44 Types Of Sofas And Couches to Consider

Buying a new sofa? You might have already gone through scores of design features and styles. 

And in all probability, that has made things increasingly confusing to you. After all, given that sofas and couches are a staple in any home, there is a vast range of models to choose from. Hence, to make a well-informed decision, you should be aware of the key features offered by the popular designs available on the market today.  

That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide on everything you need to know. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the deets!  

Types of sofas and couches 1

1. Bridgewater Sofa 

1. Bridgewater sofa 

We start the list with this versatile and casual sofa style that can add a calm and friendly appeal to any room. It’s marked by a simple, classic design consisting of slightly rolled-back arms and a low backrest. 

Moreover, the armrests are set back from the sofa front, and the padded seats are loose, enhancing its casual look further. Another noteworthy feature is the distinctive skirt tailored to hide its legs while adding a classic design touch. 

The main benefit of going for Bridgewater sofas is that they blend beautifully with almost all room designs. At the same time, the understated design won’t overpower other furniture in the room.

But if you’re looking for a model that can be a statement piece in your home decor, this sofa may not be the ideal option to go for. 

2. Chesterfield Sofa 

2. Chesterfield sofa 

These sofas are famous for the tufted or quilted style that lends them the look and feel of luxuriant and fancy couches. While their arms are rolled and inclined slightly backward to add a classic touch, the deep button-tufted upholstery adds variety to their design. 

Note that some Chesterfield models feature tufts only on the arms and back, while others include them on the seat as well. Interestingly, various designers have reinvented this sofa style to make it relevant to modern trends while keeping its heritage intact. 

That’s why you might come across variations in some latest models, such as a softer roll on the armrests and a slimmer backrest. Speaking of the upholstery used, traditional Chesterfields come covered in dark leather, while the more modern ones feature velvet or other similar fabrics. 

3. Tuxedo

3. Tuxedo

Behind the intriguing name of the sofa is its prominence as a lounge chair in New York in the 1920s. This elegant furniture piece was first seen in an aristocratic enclave of the city known as Tuxedo Park — which is where it got its name. 

The highlight of the tuxedo sofa is its straight back that’s leveled to the armrests. Such a design gives it a distinct geometric look and appeal that goes well with modern rooms. This design is popularly applied to chairs and loveseats to enhance their visual appeal. 

On a side note, the lack of a reclining angle makes it rank lower in terms of comfort when compared to a few other designs.

4. Settee Sofa

4. Settee sofa

Typically used in dining lounges, settee sofas are wide chairs with a characteristic old-world charm reminiscent of the Victorian era. So, for those looking to add an antique touch to their home decor, a settee is a no-brainer. However, note that most settees are meant for seating two people. 

Moving on, these sofas are composed of a hardwood frame that lends considerable durability to their structure. Also, settees are often used in the dining room, as their wide bench-like design resembles dining chairs. 

Furthermore, settee sofas are available in partially and fully upholstered forms, with some incorporating storage provisions as well. 

5. Loveseats 

5. Loveseats 

Up next is this cozier and contemporary version of a settee that’s a great addition to any living room. Its highlights include a super stylish design and heavily cushioned seats and backrests. 

Notably, a loveseat sofa is no different than a normal sofa except for its size. While sofas are traditionally designed as three-seaters, loveseats are basically a smaller version.

Owing to the smaller size, these sofas are often sold in living room sets that include larger couches. On the other hand, if you’re on the lookout for a space-saving and comfy seat to spend your leisure time, a loveseat is a practical option in itself. That’s why it’s crucial to consider how this sofa will be used before you decide to purchase it. 

6. Low-Seated Sofa

6. Low-seated sofa

As the name suggests, this sofa style is marked by its low seat height, which tends to be less than 17 inches in most models. Another significant aspect is the use of minimalistic design elements that can add an elegant touch to any room.  

Moreover, low-seated sofas often feature low backrests and comfortable, plump seat cushions connected to their base, which enhance comfort levels considerably. And like loveseats, these also come compact to enable easy and convenient use in any room. 

You can even get low-seated sofas in several creative styles and designs, ranging from models with no arms to those with movable backrest cushions. A point worth noting here is that these sofas were most popular in the 1950s and 60s but have started re-emerging as trendy lounging options among the younger generation. 

7. English Roll Arm Sofa  

7. English roll arm sofa  

Here’s another top-notch sofa style to opt for if versatility is your primary lookout. Some trusted sources have dubbed the English rolled-arm sofa as the “forever style” couch. 

Boasting an all-upholstered design and featuring soft lines, this sofa looks stylish yet casual in any part of your home. As an added tip, you can try customizing the legs to match them with the decor of the room. For instance, you can opt for straight legs if you have a modern decor setting or turned legs for a traditional quality. 

Coupled with the unique visual appeal is the ultimate comfort offered by the low sofa arms and deep, accommodating seats. As such, these armrests can be the perfect substitute for a pillow, which you can rest your head on after a long and stressful day at work.

8. Cabriole

8. Cabriole

If you’re a fan of traditional sofa styles, you’ll love the often-exposed, curvaceous wooden frame of a Cabriole. Moreover, this frame extends in a flowing line all around the seat and is supported by bowed equally curvaceous legs. 

Altogether, this design can be the center of attraction in any room decor and is perfect if you wish to break up a room filled with straight-line designs. A Cabriole couch is also an excellent choice for a window overlooking an outdoor space. 

Notably, a few models of this design incorporate ornate elements that enhance its classic look and feel. On the other hand, contemporary models of Cabriole may come with more comfort features such as thicker and plush sofa cushions. 

9. Divan Sofa

9. Divan sofa

Having originated in Persia, the divan can add a dash of exotic appeal to an elegant room with its mattress-like seat and low-height wooden frame. Owing to such a design, this stylish couch is widely considered a predecessor to a sleeper sofa. 

You can even lay this couch directly on the ground to create a more casual setting in your living room. Generally, it’s placed against a wall and combined with voluminous pillows to make a cozy daytime couch. 

Note that divans are sometimes referred to as daybeds, though the latter is another distinct type of sofa. That said, there are quite a few similarities between the two, which we’ll deal with later in our article.

If you’re thinking of getting a divan sofa for your home, keep in mind that the placement options are somewhat limited as it needs a solid wall for support. 

10. Lawson Sofa 

10. Lawson sofa 

First designed in the late 1900s for financier Thomas Lawson, the Lawson-style sofa is all about luxurious comfort. It comes with an already cushioned backrest and a layer of back cushions separate from its frame. 

Behind this cushy design was Lawson’s desire for a couch that could be more comfortable than the ornate Victorian-style sofas popular during the time. So, if you’re looking for an extra-cozy seat in the living room that can offer the ultimate relaxation for your close ones, this option will be an ideal fit. 

Lawson couches are also appreciated for the straight lines incorporated in their design and the generous seat depth. Plus, the arms are generally lower than the back, which supports your body for the perfect napping position.  

11. Camelback Sofa 

11. Camelback sofa 

This furniture piece gets its name from the characteristic “humped” silhouette of its backrest that imparts an elegant feel. Additionally, the loose seat cushions and bare legs lend a distinct appeal to the sofa.

While Camelback sofas were popularized in the 18th century for their aristocratic look, they are still considered quite a stylish addition to any decor. Furthermore, some models available nowadays come with jade or regular velvet upholstery that lends the design a modern look. 

You’ll even come across Camelbacks featuring two humps instead of one, which can be great for breaking the monotony of straight lines. However, a downside to this kind of sofa is that its upholstery will need frequent replacement over the years if it’s used extensively. 

12. Recliner Sofa

12. Recliner sofa

Sporting a relatively newer style, a reclining sofa is a popular design choice that doubles as an excellent lounging chair. The highlights are undoubtedly the flexible backrest and footrest, which push back and extend for a more relaxing posture while reading or watching TV. 

So, if you want an ultra-comfortable multi-seat sofa for a large family or gaming room, this model fits the bill perfectly. 

Coming to their design, most models sport the look of traditional sofas or couches used in living rooms. Moreover, you get plenty of upholstery choices, including soft leather and other comfy yet sturdy fabrics.

And here’s the best part; the latest recliner sofas come with power and manual mechanisms that let you adjust the desired sitting posture by the touch of a button. 

13. Daybed

13. Daybed

Interestingly, daybeds offer a combination of the best features of quite a few sofa styles. While their mattress-like seat closely resembles a divan, they are also compact and convenient to handle, just like loveseats. Additionally, daybeds are designed to be comfortable enough for indulging in a quick power nap.

But when it comes to ease of placement around a room, daybeds are better off than divans since they have a back and two slightly raised ends for the purpose. 

Moreover, most daybeds available nowadays can be extended to make for an equally cozy alternative to your bed. Another noteworthy variation of daybeds is the provision of trundles to make them more functional, especially for children. However, a downside is that taller people may not find a daybed suitable for napping. 

14. Chaise Lounge

14. Chaise lounge

At first glance, a chaise lounge looks like a fusion of normal one-seater couches and daybeds due to their reclining cushioned seat. Coined after the French word for long chairs, these sofas are sometimes called “Cleopatra seats” as they strongly resemble Egyptian royal chairs.   

Speaking of the design and frame, all chaise lounges have a backrest, though the number of arms might vary. Furthermore, such models feature exquisite and ornate design elements that make them ideal for any elegant setting. 

But when it comes to functionality, these can’t be considered an essential piece of furniture in your home. Rather, they are suited for bedrooms and outdoor spaces, such as patios and poolsides. 

15. Futon

15. Futon

Want a minimalistic yet ultra-comfortable sofa that can double up as a single bed? Then look no further than the futon, a comfort option that has evolved from traditional Japanese beds. 

Historically, the Japanese nobility utilized lightweight staple cotton and wool to make portable mattresses or bedding that they could use on floors made of rice straw. But after the Industrial Revolution, when cotton began to be manufactured in the 1700s, Japanese society gained access to these sofa-cum-beds. 

Equipped with a heavily cushioned, foldable surface, this furniture piece strongly resembles real beds. As such, it’s much more comfortable than daybeds and divans.

Futons are also much smaller in size than standard sofa beds, which has made them a popular choice for small rooms and use as spare beds. To turn a futon into a cozy bed, all you have to do is unfurl the folded cushion that’s used as a comfortable sofa during the daytime. 

16. Ottoman

16. Ottoman

You might have heard about Ottomans being used as footstools or coffee tables. But this compact, cushioned furniture piece is more functional as a complementary seat for a larger sofa. As such, it can be an efficient way to make for additional sitting within a limited space while avoiding clutter. 

These small sofa seats also lend a softer and more relaxed vibe to any space, making them an excellent choice for living rooms. You may use them to put your feet up and get comfortable in bedrooms that do not have space for a chaise or sofas. 

Speaking of the fabric used for their cushioned tops, most models are upholstered in top-grain leather or durable twill that will stand the test of time. Notably, some Ottomans are made hollow and come with a hinged top to provide added storage space. 

17. Recamier

17. Recamier

Known for their rare symmetric design, Recamiers give off a royal feel that can complement larger spaces beautifully. 

The most noteworthy aspect of their structure is the two rolled-up ends on either side that serve the purpose of a backrest. That said, some Recamiers come with just one scrolled end, which reduces their comfort level to some extent and makes them look similar to divans. 

Though these sofas had their glory days during the 1950s, they have made a comeback in recent years.

18. Rattan

18. Rattan

Here’s another highly functional lounging chair that’s one of the most popular choices for patios and backyards. And if you’re wondering where the name came from, let us tell you that this furniture is made from the rattan plant, which is well-known for its durability and sturdiness. 

As such, this furniture piece is well-equipped to resist harsh outdoor weather or conditioned indoor surroundings. 

So, whether it’s sitting with a good book in the garden, enjoying the morning coffee, or merely relaxing on a lazy afternoon, rattan seats can be your constant companions everywhere. Moreover, it’s equally suitable indoors, especially for people who would love to add a lively and bohemian touch to their home. 

19. Convertible Sofa

19. Convertible sofa

Like the futon or the sofa bed, a convertible is a multi-purpose couch that can be easily transformed into a bed by extending the seat. Thus, you can use it as a queen bed, trundle, or lounge for your leisure time — the choice is yours. 

But unlike traditional sofas with trundle beds, it has couch pillows in place of a mattress. You should also note that convertibles typically don’t have a back. So, they should be placed against a wall to ensure adequate comfort while sleeping or sitting. 

As for the comfort level, it’s comparable to pull-out beds and depends on the mattress quality. Altogether, this multi-seater couch is a perfect addition to rooms with limited space. 

20. Mid-Century Modern Style

20. Mid-century modern style

The sofas designed in line with this much-talked-about furniture style are defined by tufted backs, clean lines, and a rectangular shape. 

While the seats are formed with loose cushions, it has square armrests and steel feet. The beauty of this sofa lies in its minimalist yet attractive features that are sure to enhance the elegance of any room. That’s why it can upgrade the look of minimalist homes considerably.

Notably, this furniture style was in high on demand during the stretch of the 1930s up to the 1970s and is widely used till today.

21. Grande Sofa

21. Grande sofa

As you might have guessed by the name, grande sofas come larger, providing extra seating ideal for large spaces. On that note, these sofas measure around 90 to 100 inches long and can easily seat four to five people at once. 

Thus, if you want to make space for more people in the family room or seat more guests in the living room, this will be your best bet. 

Moreover, with their straight lines and minimalistic upholstery, they can be quite a stylish addition to long living rooms. As for variations, the seats can be tufted or quilted, and they can have low or high backrests. And you’ll also be glad to know that they provide enough space for a tall person to rest comfortably.

22. Sofa Lounger

22. Sofa lounger

This furniture piece can well be considered a cross between a sofa and a chaise lounge and has gained considerable popularity in the past few years. It comes in an extendable design that can comfortably accommodate tall or short people alike. Additionally, you can retract the pull-out extensions to rest your feet. 

And here’s the best part; this style is available in three additional variations to suit your needs:

A. Single Sofa Lounger

A. Single sofa lounger

Often called a sectional sofa, the single sofa lounger is, in effect, a slightly longer sofa coming with a single chaise lounge as an extension. This furniture piece utilizes loose cushions and pillows as the seats and backrests, respectively. All in all, it can serve as a comfy lounging chair for outdoor spaces as well as living rooms. 

B. Multi-Sofa Lounger

B. Multi-sofa lounger

This variation is an overextended version of a single sofa lounger, coming equipped with retractable cushions at both ends. As such, you can easily unfold them to make for extra seating. 

But keep in mind that the design has a very low backrest and doesn’t include arms. So, you’ll have to add a few back cushions to provide the desired comfort level. 

C. Full Sofa Lounger

C. Full sofa lounger

A full sofa lounger is undoubtedly the most stylish variant of this sofa style, thanks to its high-quality leather upholstery and quilted seats. 

Speaking of the provisions for seating, it has rectangular back cushions to cover the function of backrests and an armrest on one end. Note that such a design can also cradle the body fully and hence makes this sofa a great seat to lie down on. 

23. Pallet Couches

26. Pallet couches

This couch style is a favorite with DIY decor enthusiasts as it’s easy to build and comes with a vibrant look and feel. To top it all, the design is fairly functional since it can serve as a comfortable, multi-seater chair for the living room. 

You need only make sure the couches are pressed against the wall since they don’t come with backrests. That said, DIYers can create pallet couches with armrests so that they have a slight recline for added comfort. 

Another point worth noting is that you can purchase pallet couches as they are available in plenty of modified styles and designs. 

24. Knole Sofa

24. Knole sofa

Its distinctive shape and luxurious features make the Knole sofa stand out from other furniture pieces out there. Designed for the English noble family Knole in the 17th century, this large-sized sofa is a settee with a deep, cozy seat and adjustable armrests. 

Such attributes make it a comfortable choice for relaxing while watching your favorite TV shows and even quite spacious for naps. Plus, Knoles include high-side arms that are tasseled or braided to the back to add variety to the design.

Another interesting aspect is the varied range of materials used to design these sofas. While several models use stylish feather-filled seats and back cushions upholstered with quilted fabric, others come with fiber-filled variants that offer more durability. 

25. Deconstructed Sofa

25. Deconstructed sofa

Deconstructed sofas are remade out of upholstery stripped off from old furniture pieces. Generally, they are made of materials like muslin, raw wood, and burlap. 

A significant feature of these sofas is the presence of rough edges that lend a rustic appeal. As such, they can be a perfect addition to rustic room decor as in cottages or farmhouses. Apart from that, they can beautifully complement a clean sea-side look too. 

You may also choose to layer these sofas with cushions as an amendment to their design; furthermore, this will make them more comfortable to sit on. 

26. Petite Sofa

26. Petite sofa

Petite sofas bear a close resemblance to a traditional sofa but have a shallower seating surface. That said, though they may look smaller than standard sofas, they stand at a similar height and are the same size. A noteworthy feature is their straight and compact backrest, which makes them more comfortable since the structure is not too reclined. 

Such a sofa structure is mainly suitable for kids and shorter people who find their feet hanging on chairs and sofas. Apart from that, they can be a space-saving yet functional solution for longer rooms that aren’t too wide. That’s because a standard petite sofa can provide comfortable seating for three guests without encroaching on more space. 

27. High Back Sofa

27. High back sofa

You can regard this style as the exact opposite of the straight-back or tuxedo sofas. After all, the backrests of the seat aren’t at the same level as its armrests. Another distinct feature is that the arms are square-shaped. 

As for their look and appeal, they have a characteristic elegant, aristocratic vibe that will be a great match for a classic decor setting. That said, some latest models incorporate modern elements that can go well with all spaces. 

Coming to the applicability of this design, it’s especially useful for people who are faced with chronic back pain and fatigue. The high back helps them relax fully by providing extra support to the neck and head, thereby easing the tension in that area. 

28. Wingback Sofa

28. Wingback sofa

The wingback gets such a name owing to the extended flaps on either side that resemble small wings. Built for single seating, these sofas look best at the center of medium to large-sized living rooms since they make for an amazing sculptural intervention.

At the same time, they are among the most practical furniture pieces you’ll ever come across. While the high back makes for an ultra-comfortable headrest, the seat is adequately cushioned to help you relax during your leisure time. 

29. Sloped Arm Sofa

29. Sloped arm sofa

Evoking both a conventional and a modern look, the sloped arm sofa is a favorite for homeowners who love simple yet aesthetically pleasing furniture. Thus, it can be a great option for the sofa centerpiece in a studio-like home or apartment. 

First and foremost, you’ll love the curved silhouette created by the backrest extending to the arms in a descending elevation. That’s why the armrests get shorter towards the sofa front, allowing you to relax on your lower arms without feeling fatigued. 

And like the wingback, this one is also a good option for a sofa centerpiece since it creates both a conventional and a modern appeal. Furthermore, you can use this furniture piece in compact offices and living rooms to create an intimate vibe. 

30. Track Arm Sofa

30. Track arm sofa

At first glance, the track-arm sofa seems like a loveseat placed on the base of a square-arm sofa. Such a straight and square frame, coupled with the straight arms, imparts a modern feel to the furniture piece. Plus, such an angular silhouette is quite convenient to place against a wall or corner of any room. 

This sofa also ranks high in terms of comfort and is quite supportive on its own. That said, resting some throw pillows against its arms will make them feel more plush. Another significant advantage of the track arm sofa is its compact size, which makes it equally suitable for more compact rooms. 

31. Bunk Bed Sleeper 

31. Bunk bed sleeper 

Aside from convertibles and futons, here’s a third type of sofa bed that comes with an exciting design but isn’t so common on the market. To be more specific, your little ones will love bunk bed sleepers. But why is that so? 

These sofas are similar to pull-out sofa beds but come with attached stairs that can be expanded to make it a double-bunk bed. So, considering that kids love heights and anything unique, they’ll love to have a unique bed like this one. Moreover, such a design makes them a great space-saving solution for homes that need extra sleeping accommodations for kids. 

32. Classic Round Arm Sofa

32. Classic round arm sofa

Fondly called “grandma’s couch”, this sofa has a simple and homely design similar to recliners and couches found in family homes from a bygone era. Plus, its characteristic round arms come with patterned or floral upholstery that lends an elegant appeal. 

But in today’s models, you’ll notice the use of neutral fabric or white linen to provide a more modern look that’s suitable for farmhouses and cottages. Another great benefit of opting for such a sofa style is that the cushions are very comfortable. They provide ample support to your lower back that’s essential for reducing body fatigue.

Some advanced models also utilize high-quality materials such as resilient fiber and foam to prevent the sinking feeling associated with sitting in couches. 

33. Retro Square Arm Sofa

33. Retro square arm sofa

Characterized by upright and square cushioned arms, this sofa bears a contemporary look rather than retro. Such square arms will look great in studio-type homes and apartments. To make this furniture piece stand out in a room, you may use skirted slipcovers. 

Furthermore, the soft, loose cushions for the seat and back will let you relax for hours without feeling uncomfortable at any moment. 

34. Barrelback Sofa

34. Barrelback sofa

If you’re on the lookout for a cozy single-seater sofa with a straightforward design, the barrelback sofa will be a dependable option. Getting its name from the elegant curvature of its backrest, this sofa is ideal for cozying up with your favorite book on a chilly winter morning.

Moreover, the latest models of this design come with engineered hardwood frames that are built to last for years and offer superior strength. 

Another great advantage is that many brands out there let you customize the design with accent buttons or diamond tufting. So, you can easily make your choice of barrelback more stylish and elegant. 

35. Belgian Roll Arm Sofa

35. Belgian roll arm sofa

Created by revamping the rolled arm couches of the 1920s, this sofa falls under the cluster of restoration hardware furniture. Interestingly, the armrests that seem like a hybrid of the sloped arm and round arm style lend a slight curviness to the design that works well in any place. But this unique style makes it difficult to find a ready-made slipcover. 

Another notable feature of this sofa is its low seat height which creates an illusion of space, making a room appear bigger than its actual size. This makes it a great choice for small to medium-sized rooms with any decor setting. 

However, to keep its appeal intact over the years, you’ll have to maintain the sofa frequently. It will be best to remove the dust accumulated on the seat and back with a vacuum at least twice a week. 

36. Pillow Back Sofas

36. Pillow back sofas

Not ready to invest in a sleeper bed but want a sofa that can be equally comfortable? Then the pillow-back sofa will be good value for money. These models have thicker layers and come with cushions that can rest on their rolled arms. 

So, you can always rearrange and move the cushions to relax on the sofa the way you like. Shorter people and children can even take a nap as such sofas are fairly spacious. Notably, this sofa design often has about five to seven soft and fluffy cushions rather than two to three large-sized ones, as with other designs. 

37. Curved Back Sofas

37. Curved back sofas

Aside from their curved back, the highlight of these sofas is the greater height of the armrests than the back. 

Such a style lends a dash of modernity to the design, making it a fresh addition to any compact room. Moreover, the entire frame of this sofa is curved, and its cushions are much firmer. Another interesting aspect is the use of high-quality, luxurious fabrics such as down and velvet for the upholstery. 

But a point of caution is that this style cannot provide adequate back support, so it may not be suitable for people faced with back issues. 

38. Rounded Wedge Arm Sofa

38. Rounded wedge arm sofa

Widely considered as a round-arm sofa with a “designer look”, this multi-seater couch is more of a fusion between the square arm and classic around-arm styles. While the arms retain the upright structure, their tips are slightly rounded, contrary to the wedged design of the square arm style. 

Long story short, such an arm design gives this furniture piece a contemporary look that homeowners would love. 

In hindsight, this sofa has a much more user-friendly design than the hard wedge arm variant and offers greater comfort too. The sofa seat and cushions are soft and fluffy in most rounded wedge arm models. 

39. Armless Sofas

39. Armless sofas

Looking to add a medium-sized lounging chair for small get-togethers at home? Then you can count on armless sofas, as they provide the right balance of comfort and convenience and can also seat three to four people at once. That said, the lack of arms might not seem functional enough to all.

This design will also be ideal for a minimalistic living room, thanks to its characteristic straight silhouette and the use of a thick cushion as the seat. But keep in mind that all armless models use upholstery fabric of the desired quality. 

So, it will help if you check out some customer testimonials to know whether the model is truly as functional and comfortable as the brand claims. 

40. Rollback Sofas

40. Rollback sofas

Designed with a square backrest and arms akin to straight-back or tuxedo models, this sofa is reinforced with a rolled cushion layer at the back. But the backrest isn’t leveled with the armrests, which is a stark contrast to tuxedo sofas. 

Notably, the curve of the rollback cushion adds a design flourish to its backrest, which helps create a vintage vibe when a sofa is placed away from the wall. This makes the furniture piece more suitable for traditional decor styles, just as the Grandma’s Couch. Furthermore, the sofa provides ample body support and is fairly comfortable to sit on. 

41. Pull Out Sofa Beds

41. Pull out sofa beds

While offering the support of conventional mattresses, these sofas include a traditional foam mattress within their structure. As you, if you have guests staying over for a few nights, this option can provide the ultimate comfort and great convenience.

This sofa style even has several variations, including those coming without springs or bars and memory foam or gel mattresses that provide added support. Also, a point worth noting about these sofa beds is that you’ll have to dress them with flat and fitted sheets or duvets or quilts for added warmth.  

42. Sofas With Wooden Arms

42. Sofas with wooden arms

Owing to the timeless and rustic appeal of wood, sofas with wooden arms have retained their popularity across generations. Additionally, since the sofa comes covered in rich upholstery, the wooden arms can lighten its visual weight to a great extent. 

Whether you have floors of hardwood in your home or a country-style decor setting, this furniture piece is bound to add elegance to the surroundings. 

Furthermore, you can create a retro or industrial feel by choosing a leather-cushioned variant of this sofa style. Note that such pieces are popularly called Lillberg sofas. 

43. Trundle Sleeper Sofa 

43. Trundle sleeper sofa 

Trundles are a narrower and smaller version of pull-out sofa beds, so they are perfect if you need more sleeping space within a smaller room. 

Such a sofa has a trundle mattress stowed inside its structure. So, to convert these sleeper couches into a bed, you just have to roll the couch forward and pull the mattress out with the handles provided on its side. Thereafter, you can lock it in place using the locking mechanism offered. 

Apart from their simple setup, trundle sofas can blend with the room aesthetic seamlessly. After all, the mattress is upholstered in the same style as the couch so that it never looks out of place. 

44. Sectional Sofas 

0015147 lincoln park handmade modular sectional with left facing chaise

Before we end our list, here’s another contemporary hybrid sofa style that has gained much appreciation over the last few years. Also called modular sofas, sectionals comprise multiple sofa cushions that are configured to create a seating arrangement that goes well with your room. 

For example, the combination of a loveseat and chaise lounge can be a comfortable arrangement for a smaller space. Likewise, a U or L-shaped design created with corner chairs and sofas is perfect for a large open floor plan. Note that you can alter the size of such sofas by detaching or attaching some sections as per your needs. 

So, that was all about the different styles and styles of sofas and couches available out there. Now, we’ll be putting forth some essential information that will help you choose a suitable model wisely.  

Sofas vs. Couches

While you were reading through our list of sofas and couches, you might have wondered how the two terms are different from each other. Well, though “sofa” and “couch” are used interchangeably nowadays, they were historically associated with different concepts. 

The term “couch” is said to have originated from the French word “coucher” used to define “an armless furniture piece used for lying down”. On the other hand, “sofa” is defined by most dictionaries as “an upholstered seat with a back and arms that can sometimes be converted into a bed”.  

Long story short, in older days, the difference between sofas and couches seems to have been based on the presence of armrests on the structure. 

However, in today’s world, sofas and couches are often distinguished in terms of their seating capacity. Note that the former is generally capable of accommodating more people. 

Sofa Buying Tips

At the end of the day, you’ll want a furniture piece that will provide quality seating and retain its strength and visual appeal over the years. 

So, to be sure about that, you’ll need to take into account various other key aspects aside from its decor style and design. In this section, we’ve briefly discussed each of these important aspects.

1. Sofa Size

First and foremost, the size of the sofa should be consistent with the room size and suitable for your needs. This will ensure it serves the purpose, allows easy movement, and doesn’t make the room cluttered.  

Note that the size of a sofa is usually measured in terms of its seating capacity. While the widest and longest sofas can accommodate five people at once, the smallest ones are naturally single-seater models.

That said, to help you have a better visual perspective, we’ve listed some figures you must look out for: 

A. Seat Depth

According to experts in design, the depth of the seating surface of a sofa should be somewhere between 20 to 38 inches. This implies a seat depth more or less than this range can make the seat feel uncomfortable.  

B. Length

On average, sofas measure 70 to 96 inches long, with three-seaters being 70 to 86 inches and larger ones being 87 to 110 inches in length. 

C. Height

When it comes to height, the recommended range for sofas is 26 to 36 inches. While models of a classic design often have higher backrests, modern sofas are shorter and may also have shorter backrests.  

Types of sofas and couches 3

2. Sofa And Couch Materials 

Considering the material used for the upholstery and surface of couches and sofas is equally important. That’s because it will determine the external appearance and longevity of the furniture piece. 

On a side note, to choose a suitable type of upholstery, you must consider the look that it will lend to the sofa, its ease of maintenance, and its durability. 

Now, following the materials that are most widely used for upholstering sofas and couches. 

A. Leather

It’s among the most durable upholstery materials and is also easiest to maintain. But keep in mind that leather can be used for only a few furniture styles and is not ideal for all interiors either. For example, sofas that come with loose back cushions are never made of leather. 

B. Microfiber

Microfiber is generally more durable compared to fabric suitable for moderate use. But it might get untidy easily, especially in homes with children and pets. Also, it has limited applicability in different furniture styles as it isn’t rich in patterns.  

C. Fabric

Fabric is used for a wide range of furniture styles, so choosing the right variety will help you enhance the room decor just the way you like. However not all types of fabrics will offer the desired durability, so you need to be careful while making a choice. 

D. Eco-Leather

Also called faux leather, this material has similar hygienic benefits as original leather and has limited applicability. However, it isn’t as durable and may eventually start cracking if used extensively. 

3. Frame

A sturdier frame will naturally make a furniture piece more long-lasting and durable. Thus, you should opt for sofa frames built of stronger materials such as hardwood that is kiln-dried and is less prone to warping.

 Another point to take note of is whether the legs are part of the sofa frame or are wooden dowels attached with brackets and metal screws. Remember that a poorly-built frame may be affected if you move the sofa around different parts of the home frequently. 

4. Cushioning

You will also have to make sure the sofa is suitable for your sitting posture and doesn’t give rise to an uncomfortable feeling. So, it’s important to develop an idea about the different foam fillings and cushions used in sofas. 

Try to find out the materials that make up the core of the sofa you’re considering and the filling wrapped inside. Ideally, the foam should be soft enough to provide comfortable seating and, at the same time, firm enough to ensure you don’t feel the deck underneath. 

5. Suspension

Every sofa comes with webbing, ties, or coils that provide support to the cushions and distribute the body weight evenly to make it comfortable to sit in. 

So, while going through the specifications of a sofa, you’ll have to ensure such components included in the pillow are of the standard quality and serve their purpose well. Reading through some customer reviews that talk about the support provided by the backrest and the included loose cushions will be helpful in this regard too.  

Can Sofas Be Reupholstered Or Refurbished?

Yes, most sofas can be reupholstered, provided their frame is intact. That said, to get the job done, you’ll need to hire someone who is experienced in dealing with that particular type of sofa and the upholstery you’re searching for.

Speaking of refurbishing a sofa, that will depend on the type of repair it requires. While minor repairs and even reconstructing damaged frames are possible in some cases, at times, the damage might be too severe to be refurbished.

Can Sofa Cushions Be Washed?

The cushions that come with zippers allow the covers to be separated for washing. But keep in mind that you should wash them gently and air-dry them to prevent shrinking.

As for sofa cushions that don’t come with zippers or can’t be removed and the back, side, and arms of the sofa, you can clean them with soap and water.

Can You Dye The Cover Materials Of A Sofa?

Yes, you can dye just about all the covering materials, including a leather sofa cover. That’s a convenient way to make a good-quality furniture piece more lifeful if it has gone through minor wear. While you can always find professionals to dye the sofas, there are lots of DIY tutorial videos to guide you through the procedure.

Can You Recycle A Sofa?

Though a sofa isn’t recyclable in its entirety, most of its parts are so. If you have parts of older sofas picked up at home, check with a company that handles such materials to know if they’ll be able to recycle the sofa. You can also get in touch with other recycling centers to check whether they offer such options.

And that’s a wrap — we hope you enjoyed exploring the different styles and designs of sofas and couches available out there. 

It’s now time for you to choose a suitable sofa that will be functional and blend well with your home decor. In case you’re still not sure about the one that will be perfect for your needs, we’d suggest going through the buyer’s guide once more for more clarity. 

So, go ahead, and upgrade the look of your home with one of these dynamic sofa styles — or create a complete set featuring more than one.  

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