11 Best Dry Erase Boards and Whiteboards of 2021

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Whether you’re a visual learner or an auditory one, you probably understand the difference whiteboards have made since they were launched.

Not only do they help immensely in simplifying complex topics, but they also provide a definite shape to the entire stream of thought. When you have a board to write on, it allows you to brainstorm different ideas on the spot and as required.

A whiteboard is basically like a larger size of the standard paper, with the only difference being you can write and rewrite on the same surface over and over again.

Since technology has left no field untouched, you can expect to see some flexible and versatile whiteboards/ dry erase boards in the market today. And, to make the search process more comfortable for you, we’ve picked out some of the best units of 2021!

So, let’s get started then, shall we?

Best Dry Erase Whiteboards and Boards 

Best dry erase boards and whiteboards 1

1. Quartet- Glass Dry Magnetic Whiteboard

This glass erase board has a sophisticated frameless design that will look classy on whichever wall you plan to have it placed. You can choose from four different sizes and shades, so that, you can easily select a model that suits your wall color and the room setting.

Quartet Glass Whiteboard, Magnetic Dry Erase White Board, 8' x 4',...
  • Board dimensions – 96” L x 48” H | Stick out...
  • Comes with removable accessory tray, 1 marker and...


We were looking for a whiteboard that had an advanced design, making it easier to use it regularly. And, after having tried many different brands, we can say that this unit does deliver substantially to provide you with the benefits of a standard whiteboard. It comes with a non-absorbent glass that gives us a clean surface to write on even after the hundredth use.

It can resist stains, scratches, ghosting, and dents. Thus, once we erase the board, we don’t generally see any remaining stains of the writing or drawing that was earlier done on the surface.

The sleek design acts as a unique focal point on an empty wall. On receiving this package itself, we could understand that it’s a value-added product, and we hardly had any question about the durability after we tried it out.


Further, the board shape is such that we can place it either vertically or horizontally. And it has a pass-through mounting, which made the installation relatively simple.

This whiteboard doesn’t need to be used only for writing purposes, which is rare given its standard features. We can, in fact, also use the steel-backed magnetic surface as a bulletin board. This makes it convenient to attach charts during presentations and various other visual aids.

  • Frameless glass design
  • Covered with a 15-year warranty
  • Two high power board magnets are included
  • Non-absorbent glass surface
  • Drywall anchors may not be that sturdy

2. Quartet- Prestige Dry Erase Board

If you love having options when it comes to picking a dry erase board with the right shade and size, then you should check out this unit. This glass whiteboard is available in four different sizes and colors, such as black, mahogany, graphite, and silver, all of which are suitable for any professional setting. So, let’s read on to find out whether it lives up to the expectations or not.

Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard, White Board, Dry Erase Board, 8' x 4',...
  • Total Erase magnetic whiteboard with 20 year...
  • Erases cleanly and will remain pristine with only...


When we were looking for one of the most durable erase boards, this unit by Quartet didn’t fail to impress us with its whopping 20 years warranty!

It comes with an aluminum frame and a full-length marker tray for keeping the accessories organized. And for hanging the board, we received a pass-through mounting hardware, which made the installation process relatively simple.

The surface gets entirely clean even after extensive use, and with just a little occasional maintenance, the board looks brand new again. It resists any form of staining, ghosting, and scratches.


Another interesting feature of the surface are the light-printed grids that run along the entire surface. These grids are noticeable only when we stand close by the board and they help to keep the writing aligned.

All in all, the quality of this whiteboard is on point, and the magnetic feature is a bonus because we get to double it as a magnetic bulletin board.

  • Comes with a light grid pattern
  • Magnetic surface
  • 20-years warranty period
  • Requires occasional maintenance
  • The marker tray falls off frequently

3. VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board

If you’re looking for a whiteboard that is wide enough for a large meeting room, classroom, or conference hall, then you should consider giving this one a shot. It’s a high-grade quality dry erase board that offers a writing surface of about 70” x 46”. The design and construction are quite standard. But, let’s look a bit closer at its features before you make a final decision.

VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard, Non-Magnetic, 6' x 4', Wall...
  • Smooth & durable non-magnetic writing surface,...
  • Overall size: 72" x 48" ( frame included); Writing...


We did not have any specific criteria in mind while searching for a whiteboard. Our main motive was to find a unit that could serve the function well. This board by VIZ-PRO has a vast surface area in comparison. It allows you to make large presentations to simplify any complex idea for a better understanding.

The writing surface is made of melamine; therefore, it’s very easy to write on it using a marker, and it’s also durable enough to suit our daily presentation requirements. And the best part is that we could wipe the board clean using dry erasers to give a spotless surface whenever we wanted. Hence the writing appears more clear and makes way for effective communication.

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It also comes with an aluminum frame that offers excellent protection to the board edges. For avoiding any hasty accidents from the edges of the board, it has been capped with ABS plastic corners.

When it comes to installation, we did not face any issue while setting it up against the wall. This is mainly because we had received an installation kit, which made it relatively easier. It also features a clip-on marker tray that is very handy for keeping the writing accessories in place.

  • Accessory tray and mounting kit is included
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Melamine writing surface
  • Requires good overhead lighting

4. Lockways- Magnetic Dry Erase Board

This magnetic whiteboard has an excellent writing surface, and you can expect it to serve beyond what any ordinary board can offer. It has a smooth scratch-resistant surface, with an ultra-clean wipe-off. So, irrespective of how you use the board, you can always have a fresh start to a presentation. Let’s delve closer to understand its overall functions.

Large 60" x 40" Magnetic Dry Erase White Board - Wall Mounted...


The magnetic dry erase board is suitable for both midsize and large conference halls. It comes with a writing surface of approximately 60” x 40”, which is sufficient for most presentations and writings. The magnetic surface makes it easier to hang the charts without having to find other sources.

This unit comes along with eight magnets and three dry erase markers, which is more or less a complete package. Whenever we erase the board, it gets squeaky clean, which gives us a clean surface to write on.

The board has high-quality construction, and after using it regularly for a few months now, we have no doubt about its durability. It’s a board that will not warp, bubble, or scratch with the onslaughts of regular usage. Moreover, the silver aluminum frame and nylon corners deliver a sturdy construction with user safety in mind.



It also comes with an aluminum marker tray with ample space for keeping an eraser and dry markers. Plus, you can rest assured that even if you dropped the tray accidentally, the built is such that it will not get damaged easily.

  • Magnetic surface
  • Covered with a 5-year warranty
  • Has a detachable marker tray
  • Round nylon corners ensure safety
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • The tray tends to come off during use

5. Luxor- Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

This double-sided 96” x 40” board is designed for preparing your presentation in an organized manner. It provides durable mobility that is required for dynamic workspaces. The sleek and sturdy frame has a professional appearance, and the dual writing surface is very convenient for long presentations.

LUXOR Mobile Dry Erase Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminum...
  • Economically priced without compromising quality....
  • Painted steel surface resists ghosting and...


The Luxor double-sided mobile whiteboard comes with a large writing surface and the convenience of mobility. It comes with sturdy construction, making it easy to move it from one area to another. The dual writing surface allows us to write on both sides of the board.

It has a traditional structure which is suitable for all our conference areas and shared spaces. It also comes with two locking brakes and four casters for easy mobility. To flip this reversible board, we just have to loosen the side knobs, disengaging the spring-loaded locking clip. After this, we need to lock the brakes and side knobs to hold the frame in place for presenting or writing.

We can also use the magnetic surface to display charts, photos, and papers, which works as a bulletin board. It has a painted steel surface, which resists ghosting, scratches and provides excellent erasability.


The one-inch aluminum frame provides good protection and sturdy construction. It also comes with a full-length aluminum tray that provides ample space for storing the board accessories. Overall, it’s a high-quality and affordable mobile marker board.

  • Includes a large tray
  • The markers tend to erase cleanly
  • The aluminum frame has a solid construction
  • Easy to move around
  • Does not include markers

6. Offex Mobile Dry Board

This is a double-sided magnetic board that gives you twice the writing area when compared to other units. This glass whiteboard comes with an aluminum frame, which gives it a solid construction. You can also move it around easily from one place to another without any obstacle. To understand the functions of this unit, let’s check out the following paragraphs.

No products found.


The size of the board is apt for a small meeting room, and the dual writing surface serves well for that purpose. It also features a high-quality frame, which supports a large writing surface and measures about 40” x 72”. The one-inch aluminum frame gives the board a clean and sophisticated design.

After we were done with the presentation, it wasn’t very difficult to erase the writings and to prepare the board for the next presentation. It gets clean without any ghosting or scratches. The board is very easy to reverse with a simple touch of a button, so writing on both sides gets very convenient.

This unit can be used for any conference room or meeting space. We haven’t faced any challenges while moving this unit around. The stand rolls smoothly when placed on an even surface, which is mainly aided by the four 2-inch casters. And when it comes to stability, the interlocking brakes help ensure the right amount of steadiness during presentations.

It also includes a full-length marker tray that provides enough space for keeping dusters, markers, and other board materials. Overall, it’s a value-added product and makes an ideal choice for professional settings.

  • Affordable price range
  • Great mobility
  • Versatile and steady
  • Double-sided design
  • Lacks the basic accessories

7. Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard

If you’re looking for a whiteboard that will fit comfortably in your limited workspace, you should consider the Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard. The board measures about 36” x 24”. It has an ergonomic design and a height-adjustable feature, which are the major selling points of this unit. This whiteboard has a pretty unique design compared to the other models on this list.

Mobile Whiteboard – 36 x 24 inches Portable Magnetic Dry Erase Board...
  • STABLE & SAFE: maxtek mobile white board is...


We have a tiny study room with a limited wall space, which is why we wanted a compact whiteboard. The Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard was an excellent option for us not only for the size but also for its mobility.

It comes with five caster wheels that make it simple to move it around wherever we choose to study. This board has a rounded base that provides the right amount of stability, and also adds a more stylish quotient to it. The plus point is that we don’t have to deal with any mounting work.

Plus, it has an ergonomic writing angle that makes it simple for anyone to use the board. The height can also be adjusted using the knob that is placed towards the bottom of the stand.


There is a spring inside the height-adjustment tube of the board which helps reduce the impact of gravity. Moreover, the whiteboard can be adjusted from about 59 to 74-inches.

The surface of this whiteboard offers clear representations of any writing because of its high-contrast markings. It also has a stable magnetic surface, so we get to attach notes and pictures when we are writing on the board. All in all, the board is suitable for our needs, and the construction is sturdy enough to last a long time.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers height-adjustable features
  • Has a reinforced heavy-duty base
  • Easy to write and erase
  • The writing angle cannot be adjusted

8. Super Essentials- Mobile Dry Base Board

When you’re making a presentation, it’s essential for you to convey your ideas to your audience effectively. And, this whiteboard by Super Essentials will help you achieve that precisely. The simple usage and high-quality construction help to ensure that the board will last you for a long time, which makes it worth the investment you make for it.

Mobile Dry Erase Magnetic Whiteboard-47"(W) x 36"(H) - Double Sided...


The features that stand out the most for us in this dry board is its construction. It comes with an aluminum frame and marker tray that holds the large writing surface in place.

It has a dual writing surface. And, by simply pushing a button that is placed at the bottom of the board, we can flip it and access the surface on the other side.

Additionally, the four smooth-rolling 2-inch casters make it simple to shift the board around. And two of the casters have an interlocking feature that holds the board in place when it’s being used.


The installation was also very simple; and it didn’t take us more than 10-15 minutes to set it up. We had received all the required hardware with this unit, and the instruction manual was simple to follow. The set up was pretty hassle-free given the convenient size of the board.

Moreover, the board is magnetic, so we can make the most use of it during our presentations, and there are no issues with ghosting. Overall, we could say that this is a top-grade quality board, which makes it worth the price tag it comes at.

  • The stand comes with an anti-rust coating
  • Includes assembly hardware
  • Great mobility
  • Doesn’t wobble when writing
  • May not be suitable for small rooms

9. Audio-Visual Direct- Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

This magnetic whiteboard set from Audio-Visual Direct is a stunning glass writing-surface. The construction of this board is such that it will be suitable for both professional settings and classrooms. It is made with magnetic glass, which is known for its durability and makes the board suitable for long term usage.

Now, let’s get to the following sections to understand whether it’s worth the investment or not.

Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic White Glass Dry-Erase Board Set - 35 1/2...
  • Express Yourself - Our Smooth Glass Surface is...
  • Erase Effortlessly - Our Boards Clean Easily With...


This quality whiteboard is ideal for a mid-size room, and we were ready to expand our budget to purchase a durable product such as this. Most of our friends suggested opting for a glass material because it’s considered to be one of the best in terms of writing surfaces. We are pretty satisfied with this unit, especially because of its beautiful, sleek surface that looks classy against any wall.

The installation process was relatively simple because we had received quality wall anchors and solid metal mounts along with this set. But we also sought out professional help to ensure that the board is fixed securely against the wall.


We received five heavy-duty magnets, so we get to attach pictures and graphs on the board for better visual learning. It also comes with an aluminum marker tray that makes it convenient to keep the dry erase markers and other accessories in place.

The glass composition of this whiteboard is smooth to write on, and the markings are dark enough to be visible from a distance. Moreover, we can clean this board within a few seconds, without having to worry about staining or ghosting.

  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Resistant to stains
  • Includes an aluminum tray and five heavy-duty magnets
  • Moderately priced
  • Requires powerful magnets to hold the structure up

10. XBoard Aluminum Board

The Magnetic Dry Erase Board from XBoard comes with a super smooth surface that helps you write on it without any drag or patching. This board is framed with a durable aluminum structure that holds it securely in place. It’s an extremely versatile unit that can be ideal for schools and offices.

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard 48 x 36, White Board 4 x 3, Dry Erase Board...
  • Whiteboard exact outer size: 47. 3" x 35. 2". The...
  • The detachable marker tray can be placed on any of...


This heavy-duty dry erase board was one of the most affordable options that we had on our list. It has a 47.3 x 35.2-inch writing surface and owing to its magnetic properties it can be doubled as a bulletin board as well.

The board is made of a top-grade and extremely durable aluminum frame with ABS corners. All of these additional features help promote safety and holds the board in place. It also features an anti-scratch surface that keeps the board looking new even after a considerable period of time.

Best of all, it’s easy to install, and could be taken down whenever needed without much hassle. We can choose to hang it vertically or horizontally for maximizing the writing-space and visual-impact.

However, not only does it come with a reasonable price tag, but it’s also very versatile. And the structure is such that it blends easily with any kind of interior decor.

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price range
  • Features a detachable marker tray
  • Simple mounting procedure
  • May not be suitable for larger projects or classrooms

11. Dapper Display Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

This mobile dry erase board comes with a range of accessories needed for the office, home school, or classroom, while still being easy on the wallet. It is a no-extra, easy-to-set-up, double-sided whiteboard that you can either mount on the wall or leave it be on its stand. This dual usability feature of the board is definitely a great bonus!

Mount-It! Mobile Dry Erase Whiteboard - Rolling White Board with...
  • FULLY MOBILE AND MOUNTABLE– This rolling white...
  • MAGNETIC SURFACE – We threw in a bonus kit with...


The Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard from Dapper Display is like two different models fused into one. We loved the versatility of this unit and its product specifications, which is mainly why we went forward and got it to test. The board can be mounted on the wall, or we can place it on the stand and move it around easily.

We also have the option to hang this 3 feet by 4 feet board either horizontally or vertically, giving us the freedom to customize the unit according to our requirements and available room-space. Plus, it offers sufficient writing space on both sides. We just need to click a button to flip the board, and that’s how convenient it gets for us to change the side during presentations.


This unit comes with a whole lot of accessories that include a magnetic eraser, four dry erasers, a blue magnetic ruler, and 12 round magnets, along with a long holder tray. We also don’t have much complaints when it comes to cleaning the board because it doesn’t leave behind any ghost marks. All in all, this design is pretty impressive, and it can be an extremely functional unit for most institutional or official purposes.

  • Doesn’t leave behind any ghost marks
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile design with options to hang or roll
  • Includes a ton of accessories
  • Might not be suitable for small conference rooms

Best dry erase boards and whiteboards 3

Dry Erase Boards and Whiteboards  Buyer’s Guide

We understand that it can get tricky to select the right whiteboards or erase boards, especially when you have a range of options to choose from. Therefore, we have compiled a list of factors to help you make an informed decision.

1. Size 

First things first, you need to check the size of a dry erase board. The size of the wall and the usage of the writing surface will help you determine which size board will suit your needs.

If you want a board for personal use, then a total measure of 1.5-feet x 2-feet should be sufficient. But, if you need one for professional settings, then it’s best to opt for a board with a bigger writing surface such as 3-feet x 2-feet unit.

2. Durability

Many of us already know that tempered glass is a more durable option when compared to the regular whiteboard materials. You need to opt for a board that is resistant to dents, stains, scratches, or ghosting. Plus, if you plan to move the board around, you should opt for a unit that has a sturdy built, durable construction, strong wheels, and interlocking brakes.

Best dry erase boards and whiteboards 2

3. Magnetic surface

A board with a magnetic surface is a viable option if you want to attach posters, papers, images, or other visual aids on the board during your presentations or otherwise. This is one of the essential factors that you need to consider when you’re purchasing a board for a conference room.

When you have clear visual renderings, it gives the audience a better understanding of the information being shared. Additionally, this makes way for effective communication.

4. Material

You need to check what material the board has been constructed with. Also, don’t miss out on checking the quality of the frame that has been attached to it. Such factors help to determine the durability of the board. Moreover, the core quality also plays a vital factor in preventing early damage.

5. Reviews and cost

Checking the reviews of the customers helps you understand whether the product meets the expectations of the users or not. It highlights the benefits and drawbacks of the model. Further, the price tag plays an equally important role for selecting a board as per your budget. So, make sure to compare the product with different brands before you finalize on one.

Final words

We hope that by now you’ve got a clearer picture of the available options. But don’t forget to weigh out the pros and cons because it can help you make an informed decision.

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find a whiteboard/ dry erase board that suits your needs.

Till next time!


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