What Color is Teal and How You Can Use It in Your Home Decor

Teal is a color that you may or may not have heard about. The best way to describe this color would be to say that it is a deeper variant of the blue-green color, which is similar to cyan, but a bit darker. Doesn’t ring a bell? Imagine turquoise, a name that is often used interchangeably.

What Color is Teal and How to Use It in Home Decor


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The color gets its name, “Teal,” from a bird that has the same shade around its eyes. It was in 1917 when someone made use of the name Teal as a color for the first time. And since then, it has gained massive popularity in many spheres.


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This guide will give you all the examples you need to understand how and when you can use the shades of teal in interior decor. So, let’s begin, shall we?



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The various shades of teal color

  1. Teal for the soul

As we said before, teal color lies somewhere between the spectrum of green and blue. The authentic teal usually consists of peaceful blue with a dash of yellow that helps imbue an energizing look to the place the color is used.

Just look at the two types of glass objects below. Don’t the colors remind you of the deep blue ocean? Having these colors inside your home will make you reminiscent of the beach vacation you took many years ago.

Teal glass vases

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  1. Light teal blue to create hue

To begin, let us give you a demonstration of what the lightest shade of teal can accomplish. In the image you see below, the color pops out vividly in contrast to the bright white color surrounding it. Light teal blue is kind of like the color you’d see on the Whitecaps of ocean waves.

Light teal blue

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When used the right way, this color can exude a sense of relaxation and positive energy. Look at how beautiful the bedroom looks with the Christmas-like garland decoration on top.

The two night lamps placed on opposite sides of the bed, the neutral colored pillows, and the whites scattered throughout play their role in projecting teal as a standout aspect. The color doesn’t scream for attention, yet makes its impact felt.

The magical image that the setting portrays can only be topped by something even more extraordinary.

  1. Steel teal for the contemporary look

Imagine a hipster version of the original teal color but with lots of gray undertones, and you get steel teal. The presence of the neutral gray color makes steel teal perfect to be used on contemporary furniture and other decorative elements.

Take a look at the comfortable recliner in the picture below. The sublime shade not only radiates the calming effect of the color blue but brings some amount of fun with the presence of green. Hey, furniture is not the only place you can use this shade.

Steal teal outdoor furniture

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Use it anywhere where you’d like to imbue a sense of tranquility, and with the right kind of light, you’ll get a setting similar to the picture above. The neutral blue table and chairs in the background and the whitewashed walls further bring some welcome contrast.

  1. Teal blue to create an impact

Even though this shade might lie on the softer end of the green-blue spectrum, it’s able to create a substantial impact nonetheless. The fascinating element about the lighter colors of teal is that they are always able to grab attention while not coming off as overbearing.

In fact, it is believed that the color affects our ability to concentrate and think clearly because of its calming effect on the nervous system. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see yellow and teal, the two contrasting colors in the image below?

Teal blue furniture for kids

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You’d notice that both the colors lie at the softer end of their individual spectrums and remains mild to our vision. The two pots placed in the cupboard bottom amplifies the calming look.

Teal blue is an excellent color to use in the office or study, where concentration is necessary. Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself?

  1. Dark teal blue

Want to add a heavy dose of luxury to your personal space? Then dark teal blue is the color for you! As you can see, this color looks a dazzling when you pair it against golden shades that come with gold photo frames or lighting fixtures.

Dark teal blue

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While some may say that the setting is too dark for comfort, we’d like to point out at the contrasting beauty of the gold and dark teal colors. As you can make from the shadows, the lamps are burning brightly enough, but the surrounding dark teal blue walls help in reducing the impact of light.

This sophisticated look is ideal for small spaces where you would like the focus to be on an individual object. Just like how the lamps are in focus in the image. Teal is truly a diverse color that can be used in quite possibly endless combinations.

  1. Dark teal green

This color is slightly lighter in comparison to dark teal blue and has a mood of its own. Despite being a dark shade, this color doesn’t fail to imbue a sense of serenity and peace that the original color is known for.

Dark teal green

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The duck-shaped lamp in front of the dark teal green background creates an effect that blends the best of contemporary and obscure. The white elements peeping from the background with the combination of ceramic and gray carpet flooring lets a sense of coziness prevail in the entire room.

Using teal in home decor elements

Now that you know about the different shades of teal let’s dive deep into how you can use this color in home decor. The example you see below is muted teal in the deepest shade that looks almost similar to a green slate.

Decorate with glass hand blow teal vases

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This is because like every blue-green mix, teal combines effectively with white to become tinted or combines with gray to become mostly toned. Whatever your choice may be, you can count on mixing and matching of colors with teal to get the ideal shade.

  1. Spicing it up with turquoise

In the brightest of shades, teal is closely identified with turquoise, like the blanket you see in the image below. This lavish bedroom doesn’t have any lack of luxury, which is the most prevailing theme as characterized by the decoration.

Teal turquoise bedding set

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Yet the teal here brings a much-needed break from the monotony of the Browns and the golds. Look at how the pillows and blankets pop from the rest of the elements in the room? For the fun loving souls who don’t mind a bit of playful experimentation, the torquoise leaning shade is perfect for the bedroom.

  1. Deep teal to heal your soul

Isn’t it fascinating how much colors are associated with the change of human emotions? Well, don’t be surprised to know that deep teal shades are often associated with the controlling and healing of your innermost desires and emotions.

No, this isn’t exaggeration; the calming color tone is excellent to use in spaces of work that requires the projection of sobriety. Dark teal is a soothing color and a common one that you can find in living room decor, furniture, and other aspects.

Deep shade of teal

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  1. Down in the dishes

One of the primary qualities of the teal color is that it has a soothing feel to it. And when you combine this color with the energy of yellow and the vibrancy of green, you get an interesting prismatic effect that’s a treat for the eyes.

Who could have thought that you can essentially mix fruity orange and light blue teal to the effect that you see in the image below? This radiant and down-to-earth combination will not only make food more enjoyable but also ooze class without being silly.

Teal plates to decorate the table

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  1. Citrus blast

Gray teal tones like steel teal, which goes magnificently well with contemporary design can be used in a variety of settings and lighting. The image below shows how neatly the steel shade blends in with white and neutral colors, complimented by mosaic combinations.

Grey tones of teal

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This incredible combination creates a citrus-like look that you can see in the lime stripe. The opportunities of use are plenty!

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Notice how the teal seat immediately catches your attention despite being accompanied by a lighter variant of purple. In this contemporary, furnished room with plenty of wood elements, the teal still manages to capture the spotlight maturely.

Teal fantastic color choice

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Sure, it’s common for people to notice the purple sofas as well because these two are the contrasting colors in the entire room. Oh! Did we forget to mention the similar colored blinds at the back of the sofa? They blend in almost perfectly with the room’s overall decor.

The candle lights in the middle, the wooden tables, wooden floor, and the patterned wallpaper set the stage for something unusual yet expected.

  1. Versatility is the name of the game

Teal is a versatile color when you think of it. Not only does it comes in various shades, but can accommodate exceptionally well with other colors like gold, cream/ivory, Navy, etc. If you are up for a little experimentation, combine teal with all of the above complementary colors to see fascinating results.

The striped teal – white wall, teal lamp shade and the shade on the floor help bring some continuity to the interior decor. Notice how the golden light shines in the background, right beside the books? Well, the light helps amplify the focus color even more.

Versatine teal color

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The sofa set and the table doesn’t attract too much attention to themselves, yet makes their presence felt. There is no doubt this scene has a lot of personality that you can infuse inside of your study or living room.

  1. The perfect background

Okay, this illustrated image serves the purpose of demonstrating how well teal goes as a background with many different kinds of colors. You see the plates attached to the wall? Compare them with their immediate surroundings and assess what you like.

Teal is considered an excellent color choice

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Notice how the neutral colors spread across close into more vibrant shades like blue, pink, green, and velvet? Well, that ought to answer your question if you ever thought if the teal shades go well with basic colors or not.

We can safely say that both the light and deep version of teal color goes well with the moderately toned plates.

  1. Color of the evolved soul

Like we discussed before, teal is similar to turquoise in the sense that it also stands for empathy and purity. If you value these traits, then imbuing the walls of your home and your furniture with the color is a must!

Empathetic teal color

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Just take a look at this single teal sofa accompanied by three tables, the paintings on the wall, and the mild lighting shining upon the white floor. Isn’t this what you’d call the perfect environment for a cozy evening?

  1. Teal, teal everywhere

Teal isn’t an exception to the rule of too much color is never too good. The image you see below is a perfect example of colors overlapping each other, to the point they effectively cancel themselves out.

Color can drive teal

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The look is not sophisticated or grand by any means; it mostly looks haphazard with random furniture thrown in different places. Now, why would anyone want to arrange their place of comfort like this? We don’t have an answer.

  1. Where is the teal?

Just like too much teal can drive you nuts, to less of it also reduces the impact it has on your mood. The image you see below has no emotion or apathy, in fact, the sofa set looks like it’s been hastily put together using whatever colors the artist could come up with.

Mosaic teal concrete sofa

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If you want your room to stand out from the crowd, make sure you stay away from a piece of furnishing like this. Otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for a massive disappointment.

Final words and teal design inspiration

So now you know about the different shades of teal color and the multitude of options available at your disposal in using them for home decor. Just keep an open mind and never be afraid to experiment; who knows what combination you come up with?

In the following rows an collection of extraordinary interior designs containing teal in one form of another follows, we invite you to cast a glance and pick your favorite !

What color is teal and how you can use it in your home decor

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How did you find the gallery and the teal shades above ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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