9 Best Printers for Cardstock of 2023 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Be it your business card or a personalized greeting card for a friend’s birthday, you will always want it to look great. 

As such, it is best to use cardstock for these purposes as it offers more attractive and long-lasting prints. But it is much thicker and heavier than regular paper; not all printers can handle it efficiently. Besides, more ink is needed to ensure high-quality prints. 

Hence, going for an inkjet printer suitable for cardstock becomes essential, as it can easily handle such high-quality paper. Now, there are a ton of options available, so choosing a suitable model according to your needs becomes difficult. 

But we have tried to ease the process for you by putting forward a carefully curated list of the 9 best options to consider. A buyer’s guide has also been included to help you make a well-informed decision. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Printers for Cardstock 

Our selection is based on the printers’ ability to handle thick paper, print quality, speed, and value for money. So if you’re looking for a printer that can handle cardstock with ease, here’s the list of the 9 best printers for cardstock that you should consider.

1. HP OfficeJet 3830 – Best for Colorful Cardstock Projects

The OfficeJet 3830 is another high-performing unit from HP that can print heavy cardstocks with utmost perfection. It delivers consistent performance for the years to come, thanks to a couple of effective and user-friendly features. As such, it can be of great help to DIYers specializing in card-making or owners of home-based card-making businesses.

This unit lets you unleash your creativity to the fullest to produce colorful and intricate designs on cardstock with ease. What makes this possible is the impressive resolution of 4800 x 1200 pixels on offer. Not only that but if you wish to make personalized cards, this printer can also print lab-quality photos for that purpose. 

Added to this is an optional quiet mode that allows you to use it without disrupting the atmosphere in the room. As for the auto document feeder, it has an intake of 35 pages, enabling quicker copying, scanning, and faxing of multipage documents. 

Furthermore, the compact design of this unit is praiseworthy as it can comfortably fit on desks, shelves, or any other small space. You can even set up your printer on the HP Smart App and scan documents from a smartphone or order toner. 

The ink that this printer uses is a bit expensive, and it offers instant ink access only for the first two months. Hence, it isn’t the ideal choice to print large volumes of cardstock as the expense might increase significantly. 

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 20 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, HP Smart | Max. Resolution (dpi): 4800×1200 | Paper Capacity: 60 sheets | Duplex Printing: Manual | Wireless: Yes

2. Brother HL-L2300D – Best for Monochrome Prints

Looking to produce high-quality black-and-white prints on your cardstock? Then the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Printer will be a reliable option to go for. You can rest assured that all the printed materials will look their best. It is suitable for both home and office use and is also priced quite reasonably. So, let’s move on and learn about all the features on offer.

For starters, this model comes with a print speed of 27 PPM, which is higher than what most printers can offer. And this is delivered while ensuring that the documents are printed with maximum clarity. After all, Brother printers are known for delivering quality results, and this model is no exception. 

Speaking of ease of use, a USB 2.0 interface makes it convenient to hook onto your computer, enabling a smooth performance without any complications. We also liked the adjustable input tray in the unit that has a 250-sheet capacity. It can take care of all your office or home cardstock printing needs quite efficiently. 

Beyond that, the printer offers convenient features such as double-sided printing and toner save mode. The latter comes in handy while handling less critical professional documents. 

We found that this model works quite well to give you the desired results. However, the software installation DVD that comes with it may not work properly. But this can be dealt with by logging on to support.brother.com from where you can download the required software package.

Type: Laser | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 27 | Connectivity: USB | Max. Resolution (dpi): 2400×600 | Paper Capacity: 250 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: No

3. Canon TS9521C – Best for Versatile Crafters

Up next, we have the TS9521C printer from Canon, which can be your go-to printer for putting various creative ideas on cardstock. Coming with a slew of versatile features, it can give artists and crafters the much-desired peace of mind. You can use this unit for printing on different types of materials ranging from envelopes and CDs to cardstock and many others.

To begin with, this unit lets you print paper of up to 12 x 12 inches for versatility that you’ll rarely find in the printer market. Hence, there is practically no limit to the artwork you can create.

Another great advantage is the availability of 5 different cartridges, which is again something that isn’t usually offered in other printers. We appreciate the high-quality ink that makes sure your designs last long without fading easily. 

Moreover, you can forget about dealing with wasted paper or paper jams while using this printer. And the print speed of 15 PPM, is quite reasonable for the price tag. Some additional features include built-in printable patterns and an SD Memory Card slot. While the former can be beneficial for crafters, the latter lets you print documents directly from an SD card. 

That’s not all; using this printer is quite simple as you can connect it through a USB cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. 

The only disadvantage of this unit is that it takes longer to respond to a print command when you start it after a long time. This might happen especially when you’re using it after a day or two. Nonetheless, this little inconvenience doesn’t really impact the overall seamless operation. 

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 15 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, PictBridge | Max. Resolution (dpi): 4800×1200 | Paper Capacity: 100 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

4. Canon Pixma iX6820

If you are looking for a high-end unit for printing business cards, flyers, and other cardstock, the Canon Pixma iX6820 is a good option to go for. Plus, it is ideal for users engaged in creative projects and in need of great printing quality. The use of top-notch technology makes it one of the best models you’ll find out there.

With the Canon Pixma iX6820 at your disposal, you can produce documents with high-quality print and precise detailing. 

What achieves this is the combination of 9600 x 2400 dots per inch (DPI) resolution and 1-picoliter ink droplets. Together, they enable great sharpness and detail in the prints that all users will love.

Furthermore, this unit is propelled by a 5-color ink system consisting of 4 dye-based inks and 1 pigment-based black ink. While the former helps in creating professional-standard photos, the latter produces crisp text. 

You will also appreciate the fast printing speed of 10.4 images per minute for color prints and 14 images per minute for black-and-white. Long story short, achieving stunning prints for invitation cards, flyers, business cards, and many other documents becomes a breeze. 

Last, but not least, there’s an auto power-on feature that automatically powers the unit whenever you send a document or photo for printing. 

Many customers have complained that they found it a bit difficult to connect this printer to other devices through Wi-Fi. That said, it still works quite well to deliver high-quality prints and is a pretty reliable option to go for. 

Type: Inkjet | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 14.5 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB | Max. Resolution (dpi): 9600×2400 | Paper Capacity: 150 sheets | Duplex Printing: Manual | Wireless: Yes

5. Brother MFCJ895DW

This economical model from Brother is packed with functionality and features that make it a perfect printing solution for homes and small offices. It offers reliable performance, rendering it suitable for meeting all your cardstock printing needs with great user convenience.

First of all, the unit offers versatile connectivity options, including built-in wireless connectivity, ethernet, and USB interfaces. There is a Near Field Communication (NFC) mode that uses a “touch-to-connect” functionality to link to your devices for printing and scanning.

Additionally, this unit lets you scan to and print from all popular cloud services directly. Another noteworthy feature we found was the 2.7-inch intuitive color touchscreen display, which allows you to navigate on-screen menus effortlessly to simplify the workflow. 

What’s more, it enables convenient handling of documents, thanks to the adjustable tray with a generous 150-sheet intake. And you’ll be glad to know that it also comes with a 1-sheet bypass tray, which can be used to handle specialized papers.

Lastly, this product comes with a beneficial 2-year limited warranty along with free online and call support, thereby giving users greater peace of mind.

This printer might produce a slightly disturbing sound while being used for a long time. Hence, you might want to keep it away from the high-traffic areas in your home. We felt this issue should be looked into by the manufacturer and improved upon. 

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 12 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC | Max. Resolution (dpi): 6000×1200 | Paper Capacity: 150 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

6. Canon TS9120

Next, we’ve picked this stylish model from Canon, which comes with the complete features needed for producing quality prints. It is highly suitable for small office or home desks due to its compact size. As a result, you can obtain quality and precise prints of your designs on cardstock that make for great gift cards.

What we liked the most about this unit was its 6 individual ink system that works to deliver the quality printing that users look for. Thus, you will get the desired precision and detailing for all your documents and designs.

On top of that, this system comes with a photo blue ink to reduce the graininess of your photos, which ultimately yields superior photo prints. Be it on personalized cardstock or business cards, rest assured that all your photos and text will look appealing.  

What’s more, you’ll appreciate the convenient built-in 5-inch LCD touchscreen of this unit. Its slightly larger size lets you monitor the printing comfortably, thereby enhancing its user-friendliness. 

Finally, the wireless printing functionality lets you print documents via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as Google Cloud. Plus, some attractive photo filters are offered so that you can modify the look of the photos as per your preferences. 

We feel that this unit has a lower sheet capacity due to the smaller size of the bottom input tray. It implies that you would have to refill cardstock papers more often than some other models. Also, the print speed will be slightly lower as a result of this issue. 

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 15 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, PictBridge | Max. Resolution (dpi): 4800×1200 | Paper Capacity: 100 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

7. Epson WorkForce WF-7710

The Workforce line of printers from Epson is designed keeping in mind the needs of standard workplaces. And this printer from the well-known series is no different, as it delivers high-quality prints on cardstock with precision. Like some of our other recommendations, this printer is an all-in-one unit capable of copying, printing, faxing, and scanning on its own. In addition to regular printing, it can also be used as a printer for heat transfers.

The Epson WorkForce WF-7710 uses superior PrecisionCore technology to produce professional-standard documents and photos. Plus, you can print documents of up to 13” x 19” and scan ones up to 11” x 17”, which gives it considerable versatility. 

Coming to the input capacity of this unit, it is equipped with a 250-sheet tray and a rear feed tray meant for technical paper. This increases its printing capacity to a large extent, thereby enhancing your productivity. 

Additionally, the efficient two-sided automatic document feeder enables faster and more high-quality printing.

The unit also uses 80 percent less power than laser printers, meaning it won’t rack up your utility bills. Furthermore, the wireless printing feature is quite commendable, as it lets users print documents from smartphones and tablets with absolute ease. 

The only problem that you might face is with the ink capacity because the cartridges that come with the package are relatively small. Hence, they might not last longer than 2 months, requiring you to buy extra ink when you are purchasing this model. 

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 18 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC | Max. Resolution (dpi): 4800×2400 | Paper Capacity: 250 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

8. Epson WorkForce WF-7720

Another unit from the WorkForce series is the WF-7720, which is capable of delivering optimum clarity and precision in cardstock prints. It offers considerable convenience through its features and can be very useful for small to medium-sized workplaces. Producing vivid, high-quality documents and photographs is made simple and easy by this unit, even for first-timers.

Since this unit belongs to the same brand and is similar to our previous pick, how about a comparative analysis? Notably, the basic features of these two units are the same, such as an easy-to-read 4.3-inch touchscreen and a 2-sided document feeder. Nonetheless, these features contribute towards enhancing its performance significantly. 

Another beneficial feature common for both models is the low power consumption, which helps in reducing the expense of utility bills. 

However, what puts this at an advantage over the WF-7720 is the heavy-duty input capacity of 500 pages. This is made possible by the dual input trays coupled with a rear feed tray for specialized papers. Thus, you can easily print larger volumes of cardstock within a short duration.  

In addition to this, the instruction manual you get is more comprehensive than that offered by the other unit. 

You might not get borderless prints with this printer except on very high-quality paper, as it restricts you to using only photo paper for the said print type. Otherwise, it might produce watery or messed-up images if you try using other types of paper.

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 18 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC | Max. Resolution (dpi): 4800×2400 | Paper Capacity: 500 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

9. Brother MFCJ497DW

This model from Brother is a decent choice for passionate DIYers who have a flair for making uniquely designed cards. Available at a budget-friendly price, this model can be ideal for those willing to achieve quality results without spending too much. It comes in dimensions of 13.4 x 15.7 x 6.8 inches and weighs a mere 19.36 lbs.

We found this unit to be quite easy to operate, thanks to the convenient and smooth auto document feeder. Having a 20-sheet capacity and coupled with a 100-sheet paper tray, this feeder can be used to yield a generous print output without constant monitoring. 

Also, it helps to save paper with the automatic duplex printing functionality. 

As for the output quality, you get accurately printed text, colored photos, and decent graphics. For its relatively budget-friendly price, we can’t ask for better print quality! Furthermore, the compact design of this unit lets you place it in small spaces around the home. 

Although looks shouldn’t be on the top of the priority list, it may be helpful to know that the unit comes in two attractive shades, viz., black-and-white chassis. 

This printer might take longer to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Aside from that, you might find the connection to be fluctuating, as the Wi-Fi might get disconnected at intervals. In hindsight, these inconveniences will impact the speed, especially if you’re running short on time.

Type: All-in-One | Print Speed (ppm): Up to 12 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB | Max. Resolution (dpi): 6000×1200 | Paper Capacity: 100 sheets | Duplex Printing: Automatic | Wireless: Yes

Best Printers for Cardstock Comparison Table

Product Type Print Speed (ppm) Connectivity Max. Resolution (dpi) Paper Capacity Duplex Printing Wireless
HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Up to 20 Wi-Fi, USB, HP Smart 4800×1200 60 sheets Manual Yes
Brother HL-L2300D Laser Up to 27 USB 2400×600 250 sheets Automatic No
Canon TS9521C All-in-One Up to 15 Wi-Fi, USB, PictBridge 4800×1200 100 sheets Automatic Yes
Canon Pixma iX6820 Inkjet Up to 14.5 Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 9600×2400 150 sheets Manual Yes
Brother MFCJ895DW All-in-One Up to 12 Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC 6000×1200 150 sheets Automatic Yes
Canon TS9120 All-in-One Up to 15 Wi-Fi, USB, PictBridge 4800×1200 100 sheets Automatic Yes
Epson WorkForce WF-7710 All-in-One Up to 18 Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC 4800×2400 250 sheets Automatic Yes
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 All-in-One Up to 18 Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC 4800×2400 500 sheets Automatic Yes
Brother MFCJ497DW All-in-One Up to 12 Wi-Fi, USB 6000×1200 100 sheets Automatic Yes

Buying Guide for the Best Printer for Cardstock 

Purchasing the right printer for your cardstock is not a problem if you consider some key characteristic features. Along with that, it is also important to keep in mind your needs and preferences. So, let’s look at some essential points you need to take into account before proceeding to buy a suitable unit. 

  1. Sheet Capacity

This is a crucial point to consider while you’re buying printers, as the sheet input capacity will determine how frequently you’ll have to refill the sheet feeder. It also impacts the speed of the unit to some extent. 

The sheet capacity that will be the best for your needs will depend on the average volume of cardstock that you need to handle regularly. If a lot of printing work needs to be done regularly, you should go for a model with a large input capacity for fast printing. 

So, while going through the details of any model, do remember to check the number of cardstock that it can handle.

  1. Connectivity

Considering the connectivity options that a unit offers is also quite essential. While some printers include all the possible options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB, others come with selective ones. 

Other than these options, a beneficial connection system is Near Field Communication (NFC), which can link printers with smartphones or tablets to facilitate easy printing and scanning without any internet connection. Here again, you need to consider the best connectivity option that would suit your requirements and check good-quality models offering that particular option, if not more. 

  1. Print Quality

Going through the details of the print quality is important so that you get the best results. After all, the quality of your prints will determine the look of your projects. In this regard, bright photos with intricate detailing and clear text are what users would want to see on their cards. 

You can get a fair idea about the print quality by checking the DPI resolution offered by a unit. Some manufacturers express the detailing and clarity of their prints through inches per second (IPS) measure.

Considering the ink quality is another important factor in determining the print quality. However, don’t forget to take into account the ink technology that the printer uses and the cost involved in refilling ink stocks. 

  1. Paper Size

The maximum size of paper that a unit can handle would determine its versatility. We’d suggest going for one that can print different shapes and sizes of cardstock. Since cardstock papers come in various sizes, you may not know the size that you will have to work with for future or emergency projects.

  1. Machine Size And Construction Material

Do consider the size of the space where you plan to keep the printer, as it will impact the machine size most suitable for you. It is always better to go for a compact and relatively lightweight model to ensure better portability and conserve more space. 

As for the construction material, it should be durable enough to ensure long-lasting performance. Hence, keep an eye on the information about the durability factor while going through the product details. 

What type of printer is best for printing on cardstock?

Inkjet printers are the best option for printing on cardstock due to their ability to handle thicker paper and produce high-quality prints.

What paper weight can printers handle for cardstock printing?

It depends on the printer model, but most printers can handle cardstock up to 110lb (200 g/m²).

Can laser printers print on cardstock?

Some laser printers can handle cardstock, but it’s not recommended as the heat from the printer can cause the paper to warp or curl.

What features should I look for in a printer for cardstock printing?

Look for a printer with adjustable paper tray guides, a manual feed slot, and a rear paper feed that can handle thicker paper. Printers with a high print resolution and ink or toner cartridges designed for cardstock printing are also ideal.

Can I use regular ink or toner cartridges for printing on cardstock?

Using regular ink or toner cartridges for cardstock printing may result in poor print quality and may damage the printer. It’s recommended to use specialized ink or toner cartridges designed for cardstock printing.

What is the ideal print resolution for cardstock printing?

A print resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI or higher is ideal for cardstock printing as it ensures sharp and vibrant prints.


Thank you for investing your time in this collection of reviews for the best printers for cardstock.

We’re certain that this in-depth research – will start a new hobby or kickstart your small business. You can have that turf of making your personalized cards or handling your printing business competently, whether it’s colorful, monochrome, or versatile projects.

Out of these 9 products, here are our top three recommendations:

HP OfficeJet 3830 is an ideal option for those who require intricate, colorful designs on their cardstock. Its exceptional resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi creates fantastic results. Though the compact design fits comfortably in any small space, you should consider the cost of its ink if you print a large volume.

On the other hand, if high-quality monochrome prints are what you’re after, Brother HL-L2300D is a good option. This hardy printer maintains superb clarity on all printed materials and boasts a swift speed of 27 pages per minute for those who value time efficiency. Its large sheet capacity notably improves your workflow, though you may need to download the software from their site for setting up.

Lastly, for a truly versatile crafting experience, Canon TS9521C is the right choice. This printer embraces different types of materials and provides impressive versatility with a maximum paper size of 12 x 12 inches. The availability of five different ink cartridges ensures your designs endure without fading easily. Note the slower response time to a print command if you haven’t used the printer in a while.

It might not be easy to find a printer capable of handling thicker cardstock paper. However, with this guide, we hope your selection process is simplified, and you are now a step closer to achieving quality prints on your cardstock. Carousel out that creativity and leave no idea unrealized!

Remember, the printer isn’t the key to your creativity, it’s the tool that brings your imagination to life. Happy printing!

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