11 Cool Gadgets for Home in 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Any home appliance you can imagine has a more intelligent version of it.

If you are set out to replace the regular devices with cooler smart devices, then here’s a list you must not miss. We know how useful automated devices can be and the feeling of using futuristic technology right in the comfort of your home is unbeatable. 

So, if you are looking for the best smart home devices this year, take a look at some of our suggestions below… 

Cool Gadgets for Home

1. Execolm Magnetic Levitating Wireless LED Bulb

Let’s start this list with a cool gadget that would make an excellent gift for your loved ones. This Levitating Wireless LED bulb is nothing short of fascinating the first time you lay eyes on it. The device uses magnetic energy for floating and spinning in the air while emitting a soothing light.  

Probably the best part about this LED bulb is that it does not require batteries, cables, or any wires to function. Instead, the bulb is powered through air via induction which you can control by the touch button. It goes without saying that this device looks appealing and adds an element of interest to any corner of the house. 

2. Arlo Video Doorbell

The wire-free and Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell by Arlo is a must-have home security system for everyone. This security camera offers detailed video in HD along with night vision that gives you clear video quality even at night. The award-winning smart home device provides a complete view of the person at your doorstep from head to toe with a wide 180-degree angle.

With interactive notifications that pop up on your screen, you can take action from the phone with a single tap. Besides, this Wi-Fi-connected device is weather-resistant and can withstand rain, heat, or cold without getting damaged. Also, the wireless nature of this gadget gives the user installation flexibility for attaining the best camera view. 

3. Moen Smart Kitchen Faucet

Smart home gadgets are much more than living room and bedroom accessories because a kitchen can be smart too. The Moen kitchen faucet has four methods of control that users can use interchangeably- voice control, app, hands-free, or manual. One interesting feature of this faucet is one that you can get precise measurements of water from one tablespoon to 15 gallons at your preferred temperature. 

Additionally, users can use voice capability to call out specific measurements and temperatures for accurate customizations. Not only that, you can skip the daily recitations of measurements by creating a custom preset. Thus, if you make pasta every day, the smart faucet can be set to precise measurements and temperature for the dish. 

Apart from that, it also has a hand motion sensor, dispensing the tap water with a simple hand movement. 

4. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a smart home device with built-in voice control functions. Instead of you learning how to use the device, it learns about you and the individual needs of the family. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes; it auto-schedules temperatures for the home by keeping in touch with the heating and cooling systems.

Apart from that, it is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving users the freedom to sync it with a smart voice system they prefer. Since it has a remote control feature, you can change the temperature from the mobile phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere you travel. 

Finally, the Google Nest thermostat has a home-away assist feature that automatically adjusts the temperature while you are off on holiday. It stops the cooling or heating feature, so you do not have to worry about running a large bill for the thermostat, making life easier.

5. Furbo Dog Camera

If you often worry about pets, then a tiny camera to check on furry friends might be just what you need. This smart home gadget can keep an eye out for the whereabouts of your dogs, cats, and other pets. The camera fits into the mount, which has rounded edges that allow you to monitor pets from your smartphone.

Additionally, you can store treats in the device and offer treats to the dog even when you are away. Once the treat is released, your pet will come close to the device, and you can see them clearly via the camera. This way, you can leave home without worrying about the well-being of your pets.

6. Nanoleaf Canvas Modular RGB Light Panels

If you wish the living room, activity, room, or even bedroom had more visually appealing colors and lights, then Nanoleaf would be the perfect addition. The versatile square panels connect on all four sides, so you can use your creativity to make unique designs. The color-changing light squares are entirely customizable, and you can pick a new pattern every day.

What’s more, these smart lights react to touch instantly, and you can use this feature to adjust brightness, change scenes, or turn on or off. Not only that, the panels can act as a personal music visualizer allowing you to play music with a colorful light show. Also, the visual panels can take on the colors from the screen, expanding your immersive viewing experience.

7. August Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Connection

From replacing the thumb turn on the inside of your door to making the deadbolt smarter, the August Smart Lock system is one security device you should consider. This smart home gadget does not require locks and keys; instead, you can lock and unlock the door through a tap on your smartphone. Give and revoke access to housekeepers or friends anytime you wish.

Alternatively, you can set a schedule with unique passcodes for any visitor to your house. With this feature, it is possible to keep track of who came into the house and at what time with real-time notifications. Experience a hands-free solution for entering the home, with the automatic lock after you enter.  

8. Sonos Beam Soundbar 

Listen to your favorite tunes in high definition with a Sonos beam soundbar for Smart TVs, music players, smartphones, and tablets. The rich and detailed sound emanating from the system fills the entire room and makes for a great listening experience. Sonos radio is a free feature you get with the system giving you access to live radio from around the world.

Moreover, the soundbar has Amazon Alexa inbuilt into the system so you can play music, check the news, set alarms, and much more. Also, the system is simple, taking next to no time for setting up in your home. Firstly, users will need to plug in power and connect the Beam to the TV. After this, following the stepwise guide should be easy enough for anyone.

9. Airthings View Plus Air Quality Monitor

We know that innumerable pollutants in the air contribute to our sickness. However, there are dedicated gadgets like Airthings View Plus that monitor the air for allergens, pollutants, smoke, viruses, bacteria, and more. The sensors can measure invisible particles like radon, a cancer-causing gas, PM 2.5 – a lung irritant, CO2 levels, and overall humidity.

Apart from that, it can also detect VOCs, which are airborne chemicals that can have a negative impact on health. The calm and customizable display gives you a clear idea of indoor pollutant levels. Also, the wave function is color-coded to indicate the current state of the air quality- good, fair, or poor.

10. Townew T1S Smart Trash Can

While you are on the quest to transform your house into a smart home, one essential addition is a self-sealing and self-cleaning trash can. And this model by Townew does it all with a single touch of a button. Besides, the trash can has a motion sensor built into the system that detects hand movements, so you do not have to touch the can to throw something in it.

As we said earlier, this option will go well with a modern home, not only because it is smart but also because it looks great. Essentially, the can uses refill rings, each containing up to 25 recyclable and durable bags. Also, each product comes with a refill ring, power adapter, and an instruction manual. 

11. Balmuda Toaster

Bread lovers should take a look at this toaster with supreme steam technology that delivers a perfectly toasted slice of bread. With this device, the outside of the bread gets a slight toast while the center remains soft, moist, and flavorful. 

Besides, the toaster has heat control and five different modes for crisping any variety of bread. Apart from taking the toasting of bread to the next level, the device is pretty compact, making it a good fit for any kitchen; so, if you are keen on investing in smart home devices for the kitchen, then this option is one you should check out.

Which cool gadgets should I buy in 2023?

Since you have already had the chance to go through our list of gadgets and smart devices for everyday household use, it should be easy to decide. First of all, determine which area of the house you want to focus on first. In the bedroom and living room, you can update the lights, televisions, sound systems, curtains, clocks, and much more.

How can I save money while buying cool gadgets?

Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts on websites and stores. Brands slash their prices considerably during festive seasons to encourage people to buy their products. You can take advantage of the offers to seal a sweet deal for your next voice-assisted AC or security system.

Alternatively, you could opt for refurbished items or unboxed goods because these products are much cheaper. Search for local stores that offer refurbished devices to get a wood-quality product at 60-80% of its original cost.


Honestly, if you too would love to upgrade your home with smart gadgets, then the options are truly endless. The few cool gadgets we included are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can find a zillion more if you search for them.

We hope you enjoyed our top gadget picks and find something for yourself in 2023. Whether you use Alexa, Siri, or Google, one or another of these choices could give you ideas for the next purchase.

That’s all for today, see you later!

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