41 Different Types of Wallpaper Options

Looking to revamp your room walls? Putting up an attractive and durable wallpaper may be what you need.

That said, coating the wall with paint may not always lend the desired look and appeal. On the other hand, wallpaper can accentuate the room with different colors, textures, and effects while bringing all the decor together. 

Moreover, they are easy to work with yet provide a professional and sophisticated finish. And the best part is that there are plenty of options available in various price ranges to suit the needs of different homeowners. 

On that note, the first step is to go through the different types of wallpaper on the market right now and select the best one suited to your needs. And to help you out with that, we’ve compiled this simplified guide to some spectacular options. We’ve also included some essentials and a few handy tips and tricks to install them effectively. 

So, let’s get started! 

 Types of Wallpaper

1. Border Wallpaper

1. Border wallpaper

First off, let’s talk about an interesting way to accentuate a lighter wall color while keeping its original appeal intact.  

Border wallpapers allow you to add a dash of color and design to the wall without taking up the whole space. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the needs of different spaces. While thinner borders blend easily into a room, the more ornate and wider ones are designed to catch the eye. 

Moreover, using border wallpaper can be an excellent option for hiding imperfections near the top portion of the wall. But because it doesn’t cover the entire room, you will have to get a paint job or separate wallpaper job done on the remaining spaces before installing border wallpaper. 

2. Murals

2. Murals

In an age where time is generally a constraint, it’s not surprising that quick-fix wallpapers have emerged as popular decor items worldwide. On that note, murals may be the instant upgrade you need to amp up the home interiors.

Large enough to cover an entire wall, murals can be put up in a few minutes and add an exciting appeal to any room with their vibrant styles. They generally depict massive landscapes or design patterns and are available in various colors. 

Nowadays, you’ll even find several murals enhanced with interesting graphics that can transform the vibe of the room altogether. So, home decor enthusiasts won’t have any dearth of options while making a choice. 

Moreover, stick-on murals can be removed quickly and with minimal effort. That said, you won’t have to face any complications while replacing it whenever your room needs a color or theme change.

3. Flock Wallpaper

3. Flock wallpaper

Want to add elegant decorative highlights to a space with a luxurious design? In that case, a flock wallpaper will be a great pick. 

Equipped with a fuzzy velvety or suede-like texture, these wallpapers are printed over a paper base. Altogether, the design creates a fascinating three-dimensional effect that all homeowners and guests would love. 

In case you wish to create a smooth finish on the wallpaper, you can first try vacuuming out the loose particles on its surface before installing it. Thereafter, handle it with extra care during the installation as its front surface might get stained quickly. 

Due to the delicate nature of flock wallpapers, decorators must also prepare the wall accordingly. That said, newer wallpapers can be washed easily with the help of a moist cloth; be careful not to scrub the surface. 

But keep in mind that such a luxurious look comes at a much higher price than many other options.  

4. Vinyl Grasscloth 

4. Vinyl grasscloth 

Up next are vinyl grasscloth wallpapers, a minimalistic yet charming design that’s a favorite of interior decorators across the country. It’s machine-made to mimic the fine texture of natural grasscloth, another popular choice that we’ll be discussing later in the article. 

Interestingly, such wallpaper is just as intriguing as the three-dimensional ones but is available at a much lower price. 

Supporting the elegant vinyl texture is a tough fabric backing that’s built to last for years, and you can even paint some varieties to suit your room decor. In fact, opting for the latter will allow you to change the look of the wall whenever you feel like it. 

You’ll also find these wallpapers in lots of different colors and textures. Plus, the seams are hardly noticeable, and their durability and washability make them convenient and low-maintenance choices. 

And that’s not all; these wallpapers come in strips that you can easily install, remove, and repair if needed.  

5. Embossed Wallpaper

5. Embossed wallpaper

To break the monotony of barren walls in a room, you can use embossed wallpapers to add more contrast and depth. 

Notably, these wallpapers consist of designs pressed onto paper backings that create a textured and raised effect. While some varieties come with delicate and soft fabric-inspired designs, others showcase more pronounced and dramatic imprints. So, you’ve plenty to choose from based on the preferred look. 

Additionally, embossed wallpapers can be used to conceal common imperfections on the walls, like scratches, cracks, and roughness. 

As for their applicability, they are easy to install and versatile. However, many prefer to create a natural palette of colors, like cream, taupe, and stone, with embossed wallpaper materials. 

6. Wood Wallpaper 

6. Wood wallpaper 

If you’re a fan of everything rustic and wish to bring a slice of nature indoors, putting up wood wallpaper will be a budget-friendly alternative to buying real wood. 

But keep in mind that such wallpapers are relatively hard to find and consist of wood veneer that is prone to scratching. As an added tip, you can also look for exquisite wood-like patina polishing effects that come in natural wood colors. And it’s a great pick for people who are allergic to wood but like its look and appeal on the walls. 

Furthermore, it enhances the harmony of the space, bringing in the warmth and coziness ideal for a relaxing oasis. 

7. Vinyl Wallpaper

7. Vinyl wallpaper

Counted among the most sought-after wallpaper varieties, vinyl wallpapers come with a protective vinyl coating on top and are backed by a paper-made layer. 

As long as you’re using similar wallpaper, you can rest assured that it won’t fade quickly, even when placed in rooms with bright lights. Additionally, the material is incredibly durable, making it more expensive than other options.

Speaking of the ease of installation, you can hang these wallpapers and remove them with minimal effort. So, no need to hire a professional if you plan to go for this variety. 

Another great benefit you can expect is that you can tackle all stains effortlessly as the material is easily washable. That said, vinyl wallpapers are an ideal choice for kitchen spaces and your little one’s room. 

8. Mylar Wallpaper

8. Mylar wallpaper

Mylar wallpapers are, in effect, high-quality paper rolls that come printed with decorative designs and are covered with a polyester film to enable easy washability. 

Such a film lends a characteristic wet and shiny look to a wall that receives minimal sunlight. As such, mylar wallpapers are generally utilized in kitchens and bathrooms. You may also use them for spaces where the curtains and windows remain closed most of the time.  

But before you install them, ensure that the wallpaper is devoid of any creases and the wall itself is smooth. That way, both the pasting and the removal will be effortless and devoid of any complications. 

Another point of caution is that such wallpapers aren’t the best option for worn-out walls as they tend to highlight imperfections. Hence, we recommend using a liner wallpaper before pasting the mylar wallpaper. 

9. Paper Wallpaper

9. Paper wallpaper

As evident from the name, this variety is basically a textured paper cover for the wall. Available in different shades, designs, and patterns, it’s one of the most inexpensive wallpaper options on the market. 

Though several other varieties, such as vinyl, have overtaken paper wallpaper in terms of popularity, many homeowners still use it for supplementary decor needs. In fact, if you have a good sense of style and an eye for the right colors and patterns, you’ll be able to zero in on some exciting choices within the range. 

Even the installation is beginner-friendly, and you can apply DIY techniques in enhancing the overall look. However, the durability of such wallpapers remains its sticking point, and many users have reported that they aren’t as long-lasting as other closely-related varieties. 

10. Fabric Wallpaper

10. Fabric wallpaper

Regarded as one of the more luxurious wallpapers, these are crafted with textiles or are sometimes laminated onto regular wallpapers. Also, they’re quite a challenging material to work with as you’ll need to stretch them during the installation. But by being more careful and a few hands on deck, you may be able to prevent creases or warts. 

An interesting aspect about such wallpapers is that they reflect a sense of well-being and, at the same time, lend a gorgeous look to any space. Notably, such wallpapers are made from silk, cotton, felt, raffia, linens, twines, or feathers. 

As you may already know, these fabrics offer breathability, fire resistance, stain resistance, and insulation. But then, this is another option on the pricier side, so we’d suggest weighing it against a few others before making a final decision. 

11. Natural Grass-Cloth Wallpaper

11. Natural grass-cloth wallpaper

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the beauty of this wallpaper lies in the layer of natural grass or vines that form the surface. Homeowners who prefer to go the natural way when it comes to decor will love this style. 

First off, a high-quality paper backing designed to last for the years to come supports the grass layer. However, these wallpapers are quite delicate to handle as the grass is stuck onto the backing using glue. 

So, make sure you take extra care while pasting and installing it; otherwise, the top surface may get stained by the wallpaper paste. 

At the same time, this versatile wallpaper is an excellent addition to any part of your home, be it the bedroom, dining space, or living room. On a side note, these wallpapers aren’t washable, which is why using them in the kitchen or a kid’s room won’t be an ideal decision. 

12. Tiles 

12. Tiles 

If you choose to prioritize convenience over other factors, tiles are undoubtedly a wonderful choice. Firstly, you won’t have to handle long strips of paper or take help from professionals to install them on the walls. 

All you need to do is peel the back cover and paste them onto the wall, and the job will be done. Also, these tiles come in much smaller sizes, which is why single-handedly completing the work won’t be a problem. 

Nevertheless, fresh tiles lend a fresh and clean look to the room with their bright and beautiful designs. Moreover, you may either choose to install them throughout a room or around some corners or cupboards in attractive patterns. 

13. Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

13. Self-adhesive wallpaper

Also called a peel-and-stick wallpaper, this is another easy-to-use option that blends wonderfully with all decor styles. The best part is that it does away with the need to handle wallpaper paste or glue. 

Just peel off the back cover and paste the exposed sticky surface on the wall to give your room an all-new look. Replacing the wallpaper with a similar one is also pretty simple. 

Nevertheless, these wallpaper are more of a massive sticker for the wall and are best for those who love experimenting with different design ideas. Just be careful and ensure there are no bumps or creases on the wall surface, as these wallpapers look their best on smooth and well-painted walls. 

14. Paintable Wallpaper

14. Paintable wallpaper

Have you thought of creating artwork on the wall while keeping it unscathed? Then you should definitely consider getting paintable wallpaper for your room. 

You can paint these in any color; the single most significant advantage is that you are free to try out different patterns and rectify errors. But keep in mind that the paints you’re using should match the texture of the wallpaper. Plus, you’ll need to consider the type of paint finish that’ll be suitable for the one you’ve bought. Note that many prefer to go for glossy or matte paints in this regard. 

Indeed, a well-loved feature of paintable wallpapers is that they come in gorgeous textures that beautifully complement any space.  

15. Metallic Wallpaper

15. Metallic wallpaper

Sometimes, a bit of shimmer in a select few spots around the room can be enough to elevate its look considerably. And that’s where metallic wallpapers come into the picture. They can help add an elegant twist to homes and office spaces alike, which, in turn, can lend a richness to the room decor. 

After you put these wallpapers in place, the part will seem as though it has been painted by an expert. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  

Speaking of the positioning of such wallpapers, that will depend upon the overall room design. For instance, you may opt for an accent wall, whereby a metallic strip will draw attention to that part of the room. And if you wish to create a massive design impact, you may install it on all the walls.  

16. Strippable Wallpaper

16. Strippable wallpaper

Our next pick, strippable wallpaper, has emerged as a popular style nowadays as it’s available in a range of exciting colors and patterns. 

To remove or replace such varieties, you’ll have to take them off in strips, unlike removable wallpapers that can be detached from the wall at once. And although removing these will take more time, you can also use harsh chemicals and specialized tools for easier removal.  

Alternatively, you may use a wallpaper stripper as that can speed up the removal. But we’d advise you to keep your little ones and pets away as these chemicals might release harmful fumes. 

17. Textured Wallpapers

17. Textured wallpapers

The best part about textured wallpapers is that they can add character to the wall and enhance the visual interest of your room decor considerably. Note that these are available in a range of intricate designs suited for homes and workspaces. 

Anyone walking inside a room will be quickly drawn to a textured wallpaper, which generally has a distinct visual appeal. Moreover, it’s a highly versatile choice to go for and can conceal several imperfections in the wall effortlessly. 

On that note, damaged or walls that have not been primed before application won’t be such a problem. Indeed, the textured surface prevents visitors from noticing divots, dents, or bumps in the wall when you have such wallpaper in place. 

And to top it all, it makes for a very budget-friendly alternative for those looking to improve the appearance of their home without having to hire a professional. 

18. Repositionable Wallpaper

18. Repositionable wallpaper

When it comes to installing wallpapers, nobody can rule out pasting errors altogether. And in the event of such an error, it will be a loss as the wallpaper will be ruined if you try to strip it off. 

But you won’t have to worry about this at all if you choose to go for repositionable wallpaper. You can move such wallpaper quickly for various purposes. These include covering any damage on the wall, matching it with another design strip, or ensuring it fits perfectly around the door. Moreover, installing such varieties is pretty easy, making the process manageable even without extra help.

19. Vintage Wallpaper

19. Vintage wallpaper

If a sophisticated look is what you’re yearning for, then look no further than a vintage wallpaper. 

Available in a range of stylish designs, these wallpapers can add a luxurious and charming feel to any decor setting. Depending upon your needs, you may choose to create an accent wall or install it throughout the house for a large-scale facelift.

While purchasing a vintage wallpaper, we’d suggest you to lay equal importance on the paper quality and the need for installation. Additionally, some of these wallpapers come in a wide selection of colors and patterns inspired by art styles from different decades. For those who wish to design a dream interior space, such variants will fit the bill perfectly. 

20. Moisture Resistant 

20. Moisture resistant 

With a moisture resistant wallpaper in place, you can steer clear of potential damage due to water or liquid stains. That’s why such wallpapers are best suited for bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Interestingly, they even come in fascinating designs that can go well with a variety of decor styles, so these parts of your home won’t look dull either.

But it’s essential to take into account the quality of paper backing used, especially when you’re installing them in the bathroom that generally stays damp. Such wallpapers are also generally heavy-duty in nature, so they don’t peel off even after getting wet and can also help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. 

In comparison, other types of wallpapers may peel off quite quickly during damp weather.    

21. Printed Wallpaper 

21. Printed wallpaper 

Available in an array of patterns and colors, printed wallpapers are cost-effective and visually appealing options when it comes to decorating homes. They are simply high-quality paper sheets printed using water-based printing inks. 

Also, note that you can choose either a manually or digitally-printed wallpaper based on personal preferences. But remember that the latter variety can tear or get damaged easily compared to hand-printed options. 

22. Solid Sheet Vinyl Wallpaper

22. Solid sheet vinyl wallpaper

Created on a pure vinyl backing, these wallpapers come with beautiful prints and have an embossed texture that provides them with a more luxurious feel. 

Another major feature that makes them stand out from other options is their excellent durability. These are thicker than many other types and are generally scrubbable, so you can maintain and clean them quite pretty easily too. 

Furthermore, such wallpapers are relatively easier to peel off, and only some backing might be left on the wall. You can also remove it easily with water and soap, while a wallpaper removal solution might be needed in certain cases. 

23. Washable Wallpaper

23. Washable wallpaper

Whether it’s your living room or your little one’s playroom, going for a washable option will always be safer and much more convenient. After all, it can facilitate effortless removal of any accidental stain or pencil drawing on the walls. Just a bit of soapy water and a sponge will be needed to scrub the stains off the wall. 

That said, you shouldn’t use any rough cleaners while washing these wallpapers. Another point to note is that wallpapers tend to become dirty, especially if they remain pasted for years together. Hence, regular maintenance can help provide a fresh and clean look to your walls. 

24. Free Match 

24. Free match 

Patterns are among the most essential design elements of a wallpaper. As such, matching them correctly is often fundamental to setting up many wallpapers efficiently. 

Based on the match type of the patterns, wallpapers can be divided into three categories, viz. free match, straight match, and drop match. Among these, the free match variant is the most easy to install as it comes with free flowing patterns. 

To elaborate further, the patterns will project an equally symmetrical look devoid of any seams or joints irrespective of the way you place the wallpaper. Interestingly, these wallpapers result in minimal wastage and you won’t need to carry out any lengthy and meticulous cutting work. 

At the same time, it’s best to flip the wallpaper before pasting it, as that will help ensure there’s no color variation in it.  

25. Drop Match

25. Drop match

A drop match wallpaper is recognized by almost regularly repeating patterns and is often referred to as an offset match wallpaper. Note that the patterns are lined up both vertically and horizontally starting from the top of the ceiling line to lend a clean and fresh look to the interiors. 

At the same time, such an arrangement of patterns makes placing the wallpaper more challenging than ones with free flowing patterns and simple designs. Hence, some amount of planning will be needed before you can put it up smoothly. 

If this style sounds intriguing to you and you feel like going ahead with it, know that it requires making a consistent dual alignment. Or in other words, the wallpaper has to be aligned both vertically and horizontally. Thus, you’ll have to halve the pattern repeats, and that will generate a great deal of waste. And at the end of this procedure, you’ll be done with the basic pattern matches. 

For example, if a pattern repeats at every 200 cm, the point at which two such wallpapers match from right to left is positioned at every 100 cm. Here’s a tip you can use to track the pattern order— number the wallpapers using a thin pencil and you’ll find it easier to hang them smoothly. 

26. Straight Match

26. Straight match

If you get a wallpaper with a straight matching pattern, that indicates all stripes and patterns will line up and match in the same way across the whole wallpaper. 

After you bring it home, make sure to have a look at the wallpaper to understand the lining up of the patterns. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about making errors as the repetitions are quite evident. 

First off, the straight-across match starts at your ceiling line, hence the design should align with that of the strips on either side. It may take a while to get the wallpaper read to be pasted, but they aren’t very intricate patterns. Just make sure you understand the pattern repeats as that would affect the manner of hanging the wallpaper and the number of rolls you’ll need. 

27. Pre-Pasted Wallpaper  

27. Pre-pasted wallpaper  

Next, we’ll talk about another option that’s relatively simpler to put up, though it might create a somewhat messy situation at times. 

To get a pre-pasted wallpaper ready, you must cut it to the dimensions and size required for the room. Plus, make sure to leave a few inches on the sides to cover up for any errors. Follow this by filling up a container with water so that you can dip the wallpaper inside to prepare it for pasting. Notably, water works as a stimulant to make the back of the wallpaper sticky. 

But you must be careful with the method and avoid leaving it in the basket for too long, as that might cause the adhesive to wash off. Just wet the wallpaper for a few seconds— that’ll be enough to make the backside sticky. 

Finally, you’ll just need to wipe the excess water rolled up the wallpaper to stick it to the wall without further problems. 

28. Non-Pasted Wallpaper 

28. Non-pasted wallpaper 

Unpasted wallpapers, as they’re also called, have lost their popularity to some extent with the emergence of new and improved prepasted wallpapers on the market. 

These come in the form of beautifully printed sheets of paper that you need to cut and stick onto the wall using some wallpaper glue. By opting for such a wallpaper, you can add an artistic appeal to a living room or any other recreational space.

To put up such a wallpaper, you’ll have to mark the wall beforehand and take proper measurements of the area to be covered. That way, you’ll be able to ensure a correct fit. 

Thereafter, apply the paste or glue using a roller or a brush and rest it for a few minutes by folding it in half as this will allow the glue to soak in properly. And complete the process by sliding the wallpaper into place and smoothening it gently with the hand to make sure there are no creases or bubbles in it.

29. Liner Wallpaper 

29. Liner wallpaper 

If you’re looking for an option to hide imperfections on the wall, a liner wallpaper would be an ideal fit as it’s specifically designed for such purposes. 

Made with paper or fiberglass, these wallpapers are more popularly called lining paper on the market. A significant advantage of such an option is that it will allow you to cover the walls without having to engage in extensive repair work.  

Moreover, liner wallpapers are easy to remove and install and can also be painted to complement the test of the room decor. 

30. Foil Wallpaper

30. Foil wallpaper

These wallpapers use thin polished metallic foil as the base material, which gives them a shiny, dramatic feel that blends well with most decor settings. Plus, they come in a variety of designs printed on the foil surface, which can add visual interest to the room, thereby lending a comforting vibe. 

You can even choose between a plain shade and different metallic finishes such as silver, copper, and gold based on the existing decor of your room. 

But a downside is that most foil wallpapers possess high reflectivity that may reveal the wall imperfections easily. That’s why you must make sure the wall is smoothened and primed before it’s covered with the foil. 

31. Vinyl-Coated Fabric Wallpaper

31. Vinyl-coated fabric wallpaper

People who prefer to infuse a natural texture and feel into the walls rather than adding striking and colorful designs will definitely love this wallpaper option. It’s actually a large piece of fabric coated with liquid vinyl and has decorative patterns printed on the surface. 

Note that the use of vinyl enhances the durability of the wallpaper. So, it’s likely to last much longer than the delicate wallpaper options we’ve dealt with in our guide. This property also makes it suitable for office spaces and commercial set-ups. 

Interestingly, such a texture can add character and depth to any room, so there are no limitations to using it in your home. That said, it’s regarded as one of the more breathable wallpaper options, which is why it’s a great choice for low-moisture rooms such as living areas. 

32. Non-Woven Wallpaper

32. Non-woven wallpaper

All homeowners may not want to go for vinyl wallpapers as they aren’t a healthy option in the long term. 

In such cases, the non-woven ones can be a good alternative. Moreover, they’re quite easy and hassle-free to put up on any wall as they come with a pre-applied adhesive. 

Speaking of the materials used, non-woven varieties are made with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers that are safer for your health. They also offer great breathability, so rest assured they won’t trap moisture that may cause mold growth. 

Additionally, the unique composition of this wallpaper keeps its paper backing dimensionally stable even while it’s wet. That’s why you can wash it without worrying about the effects. 

33. Roll Wallpaper

33. Roll wallpaper

Getting wallpaper rolls is yet another convenient choice. 

In fact, wallpaper rolls are currently one of the most popular options for decorating both workspaces and homes. Note that getting them in rolls makes it relatively simpler to cut down the wallpapers as per the wall measurements. 

That said, cutting huge strips can seem a bit difficult if you’re looking to match their sides evenly. This is the reason why homeowners seek help from professionals to get it installed more quickly and precisely for the larger rooms. 

After all, you won’t want the wallpaper that you just purchased to end up with asymmetrical corners. And cutting the strips as per the wall length would also help you avoid any kind of wastage. 

34. Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper

34. Vinyl-coated wallpaper

If durability is a primary lookout for you, make sure to search for vinyl-coated wallpapers as they are composed of tough materials that won’t give in easily. Supported by a strong paper backing, these wallpapers come with a second decorative layer that’s coated or sprayed with polyvinyl chloride(PVC) or acrylic type vinyl. 

While this top covering protects the wallpaper from any major damage, it also shields the surface from heavy moisture and grease. As such, vinyl-coated wallpapers can prove to be a useful addition to kitchens or bathrooms.

You can also clean such varieties by scrubbing them gently, which makes them suitable for any part of the home. But do keep in mind that they are strippable wallpapers, hence it will take longer to remove them completely. 

35. Commercial Wallpaper

35. Commercial wallpaper

Own a commercial space and think you need to give it a facelift? You’ll have to focus on some essential details covering the decoration of formal arenas. But first off, make sure that you’re opting for high-quality wallpapers so that you can avoid changing the wallpapers frequently when they don’t match the workstation. 

Ideally, it should be easy to clean and shouldn’t peel off from the corners within a couple of months. Keep in mind that the wallpaper will influence the overall look of the space and will reflect how a customer will perceive the business. Notably, most commercial-grade wallpapers have strong fabric backings and are coated with vinyl to provide superior durability.  

36. Bamboo Wallpaper

36. Bamboo wallpaper

Intriguing as it might sound, a bamboo wallpaper is indeed handcrafted by applying real bamboo vines or reeds onto a paper surface backed by glue. As such, it’s a spectacular alternative for people who love to add a rustic appeal to their home design and are admirers of eco-friendly design elements. 

What’s more, a bamboo wallpaper creates an eye-catching paneling look after it’s installed on a wall and even adds a relaxing vibe to the surroundings. 

You also get to choose between different styles and colors based on your decor needs. Interestingly, some wallpapers are made using the outer layer of the bamboo stalk, while others are obtained by processing the internal parts of the stem. You even get another variant that’s made by combining bamboo with canes. 

But here’s a point of caution— such a wall-covering is easily affected by a heavy moisture content in the air and is also not washable. That’s why it’s unsuitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces with a more moist environment and where it might come in contact with staining materials. 

37. Hand-Screened Wallpaper

37. Hand-screened wallpaper

Thinking of experimenting with an out-of-the-box wallpaper in your room? Then a hand-screened variety is definitely among the most exciting options you’ll come across.  

First off, the process that goes into its creation is just as interesting as the outcome. Each color is applied using a separate handmade and hand-placed silkscreen. As the water-based color pours onto the back of the screen, it’s forced into the portions where the mesh allows ink to run down to the paper. 

Ultimately, the paper gets a stunning design with a unique three-dimensional look that can provide a sense of individuality to any room. Another point worth noting is that the wallpaper gets a sophisticated handcrafted look as it’s created through a manual process.   

38. Liquid Wallpaper

38. Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper actually refers to a decorative emulsion or powder that you’ll need to mix with water to apply on a wall. If you’re accustomed to using paint rollers or sprayers, this wallpaper is a quite convenient option to go for. After all, it does away with the need to match the patterns or designs on either side of the wall as with most wallpaper varieties.

Note that these are available in lots of different textures that can add variety to the room decor. Additionally, you may choose to modify their color by mixing them with other special paints. 

39. Wood Chip Wallpaper

39. Wood chip wallpaper

Another interesting wallpaper option to go for is one that uses wood chips for decoration. Though not many homeowners opt for this variety nowadays, it can actually be a smart addition to any room. 

Notably, these wallpapers consist of wood chips inserted within a dual layer of high-quality paper, and can help hide small defects in ceilings and walls. But keep in mind that some wood chip wallpapers use hazardous materials such as asbestos. So, you’ll need to take proper safety precautions while installing them. 

40. Cork Wallpaper

40. Cork wallpaper

Highly popular in the yesteryears, cork wallpapers are still preferred by many homeowners owing to their distinct sophisticated appeal. You can also get these wallpapers in a variety of colors, designs, and textures that can beautifully complement most decor settings. 

Furthermore, this variety is a 100% natural alternative as it’s made using the cork oak bark, a sustainable source offering great weather resistance. Long story short, these aesthetically pleasing wallpapers exude a warm and comfortable vibe that nature lovers will want to go for. 

41. Textile Wallpaper

41. Textile wallpaper

Towards the end, here’s another less-talked-about wallpaper option that can be traced back to centuries and has an elegance of its own. 

Textile wallpapers are actually non-woven wall coverings that consist of two thin layers, viz. a fabric layer, and a high-quality backing. Notably, the fabrics used can range from silk or velvet to linen or cotton, so all homeowners can find a suitable choice as per their needs and preferences. 

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed exploring the different wallpaper options out there, just as we enjoyed compiling this guide. 

As you can see, the options range from elegant and minimalistic wallpapers that exude a sophisticated appeal to vibrant and colorful varieties that can brighten up any space. So, make sure to consider your needs and preferences to figure out a suitable variety for your home or workplace. 

And if you’re looking to deck up not one but many rooms, we’d strongly suggest using different designs or shades as the diversity enhances the visual interest in a home. Anyhow, you should also consider your budget and the existing decor style beforehand to make the best choice. 

On that note, we’ll wrap things up for now. But we’ll be back soon with more interesting guides on interior design, so keep an eye on this space for more!

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