12 Best Deburring Tools to Consider

Anyone who has worked with raw metal has found the need to soften up the rough edges of a project. 

Deburring tools are used to smooth these unfinished, straight edges to finish a product. After all, having sharp edges on the metal is no way to finish a project. 

Additionally, these handy tools can trim mold-injected plastic and polymer if you are working with a 3D-printed object. Fitting machine components together is much easier by using a deburring tool to smooth the edges. 

However, finding a quality deburring tool kit that can give the perfect finish can be challenging. Even with a one-stop shop, how do you know if it’s a good model? 

Rest easy because we have compiled the best deburring tool models available today. You will also find everything you need to know about deburring tools to pick the best option. 

With that said, let’s get into it!

Best Deburring Tools

From high-speed steel blades to pencil-shaped tools, this list includes a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences. So whether you’re a professional metalworker or a DIY enthusiast, here’s the list of the 12 best deburring tools to help you achieve the perfect finish.

1. Slice Deburring Tool – Best Overall

Slice’s 10482 deburring tool kit was designed to give a tough and durable tool that is heavy-duty while maintaining maximum comfort. With a unique design that utilizes the best quality materials, the kit is sure to deliver a perfect finish every time. 

Slice has created a model that will withstand time by using only high-quality material in its deburring tool blades. These zirconium oxide blades are much harder than steel and are non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic, and never rust. 

Additionally, the design of the deburring tool overall is chock full of handy features. One such design is the built-in blade storage in the handle, allowing you to change blades quickly and easily without requiring extra tools.  

As for the performance of the blade in cutting material, it creates smooth surfaces with minimal effort. By switching between the convex and concave blades, there is ample working space possible at multiple angles. The durable nylon handle surrounds a glass tubing and provides a secure, comfortable grip, so you always have a firm grasp and are in control. 

While the 10482 is compatible with both types of blades from Slice, it only ships with a convex blade. Any other blade will have to be separately purchased from their site. Although it is not a hindrance in performance, having the versatility of two types of blades would definitely have been helpful. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: N/A | Blade Count: 1 | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: N/A | Blade Replacement: N/A

2. AFA Tooling Deburring Silver Tool – Best Versatility

When it comes to deburring tools, having versatility and functionality in one model is ideal. This model from AFA Tooling checks off these boxes with ease. Utilizing high-speed steel blades, the tool is able to last longer than standard steel and create a variety of holes. Additionally, it can cut a number of surfaces. 

Deburring tools that are compatible with multiple materials and surfaces are handy for cleaning up any project. This model can turn sharp edges into smooth edges or even curved edges for wood, metal, and plastic surfaces alike. 

Furthermore, this versatile hand-deburring tool can create several types of holes. Whether you need simple holes, cross holes, or deep ones, the high-speed steel blades can pierce through the surface with ease. What’s more, these blades are durable, but AFA Tooling has included an additional ten blades to tide you over, just in case you need backup.

Another helpful feature is the rugged aluminum handle that allows for a comfortable grip. Removing steel burrs from inner diameter holes, edges, and straight edges is straightforward and smooth with this one. 

One feature of this model is a swivel head that is meant to help in the deburring process. However, it has a tendency to get in the way when creating small, precise hole edges. The head slips to either side and damages the material. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 10 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable

3. VASTOOLS – Best for Portability

Deburring holes and smoothing a sharp edge is made incredibly simple with this hand-deburring tool. Extremely versatile and with a solid hexagonal aluminum body, it holds up well in the workshop. Packing a solid M2 HSS blade on its swivel head, this is one reliable piece of equipment.

A versatile hand-deburring tool, the VASTOOLS model, has a wide range of materials it can cut through. Deburring aluminum, plastic pipes, steel, and other metals while maintaining structural integrity is no small feat, but this one does it excellently. Additionally, the swivel head is an especially handy feature when making deep holes. 

Another useful design feature is the hexagonal handle made of aluminum. Placing it down flat on a table doesn’t cause it to roll away and get lost. Furthermore, the small size allows for a secure grip when deburring. 

What’s more, it is incredibly simple to change blades with the bayonet fitting system. Simply push down on the joint of the handle and blade to pop it out. Insert the new blade, and you’re good to go. 

While it is not a necessary feature, there is no inclusion of replacement or other blade types in this deburring tool kit. Although the blade is versatile for home, workshop, and plumbing applications, it is still necessary to buy additional blades. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: N/A | Blade Count: N/A | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: Swivel | Blade Replacement: N/A

4. AFA Tooling Deburring Red Tool – Best for Heavy-Duty Work

Another model from AFA Tooling, this deburring tool, has a unique wide-body design suitable for heavy-duty work. Its larger surface area for gripping gives an advantage for safety reasons. As for the deburring blades themselves, they are made of tough-tempered high-speed steel to last longer. 

What stands out right away in this model is the wide design that the deburring handle has. It is made of aluminum, so it maintains a lightweight while giving you better control over the blades. What’s more, achieving a smooth cutting motion is much easier with a larger handle. 

Although this deburring tool can remove burrs in a variety of surfaces, where it shines is in the 3-D object finishes. Removing nylon, ABS, and PLA with sharp blades is easy and smooth. Melting the strands of filament on the 3-D object is not an issue with this deburring tool; the cuts are clean and flat. 

Additionally, the head of the deburring tool is versatile in the types of blades it is suitable for. Different kinds of swivel blades can be attached to the hard steel housing. This increases the applications it is capable of. 

It should be noted that there were a few cases of the locking system becoming defunct after some time in some units. For obvious safety reasons, this is a concern, especially if a lot of pressure is being applied. Take the proper safety measures while using this model. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 11 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable

5. Mavast Aluminum Deburring Tool with RG21 Blades – Best All-Around Tool

If you are looking for versatility, this deburring tool kit is sure to be right up your alley. Coming with 21 blades of three different types, there is a wide range of applications possible. These blades have a heavy-duty HSS build and attach to a premium aluminum handle.

Including replacement or different types of blades is always a welcome addition to any tool kit. However, this model from Mavast has taken this concept above and beyond by throwing 21 blades into the package. These range in their diameter to create a number of differently-sized holes. 

Each of these blades has high-speed steel construction and ranges in their diameter to create different-sized holes. There are 11 standard HSS blades as well as five 1.5mm and five cobalt HSS blades for stronger cutting. 

Furthermore, the blades are able to swivel within the handle to cut into the material being worked on easily. Whether it is creating a hole, cutting away material, or smoothing out sharp edges, this deburring tool can handle it all.  

While using this tool, there were instances of the swivel head getting caught in the hole or locking up. This can become a nuisance, especially when it causes the tip to chip into the side of the hole. Having a clean finish is the desired goal, not a chipped edge. 

Material: Aluminum | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 21 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable


This deburring tool is an excellent choice for deburring copper, brass, aluminum, PVC, and cast iron. When finishing out those sharp edges with a quick and easy spring-loaded blade release system, there is no hassle. What’s more, the handle is made of anodized aluminum that is comfortable to grip.

Whether you are cutting metals or trimming away plastic edges, this deburring tool works efficiently. Switching out the blades for a suitable one takes only a matter of seconds. Fiddling with lock release systems or using other tools is not required when working with the DKIBBITH model. 

Another great feature is the construction of the handle itself. Being made of light aluminum, it was able to hold its own regardless of how much pressure was applied. This came in especially handy while working with a rigid material or surface as the pressure could be confidently applied without fear of breaking. 

Additionally, the handle has a hex design that keeps your grip firm and steady. This makes removing burrs a straightforward process with the anti-slip functionality of the handle. 

One caveat to having a spring-loaded release system for the blades is having a detent that pops out. There were instances where this part would fall out of the tool and needed to be replaced in order for the blade to stay locked in. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Rotary Burr | Blade Count: 11 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Rotary Burr | Blade Replacement: Replaceable

7. BroadBasic

Deburring various types of edges from metal and steel to PVC pipe and resin, this BroadBasic model is capable of it all. Coming with a selection of different high-quality blades to choose from, the deburring process is a breeze. Furthermore, there are a few options in terms of a blade holder with this uniquely designed model.

This tool kit may be the right choice for you if you deal with aluminum or other metal materials like copper or steel regularly. There are multiple high-speed steel blades explicitly designed for plastic, steel, and brass included in this kit.

Furthermore, with multiple types of sharp blades to choose from, the versatility of the deburring tool increases. Cutting through the material with total control is smooth, whether it is plastic, PVC, or more robust metal and steel. 

One feature that came in handy was the various blade holder options that were included. The aluminum handle has a compartment to store up to seven blades for faster switching. Additionally, there is a plastic case that can hold up to 20 spare blades as well. 

This tool falls short in the locking system of the swivel head. There were instances where the blade was meant to remain stationary to create a deep hole but wouldn’t lock in place. This made precision work and deburring specific dimensions difficult. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 20 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable

8. Adiyer

As far as deburring hand tools go, the Adiyer model is a simple model that has the basics you need to remove burrs. There are 11 HSS blades included with the handle, as well as a swivel head to create curved edges and a quality finish. 

Some of the basic features include replacement blades that can be switched out at the push of a button. These blades have a 40-degree angle, so creating holes and smoothing out a sharp edge is a piece of cake. 

Another handy feature is the handle blade holder that can carry spare blades around safely. While it does not contribute to the quality of the output, it makes for a convenient touch when switching to a sharp, fresh blade. Besides the handle storage, there is a plastic case to store the remaining spare blades. 

Additionally, the blades are made of M2 high-speed steel that has a sharp cutting edge. These blades are just sharp enough to cut through the most common materials in deburring. It is capable of breaking through PVC, plastic, copper, and aluminum. 

As this is a basic model that is meant for the casual user, the quality of the body and handle is not the best. It has a plastic construction which means it is prone to breaking under heavy pressure. If you are working with robust material, it is recommended to find a stronger deburring tool. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: N/A | Blade Count: N/A | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: N/A | Blade Replacement: N/A

9. Reed

Truly a one-of-a-kind design, this slim and compact deburring model from Reed is a handy tool to carry around for small deburring tasks. It is about the size of a pencil, so keeping it in a pocket is incredibly easy, especially with the dedicated pocket clip. 

Using a deburring tool of this size can only be beneficial in making minor adjustments and deburring small amounts. The blade of this model is made of steel that is durable enough to cut through copper, steel, and aluminum, so it is limited in its functionality. 

Although the small build can limit its versatility, it is also a benefit in creating an easy-to-use tool. Thanks to its unique size, it is easy and comfortable to hold and maneuver. Making deep holes and smoothing edges precisely is easy with this one. 

As far as deburring tools go, the Reed is probably one of the lightest options available. This makes it easy to transport and carry around on your personal feature is sure to come in handy for those who regularly work with deburring material. 

One downside to having a fixed body with such a small build is the limitations on the blade system. In particular, the deburring blades are set into the handle permanently and cannot be switched out or replaced. Although it still facilitates the deburring process, it is no longer useful once the blade is dull. 

Material: Copper | Blade Type: N/A | Blade Count: 1 | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: Pencil | Blade Replacement: N/A

10.Mavast Aluminum Deburring Tool with NG21 Blades

A fantastic deburring tool from Mavast, this model is great if you are working with copper, plastic, or even stainless steel and other metals. By including a variety of blade types, there is a wide range of materials that it can remove burrs. What’s more, it comes with a more than ample amount of HSS replacement blades.

Regardless of whether you are left or right-handed, this tool fits in your hand comfortably and securely. By swiveling the head of the mounting portion, a full 360-degree hole and cutting angle can be achieved. Furthermore, switching out the blades is a simple matter of pressing a button to release the blade. 

Included in this deburring kit are a total of 21 blades. There are 11 standard HSS blades as well as five with a 1.5mm diameter. There are also five special HSS blades that have cobalt in them for more robust materials like stainless steel. 

With so many blades and a variety to choose from, the versatility and lifespan are incredible as far as hand tools go. While it may not be strong enough for cast iron, it is enough to create smooth and curved edges with no problem. 

Mavast designed this model to simply remove burrs; the handle is not given as much priority as the deburring blades. As a result, it has a lower quality and is susceptible to breaking if too much pressure or wear is applied to it. 

Material: Silicone | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 21 | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable


YXGOOD has designed a tool with ten high-speed steel deburring blades that can create a number of holes and edges in a range of materials. Furthermore, it has a comfortable handle and grip, so working with it for an extended period is no sweat. 

Fine, precise work is made much easier when using a deburring tool that has a wide-body handle. By having more area to grip, there is more control over the motion of the blades. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight while providing substantial support. 

Additionally, having a swivel mount on the blade helps in creating smoother edges and forming holes, be it on a flat surface or on a pipe. This swivel mount is made of a hard steel housing, so it can be subjected to heavy pressure without bending or slipping. 

The versatility of this deburring tool is mainly limited to soft metals and plastics. For example, aluminum, copper, gold, and silver are a few of the compatible materials that this tool works with. Whatever you are working on, be it DIY or a professional project, this deburring tool is excellent for creating a finished product. 

By attaching a swiveling mounting head, YXGOOD removes the ability to use a fixed blade if needed. While this does not take away anything from its functionality, having the option to switch would have been better. There are some situations when a fixed blade performs more efficiently than a swiveling one. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: N/A | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable


SANDOR offers a premium deburring tool that has a number of useful features built into it. The company uses high-quality materials to create a comfortable user experience. They also include ten replacement blades and a zipper storage case in this kit. 

Right off the bat, the materials used in the handle and body of this deburring tool stand out from other deburring tools. The handle has a textured aluminum grip design, so holding it is comfortable even for long stretches. It’s not just a pretty feature to look at but has a functional purpose as well. 

Where other deburring tools have a static handle, this model has a rotary design. By rotating the handle itself, more control is given to the blades while deburring. It also provides more options when it comes to the angles that it can be used in. 

Additionally, the included blades are able to create a range of edges and holes. Whatever purposes you need a deburring tool for, this model will satisfy them all. This includes straight edges, curved edges, deep holes, and cross holes.

Although the handle of this deburring tool has a unique rotary design, it is still prone to catching on the material at times. This is not a regular occurrence but is more dependent on the angle at which the blade approaches the surface. 

Material: Metal | Blade Type: Straight | Blade Count: 1 | Blade Material: N/A | Blade Shape: Straight | Blade Replacement: Replaceable

Best Deburring Tools Comparison Table

Product Material Blade Type Blade Count Blade Material Blade Shape Blade Replacement
Slice Deburring Tool Metal N/A 1 N/A N/A N/A
AFA Tooling Deburring Silver Tool Metal Straight 10 High-Speed Steel Straight Replaceable
VASTOOLS Metal N/A N/A N/A Swivel N/A
AFA Tooling Deburring Red Tool Metal Straight 11 High-Speed Steel Straight Replaceable
Mavast Deburring Tool with RG21 Blades Aluminum Straight 21 High-Speed Steel Straight Replaceable
DKIBBITH Metal Rotary Burr 11 High-Speed Steel Rotary Burr Replaceable
BroadBasic Metal Straight 20 High-Speed Steel Straight Replaceable
Adiyer Metal N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Reed Copper N/A 1 N/A Pencil N/A
Mavast Deburring Tool with NG21 Blades Silicone Straight 21 High-Speed Steel Straight Replaceable
YXGOOD Metal Straight N/A N/A Straight Replaceable
SANDOR Metal Straight 1 N/A Straight Replaceable

Buying Guide for the Best Deburring Tool

Why Invest In Deburring Tools?

Deburring a surface is imperative any time metal, wood, or other materials are used in a build or project. These materials have unfinished, rough edges that can create accidents and minor cuts if left unattended. 

This is where a deburring tool comes in to buff out these edges and give a smooth finish. There are a few types of edges that this tool can create, such as a straight or curved edge. Depending on the blade type used, the effect along the edge can be changed.

Additionally, a deburring tool is multi-functional and can create holes as well as fix broken bolts. Similar to creating smooth edges, the holes have a smooth interior and no rough edges. They are either a crossed or a deep type, depending on your needs.

Factors To Select A Deburring Tool

Before you settle on a deburring tool for your home or workshop, there are a few features and factors that need to be noted. These factors will affect how efficient the tool will be in its performance. Keep these in mind when looking for the right model for yourself to make the most informed decision possible. 

  1. Build Quality 

Depending on the type of work you intend to use the deburring tool for, the quality of materials used in the construction is crucial. Finding a build quality that corresponds to the level of work it is to be subjected to can help increase the lifespan of the tool. 

On the one hand, poor build quality is indicative of a short-term lifespan. These models are not meant for heavy-duty materials like steel. It is recommended to use these for minor adjustments and removing burrs. 

On the other hand, higher-quality deburring tools have a longer lifespan and can withstand more pressure and wear. Regardless of the type of work that it is needed for, it will be able to perform at high efficiency without breaking. Furthermore, the number of materials is considerably higher in a high-quality tool than that of lower quality. 

  1. Handle Construction 

Although the blades of the deburring tool are the focal point, the handle should not be overlooked. It is just as essential in its safety features as well as providing a base to control and guide the blades. The efficiency of a deburring tool is only as good as the handle it is attached to. 

Typically, manufacturers use aluminum in their handles as it is lightweight while remaining durable. This allows the tool to be handled comfortably over long periods without causing too much fatigue. 

Additionally, there are some unique features built into the handle that can come in handy for convenience’s sake. A popular feature is having a compartment for storing extra blades built into the handle. This keeps the blades within reach at all times to quickly switch out a dull blade for a fresh one. 

  1. Deburring Blades

On the other end of the spectrum of efficiency are the blades of the deburring tools themselves. Having a durable blade allows it to be used on a range of materials without breaking down too quickly. The smoothness of the holes and edges created depends on how sharp a blade is. 

High-speed steel is a popular choice among manufacturers as it is 80% stronger than traditional steel. This allows it to last longer while maintaining its sharp edge. Looking for a model that uses an HSS blade is always a safe bet for the lifespan of the deburring tool.

  1. Rotational Mounts 

There are certain types of deburring tools that are able to rotate or swivel the blade in a circular motion. This serves the purpose of creating a smoother interior when cutting into a hole or pipe. Working at particular angles is also easier with this feature. 

Although a rotating blade may be helpful to some, others may prefer having a fixed blade to apply more pressure. Depending on the material you are working with and personal preference, pay attention to whether the blades swivel or are static. 

  1. Additional Features

Although these extra features do not have any impact on the quality of the edges and holes created, they are still handy. Some manufacturers include storage cases and extra blades to facilitate convenience. 

Having extra blades on hand is always a good idea when working with deburring tools. When the blade becomes blunt, it will begin fraying the material and can cause imperfections to arise along the holes created. This is why switching out the blade when it becomes blunt is so crucial; to maintain a smooth result with the sharp deburring blades. 

Additionally, a storage case does not determine the efficiency of the deburring tool. Having a safe space to contain the blades in a dry location can help preserve them from wear. What’s more, a storage case keeps them out of the way from injuries as well. 

How often do I need to replace the blades on my deburring tool?

The frequency of blade replacement depends on the material being deburred and the frequency of use. It is recommended to replace the blades when they become dull or damaged.

Can deburring tools be used on curved edges?

Yes, some deburring tools, such as swivel head deburring tools, are designed to be used on curved edges.

Are deburring tools safe to use?

Yes, deburring tools are generally safe to use as long as they are used properly and the user takes necessary precautions, such as wearing protective gloves and eye goggles.

What are the different types of deburring tools available?

There are several types of deburring tools available, including straight-blade deburring tools, rotary burr deburring tools, swivel head deburring tools, pencil-shaped deburring tools, and silicone deburring tools.

What materials are deburring tools made of?

Deburring tools are typically made of metal, such as high-speed steel, aluminum, or copper. Some deburring tools may also be made of silicone or other materials.

Can deburring tools be used on materials other than metal?

Yes, deburring tools can be used on plastic, wood, and other materials that require smooth edges.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what deburring models are available and how to find the best deburring cutters for you. 

Our all-around choice goes to the Slice for its simplistic, high-quality construction. However, if versatility is what you require, then the AFA Tooling Deburring Silver Tool is worth looking into. On the other end of the spectrum, the VASTOOLS has a small five-inch build for pocket-sized comfort.

Regardless of the model you choose, ensure it is designed to suit your needs. Utilizing a deburring tool effectively can elevate the quality of your projects tenfold. 

With that, I will take my leave; until next time!

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