54 Types of Wall Art Explained | All You Need to Know

When it comes to bringing together the décor, lighting, and color palette of a room, few things work as well as wall art. 

By selecting the right type of wall art, you can transform an unexciting room into the most aesthetically pleasing area of your home or office. They can easily become the center of attention and help augment the look of any room without affecting its functionality. 

When it comes to wall art, there are several options so that you can choose the best one according to your requirements. This is the reason why many people get confused when choosing wall art. 

That’s why we decided to share this guide, which explains some of the most popular types of wall art that you can use. So, go ahead and check them out!  

Types of wall art

1. Large Scale Art

Large scale art

Nothing works better than an oversized painting or photograph if you want to attract attention or set the tone, especially in a small area. A white and black image can help create a minimalistic look while an abstract piece can create a vibrant and colorful appearance. 

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is another popular way of using wall art and effectively adds a personal touch to any space. This technique also allows the use of both simple frames and decorative ones along with photographs, art, or even wall hangings. 

3. Accent Wall

Accent wall

Wall art can take many forms and can even be used without additional objects on the surface. You can decorate the walls themselves by using bold paints to create an accent wall or use various decorative techniques like stenciling, application of wallpapers, and others. 

4. Fabric


Use a wall hanging or a tapestry to add patterns and color to your wall while bringing a sense of softness to the surface. You can select from different textiles, such as vintage scarves that can be framed and moved more easily than regular framed paintings. 

5. Mirrors


Displaying your wall art collection in a small space might not always be the best idea as it can increase the impression of clutter. If you want to make a small space seem larger, then using mirrors is the best way. They reflect light, which can add a sense of space to an area and make it brighter. Use an oversized mirror or several smaller ones for the best results. 

6. Murals


Murals can be another effective way of transforming your room and beautifying the space. You can either paint a mural yourself or get a wall covering. In either case, a mural can help draw attention and make a great impact in rooms of all sizes. 

7. Shelves


Wall art doesn’t have to be limited to paintings and photos- it can include almost anything. This includes floating shelves, which can cover the walls to display your collection of books or even other objects like sculptures and other art pieces. 

8. Plates


Plates can make excellent pieces of wall décor when used properly and are one of the most popular wall art ideas. Use wire plate hangers to hang the serving platters and dishes in the kitchen or dining room. 

9. Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural sconces

If you want to brighten up an area and make it look more attractive at the same time, then sconces are the best way to do so. They can help add extra light without taking up much space in the room, and you can use one with an eye-catching design. 

10. Planters


Indoor plants help add greenery and bring a feeling of freshness to your home. Try wall-mounted or hanging planters instead of just keeping a potted plant on the windowsill or use high-quality faux plants that do not require any watering. 

11. Macrame Wall Art

Macrame wall art

Macrame is a type of textile created using knotting techniques, which became popular during the 70s. It can be used to decorate your wall space easily since it helps generate interest and add some texture to your bare walls. 

12. Beaded Wall Art

Beaded wall art

Wall hangings can be made from several different materials, and beads are among the most popular. Several cultures, such as the Maasai, have a unique beading technique that helps create some very attractive pieces. You can use such beaded wall décor pieces to create visual interest and variety. 

13. Wall Calendar

Wall calendar

For areas like an office or kitchen, a large wall calendar with bold colors can be an excellent option that offers style and functionality. You can keep track of important events easily while also making the space more aesthetically pleasing. 

14. A Whiteboard Or Chalkboard

A whiteboard or chalkboard

This is another technique that can be used in areas like an office, your child’s room, or even a kitchen. Using a chalkboard can help create a rustic appearance, while a whiteboard can be used for a modern look. And you can even find boards in different neutral or vibrant shades. 

15. A Basket Wall

A basket wall

If you’re going for a unique appearance, this wall decor idea is a fantastic option. Add neutral or colorful baskets to your wall and mix and match different-sized and textured baskets to draw attention. 

16. Personalized Map

Personalized map

This wall art idea involves adding a huge map covering the entire wall. You can get a personalized map of any particular city, state, country, or even the world in various color palettes and use pins to mark places of importance. 

17. The Television

The television

Another one of the most popular types of wall art is a wall-mounted television. This helps free up space on top of the media cabinet and renders a modernized look to the entire room. 

18. Shiplap Wall Paneling

Shiplap wall paneling

If you want to provide a coastal appearance to any room, then shiplap paneling is the best way to go about it. This method can be used to achieve great results in just about any room, like dining rooms and even bathrooms. 

19. A Bike Mount

A bike mount

Mounting your bike using a custom wall mount is another impressive interior design idea that can help you reclaim some floor space. Plus, it helps create a focal point that can attract attention and transform your stark wall. 

20. Removable Wall Art

Removable wall art

Both online and offline markets have a huge collection of high-quality removable art pieces that can be used to enhance a room’s décor. These generally have a matte finish and are most suitable for rented rooms since they do not damage the surface of the walls.

21. Paper Lights

Paper lights

Hanging lights can help create the same effect as light sconces, helping create an attractive aesthetic while also offering functionality. Besides lighting up the space, these lights can provide a subtle focus to a specific area and can transform the entire look of a room. 

22. Rugs


While rugs are great for adding texture and providing comfort on the floor, they can also be used as wall art. Use rugs with an abstract design on different wall panels, with smaller ones going over the fireplace and larger ones covering big blank spaces on the walls. 

23. Vegan Laser Cut Taxidermy

Laser cut taxidermy vegan

While traditional taxidermy involves mounting the skins of wild animals, this wall art idea adopts a more planet-friendly and sustainable approach. You can get eye-catching animal heads made from plant material that can be used as decorative items as part of the interior design and help add interest. 

24. Creating Stripes Using Planking

Creating stripes using planking

Use planks to create stripes that can add to the playful and lively atmosphere of any room as well as provide some texture. While being a fun wall décor idea for children’s rooms, it also provides a sophisticated effect that is ideal for other rooms as well. 

25. Designing Constellations

Virgo constellation. Zodiac sign virgo constellation lines. Designing constellations.

This wall décor idea uses the headboard, which provides a canvas where you can design constellations using yarn. While it may appear complicated, utilizing this idea is fairly simple. Simply print out a template and attach white yarn using painted hangnails for the stars. 

26. Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art

Metal pieces attached to walls can make very interesting features, and there can be several ways to use them. For instance, wrought iron wall grills and candle holders can help provide an old-world appearance, or you can use floral designs that go with almost any design. 

27. Wall Fountains

Wall fountains

Installing a wall fountain is an organic wall décor idea that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can help you reconnect with nature through the sound of running water while providing an impressive display that appeals to everyone. You can also add some greenery to enhance the natural appearance further. 

28. Sculptures

Clay tablet with the image of people on the wall historical value italy. Sculptures.

Sculptures can be the perfect alternative to wall paintings and are very effective in creating visual interest. Unlike regular paintings and photos, they are three-dimensional and appear to pop off the surface of the wall. Moreover, using the right size sculpture can attract viewers’ attention without overwhelming them viewers. 

29. Photographs


Classic wall art generally uses paintings or photographs and is used in most homes and offices. Compared to paintings, photographs are more realistic and provide a more sophisticated look. Besides using your photos, you can purchase high-quality ones on various subject matter that can be used as wall décor. 

30. Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are so popular among wall décor ideas because they are incredibly easy to use. They can easily be applied to any wall space and removed when not required. Plus, they do not require drilling holes in the wall to put them up and are available in several designs. 

31. Wall Signs

Wall signs

Wall signs are a popular wall décor option, especially for a teenager’s room or a man cave. They generally display something that is cherished by the occupant of the space, like a sports team or a real-world location. 

32. Wall Panels

Wall panels

Wall panels are the ideal way of hanging large-scale art that takes up the entire wall space in a room. This helps create the appearance of an art museum since they can command attention immediately once you enter the rooms. Panels that can span across the entire wall are best for this purpose. 

33. Posters


No list of wall décor ideas is complete without mentioning posters. These are generally found in first apartments, home theaters, and dorm rooms. Posters come in all sizes, can depict almost anything, and easily be removed when required. You can even get posters framed to extend their lifespan. 

34. Art Prints

Art prints

Original paintings are often too costly for most people to buy, which is where prints can come in handy. They allow you to have a copy of world-famous paintings without breaking the bank, which can be used to decorate almost any wall. And just like posters, you can get framed prints or frame them according to your preference. 

35. Tapestries

Wool woven old antique turkish rug. Tapestries.

Made from woven materials, tapestries have been around for centuries and are usually hung on walls rather than being displayed in frames. Tapestries can depict different images, such as landscapes, abstract designs, or others. They also break up the smooth surface of the wall into different textures to add depth. 

36. Wood


In recent years, wood has become immensely popular for wall art, but some people prefer the wooden surface to be painted over. However, wooden surfaces with exposed grain provide a warm and cozy appearance and provide excellent contrast when used on painted surfaces. 

37. Canvas


When it comes to wall art pieces for interior design, art produced on canvas will generally be of better quality and have more weight than other mediums. Additionally, canvas prevents loss of detail and minimizes image “noise,” making it ideal for large pieces. 

38. Hand Painted Wall Art

Hand painted wall art

Hand-painted wall art can provide a unique appearance to any space, but it’s usually more costly than other wall art. The biggest advantage of this type of art is that nobody else will have the same piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind. And the original piece will help support the artist. 

39. Framed Art

Framed art

Framed art is one of the easiest wall art to install, as all you need to do is hang it. It is perfect for those who do not want to spend much time decorating, and there are many options to choose from. 

40. Personalized Wall Art

Stylish interior design of living room with wooden retro commode. Personalized wall art.

Personalized art is the best option if you want to get something that offers some special meaning to you. You can create personalized wall art with initials, names, special dates, etc. Plus, you can make them at home with easily available supplies. 

41. Sets


In certain cases, you may want to get multiple art pieces that look well together but do not want to spend the time and effort involved in finding them. That’s where sets can be very helpful, as they include art pieces that look great together while also providing variety. 

42. Indoor/Outdoor Art

Indoor/outdoor art

Not all wall art is suitable for outdoor walls, but there are some excellent options that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These can withstand the elements to effectively decorate a deck or a porch. 

43. Floral And Plant

Floral and plant

Nature and floral wall art are highly popular because they can easily beautify any area. You can even find artwork depicting your favorite flowers. Again, there are many options for floral artwork, and such artwork can be used in many different areas of the house or office. 

44. Coastal

Seascape of waves and coastline. Beautiful sea and clouds at dawn, vast expanse of water. Endless expanses, the splash of sparkling waves. Illustration. Coastal.

Coastal scenes such as the beach offer soft colors and incredible landscapes, which generally use muted colors like browns and blues, making them ideal for rooms with a similar color scheme. But keep in mind that coastal scenes are often not very bright, so use them accordingly. 

45. Animals


Like plants and floral artwork, animal artwork can help bring nature into your home. You can find artwork centered around your favorite animal, which does not need to be restricted to just a painting. It may even be a 3D sculpture that can attract attention with its lifelike appearance. 

46. Bath And Laundry

Bath and laundry

In recent years, decorating baths and laundry rooms using wall art has become a popular practice. You can use some very interesting pieces, such as putting up pictures or posters that remind you to wash your hands or sort out the laundry properly. For best results, look for artwork that meets the color schemes and style of your bathroom. 

47. Textures


Wall art does not need to have a picture to add interest to a room if it has the right texture. Textures can help break up the monotonous surface of the wall and provide a modern appearance to any room. Go with bold letters against a contrasting background to make a bold statement. 

48. Dining And Kitchen Wall Art

Dining and kitchen wall art

Good quality wall art is available for all areas of your home, including the dining room and kitchen. Such art is usually tongue-in-cheek and can depict various images, including food-related puns. It can also help keep the person cooking the food in a good mood. 

49. Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style wall art can be an excellent option for people who want to be reminded of the countryside, especially if they have spent a part of their lives there. Plus, using graphic animal prints or paintings can help add an element of life to the art. 

50. Vintage Art

Vintage art

Some people prefer giving a vintage look to their interiors, which is why vintage art makes such a fantastic choice. Vintage wall art generally has muted colors and strong lines and evokes feelings of a previous era. Using such artwork may also eliminate the need for using expensive vintage furniture. 

51. Watercolor


Watercolor art is one of the most beautiful and popular styles of wall art, which involves the use of flowing lines and a fantastic array of colors. When selecting a watercolor artwork, look for large options so that the details can easily be seen, and pay attention to the color schemes used. 

52. Classic


Art that belongs to the classic era generally uses strong subjects and lines and is suitable for almost any type of home. However, it’s especially suited for modern homes that utilize solid colors and strong lines in the linens and furniture. 

53. Impressionist

Claude monet, impression, soleil levant, 1872

Above | Claude Monet, Impression, Soleil Levant, 1872

Impressionism is an art form that utilizes thin, small brush strokes while maintaining a high level of accuracy in depicting any object or scene. It also depicts movement using brush strokes. To generate interest, go with impressionist wall art with unusual perspectives and angles. 

54. Abstract and Modern

Abstract and modern

Abstract art does not have a clearly defined subject and is meant to generate curiosity. It can be interpreted in various ways by different people and can even include oil paintings and sculptures.  

Do You Need to Have Art on Every Wall?

In most cases, you do not need to put up art on every wall of your home, as other decorative items can add to the style and beauty of the rooms. 

What Is the Golden Rule for Hanging Pictures on a Wall?

The golden rule of putting up pictures on a wall is that the center of the picture should be 57 inches from the floor. It ensures that the picture is at the average eye level for most viewers. 

What to Put on Either Side of a Large Piece of Wall Art?

You can put smaller art pieces, mounted sculptures, framed photos, or sconces on the side of large wall art for an even bigger impact.  

Types of wall art

When looking for the right art pieces for your wall art collection, there are many options to select from. However, before making a decision, you should consider other factors such as the color scheme, accent colors, and other decorations in the room. 

Keep in mind that the best decorating ideas are unique and can help the décor stand out. You can even combine more than one of the above ideas to create something new. 

With that, it’s time for us to say goodbye so that you can start looking for the right wall art pieces without any further delay. Until next time! 

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