15 Best Gifts For Sculptors, Potters and Artists

Pottery is an excellent way of expressing one’s creativity, and it helps destress too!

Although it appears challenging, it can be gratifying once someone gets the hang of it. Picturing an art form and having it manifest in front of you is an incomparable feeling, especially if you’re looking to take it up as a side hustle.

Are you or someone you know looking to explore sculpting and pottery? If yes, we have a guide with the 15 best gifts for sculptors and potters in 2023 that will surely help you out.

Gift yourself or a close friend one of these and set them on the path to pottery greatness!

Great Gifts For Sculptors, Potters and Artists

1. Revco Flame-Resistant, Split-Leg Bib Apron

First up, we have this top-notch apron, a fantastic gift for your sculptor and potter friends.

Why is that? Well, this is no ordinary apron and is a level above an ordinary kitchen apron since it is waterproof, flame-resistant, and comfortable. It features a split-leg design that has become quite popular lately, making it easy to protect one’s clothes from harmful materials while seated at the pottery wheel.

Moreover, we like how it isn’t a one-size-fits-all and is available in two differing lengths, which effectively cover exposed body parts while one is working on sculpting their piece. We know that the idea of gifting an apron might seem a bit offbeat, but we’re confident that your Potter friends will appreciate it! 

2. Hydro-bats

Now, we’ve got these bats that fit atop the head of the pottery wheel, and just like usual pottery bats, the pot is, after that, chucked directly onto the Hydrobat. But, how does the Hydrobat stand out from other bats?

The Hydrobat is made using Hydrostone, a U.S. Gypsum product that is tougher than Plaster Of Paris, which is used to make most bats. Due to its rugged exterior, the bat is ultra-durable and doesn’t break, scratch, or chip easily.

Despite its hard outer surface, the bat can absorb moisture effectively from the underside of the pottery. Once sufficient moisture has been absorbed, the pot can easily be lifted from the bat.

We liked how using this allows the pottery to get drier, especially for big pieces. It also helps avoid cutting pottery directly from the bat, thereby preserving its shape.

3. Mini Ribbon Tool set 

This toolset is an excellent gift option for anyone you know who’s just started with sculpting or is well-established in the field. This tool set has six ribbon cutters that help detail a piece, and we’re sure that your special someone would love this!

Considering how affordable this is, the precision of all the tools is exceptional. They are handy and compact, taking up minimal space yet unmatched when it comes to finishing and decorating a piece.

Moreover, irrespective of whether a person has similar tools, it never hurts to have a spare, especially ones that are incredibly easy to use. When it comes to sculpting tools, they’re usually small and tend to be misplaced easily, so having spares will always come in handy. 

4. UCEC Vintage Alphabet Stamp Set

This next item on our list is something of a hidden gem, which is sure to be well-liked by anyone you gift it to! If you have a sculptor buddy who loves to make personalized art or has a business selling custom wares, then these are great for them.

These stamps provide easy and high-quality imprints and come in various choices. There are 52 lower and upper case alphabets, 8 punctuation marks, and 10 numbers that will allow an artist to write in clay. In addition to that, one can make vintage-looking, elegant lines in the clay.

The best part about these stamps is that they are pretty easy to clean and durable, even if they get all messy. They also come in a gorgeous box with a vintage feel, which is smooth to the touch and easy to open.

We are sure that this set will be a hit with all your ceramicist, potter, and sculptor friends!

5. Xiem Tools Precision Applicator

When designing, precision and accuracy are super important for all your pottery enthusiast friends. This precision applicator helps to do just that, and it will surely be well-appreciated by your potter friends.

The applicator comes in a rubber bottle, which allows for controlled slip trailing and slip decoration. If you know someone who has been thinking of experimenting with slip colors or slip decoration techniques, then this would be a welcome surprise for them. 

What’s more, the applicator is multi-size and can give you one ounce or three ounces, depending on your needs. In addition to that, it has a flexible rubber bulb atop it that has a bunch of screw-on metal tips. We highly recommend this gift for potters in your life! 

6. Creative Hobbies Sculpting Wheel 

If you want to gift a close friend something to kickstart that hobby they’ve always been talking about, then this product fits the bill. This cast iron sculpting wheel is heavy-duty and can easily undertake major pottery projects.

But fear not, even beginners can use it easily. Though strong, it’s portable and can be moved around the room so that it can get the best light. You can even take it to pottery classes, trade shows, or a local pottery studio to show it off.

Another great feature of this wheel is that it provides superb mobility when it’s used. Plus, it’s pretty long-lasting and doesn’t rust over time. We also loved the blue paint top, which makes it look like a medieval relic.

So, if you know someone who needs a push to get into sculpting or someone who is established and well-acquainted with it, then this is an excellent option.

7. EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpening Stone

Next up, we’ve got this diamond sharpening stone, which is the ideal gift for a potter or a sculptor. A knife is a handy tool you’ll find them using very often because it has a variety of uses and is needed near-constantly.

The best feature of diamond core tools is that they are made of professional-grade aluminum oxide, which does away with the need to use pricy oils to sharpen knives. You can just use water to make sure that the knives stay pointy and sharp at all times.

In addition to that, the inclusion of a non-slip base ensures that at no point will the product keel over and cause a potential safety hazard. Its 300 and 600-grit sides make it a stellar item to have in one’s pottery arsenal!

8. Makin’s USA Ultimate Clay Extruder Set

This product might seem puzzling to non-sculptors but is actually really useful for most potters who like intricate detailing or making things with handles. Using just one’s hands to make a handle can be a bit troublesome, and from our experience, they usually don’t turn out well, especially if you’re a beginner.

With this extruder, you can use the different dies that come with it to insert clay inside the barrel and then push it out in any size or shape you’d like. The entire set has an enviable collection of 21 dies that are versatile and can be used to make any design.

We like how durable this set is, considering that it is manufactured using stainless steel that’s commercial-grade and heavy-duty. In addition to that, it’s accompanied by a plastic storage case that is handy for storing this set.

What’s more, despite sounding complicated, the set is incredibly easy to use and can amp up one’s sculpting significantly, making it the perfect gift.

9. Harper Magna Cart Folding Truck 

Now we have another gift that’s great for the advanced potters and ceramicists that you know, especially the ones who sell their art at shows and fairs. This cart is very helpful for transporting a giant clay sculpture, packages, heavy toolsets, and clay packages around.

We like how the huge size of the cart makes it a breeze to carry around big packages, yet it can fold itself up to help make springing easy. In addition to that, the cart is made of sturdy materials and will last anyone a long time. 

What’s more, it comes with 7-inch wheels that are made of rubber which divide the weight equally among themselves. This makes the cart steady and easy to haul to places.

We’re sure this gift will elicit a great response from all the sculptors and potters in your life who have been struggling with carrying their wares to places!

10. Neiko Diamond Grit Drill Bit Set 

Do you have a friend who is an experienced potter or sculptor? If yes, then this clay drill would be a fitting gift for them and a lovely addition to their toolbox! This drill can be used to bore holes in plant pots and lamps for ease of use and aesthetic purposes.

This grit set is plated with nickel and has a diamond coating. It not only boasts an enhanced drilling experience but also additionally provides added durability to ceramic products.

We liked this set because it has five pieces, all different sizes. The size of the bits ranges from 5/32” to ½,” making sure that all project sizes-small to big-are taken care of. 

What’s more, this drill set is super affordable, which ensures that it will be light on the pocket. But, at the same time, it is apparent that it is of great quality, which makes it a winner in our eyes!

11. A Dictionary of Color Combinations

Coming up next, we’ve got this super unique gifting option, which is a lovely gift for an intellectual sculptor. This book follows the work of Sanzo Wada, a Japanese costume designer, artist, and teacher who lived in the 1930s. If you have a sculptor friend who’s also a big-time history buff, then this is the gift for them!

In addition to that, if you’ve noticed your friend struggling with inspiration regarding figuring out the best color scheme for their art, then this book will help alleviate their struggle. It has detailed information on palettes for decorating and glazing and has 348 color combinations! It’s available in both English and Japanese, and despite being a classic, holds up to this day.

So, if your Potter friend has a knack for reading, then this book will be a great addition to their personal library, and we can’t recommend it more!

12. Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set 

Next up, we’ve got this super useful skincare set from Mary Kay that soothes and pampers the hands and leaves them looking soft and supple.

Since most of a potter’s work involves their hands, they can sometimes look dry and chapped. In addition to that, clay might settle under the fingernails, and the skin might become patchy and even crack.

This Mary Kay hand care set has a scrub that helps remove dead skin and leaves one’s hands looking smooth and elegant. Moreover, it also has a cream that seeps into the pores of the skin and moisturizes from the inside, leaving the skin looking radiant and smelling great.

What’s more, there’s even a lotion that provides much-needed moisture and essential oils to the skin. If you have a buddy who’s into pottery, this gift will surely be appreciated by them. Even if they already have a similar set, an extra won’t do any harm because the more, the merrier!

13. Mastering the Potter’s Wheel – Ben Carter

If you’ve got a friend who’s interested in learning how to sculpt or pot or has just begun sculpting, then this book is a great gift for them.

This is an invigorating read that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate potters alike. It not only covers the basics of sculpting and working with clay, but it also has useful tips and tricks to further hone one’s craft. Moreover, the book doesn’t beat around the bush and is a crisp, straightforward read.

One of our favorite parts of the book was the bit where the author talked about certain stretches that are helpful in combating lower back pain sustained due to pottery. Another impressive aspect of this book was the inclusion of “best pottery practices.” These help in taking one’s skills to another level, irrespective of the lack of formal training.

14. Xiem Tools BatMate 

Now we’ve got this super-nifty tool that will be a boon for your potter or sculptor friend. This is basically a piece of synthetic fabric that has a diameter of 12 inches. Its purpose is to improve accuracy when it comes to trimming and throwing, as well as minimize wobbling.

In our opinion, this is a great gift for novices since they have less control of the wheel at the initial stage. In addition to that, it is a very thoughtful gift that is sure to become an important part of your friends’ sculpting journey.

In addition to that, it’s incredibly easy to use and merely needs to have water added to it. After that, it can be placed atop the wheel in whichever way you’d like. The BatMate is helpful for anyone struggling with stabilizing their wheel, and we’re sure the recipient of this gift will be super happy to get it.

15. Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Bag

If you’ve got a sculptor friend who’s always on the move, then this might just be the perfect gift for them.

This bag is built to hold sculpting equipment and clay tools effectively, thanks to its 11-inch interior pockets and 6-inch exterior ones. In addition to that, it’s super easy to carry and has a padded shoulder strap which ensures that the strap doesn’t cut into your shoulder blade and give you pain.

What’s more, this is one heavy-duty product that can carry a significant amount of weight at once. Plus, it’s made of canvas, so it’s super easy to clean too, only requiring some mild detergent and water.

We think this bag makes for the perfect gift because of its versatile nature. So, even if your friend doesn’t use it to carry pottery tools, they can use it for other things.

Are some of these products only for advanced learners?

No, all of the products on our list can be used by everyone, from novices to advanced professionals. Since pottery and sculpting take practice to get better at, it is immaterial at what level one uses these tools. This is because these tools will be required at every level.

Which toolset for sculptors should I buy?

All the toolsets on our list are equally efficient, so picking one would depend on your budget, or maybe even brand loyalty! We personally like polymer sculpting tools a lot.

Are these items durable, or will I have to keep replacing them?

We’ve picked these items to be on our list with care, and all the items are durable and will last you years. Pottery implements are made with long-term use in mind, and apart from the skincare set (which will have a best-before date), you can use the rest for ages!


Now that we’ve reached the end of this list, we’re sure you must be bubbling with gifting ideas and might be having a hard time picking one! After all, each gift on this list is thoughtful and something that is sure to delight your friends who are into pottery and sculpting.

We highly recommend giving such personalized pottery gifts because sculptors and potters make breathtaking works of art and deserve to be lauded for their work. The art of sculpting takes a lot of patience and dedication, not to mention attention to detail, they are without a doubt some of the best gifts for artists worth considering.

Even if you have a friend who’s just starting out on their journey, a good gift that is pottery-themed will make them feel like you appreciate and value them. With this, we’ll be signing off and hope to see you again soon with other creative gifting ideas for potters.

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