5 Best Gun Paint to Consider in 2023 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Gun paints can add a whole new depth to your firearm, whether it is in aesthetics or increased longevity.

However, it can be challenging to find the best paint for your guns, especially with the high temperatures involved. Gun paints need to be resistant to not only extreme temperatures but also other conditions that may cause damage. 

Whether it is repainting your firearm or restoring an old piece, the paint you use on your gun can make or break its lifespan and effectiveness. To help you find the most suitable paint for your guns, we have put together a few options and a guide to get you started.

With that being said, let’s get right into it!

Best Gun Paints 

There are many different types of gun paint available, ranging from basic colors to more intricate designs. But which gun paint is the best? After researching various products, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best gun paints.

1. Krylon – Best For Color Customization

Krylon is a well-known brand in the paint industry, providing many quality products for a variety of uses. This particular spray paint acts as a primer as well to give a glossy, white finish to any metal, wood, or plastic surfaces. A fast drying time paired with their own EZ Touch tip makes for a convenient painting experience.

When it comes to Krylon paints, there is always an innovation that makes the user experience a bit more convenient. In this case, it is the Covermax technology, along with their conical spray tip, that makes spraying more comfortable. 

Spraying the paint evenly was not an issue as the Covermax prevented the paint from dripping or clumping up. Even when doing multiple coats, the paint held up well once it was sprayed on. A professional result is entirely possible with this even coverage.

As this is a two-in-one paint and primer, the coating was durable enough to resist most scratches. It held up well even minutes after being sprayed on. What’s more, the paint is stated to dry within ten minutes, so any necessary touch-ups could be dealt with right away, which was convenient. 

While Krylon does succeed in making the user experience better through innovations, there are still some shortcomings. The EZ Touch tip may be comfortable to use, but there were instances where it would be locked into the can and continuously drip paint from the nozzle. 

Color: White | Finish Type: Gloss | Paint Type: Enamel,Acrylic Item Form: Aerosol

2. DupliColor – Best Black Gloss

While this paint may be meant for engines and vehicular applications, it is designed to handle extreme heat, which makes it great for firearms as well. A coating of this paint will maintain the color and finish, holding up against the extreme temperatures of a gun being used.

Heat resistance is the standout feature of this paint. There is no need to worry about flaking or chipping due to the firearm being discharged. An even coating will give complete protection and extend the life of your guns. 

The application of the paint is pretty comfortable with an EZ Touch conical nozzle. It allowed for a wide spray, so an even coverage or painting larger areas was easy. 

Once dried, the paint has a glossy finish that holds up even through heavy exposure to heat and scratches. The paint’s hue and color are also unaffected by heat; it is overall an incredibly durable finish.

What’s more, the setting time is minimal while still allowing the surface to be worked on. It is dry to the touch in 30 minutes, but it can be touched up and handled within an hour.

Applying the paint is relatively easy; however, it does require more passes to achieve a complete coating. Thin layers of paint need to be applied before a thick coating to finish off the paint job. The multiple layers can use up quite a bit of material, especially for larger projects.

Color: Black | Finish Type: Gloss | Paint Type: Enamel,Oil Item Form: Aerosol

3. VHT SP730 – Best Heat Resistance

Brake calipers are subjected to intermittent bursts of extreme heat, much like that of a firearm when it is being discharged. The SP730 from VHT is designed to handle these high temperatures and maintain a clean, glossy layer that protects the metal and paint from chipping.

A glossy finish provides a professional look on a firearm while also preserving the color even while being used. This finish held up well on a variety of weapons with various firing rates and temperatures. 

This finish provides it with exceptional resistance to chemicals and various climatic conditions once it has been cured. Combined with colored primer paint and a clear coat, this paint shines in its aesthetic quality and functionality.

Within 30 minutes, the paint is dry to the touch but still needs to be set in overnight. As soon as it is thoroughly dried and cured, it then becomes incredibly tough and durable. Weather conditions such as rain or cold are not an issue to the treated area; the glossy sheen is maintained despite being exposed.

In what is potentially a humidity issue, there were cases where the paint would develop a milky white hue when sprayed on. This can be remedied using additional coats of paint and a reapplication of the finish. However, it can ruin the entire project if the reapplication of paint or finisher is not possible. 

Color: Clear | Finish Type: Gloss | Paint Type: n/a Item Form: Aerosol

4. Rust-Oleum

For those looking for a muted hue to their firearm, or to create a camouflage print, this spray paint from Rust-Oleum is a strong contender. A straightforward application with a beautiful flat tone once dried makes it easy to layer on for a tactical, low-key aesthetic. 

Using paint that has a flat hue to it can be challenging to apply. When layering the paint’s coating, there is a potential sheen built up as multiple coats are applied. This sheen can negate the flat effect of the paint as well as cause dripping as more layers are added. 

However, this is not the case with Rust-Oleum paint, as no matter how many layers were used, the muted color of the paint was maintained. Additionally, it dried fairly quickly, so the finishing hue was evident in little to no time. 

Surfaces such as metal, plaster, wood, or masonry are compatible with this paint. Applying it to a metal surface was easy and had even coverage with little to no clumps forming. Overall, the paint’s hue stood up well when sprayed on. 

When used by itself, the Rust-Oleum paint is not as durable as other options. Using it on surfaces that have a higher frequency of wear or contact can cause it to pre-maturely chip and flake away—as such, applying a primer is recommended to preserve the color of the paint.

Color: Army Green | Finish Type: Matte | Paint Type: Specialty Item Form: Aerosol

5. Wheeler Cerama Coat-Spray

Specifically designed for use with firearms, Wheeler has developed a matte finish spray-on paint that increases the durability of a gun. By using a ceramic formula, the paint can harden some metallic surfaces beyond their original hardness. Additionally, the matte finish provides a classic look to any firearm that is hard to resist. 

A gun’s durability is primarily determined by the materials it is composed of. Having a protective layer of paint on top of this metal can increase the firearm’s lifespan further. 

This Wheeler paint does give a boost to the longevity of the gun’s metal through weatherproofing. Furthermore, with the infused ceramic, the hardness of the actual gun is increased. 

In terms of the application method, it is relatively standard for spray paint. Simply prep the surface, spray the paint, then bake it. Where this paint stands out is in its fast baking time of 30 minutes. Other products tend to require around an hour, making the Wheeler paint more efficient in terms of curing time.

Overall, the paint went on smoothly and evenly. It did not drip or clump up on the metal for a professional finish. 

While the Wheeler paint is touted as increasing the hardness of the gun itself, it does seem to be lacking in preserving its strength. The adhesion to the firearm was less than standard as it began flaking after some time. Even the most minor chip was enough to peel the paint. 

Color: Black | Finish Type: Matte | Paint Type: Spray Item Form: Aerosol

Best Gun Paint Comparison Table

Product Color Finish Type Paint Type Item Form
Krylon White Gloss Enamel,Acrylic Aerosol
DupliColor Black Gloss Enamel,Oil Aerosol
VHT SP730 Clear Gloss n/a Aerosol
Rust-Oleum Army Green Matte Specialty Aerosol
Wheeler Cerama Coat-Spray Black Matte Spray Aerosol

Buying Guide For The Best Gun Paint

Special features of gun paints can bring out different results in the treated firearm. Some may increase the durability, while others have a faster drying time. 

Before settling on paint, these unique features should be considered for a more informed decision. Keep in mind these considerations to make sure the paint you buy is suitable for your firearm needs.

  1. Heat Resistance

What is probably the most essential feature of gun paint is how well it holds up against heat. The heat discharged by a gun can be incredibly high and last a long time for rapid-firing guns. 

To maintain the longevity of the paint job, a gun paint that has sufficient heat resistance is a must. Engine or automotive paints are a great option to look into as they are rated to handle the extreme temperatures of a vehicle’s engine. 

  1. Durability

Applying a layer of paint to a firearm can determine its longevity. Guns are regularly exposed to a variety of climatic conditions, from rain to UV rays. 

To provide complete coverage against these factors that can break down the gun, the paint should have adequate durability. Resistance to scratches, UV rays, impacts, etc., are all various protective measures against hazards to keep an eye out for. 

A paint that is lacking in durability will crack and peel away in no time, leaving the raw firearm exposed. Quality paint will be able to hold its own in preserving the gun against whatever conditions it is exposed to. 

  1. Finishes And Colors

Cosmetic value is a facet of painting a gun that may draw those who wish to add a certain aesthetic to their firearm. Gun paints are available in a variety of colors and finishes to help realize your vision of how you want the gun to look. 

Some may prefer to have a unique solid color gun. Finding a paint option that has a variety of colors to choose from will be the priority if the aesthetic value is what you are going after. 

Additionally, gun paint kits are available with colors that complement each other or work together to create a pattern such as camouflage. Alternatively, going with a classic all-black color is still a viable option. 

Depending on the finish of the paint, the same color can have a different hue to it. Gun paints come in either a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. The difference in how reflective the paint becomes brings out various shades in the color of the paint. 

  1. Adhesion

Before applying any paint to the firearm, ensure the paint you select is compatible with the material your gun is made out of. Choosing a gun paint that can work with your gun is the first step. 

Preparing the gun’s surface to adapt to the paint is necessary to have the best adhesion once the paint is applied. An untreated gun will not be able to be painted if its material is not cleaned and exposed. Alternatively, some paints do not require any prep. Determine which is the ideal choice for you at this point.

Once the gun is prepared for a paint job it is entirely up to the paint itself to determine how well it sticks to the gun. Variations in drying times come into play here as well as how long the paint needs to bake and cure. 

  1. Method Of Application

Out of all the ways you can paint a gun, the spray-on method is the most preferred. The reasoning for this is the benefits it brings in giving a clean and professional-looking result. 

An even and broad application is the highlight feature of using spray-on paint. What’s more, is the range of angles that the paint can be applied at. This is especially useful for reaching tiger spots. 

Additionally, using an airbrush is another method to apply gun paint, but it requires a pre-mixing of the paint. If the extra effort is not an issue for you, the airbrush can allow for more precise applications to be made. 

How long do Gun Paints last?

Gun Paints is designed to be extremely durable, so it can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

What is the drying time of Gun Paint?

Gun Paint dries to the touch in approximately 15 minutes and cures completely in 24-48 hours.

What is the best way to apply Gun Paint?

For best results, Gun Paint should be applied in light coats from a distance of 8-12 inches. Allow each coat to dry before applying subsequent coats.

What surfaces can Gun Paint be used on?

Gun Paint can be used on metal, wood, and plastic surfaces.


To wrap up, a variety of paint finishes and colors are available, and now that you know what to look out for in quality paint, it is time to decide on the best option for you. 

Krylon offers multiple shades of colors for any customization you may want to add to your firearm. 

DupliColor offers outstanding glossy black paint that can withstand extreme heat to get the best protection out of a gun’s paint.

Additionally, the VHT SP730 is another strong contender for heat resistance. 

Regardless of choosing aesthetics or functionality, applying a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to your firearms. 

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