Scoring a Job in Architecture: Tips and Guidelines to Remember

Scoring a Job in Architecture: Tips and Guidelines to Remember
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Scoring a job in architecture: tips and guidelines to remember
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Studying to become an architect can be very challenging and difficult. Some people say that the university life prepares you for the real world. However, once you go out there, you will realize that the real world is a much scarier place.

People are out there to prove their worth. And architecture is definitely a field for brave and competent people who are willing to go extra miles to prove that they are the best for the job. So if you are a fresh graduate and looking for an architecture job then you should check out these guidelines and tips that you can use.

1. Build a reliable and supportive network – it is very important to associate yourself with the right people whether for your friends, mentors, and colleagues. Make sure that people in your circle will help you decide for the best. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have reputable architects in your circle to give you advices in terms of who to contact, who to work with, what types of project will help you launch your career and whatnot. Your time in the university should help you a lot in building your network. And you continuously build them by attending events and gatherings. It would be great to have a mentor too that will guide you in the field of architecture. It is easy to get lost once you get in so you need someone who will guide you as you learn to be independent.

2. Know your goals and purpose – before you start job hunting you should ask yourself, what would you want to achieve by becoming an architect. Do you wish to build bridges and houses or do you prefer corporate projects? As you set your goals, you should also determine your purpose. An architect does not just build things with their mind and hand; they build each of their creation with their heart and passion. So find a purpose in every thing you do including your future projects.

3. Make an impression – you should be confident while expressing your ideas and plans. You need to impress your clients or interviewers that you are the right one for the project. Some people show off their previous works and projects but since you are just starting, you could impress them with your innovative thoughts and creative ideas.

4. Know your worth – you should never settle for anything less. You should know your worth but this does not mean that you will get cocky and arrogant.

5. Continue to seek knowledge – once you’ve made your way into the architecture field, you should be thankful for the opportunity and work very hard. You should also make sure to continue to seek knowledge for your continuous growth.

Architecture jobs can be very difficult and challenging and not everyone is tailored for it. And if it is your first try to join the circle, you may get easily intimidated too. Architects who have been in the field for longer years can sometimes be harsh. However, if you prove to them that you have what it takes to become an architect, then there is no way that you can’t be one.

You should show what you could offer and prove that you are worthy of the job and the prestigious Architect title.


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