14 Best Architecture Cut Out People Websites to Check

Visualization is an excruciatingly time-consuming and integral part of architecture. Do you spend countless nights finding the ideal cutout people for your project?

After meticulously creating your imagery on Photoshop and spending all night rendering variations, it’s no surprise why adding illustrations or cutout people to it always comes last. And it is essential to find the perfect cutouts because it helps create a narrative by providing the viewer with a connection to the illustration.

To ensure they add something to your project, you spend an extensive amount of time looking for free cutouts on Google images. But on most occasions, this isn’t the easiest.

If you’re looking for high-resolution cutout people, we could help you out with this collection of websites. They offer a sizeable collection of entourage cutouts that are not only of great quality but also feature various diverse attributes.

Architecture Cut Out People Websites

Architecture cut out people websites

1. Mr Cutout 

Regardless of the style of the silhouettes, this site offers various graphics, including vehicles, people, objects and more. While entire collections may not be free, there are various categories to pick from.

Mr cutout 

However, you have a limit of 2.5 MB a day once you register, and just a few downloads would consume your allowance. But their people PNG library is vast, and you can access high-quality images based on certain elements like space, activities, light, ethnicity, and more.

2. Jugaad Render 

If you’re looking to add more diversity to your projects, then Jugaad Render is the perfect website for you. You can find a large collection of free high-quality cutouts ranging from their gender and activity to even their occupation. You could make your renderings stand out with these free tools.

2. Jugaad render 

3. Escalalatina 

Just like Jugaad Render, if you’re specifically looking for cutouts of Latin Americans, then you’re in luck. Escalalatina has a full library consisting of cutouts covering categories like gender, animals, illustrations and more. And they are available on the homepage, so you will be able to quickly find them.

4. Cut Out Mix 

Sometimes cutouts aren’t as straightforward, especially like the silhouettes on cut out mix. You can give your renditions an artistic touch without any copyright infringements by concealing their identity tastefully. That said, if you’re looking for specific requirements like sitting or standing cutouts, then cut out mix is the right place for you.

Cut out mix

5. Clipped 

It’s always difficult to look for the ideal PNG, especially when you’ve spent all your time on a project. But what if we tell you that you can access an image sharing community for all of your needs?

This website could be considered the largest database of cutout images of entourage in the world. But it also features other cutouts like activities, accessories, and more.

6. Skalgubbar 

Not only is Skalgubbar one of the most popular cutout sites, but it also gives you access to a large library of high-resolution cutouts in PNG format.


The website is full of Scandinavian people dealing with all kinds of interesting situations that don’t often work for every illustration. But they can help add a little something to images that aren’t as exciting.

7. Textures.com 

Architects are always looking for websites that will make a tedious process so much easier. And textures.com does exactly that.

Not only does it have an extensive database of textures, but it also works well on Photoshop and is tileable. If you’re looking for specific cutouts, you might quickly find them in their in-depth library with ease. However, the free account will only allow you to download 15 MBs a day.


There aren’t many free websites that offer the resources most look for, but NONSCANDINAVIA gives you access to a database of high-resolution and free PNG images reflecting diversity in every form.


They aim to provide for non-Scandinavian people, which helps give various websites and databases a separate perspective to your renderings. And they do this by thoroughly picking people that are ideal for your project. They also have a different section with a riveting approach to their cutouts.

9. Tony Textures 

Many free cutouts aren’t as high-res or helpful for a particular rendition. But this website offers a small collection that you can download in one file.

While most aren’t tileable, the images like ground plants, skies, and more make it easy to use in Photoshop. It also is very easy to drag and drop your files. And even though you can look at other examples to help create a seamless image, this site will help deliver your inspired page.

10. Gobotree 

3D renditions of elements in life inspire a large number of architects. And it’s seldom easy to find free images and cutouts with limited resources.


But Gobotree has an ever-growing library showcasing images and cutouts, which you can access using their category option. It offers various free silhouettes and cutouts of vegetation and people that quickly populate your illustration.

However, to use their service, you would need to register for a free account. And this would limit your downloads to 50 images per month.

11. SWtexture 

It’s not the easiest to find ideal tileable textures, especially when using them in photoshop or a 3D model.

So while the site mainly focuses on commonly used materials, you will be able to find something specific or unique. And the textures they do offer are of great quality, which would, in turn, help benefit your project. Even the images you find here are free to use, and you can utilize them in 2D and 3D renditions.

12. Immediate Entourage 

Architects often dread looking for cutouts for various reasons. One of them is due to how hard it is to find quality images.

Immediate entourage 

But Immediate Entourage offers a large collection of cutout people, and while they can be a hit or a miss, the library is incredibly global. One of the other features this website offers is the extensive cutouts of vegetation. And what’s even better is that they’re all easy to find because of how well everything is labeled.

13. Xoio 

Certain projects require a specific collection of cutouts. And you won’t always find them with a simple Google images search. But Xoio’s extensive library is meant to help you discover just that, be it people scenes in various directions to coffee, office scenes, and more.


However, they use green screens to create the cutouts, making them of the highest quality. And this makes their collection stand out. You will also find an array of 3D backgrounds and models that could help enhance your projects further.

14. FlyingArchitecture 

Textures can be a little difficult to alter if you can’t find the ideal resources depending on your project. But on this website, you can access their comprehensive library that offers a variety of V-Ray textures, including displacement maps and more. And you can even use the diffuse images in Photoshop or for your 3D model despite the textures being created for V-Ray.


Final Words 

Architects will continue to create and work on new projects, regardless of how time-consuming and extensive the process is. But we hope that with these sites and the examples and library they offer, inspiration to create exceptional renditions will hit you.

Each of these sites give you and your team the best quality entourage. Moreover, the renderings you produce using these resources will offer your viewer exactly what you’ve created the space to look like.

So, what cutout site has made architectural visualizations easier for you? Hope this guide helps you find the right answer.

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