!

Using clips to hang up lighter materials in the room is a great way to save all that floor or wall space. You could make a pretty little arrangement on a clothing line on your wall using these clips. where you could hang up your colorful scarves, caps, and other accessories.

These cost nothing and save a ton of space, working ideally in a limited-area scenario.


Some may complain about having to adjust to a smaller room or being unable to arrange their stuff the way they want in limited spaces. 

But, if you gave it a little thought, you’d find numerous ways in which you could fit in your stuff and still make it all look so good!.

We hope we have given you a few clever tricks to create innovative new storage spaces in a small bedroom.

That was it for today!

Till next time!

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