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Aline is an international licensed architect currently practicing in Canada, she is the reason you are reading this right now, Aline founded the platform back in 2008 shaping the very foundation of Architecture Lab, her exemplary content curation process that defines the online magazine today.


  • Aline founded Architecture Lab in 2008
  • Lead editor of dan | dailyarchnews since 2019
  • Founded and Creative Director of DesignRaid
  • Licensed architect with creative sales and marketing experience


As full-fledged architect, Aline’s background involved a great deal of research that lead to the creation of Architecture Lab as an online database of exemplary design. Her experience snowballed into founding two architecture platforms, Architecture Lab and DesignRaid.


  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Technology
  • Home improvement
  • Cleaning


Aline received USEK’s Master of Architecture in 2004 and BA in English from the University of Toronto

TITLE | Founder of Architecture Lab

About Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is a MKR.S Media brand, a website devoted to extraordinary design and aesthetics aiming to promote exceptional aesthetic values and sustainable design in all it’s shapes and sizes. Learn more about us and our editorial process and feel free to contact us if you would like to see something in particular on the website, our certified experts will get back to you with the most trustworthy advice as soon as possible.

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Latest posts from Aline Chahine
Aline Chahine

Irwin House / MSG Architecture

Irwin is a white box plugged in to an existing East Fremantle home.
Aline Chahine

The Lima Art Museum New Contemporary Art Wing / Efficiency Lab for Architecture PLLC

The New Contemporary Art Wing Expansion to the Lima Art Museum located in the 19th century Exposition Palace, creates a strong architectural dialogue ...
Aline Chahine

Ivanhoe House / Auhaus Architecture

A new 4 bedroom house built into a heavily treed hill that drops down to a creek at the base. ...
Aline Chahine

Francis Terry: ‘Architects tend to think if it’s popular, there’s something wrong’

The neoclassical country piles designed by Quinlan Terry and his son Francis are adored by the royals and multimillionaires. Now Francis is striking out on his own
Aline Chahine

LESS – Urban amplifier / AAVP ARCHITECTURE

In 1891 the city of Paris registered this 100-meter passageway, open two years prior on the property of sieur Delessert, between the Rue Pierre Dupont and the Quai de Valmy.
Aline Chahine

Coppin Street Apartments / MUSK Architecture Studio

The Coppin Street apartments, dubbed the “Richmond six-pack”, reinterprets the 60’s era, predominantly brick apartments, dispersed throughout inner Melbourne
Aline Chahine

Lauriston House / Seeley Architects

A deep engagement with the expansive and undulating rural context of the house was the starting point for the design of the Lauriston house...
Aline Chahine

Torre La Toscana / Andrés Escobar

Torre La Toscana was developed with the purpose of integrating different aspects of modern day-to-day life in a way that was both practical and luxurious.
Aline Chahine

The Brilliant Simplicity of New York’s New Times Square

Times Square celebrated the completion of its six-year transformation from a congested thoroughfare into a European-style piazza.
Aline Chahine

Court House / Peter Winkler Architect

The site is within a quiet court with a walking track down to a secluded beach. The brief was for modest timber dwelling.
Aline Chahine

Montagne Centre, Marist College Bendigo / Y2 Architecture

The Montagne Centre is the first stage of works for the new Marist College Bendigo. It is designed to foster culture, heritage and identity ...
Aline Chahine

Ingoldsby House / Seeley Architects

Quietly impressive and looking as if it belongs in the coastal vegetation, the Ingoldsby House is a sensitive response to a coastal site that required special consideration.
Aline Chahine

How stunning architecture breathes new life into tired cities

From the Guggenheim in Bilbao to the Angel of the North to Zaha Hadid’s Glasgow Riverside Museum, jaw-dropping architecture and public art has almost magical powers ...
Aline Chahine

Bunurong Memorial Park / BVN

Bunurong Memorial Park aims to be a leader in providing memorable settings for a wide range of celebratory, reflective and commemorative events and a valuable community asset.
Aline Chahine

Double Duplex / Batay-Csorba Architects

The Double Duplex was created in response to the cities growing need for alternative housing models due to the rising cost of urban real estate and the need for urban densification within Toronto's established residential neighbourhoods.
Aline Chahine

14 Kit Home Designs Changing the Game

Kit homes have come a long way in the last five years. What was once a niche project for the professional DIY-er is becoming more accessible every day.
Aline Chahine

Modern Music Centre / Hérault Arnod architectes

The site is a corner of the Bel Ebat fairground, on the edge of the historic town centre of Evreux ...
Aline Chahine

Where is the world’s most sprawling city?

Driving to work, driving to dinner, driving to meet friends … this quintessentially American invention requires a limitless supply of land and resources.

Blinds Or Curtains For Your Bathroom?

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How Long Can You Expect Skylights To Last?

How long can you expect skylights to last

A skylight is a gorgeous home addition that improves efficiency and visual appeal. But several homeowners are not sure about their service life. While windows cannot substitute the grandeur, beauty, and light availability of a skylight, the latter is relatively difficult to maintain. The primary issue lies in accessibility since many houses have high ceilings, …

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Accessibility In Architecture | What You Need To Know

Accessibility in architecture

Creating a space that’s accessible in all aspects is imperative for safe and sustainable living. From the arrangement of rooms to the allocation of space and selection of suitable colors, a variety of factors need attention while designing a detailed and accessible structure. This is something which is also referred to as the creation of …

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What Is The Perfect Height Of A Coffee Table?

What is the perfect height of a coffee table

Is it even a living room without a coffee table! Coffee tables came into the limelight during the Victorian era, and their popularity has only grown since then. Owing to their multi-purpose utility, it comes as no surprise that they have become more of a necessity than a luxury. However, choosing the prefect coffee table …

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6 Best iPad Pro Drawing Case Options for Artists

Best ipad pro drawing case

The iPad is a wonderful slab of technology. Originally launched as a bigger version of the much-loved iPhone, it has rapidly upgraded its status in the tech world as a more of a mini-computer than an enlarged smartphone. Case in point, the new iPad Pro. Launched recently, it sports better hardware than most mid- to …

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