7 of the Best Scanners for Artwork and Artists in 2019


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Well, digital painting is not for everyone, putting the stylus to the pen tab and deciphering lines can be hard for any artist to maneuver.

But when you make an absolutely breathtaking drawing on paper, it’s only human to want to share it with your friends and loved ones.

So a lot of budding artists nowadays, instead of clicking pictures to upload on Instagram, scan their works so that their main essence and vividness remain intact.

Featured Image via Steve Johnson@steve_j

However, in today’s market, there are a lot of scanners that boast amazing features and scan resolution, and it can get pretty difficult for you to choose the one you need.

So today, to help you out we have a list of some of our best scanners for artwork and artists that is sure to appeal to you as much as it appeals to us.

Best Scanners for Artwork and Artists

Image via Steve Johnson@steve_j

  1. Epson Perfection V370

The Epson Perfection V370 is one of the more pocket-friendly scanners on our list today, and is uniquely designed to be able to scan artworks of various shapes and sizes.

Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document...
  • Scan 35mm slides and negatives - Built-in TPU for...
  • Access documents from mobile devices - Document...

But what truly intrigued us about the scanner is how its lid can lay completely flat, unlike the conventional 90-degree angle.


At only 4800 x 9600 dpi, the V370’s resolution may not be its strongest feature when compared to the other scanners of its class. But for building a portfolio or a collage, its dpi and some of the more exclusive features are more than enough for the task.

One of its exclusive features is the versatile tray, which we absolutely love. If you have very old worn out family photos, then the tray of this scanner can help you preserve those memories, as it can scan both your 35mm film negatives and old slides all at once.

‘Scan to Cloud button,’ is another of the V370’s highly celebrated features. It can help make your artwork instantly accessible everywhere, and you can even display and share it with your smart devices.

  • An extremely value for money scanner in today’s market
  • Lid with 180-degree tilt for scanning larger artworks
  • Is able to scan both slides and 35mm negatives 
  • Represents an accurate coloring for each art it scans 
  • Imaging Sensor is average
  • Poor ISO range
  • Not many AF points to choose
  1. Canon CanoScan LiDE220

If you’re looking for a scanner which is extremely compact but amazingly stylish at the same time, then the Canon CanoScan LiDE220 may just be your pick for the day. With a footprint of only 9.9″ x 14.4″ x 1.6″ dimensions, it’s one of the slimmest scanners that we are reviewing today.

Canon CanoScan LiDE220 Photo and Document Scanner
  • With Send to Cloud you can easily upload your...
  • Auto Scan Mode automatically adjusts settings by...


Apart from its killer look, and a compact design, the most amazing feature of the LiDE220 is its portability. For a scanner that caters specifically to college dorms and the hectic classroom atmospheres, the LiDE220 is one of the most mobile scanners on our list today.

Its amazing mobility is all thanks to the single power option. As it’s powered through USB, you don’t have to worry about additional power sources when setting up the scanner.

But all this portability comes at the cost of resolution. At 4800 x 4800 dpi, the LiDE220 lacks a significant edge when it comes to scan quality. While this scanner is not recommended for professional use, it’s still perfect for scanning and uploading your artwork in social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Another aspect of the scanner which we find quite disadvantageous is that it has no transparency unit. It doesn’t include a tray for scanning 35mm film negatives or slides.

  • Slim and compact design which hardly takes up much space
  • USB powered, making it extremely portable
  • A ‘barebones’ scanner which just perfect for beginners 
  • Takes just 10 seconds to complete a single scan
  • Portable design compromises in scan quality and resolution
  • Lacks transparent units for storing old family photos and albums  
  1. Epson Perfection V600

The Epson Perfection V600 is all about precisely capturing every detail of the artwork that you wish to scan. So if you plan on scanning very vibrant watercolor drawings or even grayscale sketches, then this scanner is sure to catch every fine brush and pencil stroke that highlights the art.

Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document...
  • Create extraordinary enlargements from film - 6400...
  • Scan slides, negatives and medium-format panoramic...


We know a quality scanner when we see one, and the V600 is hands down one of the best scanners the current market has to offer. When a scanner is able to precisely capture the natural ripples that are found in both cold press and rough watercolor paper, then you know that you have an amazing product at hand.  

A unique aspect of the V600 is its scanning speed which can be manipulated at will, depending on the quality of scan that you are looking for. Unlike the basic document scanners which take only 10 seconds, the V600 scan time depends on the resolution you desire. For higher resolutions, the scan time can be significantly longer.

Even though a fantastic scanner in all respects, the initial setup of the V600 can be quite cumbersome. As its size is quite large with a big footprint, maneuvering around it during setup is tricky, and needless to say, portability is out of the question.

  • 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution is high enough to rival professional models
  • Comes with a fantastic photo editing software
  • Versatile scanning, where you can manipulate the scan speed
  • Perfect for scanning sketchbooks and watercolor drawings
  • This model is quite expensive with an enormous footprint
  • Initial setup can be complicated
  1. Epson Perfection V39

Another amazingly portable scanner on the list, the Epson Perfection V39 is made explicitly with student artists and small studios in mind. And as every aspect and part of the scanner is made for scanning large-scale paintings and sketches, we highly recommend that you give this scanner a try if you’re into sketching large murals.

Epson Perfection V39 Color Photo & Document Scanner with scan-to-cloud...
  • High-quality scanning for photos and documents -...
  • Preserve priceless memories - restore, archive and...


We all know how amazingly portable the V39 can be with its slim, compact design and USB power features. But perhaps what you don’t know is that its slim body comes with not just lightweight features but a removable lid as well.

So, you don’t have to be wary of a lid getting in your way when you wish to scan large-scale paintings and sketches.

You can scan in sections of all your works in the 8.5″ x 11.7″ glass panel, and to help improve the workflow; it even comes with the Epson ArcSoft stitching software.

But if you’re looking to use the scanner in a lot of different ways, then the V39 can indeed disappoint. As it doesn’t feature a transparency unit nor trays, it’s not possible to scan in negatives, and this, as a result, turns off a lot of potential customers.

  • Removable lid helps with scanning large-scale paintings
  • USB powered and highly portable
  • Comes with a very convenient Epson ArcSoft stitching software
  • A very pocket-friendly scanner
  • Its uses are minimal even though it comes with a removable lid
  • No transparency unit or trays for scanning old photos
  1. Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII

If scan quality is everything to you, then why not give Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII a try? We guarantee, that with a 9600 x 9600 dpi it’s sure to provide you with the clearest scan quality a model of that range and category can provide. And the results in our opinion can genuinely be breathtaking.

Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Photo, Film and Negative Scanner, Flatbed
  • My Image Garden Software handles photo and...
  • FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement)...


If you’re even a bit familiar with scanners, then you perhaps have heard of Canon’s incredible ‘Mark’ series, and the 9000F MkII which is the latest addition to the lineup. A lot of customers in its review have designated it to be synonymous to the term ‘uncompromising quality,’ and it’s all because of its amazing scan features.

9000F scans with a brilliant 48-bit color depth which keeps all your scanned artworks vibrant, with each brush and pencil stroke lines discernable from the background.

Additionally, its FARE Level 3 technology that comes in the scanner ensures that what you are scanning doesn’t get scratched or affected by dust.

And apart from the fantastic scan quality and dpi the other feature that honestly impressed us about the 9000F is the scan time. Believe it or not, it takes just 7 seconds to scan with his model, may it be watercolor paintings, drawings or sketchbooks, it makes quick work of all.

  • Provides one of the highest resolutions available at that price 
  • Has a convenient quick start LED 
  • Scans everything in just 7 seconds 
  • Provides transparency unit to scan negatives 
  • Has quite a large footprint 
  • Lid opens only to 90-degrees  
  1. Epson DS5000 A3 Scanner

If you are tired of the paper ends lifting every time you try to scan larger pieces of paper, then the Epson DS5000 is sure to resolve that issue in a jiffy. It comes with glass flushed on two sides of the scanner body, which makes scanning larger pieces of paper very convenient.

Epson DS-50000 Large-Format Document Scanner: 11.7” x 17”...
  • Large-format scanning: scan documents up to 11.7"...
  • Minimize Downtime: 3-year limited warranty...


Not all scanners will help you make perfect scans of large artworks. Either you will have to fold the paper, or a part of it will be lifted above the surface when you take a scan.

But for the  DS5000, as the glass is flushed on both sides of the scanner body, scanning big art pieces have never been more convenient. And considering its hefty size and body, its incredible scanning speed comes as quite a surprise to us really.

No matter how large the paper you wish to scan or how many, the DS5000 does quick work of every scanning job you throw at it.

But what does disappoint about this scanner is the scan quality and the color capture depth. With just 600 dpi the scanner doesn’t provide as much quality as one might hope, and with a 16-bit color depth, it doesn’t represent the colors of the art all that well.

  • Excellent for larger artworks
  • Has an incredibly fast scan speed
  • Glass flushed on both sides so that the paper doesn’t remain lifted during a scan
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly, mainly recommended for light personal use
  • Low 600 dpi scan resolution
  • 16-bit color depth is quite underwhelming and may not aptly represent all artworks
  1. Epson E11000XL

Digitally representing an art piece which is incredibly vibrant, with the help of a scanner, is not an easy task to accomplish. The more color variations the art has, the more is there a demand for the scanner to have incredible color depth, and not all scanners can provide you with that. But the Epson E11000XL has one of the best color depth quality in the market.

Epson E11000XL-GA Expression Graphic Arts Photo Scanner
  • Flatbed color image scanner
  • Color Epson MatrixCCD line sensor


With a decent resolution of 2400 x 4800, the E11000XL can scan pages up to 12.2 by 17.2. Though most of its features are somewhat standard, its color depth, on the other hand, is quite exemplary, to be honest.

While scanning, the color depth can reach as much as 48-bit for standard colors and 16-bit for grayscale. So if you’re looking to scan old photos or even intricate pencil sketches, the E11000XL can help you digitally store your memories and keep them as vibrant as they originally are.

But this scanner is pretty expensive in comparison to the other models of its class. Though it possesses all the high-end features and specifications of a smaller scanner, it’s lack of affordability is something that turns off most of the average customers.

  • Can scan pages up to 12.2 by 17.2 in dimensions 
  • Has an amazing color depth of 48-bit, which captures every art perfectly
  • 16-bit depth for greyscale will allow you to store your oldest memories perfectly 
  • Has all the high-end features of a smaller scanner
  • Not as affordable as we would have liked
  • Standard resolution for a high price

Final Thoughts.

For a lot of Instagram and Pinterest artists, scanners have become an integral part of their social media popularity. As better the scanners, the better do their resultant art look in their profile galleries.

And if you choose to pick one of the scanners we listed today for your art, then we guarantee that you’re selecting one of the best the current market has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed our guide today.

Till next time!



  1. Most of these scanners are quite old. The Epson Perfection V39 was first available in 2015 and the CanoScan 900F MkII was first available in 2013 and Amazon don’t have any stock at the moment.

  2. I am a graphic designer as well as the artist and have used our high priced scanner at work to avoid paying fees ($15-$80) for scans. This is a substantial option.


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