11 Mid-Century Coffee Tables | Design & Ideas

Let’s be honest, a coffee table is one of the prerequisites of a living room. 

From holding drinks to keeping reading materials, a coffee table comes in handy for a variety of purposes. That said, it’s time to remodel your living room with a coffee table that is functional yet stylish enough to spruce your space. 

And, when it comes to coffee tables, you can never go wrong with a modern-designed mid-century coffee table. But, with a plethora of options, how do you know which one to get to make your space comfortable and more inviting?

That’s where this guide walks in. After scouring the internet for hours, we’ve rounded up some of the best options that you can consider for your space. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple coffee table or something that would look classy, we’ve got options that would satisfy even the pickiest customer. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the article. 

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1. Mid-Century Modern Walnut Coffee Table With Bent Tapered Legs

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Looking for a coffee table that will fit in the modern decor of your home just perfectly? Well, we’ve got one for you.

With bent tapered feet, this coffee table is sleek and brings elegance and class to any living room. Also, it has a round silhouette that adds to its streamlined aesthetics. 

Moreover, its circular, tray-shaped countertop provides a great platform for keeping tea, coffee, periodicals, magazines, nibbles, and other items. Thanks to its four outwardly bending legs, this coffee table makes for a perfect decorative piece in any modern home. 

On top of that, these legs are well-built, so they offer excellent stability and support to the tabletop. Hence, you can keep anything upon it without worrying about the tabletop. Since it is constructed using hardwood, you can rest assured that this piece will last for years to come. 

Better yet, despite being made of hardwood, it has a gracious finish that adds to the overall aesthetic of this ensemble. In a nutshell, this mid-century modern coffee table will breathe class and elegance into the lounge of any home. 

2. Mid-Century Style Coffee Table With Spiraling Base

Mid-century style coffee table with spiraling base

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If you’re looking for a mid-century design coffee table that will serve as a centerpiece of the living room, this coffee table might be the one for you. Popular during the mid-century, this coffee table features a spiraling base that adds a unique touch to it. 

Designed in the Platner style with a modern tinge, this coffee table adds a touch of sophistication to the living space. This iconic coffee table is constructed using metal rods that render a modern touch to this ensemble. 

Also, the tabletop is connected to the base through rods that are twisted at the bottom. Thus, this makes it look more sophisticated. 

Most people use metal accent pieces to make their space aesthetically appealing, and that’s why this piece is popular among homeowners. Plus, it seamlessly blends with the rest of the items in your space, so you can use this without any worries. 

If you decide to go with this piece, pairing it with neutral items would be the best way to decorate your space. That said, we suggest using a black or brown color sofa that will perfectly enhance the beauty of this ensemble. 

3. Turn the Solid Wood Pedestal Coffee Table

Turn solid wood pedestal coffee table

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Are snacks and drinks your constant companion while you read a book in the living room? If yes, then this coffee table may be an excellent addition to your space.   

Made of solid wood, the Turn coffee table looks mesmerizing when placed in front of a gray sofa. Not only the tabletop but the base material is also made of solid wood. Hence, this table is highly durable and won’t break easily. 

If you’re planning to add this cute ensemble to your space, pair it with neutral decorating items so that the space will brighten up instantly. 

4. Maison 55 Paxton Coffee Table

Maison 55 paxton coffee table

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Here’s another elegant option that you can consider for your living room. Thanks to the steel frame, this coffee table steals the show because of its attractive color. 

With a cool nickel effect, this sleek coffee table has a rectangular top and is polished with an open grain, of silver oak that further adds to the beauty of this piece. 

What’s particularly impressive is the marble tabletop of this coffee table. And so, the perfect spot to position this coffee table is the center of the room. To spruce up the space, you can also place any decorating piece on the coffee table. 

What’s more, it has a versatile color palette which means it can go well with any decor you want. Hence, if you’re looking for mid-century modern coffee tables that can go along well with any decor, this is the best bet. 

5. Williams Coffee Table

Williams coffee table

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Looking for a coffee table that is crafted meticulously by hand? Then, this beauty will fit the bill perfectly. 

This beautiful ensemble has a unique, timeless design that will perfectly showcase the decor of your living space. What sets this coffee table apart from the rest is its hairpin legs made of metal. Thanks to the shiny powder-coated finish, this piece looks elegant and classy. 

Moreover, this table is customizable to suit the needs of every homeowner. Crafted using solid and manufactured wood, this coffee table calls for easy assembly. 

6. Maison 55 4 Legs Coffee Table With Storage

Maison 55 4 legs coffee table with storage

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If you are a minimalist looking for coffee tables that go well with every style and space, this four-legged coffee table will be the best bet. 

Since it is crafted using steel, its durability is top-notch, which means that it can last for decades. Moreover, this mid-century modern coffee table has a drawer that makes it easy for homeowners to store things. 

Also, it has open shelving so you can stack your favorite books and magazines on it. What’s more, metal coffee tables are scratch-resistant, which means that they will retain their beauty for years. Thus, if you have a fluffy companion at home, this one’s perfect for you. 

All in all, this mid-century modern coffee table is perfect for those looking for durable options without compromising on style. 

7. Pivot Statement’s Coffee Table

Pivot statement’s coffee table

In quest of small coffee tables that will fit your small living room in the perfect way? Well, we’ve got one for you. 

Constructed from solid wood, this coffee table makes for an elegant and sophisticated centerpiece for any living room. Also, it has a glass tabletop that makes this piece delicate yet functional. 

Thanks to the numerous coats of silky smooth varnish, this coffee table is resistant to abrasions, heat damage, stains, and moisture rings. This means it is highly durable. 

Unlike other coffee tables, this mid-century modern coffee table doesn’t require assembly. That said, this coffee table is perfect for those looking to add a statement to their living room. 

8. Acme Valora Coffee Table

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Looking for a coffee table that will make your space warm and more inviting? Then the Acme Vallora coffee table will be a handsome addition to your home. 

Thanks to the eye-catching design, this coffee table instantly adds beauty to your favorite décor. Carved out of metal, the legs of this coffee table are beautiful yet sturdy. On top of it, it is polished in a champagne color that further enhances its beauty. 

Furthermore, this mid-century-inspired coffee table has a black glass-type finish which makes it perfect for adding a sophisticated look to your home. 

9. Elko Coffee Table

Elko coffee table

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Want to add a pop of color to your living room? Then this mid-century modern coffee table will be perfect for adding a wow factor to your room. 

While the top of the coffee table is carved out of wood, its base is made of steel. On top of it, it is welded and powder-coated, adding a tinge of elegance to the table. 

What’s more, this coffee table requires partial assembly, so you need not worry much about assembling it. Also, the bolts are included in the package, which makes it easier to assemble this piece. 

10. Frida Acrylic Coffee Table

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Looking for a mid-century coffee table that is sleek and stylish for your living room? Then take a look at this acrylic coffee table. 

Thanks to its clear acrylic construction, this coffee table is a handsome addition to any living room regardless of the decor. Also, you will appreciate the minimal design of this coffee table that will add a touch of sophistication to your space. 

Moreover, this is an excellent option for compact living rooms where traditional coffee tables might end up taking up a lot of space. One of the best ways you can use this coffee table is to place it on a fancy rug and let the table run its magic wand. 

Having said that, this coffee table is perfect for modern homes because of its functionality and stylish looks. 

11. Noguchi Coffee Table

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Looking for mid-century coffee tables that will be perfect for playing board games with friends? Then this Noguchi coffee table serves as the perfect perch for playing board games. 

Classy and stylish, this coffee table is fashioned by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. With a solid wood base, this coffee table features tempered glass that makes it a perfect piece for your living room. 

Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors, so you can take your pick accordingly. To make your room elegant, pair this coffee table with colorful furniture or light-colored rugs. 

Mid century coffee table

There’s no denying that mid-century furniture makes your space elegant, classy, and more inviting. And, when it comes to the living room, you can never go wrong with a mid-century coffee table. 

From coffee tables made of solid and manufactured wood to tempered glass (base material), coffee tables are available in a plethora of varieties. With that, it’s time to wrap up our guide. 

But, before we sign off, here’s a pro tip – apart from solid wood, the level of assembly is also important, so make sure you check that before you buy it. That said, we shall now take your leave. Hopefully, you will be able to pick one for your home. Be sure to let us know which one you finally ended up choosing for your living room.

Until then, happy designing! 

11 mid century coffee tables | design & ideas
11 mid century coffee tables | design & ideas
11 mid century coffee tables | design & ideas

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