16 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

A beautiful kitchen can be a great place to cook and chat with your close ones. Now, you can make it without the help of designers. 

Kitchens are high-traffic areas because people keep using them every day. Hence, they should ideally require less maintenance. You can opt for either subtle or bold colors to lift up the entire space. Also, ensure that the adjoining areas sync with the kitchen colors. 

Many people go for a black tile border with white ceramic tiles in between. Some people pair mint apple green with white and pastel shades. You can also get subway tiles at the most affordable prices, which can then be paired with walnut wood cabinets.  

We made a list of the top mid-century modern kitchens so that you can choose the best design for yourself. 

So, read on! 

Mid century kitchen

We have discussed the top 17 mid-century modern kitchen designs that you can take inspiration from. However, you will find many other choices on the internet, and you can explore them too. Then there are designs for U-shaped kitchens that are worth looking at. There are enough choices for everybody, and you will find minimalist, industrial, as well as traditional designs with a modern touch. Explore them all to find the one that fits the best. 

1. White And Brown Mid-Century Modern Style 

White and brown midcentury modern style

If you have a big kitchen and want to keep many cabinets for storage, then this mid-century modern kitchen design is a great idea. The cabinets are made of wood, while the rest of the kitchen is in white. As you can see, natural light is streaming in from the top, giving it a very refreshing look. 

You can also opt for handmade white tiles measuring 3 x 12 inches for the backsplash. The cooking space can be made in white to make it look bigger. Pair it up with a few pendant lights, and you are good to go. 

2. White Mid-Century Modern Design

White mid century modern design

Are you planning to keep colorful appliances in the kitchen? Then the white mid-century design will be a great option. It comes with floating shelves, a backsplash, along with countertops made with white marble. This makes it look stylish, and you can add a splash of brown by painting the sides of the kitchen island with brown paint. 

If you are not too sure about maintaining white, then you can opt for other pastel colors. Then keep all your colorful utensils and appliances on top. This mid-century kitchen looks beautiful but can be slightly difficult to maintain. 

3. Walnut Wood Mid-Century Modern Kitchen 

Walnut wood mid century modern kitchen

Imagine a kitchen with a counter stool completely done with wood! Yes, the walnut wood mid-century modern kitchen will give you a rich and classy feel. The island top is made of marble, while the floor is made of sawn white oak. 

Moreover, it looks rich and adds to the aesthetics of contemporary kitchens. The brown-colored cabinets are paired with a white or gray knob to complete the look. Pair it up with broad pendant lights, and you have a very attractive space to boast of. 

4. Glass Tiled Kitchen 

Glass tiled kitchen

If you have a long space behind the kitchen cabinets and sink, then you can opt for glass tiles. This mid-century modern kitchen design is a fabulous idea for spaces that need to be done in white. 

White quartz is used to make the kitchen tops, and you can also use some metal cabinets with it. The wood-style planks used for the flooring are actually made of ceramic. This works for houses with babies or kids who are prone to spilling things on the floor. Plus, it is much more durable than wood. 

Moreover, this glass-tiled kitchen can be paired up with Mediterranean blue island tools, and you can use wallpaper with bright hues. While the entire kitchen is done in white, make the wallpaper pop up from behind the bar cabinet. 

5. Dark Charcoal Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design 

Dark charcoal mid century modern kitchen design

One of the top classic choices for those who prefer darker shades is the dark charcoal mid-century modern kitchen design. Here, you will see that dark charcoal has been used to provide a concrete look to the kitchen. The dark shades have been paired with light wood open racks. 

Furthermore, you can pair it up with a subway tile backsplash if you are not looking to spend too much. The concrete finish will give you an industrial mid-century vibe making it very appealing. 

There are other bold black designs for your kitchen online if you are ready to explore further.

6. Lime Green And Bamboo Design 

Lime green and bamboo design

A colorful tile in bright or pastel colors can liven up the space a lot. This lime green and bamboo design will give you the vibe of a ranch house. The green color has been used for the backsplash, while it has been paired with red and brown cabinets. You can select blue chairs for the island for a gallery-style finish. 

The cooktop can be kept on the island in the middle. This will work for those planning to record videos and will be an incredible choice for content creators and chef bloggers. 

Also, the floor has been made with porcelain tiles, which will go well with the lime green color. It is slip-resistant while being affordable and will not catch dust or dirt easily. You can also use window shades with this mid-century style, which will provide an ample amount of light. 

7. Bright Walnut Mid-Century Modern Touches 

Bright walnut mid century modern touches

If you are a fan of walnut brown, then the cabinets are bound to impress you. This mid-century remodel project will ensure that all the clutter is hidden away. There are no open shelves or racks, which will make it easier to store the mess. 

Next, you can pair the dark wood color with white windows and steel chimneys. Place a fruit bowl on the side along with a few glasses filled with cherries in them. This will amp up the decor and will give you a very classy vibe. Pair this up with linen curtains, which will give you a very homely mid-century vibe. 

8. White Oak And Quartz Mid-Century Modern Kitchen 

White oak and quartz mid century modern kitchen

What are your thoughts on white frost oak? A white oak and quartz mid-century modern kitchen is a brilliant addition to a house with modern décor. You can create a breakfast nook with white tiles. Keep all the cabinets covered so that the clutter is hidden. Then, you can use steel-colored kitchen tools along with pastel-shaded crockery. 

9. Dark Wood Mid-Century Kitchens

Dark wood mid century kitchens

Another mid-century modern design includes using dark wood cabinets along with marble countertops. Get textured marble for the island top as it looks prettier. Also, you can look for reflective fridge doors or cabinet doors, which will add to the look. 

This is a brilliant option for large kitchens. Use flat-front cabinetry along with white cabinet stools to add to the décor. The white slab on the kitchen island in the center will also enhance the look. Keep some artificial or natural green plants on the sides as they will pair well with dark wood color.

10. Mid-Century Cottage Design 

Mid century cottage design

While it may look like the countertop is difficult to maintain, you will be surprised to know that the quartz is easy to clean. It is hard-wearing and painted with a bright white color. The flooring is beautiful as it is made with engineered wood. Engineered wood will last for a long time, and you can clean marks off them. 

Moving on, the ceiling is painted with an eggshell color, making it look crisp and cool. You will love the waves painted on top. Keep black, and brown stools and some red and yellow flowers on top. The bright hues along with the island stools will go well with the white in the room. 

11. Cozy Mid-Century Modern Kitchens 

Cozy mid century modern kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, then the cozy mid-century modern kitchen design will fit in well. The design is such that you can keep all your essentials in one place. Now it is generally advised to stick to light colors for small spaces. However, midnight blue has been used with white to amp up the décor. 

Adding on, you can use dark wood to do the cabinets. Keep white crockery on top, and you have a kitchen to flaunt. The laminate countertops can be done with various stones, too, if you want to experiment. They will be a natural fit with white. Use overhead lights and let natural light stream in through the windows. You can also check the internet for more ideas on how to increase storage space. 

12. Bright And Airy Mid-Century Kitchen

Bright and airy mid century kitchen

If you have large French windows and glass walls in the kitchen, then the bright and airy modern kitchen design can be done. Here you can make a separate corner for dining. Call it the breakfast nook and place it by the glass surface. Then you can add chairs to the bar counter, ensuring that they are the same color as the table. 

While there are many mid-century modern kitchen ideas, this one will fit large and airy spaces. You can place the stove right in the center where you can cook while watching the beautiful sky outside. 

Marble countertops look very good and will reflect some of the light that is falling on top. Walnut wood can be paired with pastel blue cabinets, too, if you like the shade. 

13. White And Chrome Mid-Century Kitchen 

White and chrome mid century kitchen

Are you looking for open shelves to decorate? This is a beautiful and inspiring design that will help you keep your beautiful accessories and crockery on show. The mid-century modern kitchen layout features chrome hardware, white subway tile backsplash, open shelving, along walnut cabinets. 

Moreover, you can buy wire stools made of chrome, which will stand out for sure. Pair it with white pendant lights, and it will look picturesque. Since the entire place is done in white, you can keep crockery of all colors. 

14. Truly White Mid-Century Kitchen 

Truly white mid century kitchen 

If your entire house is done up in shades of white, then this mid-century modern kitchen design will work out well. The backsplash tile design was used in midcentury home kitchens previously, and one can keep crockery in bold color tones. 

Other materials that can be used are porcelain or marble tiles along with chrome chairs. Choose a dark blue fabric for the chairs as it will go with the concrete floors. 

15. Walnut Wood And White Mid-Century Décor 

Walnut wood and white mid century decor 

This mid-century modern kitchen layout is an eye-turner if you have a café or an open kitchen. You will get a wooden or quartz countertop, which will fit well with a walnut wood decor. The silver-topped lighting, along with a gray backsplash, fits well with white wall colors. 

The island table chairs are also done up in white with chrome legs. You can add some colorful cushions, which will add to the décor. 

16. Open Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Open mid century modern kitchen

If you are looking to create an aesthetic space that will have quartz countertops, then this is a great choice. You can check out the engineered quartz countertops, which can be made in white. Pair it up with black shelves and plants on top. 

Then the green plants will be the accent color. You can keep green-colored fruits or décor items around the plants. 

17. Industrial True Mid-Century Kitchens

Industrial true mid century kitchens

This mid-century modern kitchen design is perfect for spaces that are large. You can set up the sink on the kitchen island and then surround it with 2 to 3 chrome wire chairs. Pair it with hanging lamps with a minimal design to complete the look. 

Mid century kitchen

While making mid-century kitchens, you will first need to separate the defined area and then plan accordingly. The space can either be done up with glossy tiles or those with a matte finish. We will suggest that you draw out the kitchen blueprint first and then start working on it. 

Also, if you have a counter running through the side of the kitchen, then you can paint it in solid colors. Use natural materials to enhance the space and keep plants and colorful crockery at intervals. 

Moreover, you will find various other stylish kitchen designs online if you want to experiment with something other than mid-century designs. 

With this, we have reached the end of this guide. You can let us know if you have any further doubts in the comment section below. 

Goodbye and happy designing!

16 mid-century modern kitchen design ideas
16 mid-century modern kitchen design ideas

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