How to Design A Healthy Home Office That Increases Productivity

Working from home has been one of the most convenient setups we have in work culture.

It allows you to work without sacrificing your work-life balance.

On the downside, working from home generally tends to be unproductive and an unorganized effort. If not managed with time, these traits can cause some damage to our professional life.

But don’t worry; it’s not an arduous task. All one needs is good personal motivation and a smart home office setup that makes it easier to work.

The trick is to keep the setup minimal and effective. If you’re looking for some cool office designs, feel free to follow the link.

Also, check out these few key aspects which are essential for setting up a perfect home office!

How to Design A Healthy Home Office

  1. Choosing the right desk

The desk is the backbone of your home office. There are many choices available from the ones that are sleek and portable to massive fixed structure, the best desks for artists are a bit different, and you can find the right ones here.

If you don’t have the need for a dedicated workspace at home and prefer minimalism, then you should consider portable home office desk options.

The right desk for home office is simple

Portability makes sure you can work anywhere inside your home with minimal setup effort. Portable desks also help in space saving. If you’re tight on space or have low requirements, then go for a portable/foldable desk.  

But the real deal is those large desks that can take the home office experience to the next level.

Here are a few points you should consider before buying an office desk for your home.

  • Spacious legroom

If you’re working for longer intervals, you need spacious legroom.

Productivity is directly proportional to the ease of the work environment, and good legroom surely helps with that. So before buying a desk, one must make sure to have enough legroom.

  • Make sure your table comes with sufficient storage space

Having a good drawer system is always an advantage. It gives you the convenience of storing more so that you can focus more on your work and less on trying to find items.

  1. Choosing the correct chair

Chairs along with desks formulate the crux of an office environment.

It is essential to pick a comfortable chair so that one can focus for longer intervals without lethargy.

Some key tips for selection are:

  • Always prefer an adjustable chair

They allow you to adjust the height based on your reference. This helps you to sit in your ideal posture which is critical when it comes to being productive.

The right office chair for home office
  • Make sure that your chair has good lumbar support

Working for longer intervals can be really tiring and unhealthy for your spinal cord if you don’t have good lumbar support.

  • Prefer a chair with wheels
  • A good hand-rest is always appreciated

You can switch between different chair types, one hour you can use an ergonomic chair, one hour you can work a standing desk, and every now and then a bean bag chair maybe.

  1. Make sure that lighting is ambient

Lighting is not only how the surrounding looks but also how you perceive them to be, the best architectural lamp can do yet good lighting conditions ensure that the surroundings is lit enough for proper focus, it is not just about visibility as it is about atmosphere, you may need an architect lamp but you may also really want a salt lamp?

A dull environment counts for an overall dull mood and depleted productivity.

If you’re someone who works extensively on a laptop or any screen, then a well-lit climate is a must for you.

Good lighting makes sure there is less strain on your eyes so that you can work for longer intervals without any headaches.

  1. Soundproofing is key to good work surrounding

Whether you’re in a conference call, or working alone and trying to concentrate, soundproofing is a must. For optimum soundproofing make sure that your home office space is at a distance from the living room.

Ideally, a basement makes a perfect candidate for a home office.

Photo 1495521939206 a217db9df264

If finding quiet surroundings is an issue, then you can always install soundproofing equipment to give you the same effect.

A quality noise-canceling headphone is also a good buy for people looking for an extra layer of focus and concentration. It also comes in handy during important video call conferences.

  1. Color

Coloring is just more than a design aspect. Color’s impact on human mood and feelings is a well-covered and documented subject. Since an office is a place that demands productivity, one must always prefer bright colors.

Colors like Yellow and Red are a great choice when compared with dull colors like teal or grey.  

A bright color emits energy and positivity, which dramatically increases productivity.

  1. Keep your office distraction-free

If it is important to stack up your home office, it is also essential to know how to keep them uncluttered.

One of the foremost things to do is keep your office surrounding free from any possible sources of distraction.

Photo 1521649415036 659258dc424f

One of the most common distractions is having a TV set in your office. It is a bad practice since it can reduce productivity without any hint. It might seem tempting, but addictive recreational activities should be avoided, simple things like assembled Lego architecture or the 911  model of your choice must be out of the way as well.

  1. Place recreational activities around you

It might seem a contradiction to the above point, but the key is to find balance.

While TV is too big a distraction, having small activities like a Rubik’s cube, a crossword puzzle is a short-term recreational activity that can help you get must much-needed break or rest.

You can place anything, provided it isn’t too addictive. A bean bag can also be a good alternative when it comes to taking a nap.

  1. Make sure that there is enough ventilation

Prolonged use of cooling systems like Air Conditioners is detrimental to both Mother Nature and your health.

Since one has the advantage of working at home, it is advisable to make sure that there is enough ventilation to allow free flow of air.

The free flow of air makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

One of the most effective methods is a cross-ventilation system. Cross ventilation is a setup of placing windows at opposing angles.

The intersection of the airflow from each window makes for a sweet working spot.

  1. Keep a soft board just above your desk

A soft board is a lifesaver when it comes to working with efficiency. It is a must-have for people who have a lot of references or sub-tasks to keep track of. Even if you’re not someone who has a lot to pin, a soft board makes you more organized and productive.

A habit of keeping track of one’s daily agenda helps in increasing overall productivity.

  1. Get a whiteboard

If you’re someone who writes a lot or needs a constant visualization of your running ideas, then a whiteboard is a must for you.

Photo 1501159599894 155982264a55

A whiteboard allows you to be expressive in a way that increases productivity by making concurrently running thoughts more simple, structured, and visualized.

  1. Have a mini fridge at your disposal

This may sound obvious, but keeping yourself well-hydrated is vital for productivity.

A mini fridge makes it easier to store water or energy drinks without the hassle of going to the kitchen. Frequent hydration not only keeps one’s health in check but also increases overall productivity.

  1. Keep the design minimal

One might be influenced to think that a home workplace should include a massive list of things.

But the actual key is to keep things that are only necessary and make sure that the setup is visually appealing. It is advisable only to include things you need rather than adding them just for the sake of it.

Photo 1519408469771 2586093c3f14

An uncluttered and minimal setup goes hand in hand with productivity and quality of work. Some essential habits and practices to keep in mind to increase overall productivity

  • Avoid falling asleep at home office

Don’t keep a bed or make it convenient to get a good sleep. A compromise is a bean bag which allows short rests but makes sure you don’t doze off.

  • Be strict about who can enter your office

Allowing everyone to disturb you at any point is a bad trait that drastically decreases productivity.

Be sure to lay some ground rules when it comes to your home office.

  • Take regular eye breaks

Avoid working at a stretch for long hours.

The advantage of working at home is that there is no direct supervisor. So it is extremely advisable to take frequent breaks.

  • Set daily agendas

Setting daily schedules helps to increase overall productivity and keep one organized.

Final words

A home office is an ideal work condition.

It allows you to work at your style and convenience. This leisure might drive a person to pick up some unproductive traits. That is why it is essential to design your workplace with productivity as a priority. The trick is to find the balance between keeping surroundings informal and yet productive.

A minimalist design makes sure everything is efficiently organized, which will help you take advantage of working at home without compromising overall productivity.

We hope the article helped you in designing your perfect home space.

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