Best Laser Measuring Tools for the DIYer & Professional

Many everyday tasks require you to take precise distance measurements. And the right laser measure tool can change your work style and the quality and accuracy of your measurements.

Indeed, many technicians often struggle with achieving precise and accurate measurements when working on project calculations, whether it be a room, wall, display, or another measuring job. Unless one is thorough with the measurements, the chances are that there will be a compromise with the quality or accuracy of the laser measurements.

To avoid such problems with laser measuring, you must opt for the right laser measuring tool. However, we understand that picking the best distance laser out of the hundreds of options is not easy. So, to help you, we have compiled a list of the best laser measuring tools that you can try.

Among the various types of measuring instruments available in the market, laser measuring tools are a top choice for any civil engineer or construction technician.

Best Laser Measuring Tools

Accurate measurements are essential for a variety of tasks, from construction projects to home decorations. Laser measuring tools are one of the most precise and reliable ways to measure distances and angles. Here is the list of the 10 best laser measuring tools to help you with all of your measuring needs.

1. BOSCH Laser Measure Tool – Best Overall

The BOSCH GLM20 Blaze is the perfect pick if you are looking for laser measuring devices that will give you accurate measurements. The technique used in the Bosch laser measure machine is pretty straightforward, and you would be able to measure maximum distance effortlessly.

The thing that stood out for us when using this laser measuring tool is that it is extremely simple to use. Even if you are new to using a tape measure or a bit confused about how a laser tape measures distance, you will have no trouble handling this measurer. The laser measure product has only one button, and that will make the operation of the equipment super convenient. 

Also, the measurement range is pretty impressive, and you can easily measure around 20 meters with this laser distance measure. So, if you are planning to get an accurate measurement for different applications in a cozy area, like surveying the house’s basement, this will be the best bet for laser measuring.

Moreover, we couldn’t help but notice how incredible the design of the laser measurer is. The square base of the laser makes it possible for it to stand without any support. Because of this, there is no need for you to move this laser measuring device while you are working with other tools.

After using it for a few weeks, we noticed that the backlight of this measuring tool is not sufficient. If you are working under direct sunlight, you might find it pretty challenging to take the readings. Thus, it might not work as the best outdoor laser measurement tool if you plan to work in broad daylight. 

Max Distance: 65 ft | Weight: 3.2 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: Yes | Area/Volume: Yes

2. RockSeed Laser Distance Meter – Best Grip

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, the brand RockSeed has managed to win the hearts of many laser measure users. Its product, the ‎S2-50, is best suited for precise and accurate measurements as it comes with two-bubble levels for measuring. We can assure you that after you start using this laser distance measure, your work efficiency will improve significantly.

People have rated this laser measure very highly on the ease of use that it offers. On the quality laser measure, you will find a large backlit screen that will help you take the digital measurements correctly. You will also find a mute setting on the laser that will make it possible to turn off the display beep if you so wish. As such, this is the best laser tape measure for quiet places like a library.

Additionally, this laser distance measurer is a great bet for taking continuous measurements as well. It is super easy to make proper calculations with this laser. The laser even offers you the option of deleting the data manually. And if you do not use it for more than 150 seconds, the laser will automatically turn off and help you save power.

This is one of the laser distance measurers that will enable you to easily work in outdoor settings. Its body is entirely dust and waterproof, making it a pretty durable laser. The hard rubber body on this tool offers an excellent grip and enables you to carry the laser wherever you go.

Unless you are a seasoned technician, you might find it a bit challenging to use this laser tool.  The measuring range is good, but the problem persists if you do not have a proper idea about how to put this laser tool to best use. So, we do not recommend this laser distance measurer for beginners.

Max Distance: 165 ft | Weight: 5.9 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes

3. DTAPE – Best Versatility

The DTAPE DT50 laser measures height, width, and length with absolute precision. Unlike a tape measure, you do not need to make any manual operations with this laser. The measurements are all digital. The body of this laser is pretty compact, and you can carry the tool anywhere you feel like it. Calculating area and volume with this product is super simple and accurate.

Any modern laser distance meter is no longer just used for measuring distances. People use lasers to make calculations too. This particular laser is excellent in this regard as it helps store the data and is also pretty convenient when it comes to transferring measurements and feedback. You can clear measurement data that you no longer require from the display and memory files.

Unlike many laser measuring tools that make it hard to read the display, this laser comes with a proper backlit LCD. Even when you are working in the dark, you will be able to take fast and accurate measurements with this laser.

We would say that this laser is best suited for people who wish to make measurement calculations. With this device, you can measure the area of a rectangle or square by simply taking the measurements of the sides.

After using this laser distance measuring tool for a while, we gifted one of these to our neighbor. He was not very impressed with the compact size of this laser as he has pretty big hands. If that’s the case with you too, you might feel that the digital laser tape is a bit flimsy and too small to operate.

Max Distance: 165 ft | Weight: 7.4 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: Yes | Area/Volume: Yes

4. Leica

When it comes to taking a continuous measurement, the Leica 838725 DISTO D2 might be the best bet. The Leica laser measure comes with a long-range and can also be used under bright sunlight. The laser enables you to select a range of measurement modes, and you can use them to make all types of calculations.

To be honest, this tool is a timeless classic that has only become better after Bluetooth connectivity was added to it. With the improved technology, this Bluetooth laser measure can accurately measure area volume and also perform addition and subtraction calculations. This laser light is a handheld device and can go into your backpack or pouch. 

Unlike a traditional tape measure, this device comes with precision laser technology that enables you to get accurate measurements. The accuracy of this tool can go as high as 1/16 inch. So, this laser distance measurer is an excellent bet for professional technicians. 

Additionally, what makes this laser stand out is the fact that it offers intelligent automatic functions. This enables you to take measurements with an accuracy of places that are pretty hard to reach. Because the tool has a great build, it will surely last for a long time even if you‘re a pro who puts the laser to regular use. 

There’s no doubt that Leica Disto D2 is one of the best laser distance measurers that we have tested. However, it is essential to note that the laser distance measure app requires an upgrade. Connecting the laser to the phone is pretty simple, but using the app is not. Unless you have prior experience, you might find it rather tricky to enable laser connectivity to the app.

Max Distance: 330 ft | Weight: 4 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes

5. Atolla Laser Distance Meter

If you work in the real estate or interior décor industry, the Atolla Laser Distance Meter is a must-have. This laser distance measure tool is best suited for taking indirect height measurements and calculating area and volume as needed. As such, this tool is well-loved by users for the high accuracy that it provides.

After testing this tool, we can say with conviction that it is equally well-suited for indoor and outdoor usage. The laser dot that it produces helps you even take continuous measurements when required. This outdoor laser measure is not only best for distance measurements but can also enable you to take an angle measurement when you need to.

People who like to use advanced laser technology that is both precise and affordable should give this laser a try. The pricing is at par with other standard laser measurement tools that are available on the market. And the tool is pretty compact and can easily fit into a bag or a toolbox, making it super convenient to carry.

Moreover, it comes with an adjustable wrist strap, which ensures that the handheld device is always in place. You can modify the grip according to your requirements. The strap will keep the device in place and ensure that it never slips off your hands. 

During our first week of testing the tool, we came across a minor drawback. We noticed that the bottom of the device is not completely flat, and because of that, the device won’t stand straight without any support. If you face a similar problem, you can call the customer support team and ask for a replacement product. 

Max Distance: 197 ft | Weight: 2.9 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes

6. MAKINGTEC Laser Measure

Be it for a DIY project or a more professional one; the MAKINGTEC B60 Laser Measure 131Ft counts as a great addition to your toolbox. For distance and area measurement, this laser measuring tool is a perfect choice. This laser distance measure is also a great gift for people who indulge in DIY home improvement projects. 

This laser measuring tool is not only good for contractors but can be a great bet for architects, realtors, and DIY enthusiasts. Its applications are pretty wide, and because of that, it is quite frequently used in factories, warehouses, and building apartments. This device offers an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch, and that is possible because of laser precision technology. 

Apart from that, we loved how easy it is to operate this laser measurer. This one is compact and offers easy functioning to the users. You can quickly take measurements, and that would help you save valuable time when working on projects. Because it’s lightweight, you can easily carry it around. 

Also, the package is pretty wholesome. Along with a detailed user manual, you will find a cloth bag in it. You can store the device in this bag, and that would prevent it from getting dirty. The bag comes in quite handy when you are traveling with the tool. 

Despite performing brilliantly, we noted a significant drawback with the device. We noticed that the buttons were pretty stiff in the beginning. Only after using the item for a few weeks did the operation become much smoother. 

Max Distance: 328 ft | Weight: 5.9 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes


The brand DEWALT has been manufacturing for decades and has managed to win the hearts of many. Its product, the DW099S Laser Measure Tool, is an excellent option that will live up to your expectations. For starters, the DEWALT laser measure makes quick measurements and is pretty effortless to use.

This is the best laser distance measurer to go for if you are looking for an option that can make indirect height measurements. Because it comes with the automatic calculations feature, you do not have to strain yourself at all when measuring the distances. This is one of the laser distance meters that is a great bet for professionals as well as amateurs. 

Additionally, when you are using this outdoor Bluetooth laser, you can rest assured that it will last for a long time. The manufacturer has paid particular attention to ensuring that the product is durable with lasting power. It comes with a protective layer that prevents the device from encountering regular wear and tear. This layer also protects the display in case you drop it accidentally.

Moreover, we rated this product high on the user experience front. It just has a few buttons, which makes operating it pretty straightforward. This laser measuring device comes with Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to collect and store measurement data properly. 

On unpacking the product, we were not very happy with the device’s construction. We noticed that the bottom portion of this measuring tool wasn’t flat. And because of that, we had to rest the product against a flat surface to ensure that it did not fall. We think the company should work on this design drawback. 

Max Distance: 100 ft | Weight: 4.9 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes

8. Huepar Laser Distance Meter

Up next, we have the Huepar LM120A Laser Distance Meter for you. This laser measuring device comes with the latest technology that makes operation super convenient for the user. Over the years, the manufacturer has worked keenly to ensure that the product performance only improves. 

What makes this tool stand out among its contemporaries is the amount of accuracy it offers to the users. Not only does it offer an incredibly long range, but it also ensures that the measurements are precise and accurate. This tool enables you to take measurements from all directions, making it a great bet in all scenarios. 

Furthermore, the ease of using this item is noteworthy. It comes with a backlit LCD, which makes it very easy for users to take measurements in very dim or under bright lights. 

Also, this is one of the best laser measuring tools that feature a large-capacity battery. Because of this, the tool has a remarkable runtime, making it a suitable pick for day jobs. When fully charged, it can be used around 8000 times or more. You just have to recharge the battery when the item runs out of charge. 

The only problem we encountered when using this device is that it switches off automatically if it is not in use for more than 150 seconds. This can be a problem when you are caught up with other work and need to take measurements right away. An adjustable switch-off timer would have been better. 

Max Distance: 393 ft | Weight: 8.4 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: Yes | Area/Volume: Yes

9. Fluke Laser Distance Meter

If you are on the lookout for laser measuring devices that are durable and accurate, you must try the Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter. Even if you are occupied with other tasks, you will be able to operate this tool with just one hand. Because of its wide range of applications, this device is pretty cost-efficient and time-saving

When you are using this item, you do not have to get worried about it getting damaged easily. It comes with an IP54 rating, and that stands as proof of the fact that this laser distance measure can easily withstand challenging weather conditions. There is a protective layer that prevents the item from dust and water damage. 

Additionally, with this device, you can try the continuous measurement mode. So, even after you re-position it, this laser distance measures the current distance. This feature makes it a great bet when you have to quickly calculate the measurements of different points to ensure that they are spaced evenly. 

And many people would be happy to know that this measuring tool is as light as a deck of cards. The unit is pretty compact and can be easily operated with one hand. Because of its compact and lightweight nature, you can carry it anywhere. 

After using it for a few weeks, under different circumstances, we concluded that this is not the perfect choice for outdoor use in the daytime. The laser beam is pretty faint in bright light and might be challenging to locate. We would suggest that you stick to using this item in indoor spaces. 

Max Distance: 131 ft | Weight: 3.36 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Area Only

10. ACEGMET Laser Measurement Tool

There was no way we were going to wrap up this list without having mentioned the ACEGMET Laser Measurement Tool. It comes with a hand strap, which provides a great grip. Not only does this item offer incredible accuracy, but it also ensures that you get the measurements and calculations done quickly.  

As we have already mentioned, if you are on the lookout for a device that functions quickly, this is the best bet. This laser distance measure can make calculations in less than 0.5 seconds. So, people who need to take quick measurements of houses, backyards, or construction sites prefer using this. 

Also, the manufacturer has paid great attention to making the user experience smooth. With a click of a single button, you can take the measurements. And the bonus point is that the device can store up to 20 measurement data. 

Furthermore, this is a suitable option to use in quiet places. This high-end laser measures silently. All you have to do is switch on the silent mode, and you will be good to go. This feature makes it a perfect choice for classrooms and libraries. 

No doubt using this product is going to be pretty challenging for people who have no prior experience working with laser measuring tools. The user instructions are not properly laid out, making it tricky to use for first-time users. 

Max Distance: 229 ft | Weight: 3.36 oz | Protection Rating: IP54 | Real Time Distance: No | Area/Volume: Yes

Best Laser Measuring Tool Comparison Table

Product Max Distance Weight Protection Rating Real Time Distance Area/Volume
BOSCH GLM20 65 ft 3.2 oz IP54 Yes Yes
Mileseey by RockSeed 165 ft 5.9 oz IP54 No Yes
DTAPE 165 ft 7.4 oz IP54 Yes Yes
Leica 838725 330 ft 4 oz IP54 No Yes
Atolla 197 ft 2.9 oz IP54 No Yes
MAKINGTEC 328 ft 5.9 oz IP54 No Yes
DEWALT 100 ft 4.9 oz IP54 No Yes
Huepa 393 ft 8.4 oz IP54 Yes Yes
Fluke 417D 131 ft 3.36 oz IP54 No Area Only
ACEGMET 229 ft 3.36 oz IP54 No Yes

Buying Guide For The Best Laser Measuring Tool

When it comes to measuring tools for professionals, choosing the best laser measuring device can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following essential features:

A. Range

The range of a laser measuring tool is an important factor when determining the right tool for your needs. Some basic laser tools can measure distances up to 165 feet, while more advanced models are capable of measuring up to 330 feet or more.

Consider the types of projects you typically work on and select a tool with a range that meets or exceeds your requirements.

B. Accuracy

Accuracy is critical when it comes to measuring tools. Choose a tool that provides accurate distance measurements, with most devices offering accuracy within 1/16 inch or better. This will ensure your measurements are reliable and precise.

C. Units of measurement

Ensure that the laser measuring tool you select offers the units of measurement you require. Most tools provide measurements in feet, inches, and metric units, while some also include decimal feet for more specialized applications.

Some devices even allow users to change measurement units without losing previously stored data.

D. Display

A digital laser tape measure is equipped with a display that lets you measure distances with great precision. The display is one of the most crucial features in any laser distance measure, as it allows you to see the measurements clearly and easily.

Many laser distance measurement tools on the market come with backlit displays, making it simple to read measurements even in low light conditions. 

E. Memory function

The memory function is a crucial feature in laser distance measurement tools, as it allows you to store measurements and recall them later. This is particularly helpful when working with floor plans or calculating areas and volumes.

This means you can measure features in a room and recall them later for reference or calculations, without needing to write them down or take additional measurements.

F. Battery life

Battery life is an essential consideration when choosing the best laser distance measure tool for your needs. A tool with a long battery life will enable you to work for extended periods without needing to recharge or replace batteries.

Many laser distance tools on the market are equipped with long-lasting batteries, ensuring you have the right tool for measuring tasks that may require extended periods of use. 

G. Durability

Durability is an important factor when selecting a laser distance measure tool, especially if you’re using it in rugged environments or on construction sites. The best tools on the market are designed to withstand rough handling and harsh conditions, ensuring they remain accurate and reliable over time.

H. Connectivity

Connectivity is a valuable feature in many laser distance measurement tools, as it enables you to transfer measurements to compatible devices for further analysis or storage.

Some tools often come with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect to smartphones or tablets for easy data transfer.

This feature can save you time and effort when working on complex projects or creating detailed reports, as you can quickly share measurements with colleagues or clients.

I. Additional Features

1. Area and volume calculation

Area and volume calculations are essential tasks in various fields such as construction, architecture, and interior design. Accurate distance measurements are crucial in creating floor plans and determining the number of materials needed for a project.

With the help of powerful and accurate laser tools, you can perform these calculations effortlessly. This lightweight laser tool can measure distance, area, and volume in one go, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.

Using digital laser tape measures enables users to obtain precise measurements without the need for indirect measurement techniques. The single laser spot allows for easy targeting of the points you want to measure.

These tools also provide various measuring units, letting you change the measurement type as required. When it comes to measuring large spaces, many laser distance measure features allow for continuous measurement, enabling you to measure longer distances with ease.

2. Pythagorean theorem function

The Pythagorean theorem is a fundamental principle in geometry that deals with the relationship between the sides of a right-angled triangle. This theorem is essential in various applications, such as calculating the distance between two points or determining the height of an object using indirect measurement techniques.

Laser distance measuring tools on the market, often incorporate the Pythagorean theorem function to provide accurate distance measurements without the need for a physical tape measure.

When using a laser distance measure, you’re measuring distances between points like a tape measure, but with greater precision and ease. Just locate the laser spot on the target surface, and the device will calculate the distance for you.

This feature is particularly useful when dealing with hard-to-reach areas or when a basic laser measure doesn’t suffice.

3. Inclination measurement

Inclination measurement is a vital aspect of many construction and engineering tasks. It helps in determining the slope or angle of an object relative to the horizontal plane.

Some laser distance measure tools, come equipped with an inclination sensor that lets you measure features like inclines, declines, and vertical angles with high accuracy. This functionality is particularly beneficial when you want to measure complex structures or assess the stability of a structure.

While measuring inclinations, it is crucial to have a steady hand and a clear line of sight to see the laser spot on the target surface. Using an accurate laser distance measure tool ensures precise results and reduces the possibility of errors in your calculations.

4. Stakeout function

The stakeout function is a helpful feature in many laser distance measure tools, making it easier for users to mark specific intervals or distances on a surface. This function is particularly useful when laying out floor plans, setting up a grid for tiling, or marking the location of objects like studs, electrical outlets, or plumbing fixtures.

By choosing the best laser distance measure tool capable of stakeout functionality, you can simplify and streamline your workflow.

What level of accuracy can the best laser tools achieve compared to a tape measurer?

Most laser measuring tools will be accurate to 1/16 or ⅛ of an inch. If you are using the tool for basic measurements around the house, the accuracy of ⅛ of an inch should be perfect. 

However, you might need to use a model with 1/16-inch accuracy if you are trying to take intricate measurements. Longer-range options are also easily available online today. 

Can a quality laser measurement tool work in measuring objects in contact?

Typically, a laser measuring tool is used to calculate the distance between two bodies that are not in contact. This is done with the help of a laser beam but if you are trying to measure the size of a single object, you can always do that with tape.  A laser beam can also be used in this case by placing it in front of the object to measure the distance. 

Are laser beams weatherproof?

Some laser measuring tools come with sturdy outer shells that are completely weatherproof. You should be able to grip them well and work in bad weather conditions outdoors. 

Hence, if you are planning to use a laser tool outdoors, then check the description to see if it is waterproof and safe for use under the sun. And remember that not all variants will be of the same quality. 

Will a wrist strap be provided with affordable laser measurement tools?

A few products will come with an adjustable wrist strap that can be used to hold the laser measuring tool in place. You can hang it from the wrist as you work with other tools, and the grip can be modified accordingly.

It will also prevent you from losing the tool or having it slip out of your hands. However, a wrist strap will not be provided with every tool. 

Is a backlit LED needed when using a laser distance measure?

We will recommend getting a product with a backlit LED display screen if you are going to work in the dark or under the sun. That would make work so much easier by offering you a clear vision. Also, you will not need any other light sources in the area, and you can easily work at night. 

Even if you do not plan to work in the dark at the moment, it is always safer to have a device that has this option.


With that, we have now reached the end of this informative guide. We hope it has been of some help to you, and now making a pick won’t be very difficult. 

To find the best laser measuring tool, it is important to understand what your requirements are. In case you are still in two minds about which item to go for, let us help you. The BOSCH laser remains our overall favorite because of its incredible performance. 

Apart from that, if you are looking for something that offers excellent grip, you must try the RockSeed

For more exciting reads like this, don’t forget to keep a watch on this space. Until next time, fare thee well! 

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