19 Tips to Help You Excel in Your Architecture Studies

Secured a seat in one of the best architecture colleges? Then congratulations are for you. 

Maths, science, logistics, arts, and finally designing – if you’re studying architecture, you must be knowing how tough it is. But, despite how challenging it might appear to obtain that degree, architecture is fun. If you’ve decided to pursue a career in it, you will have to stay pretty dedicated and committed to it. 

Like other fields, colleges and universities (and, of course, studios) are the only places where you can specialize in architecture. Of course, there isn’t any other way to do it. 

When you’re following the path of such a rewarding career, we’re sure you just don’t want to obtain the degree. You might even want to excel in your field. That’s why we’ve put together lots of tips, ideas, and thoughts to help you excel in your architecture studies. 

So, let’s dig in! 

How to Excel in Your Architecture Studies 

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  1. Managing Time is Important 

It’s impossible to begin our list without talking about time management. By far, one of our favorites, managing time wisely is pretty important, particularly when you are pursuing such a demanding career. It’s one of those skills that will help you excel in your studies and life. 

Therefore, if you have projects at hand, check the submission deadline and start working on them. 

Also, know that the majority of your day and, of course, sleeping hours will be spent in the studio. Therefore, prepare yourself for this. It’s not easy, but not impossible. Wake up early, head to the studio, and get your things done. You’ll be surprised to see yourself crossing big milestones in no time. 

  1. Pulling an All-nighter is a Big No-no! 

Deadlines, projects, exams, and models! We understand, but pulling an all-nighter is a big no-no. Thus, you should learn to get things done quickly to avoid becoming a night owl. Of course, you wouldn’t want to experience brain fog. Therefore, rest at night and hustle through the day, and you’ll make it through your architecture school pretty much smoothly. 

  1. Stay Caffeinated 

There’s no point resisting it because we know you’ll be consuming caffeine in large amounts. For juggling between school, studio, and, of course, life, you need to recharge yourself. And, there’s nothing better than caffeine to refresh yourself. 

Take coffee naps. Yes, you heard it right. We learned this while pursuing architecture studies. Drink some coffee and take a short nap. We’ve followed this, and you can follow it too. You’ll feel incredibly energized and refreshed. 

  1. Do Not Fret Over Jury Reviews 

We are not going to lie, but the jury reviews can be harsh. Your projects will be pulled apart, and you’ll be devastated to see 10 weeks of painstaking hard work making its way into the bin. Thus, you must remember that there isn’t any hard and fast rule in the field of architecture. 

What might appear to be rubbish to someone can be a masterpiece for another. Respect opinions, but do not doubt yourself. 

  1. Hang Out With Pals to Survive Architecture School 

Do buildings or models speak to you? Of course, not. We are kidding! That’s why you need to make friends. 

Make new friends from outside your field of study so that when you catch up, there are plenty of things to discuss, not just 3D models or deadlines. Go out for lunch, and they might even pity you to drop by with some evening snacks while you’re caught up with stuff.

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  1. Take Care of Yourself 

“All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy” – we’ve all heard that, haven’t we? So, don’t be Jack of your architecture school. Make some time for yourself. Or rather, take time out for some “me-time”. Of course, with tight deadline weeks being an exception, you must take a day off for yourself. Avoid junk, exercise well, sleep, go for a run, and read books. And prepare yourself for the next week’s grind.  

  1. Polish Your Drawing Skills 

You’re studying architecture yet have zero drawing skills. Better get off the couch and enroll yourself in one. Practice, practice, and practice until you become perfect. Become a pro at drawing 3D models and get ready to bag your first project. You can thank us later. 

  1. Attend Other Classes 

While we know how exhausting studying architecture is, missing other classes will do no good to you. To score a good GPA, you need to focus on other subjects, too. Therefore, attend those classes. 

Tight deadlines, studio, projects, models – we understand everything. But, attending non-architecture classes will broaden your horizon. Ultimately, you’ll become smart and, of course, a better architect. 

  1. Let Your Creative Juices Flow 

Well, surviving architecture school isn’t an easy task. To stand out, you’ll have to think out of the box. Therefore, let your creative juices flow. Architecture school and the studio is the only place where you can create models, structures, or anything you want. 

No budget. No clients. No restriction. Thus, be as creative as you can. This is the only time where you’ll get to explore your talents. So, we suggest you don’t let yourself or anyone restrict it. 

Let your creativity run wild in the studio while you’re working on the next model. Take advantage of your freedom and explore your creative side. In short, shatter the glass ceiling. 

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  1. Make “Ctrl+S” Your Mantra of Life 

Yes, you read it right. Make this your everyday mantra. You pour tons of hard work, energy, and creativity into designing your models. But, what if your laptop decides to give up tonight? To help you save from panic attacks, we’ve got something for you.

A hard drive! Get yourself a hard drive and back up all your files on that. 

You never know when a virus decides to invade your laptop. Therefore, better to be safe than sorry. Don’t let those invaders devour your weeks, months, or rather years of hard work. 

  1. Public Speaking is Important

Do you get jitters at the mere thought of speaking on stage or in front of thousands of people? Well, it’s time you overcome your fear of public speaking. That’s because there will be times when you will have to stand up and showcase your presentation. There is no way to avoid it. So, better get used to it.

Practice, practice, and practice! That’s what we did at architecture school, and we recommend you do the same. Soon, you’ll get confident and won’t shy off from speaking in public. After all, practice makes a man perfect. 

  1. Be Easy on Yourself

Okay, we do understand your passion for architecture. But, there’s no point stressing about small things. Whether you’re having a tough time sticking that balsa wood or drawing another elevation, know that it’s completely fine. Take some breath and relax. It’s nothing, just another project. Give yourself some time. Rest assured, you’ll learn everything with time. 

Keep in mind that it’s just another part of life. Therefore, don’t let it take over your world. Go out of your studio, have fun for a while, refresh yourself and get back to work. Ultimately, all this will help to focus on your studies, thereby, making you a better architect. 

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  1. Work Smart 

College is fun, we won’t deny that. But, it is also the time when you’re gearing yourself up for the future. Now is the time to look at the other side of the coin. Internships, job opportunities, live projects, workshops – bag all that you can. Not only will this polish your skills, but also make you better at the job. 

Do not just work hard, but work smart. Such exposures will open doors to success. Bag a job after graduating or carve a name as a freelancer with all the knowledge you’ve got during your internship. 

  1. Keep Moving Forward

Architecture school is like a race which means you’ve got to keep yourself going. If you pause, you lose. Make determination your best friend, and you shall persevere in the race. Don’t worry much about semesters, for you’ll pass them anyway. 

Don’t just depend on classroom education. If you want to be a step ahead of others, move out of the four walls of your classroom. 

  1. Last-minute Changes Are a Big No-no!

Are you a perfectionist? Well, if you are, then it’s time to tuck away your perfectionism somewhere in cabinets, away from the studio. We understand minor details bother the perfectionist in you. However, you need to stop getting caught up in them. 

Though it’s pretty difficult to stop yourself from making last-minute changes, you need to stop then and there. When it comes to presenting designs, be smart. Nobody will notice minor details except you. So, you need to stop being a perfectionist – if not in life, at least in architecture. 

  1. Develop Social Skills

You’ve decided to venture into a field where you’ll have to socialize a lot. This is why you must start developing social skills. Knowing how to break the ice with your clients will help you to carve a name in the architecture industry. 

That colleague who stinks at drawing 3D models can become the CEO of an architect company just because his social skills attract customers to the firm like bees to the hives. That’s why socializing is important. 

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  1. Your Professor is Your First Client

Yes, you read it right. We know your professor criticizes, scolds, and even rips your model apart. But, he only wants to bring the best out of you. Walk into their office or staffroom during office hours. Discuss your ideas and take their opinions. Believe us, this will help you a lot in your future endeavors. 

  1. Procrastination is Your Enemy

Well, we all won at school despite procrastinating. But, procrastination isn’t an architect’s cup of tea – that’s what we learned in college. Not to deny, there’s a lot of pressure in architecture school. 3D models, projects, tight deadlines – all this is very exhausting. 

You could be asked to come up with 5 models by the end of the week. Instead of talking to your studio mate for 3 hours straight or enjoying a lunch break of 2 hours will certainly not help you with the task. Therefore, stop procrastinating and start doing. That’s what will help you excel in architecture studies. 

  1. Jot Down Notes

Buildings, their structures, maths, logistics – learning about them can never be fun. While you’re attending one such lecture, you’re bound to get bored. And, no matter how bored you feel, using the phone in the middle of the lecture is a big no-no. 

Therefore, the best you can do in such situations is to take notes. Remember, the professor isn’t just blabbering things. He’s sharing facts and knowledge about architecture. You might not be interested now, but you’ll be needing it soon. 

Jot down everything in your notebook. To make this fun, use multi-colored pens. Though pretty childish, you’ll love writing it in this way. They’ll be your perfect companion to kill boredom. 

Architecture studies

Studying architecture isn’t an easy task. It is like running a marathon because you’re always on the go. 

But, be grateful that you’ve got a chance to pursue your passion. Your degree, coupled with experience, will help you bag the best opportunities in the future. Rest assured, you’ll succeed. 

With that, we shall take your leave. However, before we bring down the curtains, we’d like to share our favorite quote by Stephen Gardiner “Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”

Till then, happy learning! 

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