Uplift V2 Review

The Uplift V2 Standing Desk is an ergonomic, easy-to-use, customizable standing desk with an advanced comfort keypad and sturdy frame. It comes with significant changes in the electric system and frame build compared to its older model, the Uplift V1.

With work-from-home gaining popularity, there is an increasing need to organize one’s home office for better comfort. As such, the best home office desk today is a standing desk with customizable options and easy storage.

For instance, JieCang Linear Motion has taken the market by storm with its Uplift series of electric standing desks. So, today, I’m here to review their latest entry, the Uplift V2.

Uplift V2 Standing Desk Review

I purchased the Uplift V2 Standing Desk to test its durability at different heights and its electric and motor systems. Moreover, I have tried to find whether this newer version is better than its predecessor Uplift V1 Standing Desk.

1. Wide Variety: 22 Desktop Finishes, 4 Sizes, And A Paddle Keypad Upgrade

Uplift’s standing desks have gained popularity because of their varied material and size options. Depending on your height, space requirements, accessibility, and room aesthetic, you can choose the specifications that work best for you.

In total, there are 22 desktop finishes you choose from, including walnut laminate, solid wood, bamboo tops, and even a whiteboard option for kids! You can also choose reclaimed wood for more climate-conscious usage. I tested the hardwood top, which looked quite elegant at first glance. However, I noticed that the clear coat on the desk top is not buffed down properly.

There are also options for the grommet finish, and you add a power grommet if you wish.

The smallest size available is 42×30”, which is perfect for smaller office spaces, but if you wish for a larger working space, you can upgrade to multiple options. Uplift offers a 48×30” upgrade, the standard desktop size 60×30”, 72×30”, and a large 80×30” workstation space. 

There are color options for the keypad, too, and like most standing desks, Uplift V2 offers a simple no-frills keypad with only up and down arrow buttons. However, you can upgrade to the advanced paddle keypad, if you’re willing to invest a few extra bucks. Purchasing this paddle keypad helped me get a broader perspective of its potential features. 

2. Assembly: Quick And Simple Process

Assembling this standing desk is quite similar to the other uplift desk frames. There haven’t been any changes in assembly from the previous Uplift V1 version. However, given the multiple bolts required to assemble this desk, I recommend using a cordless drill instead of an allen wrench to speed up the process.

Besides desktop and frame setup, connecting the wires and organizing them might be time-consuming. However, cable management is a common problem among most standing desks with automated features. Overall, the assembly time should range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size and customization options.

Stability and lift performance: 355 lbs capacity with aluminum legs

3. Stability and Lift Performance: 355 Lbs Capacity With Aluminum Legs

To test the stability of this Uplift desk, I added the maximum desktop capacity that the product description claims. However, 355 lbs seemed too taxing as the desk’s legs made a wobbling sound and the whole set-up looked like it was about to collapse. 

To be honest, I think the maximum weight it can comfortably carry is 100 lbs less than what’s advertised. Moreover, V2 uses the same lightweight aluminum metal legs as V1, so the stability of the two versions is technically identical. 

Although aluminum legs can reduce shipping costs, it does not offer good stability like the heavier steel legs of Fully Jarvis desks. To learn more about this product, check out  my “Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk” review.

However, the commercial version of Uplift V2 has added stability due to its larger tubes and sturdy cross support between the legs. Regarding lifting speed, the standard Uplift V2 falls short of its promised 1.57 inches per second. 

 4. Electrical System: Improved Cable Management

While Uplift V2 can be dubbed as the most customizable standing desk for certain features, its electronic configuration is rather common. Although the company uses a similar electrical system for the V2 desk like in the V1, there have been some changes to the control box. 

It has implemented a two-board electrical system with a mass-produced power supply to cut manufacturing expenses. However, its cable management is slightly improved with an additional grounding wire. Compared to the Uplift V1, the quality of the power cord is also much better. 

Moreover, there’s an addition to the circuit boards, especially the second smaller one. Here, they have included the new 6-way accelerometer system for a more sensitive anti-collision system. 

5. New Features: Better Motor Drive, Grommet Holes, Desk Extension

This customizable desk is slightly better than its previous version due to its better motor drive. Its new base includes 48 accessory holes for attaching accessories like a hammock, CPU holder, power strip, or keyboard trays. These grommet holes also reduce shipping weight since there’s no requirement for crank handles.

However, while adding customizable options like foot hammocks to your uplift desk, you should note that it may not be able to hold the full weight of most users. So, adding full-body hammocks for a quick nap to even the best standing desk may be risky.

Besides, Uplift offers a desk extension option that can provide additional shelf space for more storage utility. 

Additionally, the desk has a six-axis anti-collision detector on the control box to aid smooth adjustment. But I tested it only to find that the detector was too sensitive for the uplift desk. Even though it’s common for anti-collision detectors to trigger false alarms, any slight tap on the desktop makes the entire setup back off an inch. 

However, the digital handset of the detector can be “locked out” to stop its functioning.

The advanced paddle keypad displays a maximum height range (22.6” to 48.7”) higher than other standing desks. Uplift’s adjustable height desk also includes a reminder for the current standing position. It includes 30, 60, and 120-minute settings with a child lock feature and memory preset. But I did have some issues with the sitting height and preset, which were resolved with regular use.

6. Frame And Build Quality: Good-Quality Finish And Gear Internalization

The columns in this version are pretty similar to the other desks by Uplift; however, the upper frame has a recessed set screw beside the holes, for free accessories. Its expandable cross-like frame adds a tidier look to the desk, and its column finish is good quality. However, JieCang uses the same molded foot design as the other models.

Since the bolts can loosen over time due to regular usage, I expected to see thread lockers to hold them into place. But there weren’t any, so I recommend locking washers for the same purpose. 

Uplift V2’s motor and gear system remain vastly unchanged except for a few additions. These include internalizing the gear and adding a worm drive to the motor. In hindsight, these features may significantly reduce the chances of dust and dirt entering the motor control. Overall, this Uplift desk delivers a decent motor and glide system at a low price point.

7. Glide Systems: Moderate Lubrication

Like its other mechanical parts, there isn’t any noticeable difference in the glide system of V2. This model did not have too much sticky lubrication like its older models, which helps with operation.  The lubricants in the previous models, like V1, were prone to run down the desk legs after minimum usage. 

8. Warranty: Ten-Year For Components, Five-Year For Desktop

Uplift desks stand out for their ten-year warranty on frame components, mechanical parts, and motors and a five-year warranty on the desktop. This warranty, however, comes with certain conditions. It excludes regular wear and tear, frame cracks due to weather conditions, and surface finish deterioration due to sun exposure. 

Uplift recommends using these standing desks for not more than eight hours per day and 40 hours per week. The manufacturer refuses to take responsibility for damage due to rough use. The warranty also excludes improper assembly, which can be harmful to the desk.

9. Packaging: Evenly Distributed With Smart Graphic Design

This standing desk comes in three packages–one for the desktop, the legs, and the other for frame parts. Even though this reduces the shipping weight and damage, it is highly possible that all three parts may not arrive simultaneously. 

However, the way they use a TV set image on the packaging to lower the risk of damage during delivery is a good move. This graphic signals that the package should be handled with care, and with shipping carriers UPS and FedEx running high damage rates, this is a smart move.

It might have been safer to squeeze everything into a single package since the different parts can protect each other by cushioning. 

Height adjustment range: 25.5” to 51.1” | Weight capacity: 355 lbs | Width space: 42.25” to 70” | Noise level: 50 Decibels (in motion) | Foot glide: ⅜” adjustable
Uplift v2 final verdict

Uplift V2 Final Verdict

The JieCang Linear Motion dominates the market today with its cost-effective standing desks, especially its most customizable desk, Uplift V2. But cutting manufacturing expenses has led to a quality compromise in its electronic and motor systems. However, finding a better standing desk at such an affordable price is very difficult.

Overall, the Uplift V2 standing desk has good value for the price, with a full-coverage warranty and many desktop options. Its new 6-way anti-collision accelerometer, a substantial increase in its lifting speed, and the 48 mounting points in the upper frame support further make it more efficient.

But I’d still recommend paying close attention to your height, weight capacity, and top finish requirements to choose the correct types of home office desks suitable for you.

That said, I’ll be signing off now. If you like to read such informational product reviews, keep out an eye on this space. 


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