17 Best Torpedo Levels Of 2023 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

When it comes to construction or designing, it’s important to get the angles right. 

The greater the accuracy, the more chances of the project standing out. But playing with angles means looking at the project from a different perspective, and for that, you need the right tools. 

So, in today’s review-based guide, we will be looking at torpedo levels. For those who don’t know, these units help you accurately measure angles on different surfaces. Be it decorations, furnishings, or wall installations; you can use these levels for various jobs, even in the tightest corners.  

All you need to do is securely attach it to the surface with its built-in grooves or magnets and take the reading from the vials. But choosing the right unit from the many available options is difficult. 

So, we’ve narrowed down 19 fantastic products to help you make the right purchase. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Here is the list of the 17 best torpedo levels to help you get the job done quickly and accurately.

1. CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 – Best for Versatile Applications

One of the top choices of customers is this model from CRAFTSMAN for its accuracy, durability, and versatility. You have units of varying sizes, and its magnetic strength makes it ideal for hands-free operation. No wonder it has received mostly positive responses from professional designers.

The primary purpose of any torpedo level is to deliver accuracy. So, how does a popular brand like CRAFTSMAN stand out in the market? The designers have opted for versatility to tilt potential buyers in their favor. You’ll see that this model is available in three different sizes – 9, 24, and 48 inches, giving it an edge over other models. 

Irrespective of the size, it’s an incredibly accurate tool, thanks to its block vials, delivering precise results up to 0.0005-inch/foot. Long story short, you can place it in narrow spots without encountering maneuverability issues. 

Now, you may be worried about damage from bumps and scratches. But rest assured because it has shock-absorbing end caps to withstand heavy use. Additionally, these non-marring end caps make for easy viewing, ensuring that the vials are easy to read for users of all ages. 

Overall, this hands-free magnetic device is the perfect equipment to have when working on metal surfaces. 

Coming to its disadvantages, we found that the 9-inch variant of this product is rather small; as such, it isn’t suitable for large-scale tasks. It can handle small projects with ease but may not produce the desired output otherwise. Also, you’ll find it challenging to cut in straight lines. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: 5.9oz | Accuracy: 0.0005″/ft | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Rubber | Number Of Vials: 3

2. Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level – Best for Weld Joint Measurement

The fascinating thing about the Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level is that you can use it to measure weld joints. We have seen units that can measure sloping edges, pipes, and conduits, but this is unique. Understandably, buyers are quite excited to check out the rest of its functions.

Many people think that acrylic vials are only good for accuracy; this model from Milwaukee proves them wrong. The vials are essential for getting the correct value, and they also impart durability, raising the overall valuation of the unit. And as for being accurate, the crystal clear liquid makes it easy to read the bubble. 

An interesting addition is weld clearance, allowing you to use it on weld joints available in pipes. This is similar to the Empire Level EM81.9 but goes a step further, ensuring that you get accurate results on uneven surfaces. 

Now, it uses magnets for stability; what about non-ferrous pipes where magnets won’t work? For that, the designers have added V-grooves, sticking to the surface and reducing wobbling. 

Thanks to its laser-etched ruler, users won’t have difficulty taking precise measurements irrespective of the material. And after work, simply slide it into the pocket or pouch.  

We should warn you that this model has sharp edges that can easily slice your palm or rip your jeans. So, once it arrives, make sure to check the edges and scrape off the edges if needed. Moreover, this is a small unit, and as you already know, it has its limitations on large-scale projects. 

Size: N/A | Weight: 4.9oz | Accuracy: N/A | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Acrylic | Number Of Vials: 3

3. Swanson TL043M – Best for LED & Digital Readings

This tool is a favorite for customers as it strikes the right balance between innovation and performance. While most brands get it wrong, Swanson has developed a modern device without making the functions too complicated. It comes with powerful neodymium magnets and an LED display at affordable prices.

The Swanson TL043M is quite the rage in the market, and there are several reasons why. Firstly, you’ll notice that it’s available in numerous sizes, ranging from – six to nine inches. Interestingly, the nine-inch variant has a digital and an LED unit, making it the go-to product for many buyers. 

Speaking of choices, this brand has produced three different models with varying areas of expertise. After deciding the size, you can choose a robust, digital, or LED unit based on your requirements. However, there are attributes that all three variants have in common. 

Let’s look at the numbers. All three have – four strong neodymium magnets, three solid billets for durability, and four leveling vials. And the latter allows you to use it for conduit bends. 

Moreover, with its circular vials, you can read the results accurately up to 029°/0.0005″/inch.  

The issue with this unit is that the battery doesn’t last long as there is no auto shut-off function. Rather you may accidentally press the switch, causing the screen to power on. When this happens, the battery will drain faster than normal. Also, it’s slightly inaccurate at times. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: 8.6oz | Accuracy: 029°/0.0005″/” | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Aluminum | Number Of Vials: 4

4. Klein Tools 935AB4V – Best for Sloping Surfaces

While it’s not uncommon for torpedo levels to have a thumbscrew, very few top brands include it in their design. That’s why this Klein Tools model is generating substantial buzz in the market, as this simple inclusion makes it easy to work on sloping surfaces.

It’s no secret that over time some of the magnets fall out from torpedo levels. So what’s the solution? Klein Tools’ engineers have designed a patented magnetic track, preventing the magnets from falling out. Hence, these powerful rare earth magnets will keep delivering optimum performance, for longer than other units. 

Another significant addition is the thumbscrew, allowing you to securely attach the unit to the conduit edge for accurate measurement up to +/- 0.029°. You can read the results, thanks to four large dials, each displaying different angles – 0, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. Moreover, the vials are large and visible even when placed in a corner. 

Users have also liked the bright orange color of the tool, making it noticeable on job sites. But underneath the attractive hue is an aluminum coating, delivering durability for heavy-duty tasks. Meaning that this electric-powered model is incredibly reliable.  

Do you have money in your wallet? Because you’re going to need more than a few bucks to purchase this unit. It’s costlier than other models, which is a letdown. However, if you consider it as an investment, rest assured its performance won’t disappoint. Other than that, take your time calibrating before starting work. 

Size: 6.25″ | Weight: 5.9oz | Accuracy: ±0.029° | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Aluminum | Number Of Vials: 4

5. Kapro 227-08 – Best for Lightweight Usability

If you’re looking for a versatile model, this tool won’t disappoint. You can use it on different surfaces with its specially designed vials covering most angles. Thanks to its magnets and V-shaped grooves, it’s a highly reliable unit, adhering to metals for much-needed stability.

The Kapro 227-08 nine-inch model is suitable for most surfaces. Users who have used it have spoken about its versatility, making it an invaluable piece of equipment on construction sites. A major reason for that is the three easy-viewing injection-molded acrylic vials arranged horizontally, vertically, and inclined. 

Now, when you place it on metal surfaces, the device will remain firmly in place, thanks to its V-shaped groove. With help from the magnets, it sits flush on the surface, ensuring that you get accurate results. Moreover, when you’re positioning the leveler in a narrow spot, its rubber end caps absorb impact to protect the frame and vials. 

But despite its high durability, the engineers have made sure that the model is lightweight, thanks to its molded plastic body. And you can maneuver it without any hassle, making it easier to get accurate results.  

It’s smaller than most other units, having its advantages and disadvantages. So, while it’s suitable for domestic purposes, it would not be best to use it on construction sites. One of the reasons for that is that the magnets don’t have much power and won’t work on large metal pieces. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: 3.21oz | Accuracy: 0.001”/” | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Polymeric Plastic | Number Of Vials: 3

6. Winnsty Magnetic Torpedo Level

Most noticeable about this model is its T-shaped design, not seen in other brands. The reason for its unique shape is to improve readability without compromising performance. Rather than including a plethora of functions, the designers have tinkered with the shape, ensuring that it meets modern standards.

When choosing a torpedo level, the key is flexibility, meaning that the tool must be ideal for different projects. That’s why this model is one of the top choices for customers, available in two sizes – six inches and nine inches. However, what’s eye-catching is the T-shaped design and strategically positioned vials for easy viewing. 

In total, there are three acrylic vials – 45 degrees, plumb, and level – making them suitable for various job site applications. You can place it down on steel or iron strips with the powerful magnet, holding onto these surfaces. As the device remains still, it’s easy to view the readings from above, delivering accurate results. 

Now, if you want to use it in tight spots, there are bound to be bumps and scratches. To tackle this, the body features a high-impact plastic shell for long-lasting performance. But it doesn’t carry much weight so you don’t feel fatigued.  

The overall dimensions of this unit are quite thick, and it feels bulky when you hold it in your hand. Although it’s not a problem on large-scale projects, it might be difficult to operate in tight spaces. Besides, remember to calibrate it daily before working, preventing fluctuations in value. 

Size: 6″ | Weight: 1.13oz | Accuracy: N/A | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Plastic | Number Of Vials: 3

7. DOWELL 9-Inch Torpedo Level

Sleek models don’t usually have much durability, but that’s something this product has managed to change. It looks modern while retaining its sturdiness, making it worth the investment. Moreover, the engineers have added storage holes which is a nice touch and improves the overall impression of the tool.

We highly recommend using the Dowell 9-inch model due to its sleek design, with three bubbles on top offering a clear view. These bubbles are for measurement and allow you to get the angles right – namely zero, 45, and 90 degrees – on various jobs. Speaking of jobs, you can place this unit on iron with strong magnets to keep it stable. 

We also loved its portable design, making it stand out. To ensure that users can carry it around, the body of this leveler comes with a hole. Moreover, it doesn’t weigh much as the magnets are present on the edge rather than on the body. It conveniently fits into your pocket, or you can hang it from a utility belt. 

Thanks to its many quality functions, it’s used for decorating homes, furnishing, and measuring locations on walls. That means you’ll have to operate it in tight spots for which the aluminum frame proves useful.  

Since the magnets are present on its sides, you may feel that it’s slightly uneven. Users have complained that it doesn’t align properly when they place it on the metal surface, thereby affecting the readings. This is a letdown that won’t make the buyers happy. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: ‎2.89oz | Accuracy: N/A | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Number Of Vials: 3

8. WORKPRO Torpedo Level

WORKPRO is a well-known brand, constantly pushing the boundaries to innovate. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the few tools having four vials, delivering wide coverage and excellent precision on most tasks. Furthermore, its body features an anodized grit blasting technology which is as cool as it sounds.

With this WORKPRO model, you get readings from four different vials. These vials have bubbles at different angles – zero, 90, 45, and 30 degrees – highlighting the area of coverage. You can view them, even in tight spots, making it easy to get accurate readings on job sites. 

Speaking of visibility, the unique design enables users to view the vials from the front, back, or top. For that, the acrylic green-colored liquid proves useful; we must praise the engineers given their keen eye for detail. 

Now, when you place the leveler on metal surfaces, the thumbscrew allows you to fix the unit to the conduit edge. This ensures that you can measure the angle even if the surface bends. Moreover, we must not forget the magnetic strength as it enables the device to sit flush on the surface without wobbling. 

Lastly, its aluminum body delivers durability due to anodized grit blasting technology.  

Due to its durability, the model feels bulky, but it doesn’t affect performance. Having said that, a major part of choosing the right torpedo level is down to feel, so we understand if you’re hesitant. Moreover, the added weight means that it isn’t very portable and needs more space in the pouch. 

Size: 6.5″ | Weight: 7oz | Accuracy: 0.00075″/ft | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum, Metal | Number Of Vials: 4

9. Stabila 25100

At times even the simplest innovations can change the perception of a tool. Take, for example, this model from Stabila, which comes with non-fogging vials. Although it may not be a striking upgrade, this simple addition shows attention to detail, increasing its popularity among customers. 

The beauty of the Stabila 25100 lies in the simplicity of its design. The designers have used rare earth magnets for strength that perfectly fit into the body, allowing you to place it flush against the surface. Once you do the crystal clear, acrylic vials come into play, displaying precise measurements. 

These vials are non-fogging and have incredible strength, making this unit highly popular among buyers. Be it on construction sites or in extreme weather conditions; you won’t have trouble getting the desired performance. Plus, its small size ensures that you can carry it in the tool pouch without any hassle. 

Speaking of size, its diminutive design makes it ideal for use in narrow spots. Moreover, with an accuracy reading of 0.029 degrees, users will get the measurement right on most occasions. 

Finally, it features heavy-duty aluminum construction, meaning that it will last a long time.  

With time the magnets tend to fall out, rendering the device ineffective. This is extremely frustrating as the overall functions at par with the best models. You can try to make reinforcements, but there’s no guarantee that it will work. Also, this is a heavy-duty model not ideal for measuring small pieces. 

Size: ‎10″ | Weight: ‎4oz | Accuracy: .029° | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum | Number Of Vials: 2

10. Swanson TBL001M

This is the second model from Swanson, so let’s look at how it’s different. Firstly, the designers have used a magnetic strip, and we’ll tell you all about it in the review below. Apart from that, its aluminum frame and overhead windows are perfect for use on construction sites, decorations, and wall hangings.

The design of this model is pretty old-school, but attractiveness aside, it’s highly sought-after among potential buyers. Why? For starters, it looks sturdy and has a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame, suitable for all types of projects. This guarantees reliability, making it worth the investment and adding to the accuracy. 

Adding to the precise performance is the use of a magnetic strip rather than individual magnets. The magnetic strip sits flush with the metal surface, delivering strength and stability. Moreover, this strip extends up to the edges so that you can place the device at various angles.

Once the leveler is stable, simply read the white vials to get the value. Even if there’s a lot of light in the room, the reflective properties ensure that you’ve no trouble viewing the bubbles. 

Now, you can either purchase only the leveler or a carpenter’s square to handle different tasks.  

The downside to using this model is staining, which is highly unusual. However, having taken feedback, people reported that the magnet leaves marks on light-colored surfaces. Another disadvantage is that the bubble tends to crack, so it would be best to conduct regular maintenance for long-lasting performance. 

Size: 12″ | Weight: ‎2.08oz | Accuracy: N/A | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum | Number Of Vials: 4

11. Empire Level EM81.9

In terms of accuracy, the Empire Level EM81.9 matches the best units, with a value of 0.0005 inches. But accuracy isn’t enough to gauge the performance of a unit. So, having looked at its other attributes like the durable construction and viewing slot, we feel that it has the most bases covered.

Straight off the bat, its multiple color options will grab your attention, but there’s more to this model than just style. For instance, the engineers have added a sturdy aluminum body, combining looks with robustness for the best results. And present on its aluminum body is an overhead viewing slot to check the bubbles from above. 

Complementing the viewing slot are two acrylic vials filled with clear blue liquid, delivering accurate results at different angles. To manage this, the designers have included magnets on the side for hands-free performance. While the positioning has its disadvantages, the advantage is that you can use it on metal or piping. 

You’ll find special grooves built into the surface, enabling you to slide the leveler on top or underneath the piping, irrespective of the angle. After securing it in place, it shows results up to 0.0005 inches of accuracy, so that you can get the job done quickly. 

We found that the magnetic strength is weak compared to other units, so you can only use it on ferrous surfaces. Even then, make sure it doesn’t slide off by securing it firmly. Along with the weak magnet, the fluctuating values don’t make it easier for professionals to complete work quickly. 

Size: ‎9″ | Weight: ‎4.3oz | Accuracy: 0.0005″ | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum, Metal | Number Of Vials: 3

12. Johnson Level & Tool 7500M

We loved the design of this model, thanks to its structo-cast construction. This is another unique addition, showcasing how Johnson Level & Tool is constantly evolving to stay relevant in the market. What’s more, its vials are specially treated in the lab, delivering crystal-clear viewing along with much-needed longevity.

If you’re looking for a unit tailor-made to handle small-scale jobs, the Johnson Level & Tool 7500M will surely please you. This 9-inch model comes with a structo-cast construction for durability and has three visible vials for precision output. The bubbles in these vials represent different angles for improved accuracy on construction sites. 

You can place it on ferrous surfaces, thanks to the magnetic edge that prevents wobbling. This offers stability, which is further enhanced by the V-groove edge, increasing the area of operation. Plus, thanks to its metal body, it’s easier to get a tight fit with pipes and conduits; you’ll find that it sits flush on the surface. 

We found that the high-impact frame is non-corrosive and non-conductive, delivering long-lasting performance. And on top of that, the brand offers a one-year warranty, helping you maintain the tool in top shape. 

Overall, this compact model proves highly versatile and efficient. 

While the addition of the hanger is a nice touch, the fact that it’s plastic won’t make buyers happy. Plastic may wear out soon as it doesn’t have the longevity of more durable materials. Also, we noticed that its magnetic strength needs improvement, preventing it from falling off. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: 2.89oz | Accuracy: 1mm/m | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Plastic | Number Of Vials: 3

13. SKIL LV941801

If you remember, SKIL has featured earlier in our guide, but we couldn’t help but add this unit to our list of top choices. It has an LCD screen, supported by real-time leveling guidance, making it highly convenient for construction workers. So, you get a detailed idea about the angles, delivering precise output.

There are three variations to this model – 12 inches, 24 inches, and a compact unit – all of which come with a digital display. Along with that, the blue vials are strategically placed, allowing you to measure the horizontal and vertical levels with ease. The color of the liquid makes it convenient to spot the bubbles from the side or from above. 

These blue vials are incredibly accurate, helped by the LCD screen, which is backlit for working in different conditions. Now, if you change how you’re holding the device, the screen automatically adjusts and displays values for accurate orientation. 

A terrific addition is the real-time leveling guidance, with down and up arrow indicators displaying the fluctuating values. You can also enable voice guidance which lets you know whenever you hit the correct angle – zero, 45, and 90 degrees. 

Lastly, it has a dual scale, centimeters, and meters, on either side. 

The bumper ends fall off, reducing its shock absorption properties. While it’s not difficult to get replacements, potential customers may think twice about the purchase. Additionally, the vials and the LCD screen readings don’t match, which is confusing and frustrating. You can try recalibrating it, but the problem may persist. 

Size: 12″ | Weight: 15.8oz | Accuracy: ±0.029°, ±0.05⁰, ±0.2⁰ | Magnetic: Yes | Material: Blend | Number Of Vials: 2

14. Calculated Industries 7210

The most significant attribute of this model isn’t visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t make it any less important. To reduce maintenance, ensuring that you can use it for several years, the designers have added an IP54 dust coating. So, it will remain clean even after daily use. 

Some tools feel sturdy, simply in their design, and this is one such unit. Even if you haven’t used it, the shape, pattern, and colors convey a sense of robustness, backed up by its excellent functions. The designers have included a solid I-beam aluminum frame and rubber end caps for shock absorption and longevity. 

Further adding to its durability is the IP54 dust and waterproof coating, suitable for working in extreme conditions. Speaking of working, you’ll love the large, green LED display, making it easy to take readings from different angles. This is also called the smart display, which automatically adjusts if you use the device upside down. 

Another interesting addition is the electronic inclinometer/ protractor, ensuring that you can measure the angle between different surfaces. What’s more, it’s accurate up to +/- 0.2 degrees for use on roofs, ADA ramps, and rails, with the magnetic groove attached to ferrous metals. 

You may encounter battery issues as the charge decreases rapidly. It would help if you kept spare batteries in stock but, most importantly, check that the device doesn’t accidentally turn on during storage. Besides, every day you must calibrate the device, which is an inconvenience as it takes time. 

Size: 10″ | Weight: ‎14.4oz | Accuracy: ±0.2° | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Metal, Rubber | Number Of Vials: 2


Nothing is outstanding about the SOLA LSTFM, and frankly, it doesn’t need to be. We love a product that focuses on the basics without trying anything flashy, and this tool is all that and more. Don’t get us wrong; it’s still an efficient device, available in numerous models. 

It’s good to have options before making the purchase, and this unit has done well when it comes to variety. You can choose any model, from its many sizes, ranging from three inches to 96 inches, and it delivers the best results on most projects. Moreover, you can further decide if you want a digital, magnetic, or non-magnetic device. 

Now, there are three acrylic vials in a block display, reinforced with non-breakable material. So, it’s incredibly durable while providing easy viewing, thanks to its improved contrast and 60% magnification. Furthermore, even if you’re working in dim conditions, the backlit vials ensure that you can work smoothly. 

Apart from that, we loved its milled measuring surface supported by an aluminum die-cast spirit level. All these factors come together, delivering accuracy and improved performance.

Lastly, the designers have used an exceptionally strong neodymium magnet, sticking to metal surfaces. 

This model, too, comes with raised metal burrs, even more, dangerous than sharp edges. Therefore, first things first, blunt the edges to ensure that you don’t accidentally cut your hands while working. Other than that, like the SOLA LSTFM, battery consumption is a recurring problem, so keep this in mind before making the purchase. 

Size: 10″ | Weight: 13.4oz | Accuracy: 0.029°, 0.0005″/” | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Acrylic | Number Of Vials: 3

16. Jacent 19859

While most products have an aluminum body, this unit features an ABS plastic construction. It’s still durable, but the advantage is that it weighs less, meaning it’s portable and can fit into your pouch or pocket. We also loved its three vials filled with clear liquid, ensuring that you can measure various angles accurately

The Jacent 19859 is an affordable unit that does most things well. You won’t get much variety, but it delivers accurate results on job sites and construction work. The designers have built an ABS plastic body consisting of an aluminum alloy frame for longevity, guaranteeing reliability even in harsh conditions. 

We must mention that this is a compact unit, ideal for small-scale jobs. Added to that, the vials help measure three different angles – vertical, horizontal, and 45 degrees for wide coverage. The position of the vials shows attention to detail, as you can read the value from overheard, sideways, and from behind. 

Most important is the magnetic strength, as the device needs to sit flush against the surface for a stable performance. Luckily, this unit has magnetic edges that adhere to ferrous surfaces for a hands-free operation. As a result, it’s perfect for taking wall measurements to hang photos, artwork, and shelves. 

There’s one primary problem with this model concerning its size, which leads to other issues. This is a small unit and more suitable for small tasks rather than construction purposes. And as it’s more compact, it won’t deliver the best results on large metal pieces. 

Size: 9″ | Weight: 2.89oz | Accuracy: N/A | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy | Number Of Vials: 3

17. Prexiso AG PLL20

This model is highly talked about among customers because it comes with a 65-foot laser measure. On top of the bubbles, this product shoots a laser to help you get the angles to spot on. But that’s just one of the many cool features that have made it popular; read the following section to know more.

If the Jacent 19859 was a basic and simple unit, the Prexiso AG PLL20 is the opposite, having a plethora of functions. For instance, you can measure accurately with the torpedo level as well as the 65-foot laser measure. This laser measure helps gauge the distance better, providing an alternative to reading the bubbles. 

Users can switch between its two modes of operation: distance and real-time continuous measuring. With the latter, the laser turns off after 30 seconds and delivers an accuracy of ±1/4 inch. 

Moreover, there are two buttons on the body of the unit to use the LED screen. The backlit LED is perfect for working in dim conditions, displaying both meters and inches for greater convenience. 

Now, we have seen how the battery drains on most devices, but on this model, the screen turns off after 120 seconds of no operation. 

The laser is a fantastic addition, but unfortunately, it shoots at an angle. So, you need to make the necessary adjustments because it’s challenging to make straight-line cuts. For this reason, we don’t recommend it for interior designing as no one wants to end up with unaligned photo frames. 

Size: 8″ | Weight: ‎8.8oz | Accuracy: ±1/4″ | Magnetic: Yes | Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy | Number Of Vials: 2

Best Torpedo Level Comparison Table

Product Size Weight Accuracy Magnetic Material Number Of Vials
CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 9″ ‎5.9oz 0.0005″/ft Yes Rubber 3
Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level N/A ‎4.9oz N/A Yes ‎Acrylic 3
Swanson TL043M 9″ 8.6oz 029°/0.0005″/” Yes Aluminum 4
Klein Tools 935AB4V 6.25″ ‎5.9oz ±0.029° Yes Aluminum 4
Kapro 227-08 9″ 3.21oz 0.001”/” Yes Polymeric Plastic 3
Winnsty Magnetic Torpedo Level 6″ 1.13oz N/A Yes Plastic 3
DOWELL 9-Inch Torpedo Level 9″ ‎2.89oz N/A Yes ‎Stainless Steel 3
WORKPRO Torpedo Level 6.5″ 7oz 0.00075″/ft Yes ‎Aluminum, Metal 4
Stabila 25100 ‎10″ ‎4oz .029° Yes ‎Aluminum 2
Swanson TBL001M 12″ ‎2.08oz N/A Yes ‎Aluminum 4
Empire Level EM81.9 ‎9″ ‎4.3oz 0.0005″ Yes ‎Aluminum, Metal 3
Johnson Level & Tool 7500M 9″ 2.89oz 1mm/m Yes Plastic 3
SKIL LV941801 12″ 15.8oz ±0.029°, ±0.05⁰, ±0.2⁰ Yes Blend 2
Calculated Industries 7210 10″ ‎14.4oz ±0.2° Yes ‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Metal, Rubber 2
SOLA LSTFM 10″ 13.4oz 0.029°, 0.0005″/” Yes ‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Acrylic 3
Jacent 19859 9″ 2.89oz N/A Yes ABS, Aluminum Alloy 3
Prexiso AG PLL20 8″ ‎8.8oz ±1/4″ Yes ABS, Aluminum Alloy 2

Buying Guide For The Best Torpedo Level

When it comes to the construction industry, having the right tools is essential for completing any project quickly and accurately. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a torpedo level.

With so many torpedo levels on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs. Knowing what to consider when choosing a torpedo level will help you make an informed decision.

This section will cover the different features and characteristics to consider when choosing the best torpedo level for your project. 


When it comes to torpedo levels, accuracy is key. The level should be able to provide accurate readings along the top edge, so it is important to check that the level is level before using it.

High-quality levels are also made with a solid construction, ensuring that they hold up over time and provide accurate readings.

Additionally, levels with additional features, such as laser levels, are also available for those who need more accurate readings.


Torpedo levels are small, but they can make a big difference in the accuracy of your work.

Choose a level that has good visibility so that you can easily read the bubble and make sure you are getting accurate readings.

Also, look for a level that has clear markings along the top edge of the level, so you can easily see the bubble and make sure the level is level. 


When it comes to size, torpedo levels are usually quite small and compact. This is because they are designed to fit into tight spaces, such as along the edge of a level.

Even though they are small, torpedo levels are also quite durable and can withstand drops and other impacts.

When looking for the best torpedo level, you should check the size specifications to make sure it will fit into the places you need it to.


Another key factor to consider when choosing a torpedo level is reversibility. Reversible torpedo levels can be flipped over so that the bubble can be read from the other side.

This is important when you need to check the level from different angles. Not all torpedo levels are reversible, so be sure to check and make sure that the level you choose has this feature.


Price is another factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing a torpedo level. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the level.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the most expensive level is the best for your needs. You have to consider all the other factors to determine which level is best for your project.


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing a torpedo level. This is because torpedo levels are small and lightweight, making them prone to damage.

You should check the materials used in the construction of the level to ensure they can withstand the rigors of daily use.

In addition, make sure to check the user reviews to get an idea of how well the level has held up over time.

Bubble Viscosity and Readability

When choosing a torpedo level, take into consideration the bubble viscosity and readability. The bubble viscosity is a measure of how quickly the level’s bubble moves.

Look for a level with a bubble that is easy to read and moves quickly to provide accurate readings.

Moreover, make sure to check the readability of the level, as some models may be difficult to read in certain lighting conditions.

Additional Features

Finally, you should also consider any additional features that the level may have. Some levels may come with additional features, such as a built-in protractor, a laser level, or a magnetic base.

These features can be useful for certain applications, so make sure to check what features are available before making your purchase.

With these factors in mind, you can choose a level that is best for your needs, providing accurate readings and lasting for a long time.

What is the accuracy of a good torpedo level?

The accuracy of a good torpedo level will depend on the manufacturer, as well as the model. Generally speaking, most torpedo levels have a margin of accuracy of 0.5 degrees, or 0.5mm per meter.

This means that the level will be accurate within a range of 0.5mm per meter, allowing users to get precise readings when measuring angles.

Additionally, the accuracy of a good torpedo level will also depend on its quality and construction, as well as the materials used in its construction.

What type of materials is the torpedo level made from?

A good torpedo level is typically made from a combination of plastic, aluminum, and steel materials.

Plastic is used for the body of the level, as it is lightweight and durable.

Aluminum is used for the frame and the graduations, as it is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Steel is used for the magnets, as it is strong and durable, and will ensure that the level stays in place when measuring surfaces.

Does the torpedo level come with a carrying case?

Most torpedo levels come with a carrying case, which helps protect the level from damage and makes it easier to transport and store.

The carrying cases are typically made from a durable material, such as nylon, and feature a zip closure. This ensures that the level is kept safe and secure when not in use.

In addition, some torpedo levels also come with a long level, which can be used to measure longer distances and angles. 

What type of surfaces can the torpedo level be used on?

The torpedo level is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, metal, and concrete.

The level is designed to be used on flat surfaces, as well as curved or uneven surfaces. This makes the level a great choice for a variety of tasks, such as framing, plumbing, and electrical work.

Also, the level is designed to be used in tight spaces, making it perfect for use in hard-to-reach areas. 

Is the torpedo level backed by a warranty?

Most torpedo levels are backed by a warranty, which typically covers defects in materials and workmanship.

This means that if the level fails within the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the level at no cost to the user.

It is important to check the warranty of a specific level before purchasing, as warranties can vary by model and manufacturer.

Which brands have the best torpedo levels?

Some of the top brands for torpedo levels are CRAFTSMAN, Milwaukee, and Swanson. These brands offer a variety of levels that are designed for accuracy and durability, making them ideal for a variety of tasks.

Additionally, budget-friendly brands such as Swanson and Jacent offer good quality torpedo levels at an affordable price.

Are you confident about buying the best torpedo level? 

If not, there’s no need to worry. Yes, choosing the best torpedo level for your needs from a long list can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. From the above 17 best torpedo levels, here are the top three expert recommendations:

The CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 is an ideal option, known for its accuracy, versatility, and durability. It offers users three different sizes and boasts a strong magnet for hands-free use along with shock-absorbing end caps.

The Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level is a good option, exhibiting extraordinary capabilities for weld joint measurements. With crystal-clear acrylic vials and v-grooves for stability, this level is perfect for quick measurements in a variety of scenarios.

Finally, the Swanson TL043M is the right choice for those who seek a torpedo level with an LED and digital display. It combines technological innovation without making the functions too complicated, ensuring exceptional performance with powerful magnets and an LED screen.

With these top expert recommendations, you can easily decide on the product that suits your preferences and applications the best.

That’s all there is to know about torpedo levels, and it’s now time to bid you goodbye. But we’ll leave you with a few tips. First, remember to clean your model daily after use to prevent dust from settling on it, and check for cracks before working the next day.

Also, clean the vials and LED screen with a smooth, dry cloth, while keeping extra batteries in hand. 

That said, whenever in doubt, feel free to consult the buyer’s guide before making a purchase. Until next time, we’ll look at some other popular tools in the market. See you soon! 

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