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There’s no denying the fact that a home is a safe haven for every individual. 

Though it must be a safe and comfortable place to live, your personal space must be functional yet decorative. And, one of the best ways to do that is to add mid-century modern-style furniture pieces to your home. 

Honestly, a mid-century modern dining chair would be a perfect addition to your living space. Because they fit in every space, you can create a unique ambiance and play with colors, materials, and shapes. 

However, there are zillions of options out there, how do you know which one will be the best choice for your office or home décor? That’s where this guide walks in. 

To make your search easy, we’ve selected some of the best options that we believe can fit any home or office. From solid wood upholstery material to velvet upholstery fill material, we’ve got you covered. 

So, grab a cup of cappuccino and start reading!

Mid century modern dining chairs

1. Frederick Upholstered Dining Chair

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Looking for unique mid-century dining chairs that will grab the attention of your visitors? Well, the Frederick upholstered chair might be the perfect one for your space. Because of its unique design, this chair is sure to bring an element of fashion into your room. 

Also, this chair is available in beautiful colors, so you can pair it to complement the decor of your room. Though popularly used as a dining chair, most homeowners use this as an accent chair. 

What’s highly striking is that this chair can support a whopping weight of 250 pounds. This is possible because its legs are sturdily built using solid wood and plastic. Made of polyester fabric, this chair is fully upholstered and has a foam-padded seat to make it more comfortable. This extra foam provides additional seating and backrest support. 

2. Westboro Upholstered Stacking Side Chair In Charcoal Gray

Westboro upholstered stacking side chair in charcoal gray

Love hosting dinner parties every now and then? Then, now is the perfect time to get a new set of dining chairs for your dining room. 

The Westboro dining chair combines traditional elegance with contemporary touches perfectly. Fully upholstered in polyester blend fabric, this chair will transform your dining room in unimaginable ways. 

With its capacity to support a total weight of up to 220 pounds, you can rest assured that this chair is designed to last as its legs are made of durable metal. 

Apart from durable legs, the Westboro chair also features an extra padded seat which means you won’t feel any discomfort while enjoying dinner. But that’s not all; the charcoal gray color of the chair makes it easy to pair the chair with a variety of colors. With a little creativity and imagination, you can pair this well with the decor of your dining space. 

3. Chisdock Upholstered Side Chair

Chisdock upholstered side chair

Thanks to its elegant and classic design, this armless dining chair would make a handsome addition to your dining space. It is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can easily get one according to the interiors of your space. 

Enveloped in polyester blend fabric, this seating is highly comfortable. Because it is made from solid wood, its durability is top-notch. 

What’s particularly impressive is that even though it doesn’t feature a backrest, it will keep you comfortable nevertheless. Thanks to the natural oak construction, this mid-century modern dining chair can support a total weight of 250 pounds. 

Those who go for the Chisdock chair will receive two chairs similar to each other in a natural walnut or oak finish. 

4. Blomquist Side Chair

Blomquist side chair

Elegant and classic, this contemporary-style chair is perfect for compact dining spaces. Thanks to the sleek legs, this dining chair doesn’t take up much space in the dining room. Thus, this makes it perfect for small spaces. 

We absolutely adore its white seating, which is placed in contrast with its solid wood legs. All this adds to the beauty of this chair. Though delicate, this mid-century modern dining chair is sturdily built. So, rest assured, it will last longer than you can imagine. 

Moreover, assembling this chair isn’t a daunting task. Thanks to the screw in the legs, you can assemble and disassemble the chair as and when you want. The package includes iconic chairs, so it is perfect for a four-seater dining table. 

If you’re a minimalist who loves adding white to the interior of their home, this set of chairs is the one for you. Because it exudes an understated charm, this chair perfectly complements the interiors of the office too. In a nutshell, this chair is a perfect addition to modern-themed homes or offices. 

5. Dayanara Solid Wood Slat Back Dining Chair

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Made from beechwood, this Dayanara chair can make your dining space aesthetically appealing instantly. This mid-century modern chair dons a black finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your dining room. 

Moreover, this chair has woven seating support that makes it all the more comfortable. So, whether you want to have a chit-chat with a long-lost friend over a cup of coffee or simply enjoy a barbeque dinner with your close ones, this chair provides much-needed comfort to the diners. 

On top of it, this chair can support a total weight of about 275 pounds which is really impressive. Not to forget, this chair doesn’t feature an armrest which makes it a space-saving option for small dining spaces. 

When you’re done with the meal, you can push the chair beneath the table or desk and make the dining space appear large. Not only is it the right choice for the dining room, but you can also place it in the study room of your home. 

6. Beckner Dining Chair

Beckner dining chair

Looking for iconic mid-century design pieces that can be used as statement pieces? Well, the Beckner dining chairs might be the ones you’re looking for. 

Because of its bold and unique design, most people avoid using this chair in their dining space. However, if contrasted well, this chair will make a perfect addition to the mid-century modern interior. 

Made from plywood with veneer and bentwood, this walnut finish chair is a classic example of the creativity of designers who come up with inventive solutions for modern homes. 

What’s particularly impressive is the shape of the backrest of this chair. With a boxy hourglass shape, this chair will surely grab the attention of your guests. If you think that its lean legs make it a delicate piece, then you’re laboring a delusion. That’s because it is strong and well-built and can support up to 250 pounds. 

If you go for this mid-century modern piece, you’ll receive two chairs. This means that if you need six chairs, you will have to order three sets. That said, if you’re looking for chairs that have an eye-catching design, this armless design chair is your best bet. 

7. Brie Solid Wood Upholstered Dining Chair

Brie solid wood upholstered dining chair

Simple yet elegant, this splayed legs chair is a perfect addition to your home. Wrapped completely in gray upholstery, this chair is a unique blend of modern and traditional design. Thus, it is an excellent option for homes with minimalist interior designs. 

Furthermore, its armless design and streamlined silhouette blend perfectly into every space. Since it has four splayed legs covered in walnut shade, this chair looks exquisite and can spice up any dining room. 

One interesting aspect of this chair is its foam weight capacity which can support about 400 pounds which is pretty much as compared to other dining room chairs on the market. Moreover, the contoured seat of this chair features fabric that is resistant to stain. 

Also, it has a synthetic fiberfill that provides much-needed comfortable seating. Hence, this chair is perfect for those looking for chair options that will effortlessly complement any dining room table. 

8. Paris Velvet Dining Chair

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Looking for chairs that can make a lasting impression on your guests? Then this Paris velvet dining chair is worth consideration. 

Featuring velvet upholstery material, this dining chair adds a luxurious touch to your dining area. Besides, it is highly durable and can withstand regular wear and tear perfectly well. Thanks to its bold pink color, the chair adds a dramatic element to your dining room. 

Moreover, this chair features metal legs that gleam in a gold finish, thereby adding a touch of luxury to the interiors of your home. Though delicate, this metal leg can withstand regular wear and tear. 

What’s more, the seat of this chair is thickly cushioned so that the guests remain comfortable throughout the dinner. Oh, and did we mention that this chair is easy to assemble? 

9. Karina Velvet Dining Chair

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This sleek pink velvet chair oozes style and elegance into your dining room. And, that’s why it is one of the most popular options among homeowners looking for chairs of mid-century designs for their modern homes. 

If you’re fond of retro-style furniture pieces, you can never go wrong with this exquisite piece. Since it is stark pink in color, you can use this to make a striking statement without any difficulty. 

Also, it has gold-finish slanted legs that add a touch of modernity to your space. While sprucing up the space with their gold finish, they also provide durable and reliable support to guests. 

10. Drumawillin Dining Chair

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If you’re on the quest to find mid-century dining pieces that are simple yet unique, the Drumawilin dining chair is your best bet. While offering comfortable seating, this chair exudes a charm that is unparalleled. 

Whether you want to keep the conversation flowing with your best friend over a cup of coffee or keep guests comfortable, this chair is perfect for all times. This chair is constructed using solid wood, which means that it can withstand everyday wear and tear without falling apart. Also, this chair has a curved backrest that adds to its overall beauty.

Since it is available in walnut and oak finish, you can easily get one according to the decor of your home. Made from a polyester blend, it has a comfortable foam filling. As it doesn’t feature an armrest and is short in height, you can push this chair underneath the table and save ample space in your dining room. 

11. West Alton Upholstered Stacking Side Chair In Charcoal Gray

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Finding it difficult to choose one for your dining room? You can never go wrong with this West Alton upholstered stacking side chair. This classic and elegant piece comes in handy in a variety of scenarios. 

Thanks to the quality construction and distinctive features, this dining room piece adds a contemporary panache to your room. Featuring polyester upholstery, this chair has a metal frame and is charcoal gray. Thus, you can rest assured that this chair will seamlessly blend with other items in the room. 

And do you know what the best part of this dining chair is? Its backrest is also covered in upholstery and can support a total weight of about 220 pounds. All in all, the West Alton chair is a perfect choice for those looking for timeless and iconic pieces to adorn their home. 

12. Thelonius Upholstered Side Chair

Thelonius upholstered side chair

Looking for mid-century modern dining chairs in faux leather to add charm to your dining room? Well, we’ve got one for you. 

With a classic combination of wood and leather, the Thelonius upholstered chair is a truly unique piece that you can ever get hold of. While the leg and backrest are made of wood, the seat cushion is made of faux leather upholstery. 

Because of its tapered circular legs and silhouette, this is the homeowner’s and interior designer’s favorite mid-century dining piece. Not to forget, this chair has a weight capacity of about 250 pounds, which is decent enough in our opinion. So, those looking for faux leather mid-century design chairs must definitely consider this classic piece. 

13. Zeller Solid Wood Dining Chair

Zeller solid wood dining chair

If you love furniture pieces that are unique and eye-catching, then this Zeller dining chair will suit your taste perfectly. Constructed from beechwood, this beauty is well-built, and that’s why its solid wood weight capacity is about 250 pounds. 

With a wishbone shape on the middle slat, this chair has a timelessly iconic design that adds beauty to any space you place it. Also, it has four tapered legs which support the seat of the chair. 

You will also be pleased to know that the package consists of two chairs, so it is perfect for a small dining table. However, if you want more, you can always order additional sets. 

Oh, and did we mention that this chair doesn’t require assembly as it comes pre-assembled? 

14. Marin Upholstered Armchair

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Want to go bold while decorating your dining area? Then you can never go wrong with the Marin upholstered armchair. 

The makers of this dining chair have defied the geometry of constructing chairs, and it clearly reflected in its unique design. And, that’s why this chair is one of the unique things you can add to your home. 

Unlike our previous picks, this chair has angular recessed arms that add to its beauty. Also, it is made from solid wood, which means it is highly durable. As such, it can also support a weight of about 300 pounds. 

Better yet, its upholstery is a blend of a little bit of cotton and polyester to add a luxurious tinge to the chair. Hence, this chair is best for those who love to go for bold and unique pieces. 

15. Adison Upholstered Dining Chair

Adison upholstered dining chair

While scouring the internet for the best mid-century modern dining chairs, we happened to stumble upon this exquisite piece. 

Its beautiful design has made it a popular option for the dining area of any home. Moreover, the upholstery of the chair features a beautiful green color that is sure to arrest your attention in the first instance. 

Furthermore, its solid wood legs can support a total weight of up to 250 pounds. Since its foam seating is enveloped in a polyester blend is woven fabric, this chair is a blend of modern and classic. Thus, you can get this one for your space and pair it with a traditional wooden dining table to enhance the overall look of the dining room. 

16. Steven Upholstered Dining Chair

Steven upholstered dining chair

Made from solid and engineered wood, the Steven dining chair is perfect for those who love sculptural looks in furniture. Available in a set of two, this chair can support a weight of up to 250 pounds. 

Its elegant and sleek design is what has made it one of the most popular options among interior designers. What’s highly striking is the color combination of this chair which is sure to add a style statement to your space. 

Its white upholstery and the cherry color body make it a unique and stylish option for the dining room. That said if you’re planning to add this beauty to the dining space, make sure you paint the walls white and pair them with a solid wooden table to enhance their beauty. 

17. Dylan Upholstered Side Chair

Dylan upholstered side chair

Looking for mid-century modern dining chairs that are moody, stylish, and pair well with contemporary interior style? Then, the Dylan chair might be the one for your space. 

Though delicate and short, this chair is one of the most stylish pieces that you can come across on the market. As the legs of this chair are made from plywood and wood, it is durable enough to support up to 250 pounds. 

Furthermore, the cream seat adds to this beauty and contrasts the walnut finish of this chair effortlessly. And, that’s why it makes a perfect statement piece for the dining room space. 

The padding of its seat is hugged completely by polyester upholstery to ensure it provides the ultimate level of comfort to the users. If you’re deciding to go for this option, make sure you paint the dining room gray as it will enhance the beauty of this furniture piece. 

18. Mid-Century Modern Vintage Navy Blue Leatherette Dining Armchair

51+hklraxgl. Sl500


Timelessly iconic and stylish, this leather dining armchair has an exquisite design that will seize the attention of your visitors. Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will surely allure you if you’re a minimalist at heart. 

Thanks to the winged back, this chair is designed to be comfortable for users. So, rest assured, your family and guests can enjoy their meal without facing any discomfort. 

19. Viscount Dining Side Chairs Upholstered Fabric

61i4j9f7hgl. Sl500


Sleek and stylish, this dining chair can spruce up the décor of your home with its classic gray color. Heavily cushioned in foam, the Viscount dining chair is delicately enveloped in polyester fabric. Moreover, it has slender wood legs that are coated black. 

Thus, this black-gray combo has made it a popular pick among those homeowners who love to go minimal while decorating their dining room. Because of its unique design, this dining chair adds sophistication to any dining piece. 

20. Padded Side Chair

51r5hvoo9us. Sl500


Want to add a dash of color to your dining room space but don’t know which chair will be perfect for your space? Don’t worry; we’ve got something for you. 

Thanks to the padded seat, this padded side chair will add colors to your space and spruce up the interiors in the right way. Being gray, this chair will add a hint of luxury to your space. Even though it looks great, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. Hence, it is a perfect combination of style and comfort. 

Better yet, this chair is vibrant and versatile, which makes it perfect for every type of interior. Though it doesn’t come assembled, assembling it isn’t challenging at all. 

What’s more, the legs of this chair are built from oak wood, so you know they are highly durable. On top of it, the padded seat is perfectly enveloped in leather upholstery to make sure it provides ultimate comfort to the users. 

21. LumiSource Andrew Dining Chair

51wpr2linml. Sl500

Looking for a mid-century modern dining chair that is comfortable yet trendy for your dining space? This LumiSource dining chair would be the best bet. 

Thanks to the padded armrest and backrest, you can sit back and relax in the plush seating of this chair after an exhausting day. What’s great is that you can use this at home, in the office, or anywhere you want.

Mid century modern dining chairs

Apart from the living room, the dining room is one of the most important rooms of any home. And so, it must be lively, energetic, and must have exquisite pieces that can grab the attention of your visitors. 

That said, mid-century modern dining chairs are a handsome addition to any dining space. We’ve discussed plenty of options, so picking one must not be challenging for you. However, make sure you choose chairs that complement the interiors. Or else, the beauty of your space will be lost. 

With that being said, we shall take your leave. Be sure to let us know your favorites in the comments below. 

Until then, happy decorating. 

21 mid-century modern dining chairs
21 mid-century modern dining chairs

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