13 Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Tired of looking at your same old bedroom design? Then it’s about time you added some mid-century flair to it. 

Defined by high functionality, primary colors, organic forms, and clean lines, mid-century modern bedroom designs sport a timeless appeal that’s not going away anytime soon. Plus, it is relatively easier to incorporate this retro style into interiors while complementing it with a range of other aesthetics.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some beautiful mid-century modern-style bedroom ideas that you can consider incorporating into your master bedroom. Rest assured, it will help you take its visual appeal to the next level.  

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Mid century modern bedroom

Here are some wonderful mid-century modern bedroom-style ideas for you.

1. Encompass Retro Shapes

Encompass retro shapes

During the peak of mid-century modern style in the 1940s, Starbursts used to be one of the most popular accents. Take a look at the shape above the headboard; it looks familiar, doesn’t it? You can incorporate these fun retro shapes into the decor of your mid-century bedroom. 

Furthermore, you can enhance the retro vibe by adding a theme. A single mid-century bedroom shape feels contemporary and more refreshing. However, make sure you don’t get carried away; it has to be either boomerangs or starbursts, but not both. 

In this room in the picture, we’ve flirted with starburst shapes in the lamps and the mirror for classic mid-century style design, maintaining computer and balance.   

2. Go for Geometric and Organic Forms

Go for geometric and organic forms

In our opinion, mid-century modern design bedrooms look best when decorated with geometric and organic forms. Why? Well, for starters, it helps create a space that looks both inviting and dynamic. Items such as the gourd-shaped lamps in the picture above used to be a staple of mid-century modern bedrooms. 

Apart from that, the starburst mirror is a classic example of what adding organic and geometric shapes can deliver to a mid-century modern-style bedroom. We love how the organic shape of the headboard and the soft lines are juxtaposed with the aesthetically appealing geometry of the nightstands.    

3. Incorporate Natural Textures

Incorporate natural textures

We’ve already made it quite clear how mid-century architecture can provide outstanding inspiration for bedroom ideas. But if you still want to be sure, then look at this picture above. You will see that these spaces look as if they have been designed to be clean and streamlined in order to celebrate the natural beauty of their surroundings.

We strongly suggest that you let it work its full magic by allowing the outdoors to come indoors through the natural light to mingle with the striking wall color. Plus, try to fill up your mid-century design with natural materials, like woven baskets.       

4. Take the Minimalist Approach

Take the minimalist’s approach

Mid-century modern bedroom designs are based on the philosophy: less is more. In order to get the best results, you need to take a minimal approach to your surface styling and allow the other materials and sculptural forms to shine. 

Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces are an ideal start for any mid-century-style bedroom. But remember to stick with a soft color palette; we suggest choosing not more than 2 colors for a minimal vibe.

In this picture, the mid-century modern bedroom sports soft pops of yellow and pink to add the much-desired warmth to the neutral palette. Also, minimal styling is ideal for mid-century bedrooms that are smaller in size because it tends to create an illusion of space.     

5. Form and Function

Form and function

It’s a no-brainer that the mid-century modern movement was big on both function and form. While designing a mid-century bedroom, ensure that the design is as pragmatic as elegant. This picture shows that it is quite convenient to add a touch of function with dressers and closed storage nightstands to the room. 

Also, the bench could work great as extra seating around a platform bed. Not to mention, it makes a great space for taking off shoes and keeping clothes.   

6. Flirt with Patterns

Flirt with patterns

Any interior decorator who knows a thing or two about mid-century modern design would agree that patterns are an integral part of it. This is because the style favors abstract, organic, and geometric patterns. We strongly recommend going with bright colors having sharp contrast, just like the marvelous boho mid-century modern look in the picture above. 

Long story short, patterns can bring a sense of interest and life to the clean lines and simplicity of classic mid-century style. Patterned rugs/pillows or geometric wall art are, without a doubt, a perfect addition to tie the visual interest of a mid-century modern bedroom.      

7. Flaunt Natural Wood Tones

Flaunt natural wood tones

Believe it or not, natural wood finishes are also integral to the mid-century modern bedroom style. While designing your room, go with furniture that boasts natural wood grain, and make sure you stick to a particular wood finish. 

Along those lines, the acorn is considered the go-to choice for mid-century modern bedroom design among interior decorators. As far as our favorite picks are considered, they are walnut and teak. That said, always ensure that you pick the hue that best suits your design plan.  

8. Combine Primary Colors with Neutral

Combine primary colors with neutral

One of the key hallmarks of mid-century modern bedroom ideas is to have primary colors in the design. This is because it was about creating convenient spaces, and color was important in infusing spaces with joy and playfulness. 

Have you watched the American TV show called Mad Men? If you have, imagine the living room of John Draper to get an idea of how crucial color was to mid-century modern bedrooms.

As for the design palette, it’s best to go with primary colors such as blues, reds, and yellows. Plus, don’t shy away from modernizing these bold shapes with neutral color palettes, which is much easier to work with modern and contemporary design.      

9. Show off your Materials

Show off your materials

Mid-century modern bedroom design looks even more beautiful when there is a nice mix of materials. From the mid-20th century, interior decorators used innovative and new materials like bent tubular steel, molded plywood, and fiberglass. 

In order to achieve the mid-century modern style in this day and age, you can mix up materials such as metals, seagrass, woven jute, wool, leather, and wood. The more materials you show off in your mid-century modern bedroom, the better. Not to mention, this keeps the look full of contrast and dynamic: the two main elements of any mid-century bedroom decorating style

10. Opt for Tapered-legged Furniture

Opt for tapered-legged furniture

Now, let us talk a bit about tapered legs and their importance in designing mid-century modern bedrooms. Incorporating this design element can enhance the visual interest of your space to a great extent; use round-legged furniture, the ones that get thinner as they reach the floor. We assure you that it is one of the effective ways to bring retro style to your home. 

The exquisite legs add a touch of elegance to heavier foundational pieces, like a mid-century modern bed. Moreover, it is a great idea for small rooms as the narrow legs tend to create an open flow under the furniture to deliver an illusion of more space. 

Apart from that, opting for tapered-legged furniture makes it convenient to run the vacuum cleaner around the mid-century bedroom, which is no less than a bonus if you ask us.

11. Accent Wall

Accent wall

This mid-century modern bedroom flaunts a beautiful retro chartreuse accent wall. Plus, the abstract artwork and the rug tie into the color of the wall and add a sense of stability to the space. We think It is safe to say, you can incorporate this look into the interior design of your bedroom and get a head-turning result. 

12. Modern Dresser

Modern dresser

The beautiful-looking dresser in the picture comprises natural wood, straight edges, raised legs, and clean lines, all the essential elements of a mid-century modern style bedroom. Also, the squat yellow lamp is a statement light fixture, which adds to the clean aesthetic of the space. 

13. Consider White

Consider white

A neutral color palette is a common choice in mid-century design. The serene and elegant bedroom that you see above was taken by the famous photographer Matthew Niemann, who made an attempt to display the peaceful color scheme of natural wood and neutral colors. 

Mid century modern bedroom

So, are you ready to transform your boring bedroom into a mid-century modern bedroom? If so, you can take the help of the design ideas that we have shared in this guide. 

Before we sign off, here’s our last word of advice: don’t overdo it, and try to keep it simple. Also, don’t forget to use furniture with tapered legs, especially those made from natural materials, as they are a key part of a mid-century modern bedroom design.  

If you have any further questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below, we’ll be more than happy to help.   

That’s all for today. Until next time, take care!  

13 mid century modern bedroom design ideas

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