Airy Transparent Bathrooms and Door-less Walk-in Shower Designs

Transparent bathrooms and shower designs have been proven to be a simple yet effective way of giving your washroom a trendy and elegant look.

A bathroom installed with a walk-in glass shower gives the whole space an airy feel, with a view that’s unobstructed. And since these bathrooms use glass as the primary component, it makes as if the whole space is much bigger, brighter and livelier. I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk into a comforting bathroom that makes you feel welcomed after a long and tiring day?

Why design transparent bathrooms with doorless showers?

Doorless showers, also commonly referred to as walk-in showers are said to be functional and efficient, they’re also pretty cool by design, you can call them cool showers. They have a wide variety of choices for design, are easy to maintain and clean, and can save you from all the mildew and mineral deposits in the shower spaces.

However, they are proven to be expensive to design and construct and can be a trouble if you are someone who leans towards having privacy.

But with some thought put into it, you can customize the bathroom as per your needs while elevating the design of not just your bathroom, but the extended home space too.

Styling and Designing

Just like every element of home décor, even transparent bathrooms and walk-in showers can be designed as per the preferences of the individuals. For example, if you’re not a fan of using clear glass completely, you can always go for a combination of frosted or tinted glass. Then there’s the option of having a glass shower door or not, which again, is completely your decision.

Further, you can play with the idea of positioning the shower in the right place of the bathroom, as it has a lot to do with enhancing the look of whole space. Usually, the corner spaces can be ideal for these walk-in showers as they can make use of the wall surfaces along with the rest of the footage area. This makes your bathroom more spacious, both in terms of look and feel.

You can also experiment with other aspects like lighting fixtures – by using artificial lights, installing windows or taking advantage of skylights to make the space brighter and more attractive. A few accessories like a glass shelf, soap and shampoo racks and a small bath stool can pep up space more than you thing.

In case you are considering to get a transparent bathroom, or a walk-in shower at your new place, or just remodel the old one, these are a few ideas that could probably help you decide. To make it easier, I am categorizing these design ideas into transparent bathroom ideas and open door walk-in shower designs. So, read on and see for yourself.

Awesome Transparent Bathroom Designs

A lot of people can be skeptical about installing transparent bathroom spaces in their homes, owing to its lack of privacy, or expensive nature. But if you aren’t bothered by any of these issues, or if you see it as a long-term investment, then you could try installing one in your homes, especially your bedrooms.

With perfect planning and execution, you can manage to get an awesome transparent bathroom installation that could be discreet despite using see-through materials. If you want to get some ideas, check out these designs below.

  1. Bedroom with a Transparent Bathroom

Just as I mentioned above, your private bedrooms can be a perfect space to install a transparent bathroom.  Personally, I am absolutely in love with this kind of set up, as it gives the whole space a sleek look, and gives the feel of the privacy being extended even to the bathroom, with just a glass partition.

Also, try remodeling your master bedroom into one if your partner also doesn’t have an issue by getting glass enclosures for bathrooms, instead of a traditional washroom spaces.

Bedroom with a transparent bathroom

via Pinterest

  1. Dual Mirror Luxury Bathroom

To make your bathroom space instantly look bigger, just do one simple thing – install huge mirrors. These mirrors, with glass walls and doors as the shower space, makes it all the more luxurious and gives your bathroom a spacious look and feel.

Try using a simple white design, and get a bathtub made of frosty glass to enhance the overall look. And I am sure you’d be receiving a lot of compliments about the space.

Dual mirror luxury bathroom

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  1. Stone Wall with Shower Bathroom

If you don’t want to use a lot of glass around, then you could probably mix up things  If you’re going to use one side of your wall space, try using stone on the opposite sides, with glasses on for the door and other surfaces. This gives your bathroom a truly rustic feel, and if you can couple space up with a garden or a bunch of plants behind, it looks captivating.

Stone wall with shower bathroom

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  1. Victorian Style Transparent Bathroom

If you worry about not having a lot of space in the house for the bathroom, even then, you can manage to get a great look for your bathroom with the help of glass partitions. Instead of using a lot of shelves and other décor that takes a lot of space, just make use of a tub, a small table along with the other necessary components, and you’re done!

Victorian style transparent bathroom

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  1. Spacious Transparent Bubbles Bathroom

Now this is for those houses where you can afford to have big spaces for bathrooms. Work with a porcelain style flooring with a white ceiling, while using glass enclosures for the walls. Install bubble light fixtures to give the whole space a ventilated feel. And to finish the look, you can just add a walk-in shower space which is made of glass as well.

Spacious transparent bubbles bathroom

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  1. Black Mirrored Bathroom with a Feminine Look

Admit it! Black is classy and elegant. It can transform any place into something chic. Just with simple additions, as opposed to having heavy décor. Following the same mantra, you can just go with black tinted glass as enclosures for your bathrooms, especially if your room has a feminine vibe to it.

These glasses can be attached right from the ceiling to the flooring, adding a sealing to the bottom for extra security. You can complete the look with a sliding door, and some black accessories like black glass shelves, black mats, etc.

Black mirrored bathroom with a feminine look

Source Unknown

  1. Colorful Mediterranean Style Transparent Bathroom

I love Mediterranean style decors; they’re so vibrant and lively. Just imagine all those colors and excitement, they can just lighten up your mood any day. So, if you’re one of those who usually has hectic schedules, and would want to come home to a refreshing shower, try using a multi-colored scheme to your bathroom in addition to the transparent glass fixtures.

Yellow ceilings, red décor, and dark colored cabinets can help you achieve this look and give a set up that definitely turns many heads.

Colorful mediterranean style transparent bathroom


  1. Modern Style Grey Transparent Bathroom Design

This is for those who would enjoy a bathroom that looks like an extended space to their bedroom. It follows the color scheme of your bedroom, only partitioned with glass enclosures, only with a grey tint. The transition is simple, smooth and the finish is absolutely chic. So, if you’re a minimalist yet elegant décor, this could be the one for you.

Modern style grey transparent bathroom design

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Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

Now, bathrooms are nothing without the shower spaces. In general, there are a lot of ways you can create shower spaces in the bathroom. The most common ones are tubs, walk-in showers, and elevated spaces with a step in platform and shower curtains.

However, for modern and sleek bathrooms, aiming at a stylish look, nothing works better than a doorless walk-in shower. They’re simple, efficient and functional. And oh, don’t forget the feeling of directly stepping into the shower whenever you like, without having to go through the hassle of stepping on, or into something.

If you’re looking to have a doorless shower installed in your bathrooms, you can have a look at a few of these designs for ideas and make a decision accordingly.

  1. Eclectic Marble Shower without Door

Marble is elegant. It adds beauty to anything – be it a room, or even a bathroom. So, gift yourself an eclectic design that’s completely personal by using marble for the walls and cabinets of the shower space. And of course, omit the door, to give it a great look, as shown in this model.

Eclectic marble shower without door

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  1. Half Wall Marble Shower

This is again a design where you can use marble for the classy look and feel. But instead of going for the walls that start from the roof to the surface, just stop it midway. This minimalist contemporary design works well for those who don’t mind a breach of privacy and are inclined towards with openness and an overall airy feel.

Half wall marble shower

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  1. Honey Comb Tile Walk-In Shower

Again, black is elegance, especially in geometrical designs. Try giving the walls of your walk-in shower a matte honeycomb looks to give the whole space a sleek look. Since black makes it dark, you can add some light fixtures or a window to let in ventilation into the bathroom. I’d suggest the latter because, there just won’t be light, but also plenty of air coming in.

  Honey comb tile walk-in shower

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  1. Wet Room Style Walk-in Shower Design

You could always try combining your tub and wall in a similar pattern to give a wet-room style look to your walk-in shower. To achieve this kind of look, you can opt for travertine tiles, rather than the usual marble. Also, throw in a little matching décor to give it feminine or masculine feel, as per your preferences.

 Wet room style walk-in shower design

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  1. Walk-in Showers with Multiple Sprays

Now, these remind me of the showers we see in spas. There are multiple showerheads fixed onto the wall letting you feel the water splash from all directions. This could be the perfect design for all those who love a spa-style shower area, especially when combined with marble flooring. But make sure you design it strategically because there are high chances of water splashing out of the shower space, given it is a door-less design and there are high chances of water spills if it isn’t constructed properly.

 Walk-in showers with multiple sprays

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  1. Shower Without Door for Small Spaces

If you think you have to compromise with the look of the shower owing to the small space, then you’re wrong. With just the right planning and strategy, you can get that perfect doorless walk-in shower that completely caters to your needs. All you have to do is choose a corner side placing for the shower space, rather than in the center, and use the right color palette and wooden accents for the décor to make it perfect.

Shower without door for small spaces

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  1. White Walk-In Shower with Accented Subway Tiles

Now, this is another glass enclosed shower space with white tiles on the wall, for additional support to the look. Sure, it might look boring to you. But if you manage to work on the tiles, by giving it a contrasting patterns, like with the use of subway style tiles, then you don’t have to worry about having a boring bathroom.

White walk-in shower with accented subway tiles

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  1. Double Benched Walk-In Shower

This could be perfect for the ones who like to take long showers in the washrooms. The double-sided mosaic bench, divided in the middle with a glass panel, all the way to the ceiling, brings out the elegance in your shower space. To add to the look, you can use a minimalist showerhead, hot and cold water faucets, and an additional hand held shower that lets you take a bath while being seated on the bench.

Double benched walk-in shower

Source Unknown

On the whole, I can say that the walk-in showers and transparent bathrooms have definitely added to the look of the house, in addition to being functional. And they can be a great addition to any house – be it big or small, traditional or modern. A glass shower door, and a glass shower as a whole emphasizes the feeling of space, airiness and breathability in your space.

I hope these ideas for transparent showers and walk-in showers have helped you with the design block and gave you some inspiration on how you could go about designing your shower space. So, just get on with it and finish that project you’ve wanted to do for so long. Happy Designing!

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