Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa

Whether you’re redecorating your living room or simply want to add a new piece of furniture, getting a sofa can be the perfect solution. 

This piece of furniture is the ultimate combination of form and function that serves multiple purposes. Selecting the right sofa can make the rest of the redecorating process easier, as it is the biggest furniture piece and commands the most attention. It is more than just a place to relax and watch TV and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room. 

Additionally, living room sofas often act as an extra bed in emergencies and can be very handy when you have unexpected guests staying overnight. Due to these reasons, selecting the perfect sofa requires considering several factors, such as the color, size, and style. 

In this guide, we’ll let you in on some of these factors, helping you make an informed choice. So, let’s get right to it! 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Sofa

Factors to consider when buying a sofa

1. Style

Before getting a new sofa for your living room, it is important to consider whether you’re redecorating a room entirely or just looking to replace old furniture. This is because the style of the sofa that is to be purchased depends upon the décor of the room where it will be placed. 

Consider carefully the way you want the room to appear, as there is no shortage of choices when it comes to décor options. Some people prefer a cozy and warm appearance, while others prefer a modern and sleek look, and you can even opt for a combination of the two.   

As mentioned above, your sofa will be the focal point in the room, which is why selecting the style that goes well with the rest of the décor is vital. Generally, it is easy to find the right couch for rooms that utilize a combination of different décor styles since almost any type of sofa can be used. 

On the other hand, a living room with modern décor requires sophisticated, refined furniture that utilizes simplicity. Similarly, those opting for vintage décor can go with a Winchester sofa. If you’re confused, selecting a mid-century modern sofa can be an excellent choice since these are available in numerous fabrics and can be used in almost any space. 

Also, you can choose between a tufted and non-tufted sofa, the former suitable for traditional spaces and the latter being a modern alternative. 

2. Size

Selecting the right size is another important consideration and can significantly affect both the appearance and functionality of the space. An extremely small sofa may not provide adequate sitting space and can also make the room appear vacant. On the flip side, a large sofa may limit the available space in the room and can have an overwhelming appearance. 

To avoid such problems, think carefully about the size of the room in which the sofa will be placed and select accordingly. One way to go about this is to consider the function that the sofa is meant for. You may plan to keep it in a room that is not very regularly used, or alternatively, use it for watching TV in the living room. 

A sofa may also be used for taking a nap, so keep that in mind if it is one of your requirements. 

3. Back Height

The height of the back of the sofa should be considered depending on where you intend to place it. For instance, if the couch has to be placed away from a wall, the back may create a visual obstruction if it is too high. It can also cause the entire living space to appear smaller than it is. 

4. Shape

Couches are available in a wide variety of shapes to meet the different requirements of individuals and families. These designs include the cabriole or traditional sofa, tuxedo sofa, sectional sofa, and more. For people who require a significant amount of seating space, a sectional sofa might be the best option, but it may not be suitable for every room. 

Alternatively, if you prefer an airy and open space, then a chaise lounge may be a better choice, providing adequate seating space but not taking up as much room. 

5. Depth

The depth of a couch is one of the main factors determining the comfort and is especially important if you spend long hours on it, either working or relaxing. Sofa depth generally ranges from 34 to 43 inches, and a couch with a greater depth tends to be bigger. 

So, you will require plenty of space if going for such an option, which may not be possible if you have small rooms. Also, a sofa with a deep seat offers greater comfort for most people, but this may not always be the case, so consider the users’ requirements. 

6. Color

Like the shape, the color of the sofa directly affects your living room décor, and there are numerous color options to choose from. A common choice is to go with a neutral color since that ensures that the couch will be compatible with most living spaces. But such colors tend to fade quickly, unlike brighter ones. 

If you want to create a sense of excitement, then going with more vibrant options is recommended. More and more people are turning to bolder colors, such as hot pink, deep blue, and emerald green, instead of the traditional brown, gray, or beige. 

Or, you can go with a patterned sofa fabric, which does an excellent job of hiding wear and tear. 

7. Fabric

The fabric of your couch plays multiple roles, including determining comfort levels, aesthetic appeal, and protecting the filling. Choosing from various fabric options can be especially tricky since some of them look very attractive but may not be very durable. Others may not be easy to clean and may accumulate stains and marks easily. 

You should also consider factors such as the main function of the couch when looking at the various fabric options. A sofa that will be used regularly requires durable fabric that can resist heavy wear and tear, such as blended cotton. Besides being incredibly sturdy, this fabric does not wrinkle or get soiled as easily as pure cotton. 

Another option would be linen, which does not fade over time but is not as durable and requires professional cleaning. Leather and wool can also be considered but are expensive options. At any rate, avoid natural fibers such as silk as these do not last long. 

8. Seat Cushions

The cushions are the biggest factor that determines how comfortable a sofa is and can contain different types of materials. Cushions with high-resiliency foam are usually the most economical option and can retain their shape for long periods. 

On the other end of the spectrum are goose-down cushions, which are extremely costly and need to be frequently fluffed up but provide very little support. A more popular option is one that has foam core along with cotton batting enclosed in a goose-down filled cover. 

What’s more, you need to consider the number of cushions on the sofa, as that will determine the seating accommodation. So, make sure to provide enough cushions but do not overdo it. 

9. Pillows

Couches often come with attached or loose pillows for comfort. Loose pillows can be arranged and adjusted according to your needs, but fixing unkempt or saggy pillows requires more maintenance than attached ones. Pillows also affect the appearance of the sofa and the room, with loose ones helping create a casual look while attached ones are more suitable for formal spaces. 

Sofa pillows or throw pillows, as they are generally known, can be extremely pricey, so keep that in mind if you plan to purchase them separately later on. 

10. Sofa Arms

Sofa arms are a factor closely linked to the style and can significantly affect the overall appearance as well the appeal of the room. Sofas with sock arms, which are generally rounded and stuffed, are perfect for casual interiors such as country homes or cottages. 

Other traditional options include couches with curved arms, while mid-century options generally have wooden arms with clean lines. On the other hand, sofas with rectangular, well-structured arms work better in modern spaces. 

Some Useful Tips When Buying A Sofa Online

Some useful tips when buying a sofa online

In this section, we’ve shared some tips that, along with the factors mentioned above, can help you find the most suitable option. 

1. Go Through The About Page

When buying a sofa online, the first thing to do is to go through the about page on the manufacturer’s website. Doing so can help you get important information regarding various aspects, such as the history of the company and its manufacturing locations. More importantly, you can learn about the product guarantees and customer service of the company. 

2. Check The Online Store Reviews And Ratings

Besides going through the product reviews available on the manufacturer’s or seller’s website, make sure to visit other websites and forums. Going through product and seller reviews on other websites can help you get a more accurate picture of the company, its products, and the service offered. 

Products or companies with few bad reviews are generally okay, but if there are too many negative reviews, it is best to avoid such a seller or product. You can also conduct a Google product search which provides star ratings to various products and can help avoid those with low ratings. 

3. Learn About The Return Policy

Reputable manufacturers and online sellers generally offer a reasonable return policy which is clearly stated on their websites. Make sure to go through it before making up your mind, and if there is any ambiguity regarding certain aspects, contact the seller to remove any doubts. 

Most online furniture stores offer 30 to 45 days for returns, though some may offer more. If the online selling platform does not provide a clear return policy, charges customers for restocking, or has a complicated procedure, it is a better idea to look elsewhere. 

Additionally, some stores require customers to pay for return shipping, which, in some cases, may be extremely costly, especially if the furniture is very large. So, look for sellers that offer free returns. 

4. Review The Shipping Conditions

Similar to the return policy, the shipping conditions and charges are generally listed on the website, sometimes in the FAQ section. Since various companies use different shipping services, they have varying shipping rates and handling charges. In some cases, the shipping charges may be quite high, or there may be additional handling costs. 

Alternatively, some sellers offer free shipping by including the cost of shipping in the price of the sofa. So, compare the prices on other websites for the same product before purchasing. 

5. Look For A Store With A Wide Range Of Items

To find your dream sofa, it is best to shop on websites that have a wide range of items to choose from. This is because there are several websites selling furniture online, but not all of them may offer products you might be interested in. 

For instance, some sellers only specialize in selling bedroom furniture, while others may exclusively offer outdoor furniture. In such circumstances, shopping from a website that offers a larger selection of items is better. You are more likely to find what you are looking for on such websites. 

And if you need to buy more than a single piece of furniture, you can get matching pieces on such websites more easily. Some websites even offer greater discounts and concessions when purchasing multiple pieces of furniture. 

6. Check That The Website Is Secure

Shopping online does involve a considerable amount of risk, but only if you buy from unreliable and unsecured websites. Trustworthy websites generally indicate that they are secure using various encryption technologies as soon as you click on the checkout button. 

One way by which you can know whether a website is secure or not is to look at its URL. A secured page starts with HTTPS and not with HTTP, and there may also be a lock icon displayed on the page. Also, secure websites generally provide some information regarding their security policies and protocols on the website, which you can go through. 

7. Pay Attention To The Measurements

The measurements of the sofa you are planning to purchase will generally be mentioned on the website. Take a look at them and then take proper measurements of the room where it has to be placed. This will help avoid a lot of hassle in the future and ensure that the sofa fits perfectly, without taking up all the space. 

Also, measure the doorways and stairs through which the sofa has to come through and compare them with the measurements of the sofa on the website. Doing so can prevent your walls from getting scuffed when the furniture is brought in. 

Things to consider before buying a sofa frequently asked questions

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa Frequently Asked Questions ?

Which Type Of Sofa Is Best For Your Living Room?

While selecting the perfect living room sofa comes down to personal preference, a sectional sofa is among the most popular options. It often comes with modular seats that make it easy to configure according to your particular requirements. Also, multiple sections can be added as required to fit the room. 

Which Is The Most Durable Type Of Sofa?

Leather sofas are among the most durable and also continue looking great for years after buying them. They also offer the advantage of being odor resistant and can be cleaned easily simply by wiping the surface. And if scratches appear on leather surfaces, these can be buffed out easily. 

Do Living Room Sofas Get Softer With Age?

A brand new sofa tends to be harder when it is purchased and starts to soften over time, and this difference can be noticed after a few weeks. This process continues, and after several years, the sofa becomes incredibly soft. 

While a softer sofa may be more comfortable, it can harm your back in the long run. That is why it is best to choose a medium-firm option that promotes a healthy posture. 

Things to consider before buying a sofa final thoughts

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect sofa can be a strenuous task, involving significant investment in terms of money, effort, and time. But once the hard work is over, the reward more than makes up for it, and you can enjoy lazing around on your new sofa. 

Or even work more comfortably without needing to shift around every few minutes. The right sofa can even help you overhaul the entire appearance of any room, creating an entirely new space, even without completely redoing it. 

With the factors and tips mentioned in this guide, you are now ready to look for the perfect couch for the living room. But if you are having difficulty finding the perfect option, why not get a custom-built sofa? This can offer the best features specially tailored to cater to specific requirements and may be the ideal solution for you. 

With that said, it is time to wrap up. Goodbye! 

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