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Aline Chahine

Aline is an international licensed architect currently practicing in Canada, she is the reason you are reading this right now, Aline founded the platform back in 2008 shaping the very foundation of Architecture Lab, her exemplary content curation process that defines the online magazine today.


  • Aline founded Architecture Lab in 2008
  • Lead editor of dan | dailyarchnews since 2019
  • Founded and Creative Director of DesignRaid
  • Licensed architect with creative sales and marketing experience


As full-fledged architect, Aline’s background involved a great deal of research that lead to the creation of Architecture Lab as an online database of exemplary design. Her experience snowballed into founding two architecture platforms, Architecture Lab and DesignRaid.


  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Technology
  • Home improvement
  • Cleaning


Aline received USEK’s Master of Architecture in 2004 and BA in English from the University of Toronto

TITLE | Founder of Architecture Lab

About Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is a MKR.S Media brand, a website devoted to extraordinary design and aesthetics aiming to promote exceptional aesthetic values and sustainable design in all it’s shapes and sizes. Learn more about us and our editorial process and feel free to contact us if you would like to see something in particular on the website, our certified experts will get back to you with the most trustworthy advice as soon as possible.

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Aline Chahine

31 of the Most Important Buildings and Structures in Toronto

Want to know about the most important buildings and structures in Toronto? We have compiled a list of the 31 buildings and structures you should be knowing.
Aline Chahine

All Architecture Jobs are in Cities

It makes sense for most architecture jobs are in cities? After all, cities have way more buildings than rural areas, right?
Aline Chahine

7 of the Craziest Pieces of Casino Architecture Right Now

We have here the top 7 of the Craziest Pieces of Casino Architecture Right Now. Read here and discover what are these.
Aline Chahine

Harvard’s first online architecture course: Does it make the grade?

The free course, which launched in February on edX, is called “The Architectural Imagination.”
Aline Chahine

Are American Cities in Crisis?

These are uneasy times for the American city, and especially New York. Officially despised, targeted for punitive cuts in federal funding, gentrified into a rictus of bland affluence ...
Aline Chahine

Cinema Alesia / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

In 2011, the Gaumont-Pathé group decided to renovate the existing building in order to upgrade the cinemas and to improve user comfort
Aline Chahine

East Hampton Mid Century Reboot / LABhaus

The woods of East Hampton were the site of active architectural exploration throughout the post-war era
Aline Chahine

St Joseph Residential Development / KUD

The St. Joseph project is a luxury residential development situated in Abbottsford, Victoria.
Aline Chahine

Chester Storyhouse: how a repurposed art deco cinema could revitalise the city

Cinema, theatre, library… what was once the Chester Odeon has been turned into an exciting new communal space
Aline Chahine

University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty: Merging the past with the future

The nearly complete future home of the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty is already one of the best Canadian buildings of the past decade...
Aline Chahine

Today’s Architects Are Obsessed With Inflatable Design–Here’s Why

Inflatable architecture, which was wildly popular in the 1960s and ’70s, is back
Aline Chahine

Home Office / Ande Bunbury Architects

The space is called the “home office” but it is equally a games room, pool house, bedroom, art studio, relaxation space and a DJ booth
Aline Chahine

Glass Link House / Robbie Walker

Robbie Walker bought this house about three years ago. He was living in Richmond, feeling very cool in a converted old grocery store that he had just finished renovating
Aline Chahine

The House in Forte dei Marmi / FABBRICANOVE

The House in Forte dei Marmi is the result of precise attention to the relation between the natural landscape and the built environment
Aline Chahine

The party city grows up: how Berlin’s clubbers built their own urban village

What if a city allowed a huge regeneration project to be led, not by the wealthiest property developer, but by the club owners who put on the best parties in town? With the opening of Holzmarkt, Berlin is about to find out
Aline Chahine

Vitrolles Media Library / Jean-Pierre Lott

The architect Jean-Pierre Lott has just delivered the new media library of Vitrolles. Located in the heart of the district of Les Pins, it symbolizes the renewal of the town center.
Aline Chahine

Can Visionary Soviet Architecture Give Shape To Trump’s Designs On American Infrastructure?

Infrastructure can be powerful propaganda even when it isn't built, and it takes fortitude not to be fooled into thinking a barrier is inevitable.
Aline Chahine

B30 / KAAN Architecten

KAAN Architecten unveils B30: a transformed historical building in The Hague housing five unique users

Are Ceiling Fans Worth It? | All You Need to Know

Are ceiling fans worth it

While air conditioners remain all the rage due to the ability to cool a room down quickly, ceiling fans are still dependable options. Many houses have started including pre-installed ceiling fans, and the real-estate agents take little time to point them out to potential customers. So, is a ceiling fan really worth it? Here, we …

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How To Fix A Leaky Faucet

How to fix a leaky faucet

It’s happening again – the frustrating and nagging sound of water dripping from your faucet, enough to push anyone off the edge! But why are you putting up with it, especially when it’s a constant reminder of water wastage and expensive bills? No, we’re not asking you to seek assistance from a professional plumber, at …

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19 Best Pedestal Fans of 2022 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best door and window alarms

We’ve often been part of a steaming debate on air conditioners over pedestal fans. But, we can’t deny that pedestal fans are a cost-effective way to stay comfortable and relaxed. This electric, detachable stand is a reliable source to cool the indoor air. Even if you’re using the pedestal fan throughout the day, you’ll be …

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27 Types Of Floor Lamps To Consider Today

Types of floor lamps

Floor lamps are the latest thing in the interior décor scene, and there are some fascinating options out there.  These interesting additions not only elevate the existing setup but also provide much-needed accent lighting. Sometimes, when you’re trying to create a mood in your living space or bedroom, overhead or wall lights are not enough. …

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Do Pergolas Really Provide Shade? | All You Need to Know

Virtual house paint visualizer software

Pergolas are gorgeous freestanding structures that have been around for centuries. But the amount of shade they provide primarily depends on the build material.  To answer your question – yes, pergolas can provide shade, but in modern establishments, it’s more of an aesthetic addition that enhances outdoor living through shade. That said, this quadrangular structure …

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Does Landscaping Increase Property Tax?

How to plant grow and care for tulips flowers

Let’s admit it- a well-manicured lawn is every homeowner’s dream! But the hassle of building and maintaining a lawn doesn’t end with the finished look. As part of landscaping, your lawn projects can have a significant impact on the property tax. That’s why you wouldn’t want to start off with one just at this moment. …

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Cooking for Her Eyes | Transcription of a Sonata

Fence design

A splendid exploration of how true passions color our life experiences everyday, Chicago-based architect Susan Uehara Rakstang’s memoir Cooking for Her Eyes: Transcription of a Sonata tells a story of life and death, friendship and family—all through the lens of the author’s life-long relationships to music, food, and art. Susan Rakstang’s memoir recalls her early …

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