17 Tips That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa Right Now

Creating a spa-like bathroom has less to do with the space you have and more to do with the ideas you incorporate in it.

Essentially, you can decorate the bathroom you have by incorporating soothing colors and accessories to create a welcoming environment. Engaging all your senses of touch, smell, and vision will increase the relaxing effects on the body, which can be achieved by small changes.

Natural elements and design details can create a calm and harmonious aura that can put the mind and body at ease. So, if you are unsure where to begin, allow us to suggest spa bathroom ideas that you can use today.

Let’s begin…

17 Ideas To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Transform your bathroom into a home spa

1. Use Calming Scents In The Bathroom

Use calming scents in the bathroom

One thing you cannot miss in your new spa-like bathroom is plenty of relaxing scents and aromas. Most of the spa experience is about creating the right atmosphere in which it is easier to destress. And one inexpensive way to add warmth and calming scents in the bathroom is by lighting a few aromatic candles.

Select a theme or fragrance and light a few candles in clear glass jars to enjoy the aroma with the gentle flickering glow. Alternatively, you could place fresh flowers in spots around the bathtub so that they leave a soft scent while you bathe.

2. Use Bath Salts 

Use bath salts

Using scent candles is not the only form of aromatherapy available for a spa bathroom these days. You also have a wide range of bath salts and bath bombs in several irresistible fragrances. Sprinkling your favorite salt in the tub before bathing has many health benefits, especially for relaxing muscles and improving skin quality.

Besides, the essential oils in the salt have an incredible aroma that soothes aches and pains while reducing everyday life stresses. As such, a small bathroom that cannot fit gadgets or curtains can use salts to elevate the bathing experience for a spa-like experience. 

3. Add A Few Plants

Add a few plants

Potted plants make for a perfect addition to any bathroom, giving it a refreshed and vibrant look instantly. Creating a spa-like mood is possible with a few ingredients, and visual interest is one of the most important of them. After all, once you add a potted plant near the tub or upon the shelves next to the toiletries, they help create a sense of peace.

Otherwise, you could opt for placing hanging pots near the bathtub that will allow you to relax in a personal sanctuary. Many plants would go well in a spa-like bathroom, including begonias, orchids, snake plants, spider plants, and lilies.

4. Compact Shelves Above The Toilet

Compact shelves above the toilet

If you want to keep the bathroom looking organized, investing in stylized open shelves above the toilets should do the trick. You could add baskets of toilet paper rolls, hand towels, and other immediate essentials right at the bottom shelf. At the same time, the top shelves could hold essential oils and scented candles.

Additionally, beautify the shelf by adding small plants like a spider plant that will be sure to improve the vibrancy of the bathroom. The kind of shelf you choose does not have to be wood, although that would undoubtedly be a good option. But, use glass or marble with metal for support in any color of your choice.

5. Set Up A Sound System

Set up a sound system

A quick and easy way to create a personal home spa is by including a music system for inducing a relaxing ambiance. Soft music or nature sounds playing in the background while you bathe and shower adds to the peaceful environment and helps you destress. So, try adding speakers to the walls of your bathroom to complete the experience of a spa-like bathroom.

Nowadays, you get specialized devices connected to Bluetooth while others can be voice and gesture-controlled. This way, you do not have to worry about wetting your phone while listening to music. 

6. Select Soft Rugs For The Floor

Select soft rugs for the floor

While trying to upgrade your regular bathroom into a spa experience, try making everything as soft and comfortable as possible. You may already have bathroom mats to absorb dripping water once you step out of the shower or bath. But, to increase the coziness factor, you can select the plush, fluffy ones that also look amazing.

Apart from looking gorgeous on your bathroom floors, soft rugs also add interest to the area, especially if the colors are carefully selected. Choosing a rug that dries faster will be more hygienic and a wiser choice if the floor gets damp often.

7. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub tray

Converting a regular bathroom into an at-home spa can be achieved in more ways than one. We suggest getting a stylish bathtub tray to complement your tub and allow a cozier experience while bathing. Adding this simple yet charming addition to the spa bathroom will also serve as a holding tray while you enjoy your petal soaks or citrus peel bath.

Besides, you can also use the tray to hold bath salts, bath bombs, edibles, a screen for viewing your favorite show, or a book with wine. As far as the material is concerned, you could use Lucite to match the bathtub or select a rustic-looking wooden tray.

8. Go For An All-White Theme 

Go for an all-white theme

If you are alright with making lasting and impactful changes in the bathroom, consider going for an all-white theme. A classic white bathroom does not have to be dull; in fact, it can add to the charm if you do it right. With floors and walls, textured white tiles with slight color accents can help immensely in improving the décor. 

Using wood and glass in an all-white bathroom is always a good idea. You can add wooden trays, baskets, and shelves if you like. However, if you do not want a clash of colors, using glass or white marble for shelves would do.

9. Declutter The Bathroom

Declutter the bathroom

We suggest removing the extra stuff sitting in the bathroom for ages to create open space in the area. Reducing the visual clutter has the automatic effect of making a room more welcoming and relaxing. It is known that cluttered places provide too much visual stimulation, thus making it difficult to relax completely. 

Spa bathrooms with too many things in them are entirely unnecessary, especially if you want to portray a welcoming environment. Stick the bathroom essentials and remove all the unused shampoo or hand wash bottles. You could also get sleek wooden or glass containers to hold soaps, towels, or other small items.

10. Upgrade Your Shower Head

Upgrade your shower head

Do you imagine bathing in pure droplets of rain in a calm and serene location? If you cannot go to such a place, the rain showers must come to you instead. Out of all the spa bathroom ideas, this one trumps them all in regard to ease and cost. All you need to do is replace your existing fixture with a wider one that allows the water to fall directly overhead.

Similar to rainfall, the showerhead can also be installed as a permanent fixture on the ceiling. Not only does it look luxurious, but it also gives a spa-like feeling to the bathroom. To prevent splashes, you may add a sheer shower curtain if required.

11. Try Heated Towels

Try heated towels

For a cozier experience after bathing, there are facilities that allow warming the towel before you grab one to dry yourself. One such machine is the towel warmer that heats the towels while you enjoy bathing in your spa-like bathroom. These electric heating racks are wall-mounted and are lovely for regular use in colder climates.

To use, you need to hang the towels or bathrobes on the heating rack before stepping into the tub. Alternatively, there are heating buckets meant for warming clothes and towels that you can place in the corner of your bathroom. 

12. Add A Towel Storage Section

Add a towel storage section

A dedicated towel storage section will undoubtedly give your bathroom an organized and spa-like feel. There are many ways you can add a towel section, and one common method is purchasing a multi-story rack for storing bath towels. A ladder towel can hold not only store towels but also other bathroom toiletries like hand soap and boy washes.

Also, towels can be rolled and placed next to the tub or sink in wooden boxes and slim crates. Alternatively, fold them neatly and put them in baskets below the sink for convenience. If that does not suit your style, it is always possible to have them sitting in small cabinets.

13. Minimalistic Artwork On Bathroom Walls

Minimalistic artwork on bathroom walls

It may be slightly unusual to place artwork in a bathroom, but it is certainly not unheard of. And, if it is your desire to transform the bathroom into a spa-like environment with a luxurious feel, painting strokes will not disappoint. Depending on the theme you are going for, art can uplift and alter the mood of any environment, including the bathroom.

Adding images and art pieces with natural elements of the sea, water, trees, or landscapes will elevate the space into a welcoming environment. For added harmony, the color scheme is used to create subtle contrasts to allow the art to pop out even further.

14. Try Adding Gold Accents

Try adding gold accents

Nothing says opulence better than shiny gold in your home, and extending the theme of golden accents to the bathroom will add to the richness of the space. Achieving a spa-like bathroom in your own home is possible by adding gold details to the showerhead, faucets, or medicine cabinet.

Usually, this would be best with a fairly neutral color in the background. White or black tiles and cabinets will allow the gold to pop and grab attention in the bathroom. Using this inexpensive trick on an existing bathroom will surely make it comparable to luxury spas.

15. Consider A Light Dimmer

Consider a light dimmer

Lighting is essential when creating a mood, and a spa bathroom would be much more dynamic if it had the ability to dim light. This is because it is not enjoyable to relax under bright lights. So, even if you have super bright lights for dressing up, a light with a dimming switch will instantly help you get a spa-like bathroom.

Additionally, these lights can be installed in the wall, bedding, mirrors, or anywhere else you please. Apart from the dimming option, many of them even come with different color choices like blue, pink, or green.

16. Add Sheer Curtains In The Bathroom

Add sheer curtains in the bathroom

When creating a spa-like bathroom, what you really need is a sense of flow and airiness in the space. And such a tranquil setting is possible by the addition of sheer curtains in choice areas of the bathroom. Yes, you may have shower curtains for dividing the room into sections, but they may not have the airy effect of wafer-thin curtains.

If you are looking for bathroom ideas with curtains, you can try white or neutral colors with white tiles in the background. These curtains can control the amount of sunlight in the bathroom or create a division in a larger one.

17. Add A Floor-Length Mirror 

Add a floor-length mirror

To achieve your goal of a spa-like bathroom, try adding reflective surfaces in the form of a floor-length mirror. With selecting a bathroom mirror, you can make a note of the mirror borders and choose colors that complement the space. 

Basically, adding reflective surfaces gives the room a sense of expansion that helps it look more like a spa. In most cases, a wall-mounted mirror would look great in most bathrooms. Where you place the mirror depends on the bathroom design, but you could make one facing the tub for added dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Can I Change A Regular Bathroom Into A Home Spa?

The main goal is to create a cozy and relaxing zone with the proper lighting, scents, and music that help calm the senses. There is no problem in relying on natural materials to beautify the bathroom. Potted plants are an excellent way to bring nature into the bathroom while still keeping the essence of a spa.

Reducing the clutter and investing in innovative storage options will go a long way for small bathrooms. Additionally, you could add extra items and gadgets like a bidet attachment, mood lighting, speakers for music, etc., in the spa bathroom.

What Is A Spa Type Shower?

Typically, spa showers are much larger than regular bathroom showers. Also, regular bathrooms have small showerheads, while a spa bathroom has huge ones that allow water to flow horizontally like rain.

However, you can imitate the same for your home bathroom by adding top to bottom tiles in the shower section and removing the shower curtains. Incorporate a few other spa bathroom ideas mentioned here, and you should observe a difference in no time.

How Can I Bring A Spa-Like Environment In A Small Bathroom?

Smaller bathrooms can still feel like a mini spa by adding reflective surfaces or full-length wall-mounted mirrors to increase spaciousness. To keep the clutter to a minimum, you can invest in sleek cabinets to store towels, soaps, shampoo, and other toiletries out of sight.

Alternatively, you could opt for an all-white bathroom with sheer curtains at the window to allow plenty of natural light. These measures, along with the general organization of elements like scents and sound, will give the bathroom a relaxing feel.

Close up view of beauty spa treatment accessories with white towel, candle and aroma oil on dark background

Final Words

Nothing compares to the comfort of unwinding with a long soak after a hectic day of work and chores. With a spa bathroom right inside your home, you will never need to revisit a wellness center for regular relaxing retreats. 

Whether you want a total spa bathroom transformation or add a few elements here and there- these tips will help you achieve the desired aesthetic. So, go ahead and put self-care at the forefront and begin creating your very own calming oasis!

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