5 of Best Desktop Laser Cutters for Leather in 2019


Laser cutters are all the rage these days – they’re the best way of moulding your designs into tangible creative products!

With time, however, the market has exploded in quality and quantity – there are simply too many products on there for anyone to explore. The choices are immense regardless of whether you’re interested in furthering your skills or want to start learning how to make laser printed patterns.

With that in mind, today, we’re going to review five of the best desktop laser cutters for leather presently on the market, with all their features and quirks explained, along with our experience of use.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the product reviews!

Best Desktop Laser Cutters for Leather

  1. SUNCOO K40 Laser Cutters DIY Engraving Machine

This 40W laser cutter is one of the most versatile products on offer, given that it supports any printer and any scanner that’s available on the market. Further, it’s compatible with the industry standard TIF font format as well as the most popular internationally used image file formats, including JPG, BMP, EMF, PLT and many more.

Laser Cutter-SUNCOO K40 Laser Cutters DIY Engraving Machine 40W CO2...
  • DIY Laser Cutters - CO2 40W laser engraver is...
  • A better Ventilation - The machine comes with...


The CO2 laser equipped cutter offers high quality parts and good engraving capabilities, with stats such as an engraving speed of 350 millimetres per second and a cutting speed of 35 millimetres per second. It comes with proper ventilation including fans for the fumes and a smoke extractor that helps in reducing the temperature of the components.

Another benefit is that this ships with CorelDraw, so you won’t need to pay extra for the software. CorelDraw comes with the special extra software you’ll need to design compatible laser patterns. And if you’re not satisfied with the already impressive performance, you can upgrade it to 50W after adding an extension cover and changing the laser tube.

The engraving area is an impressive 12” by 8” as well. The product delivers on all fronts, and at the price it’s being offered, it makes for a serious value proposition.

  • Upgradable to 50W if needed 
  • Ships with CorelDraw and the necessary software extensions
  • Can be attached to any scanner or printer for the desired input
  • The software for the printer itself is not very user friendly
  • Only supports Windows machines
  1. TEN-HIGH 4040 Engraving Laser

This is one of the higher end products on the list, but it does come with the stats and the user experience to justify the initial outlay. The engraving area is rather large (400mm x 400mm, hence the name 4040) and comes in both 40W and 50W variants.

You can either get the offline version which receives AutoCAD inputs or you can go for the online version that receives CorelDraw inputs and other image file inputs.

TEN-HIGH 4040 400x400mm 15.7x15.7 inches 50W 120V Crafts Laser...
  • Beautiful appearance, small size, simple...
  • The laser current is adjustable in any size, and...


The machine can engrave better than most machines, and competes for the top spot if not for a few small complaints. It has an incredible cutting accuracy of 0.01mm and an adjustable engraving speed of up to 600 millimetres per second. It also comes with an entire workbench, and all possible cooling features to keep the machine in shape.

Due to the non contact process, your leather base will stay untouched and there won’t be any unnecessary marks on the surface of the leather. The minimum size for an English typed character is 1 mm. The maximum thickness you can engrave your designs on to is 5 cm. It supports direct input from CorelDraw, which comes with the machine.

Some of the software is rather badly translated from Chinese to English, but unlike other manufacturers, TEN-HIGH gives you phone support until your machine works to your desired specification.

  • Extensive support until your chosen specifications are met
  • Large engraving area compared to most other options on the market
  • Highly accurate printing, can easily deal with leather
  • The documentation could be more crisp and cogent
  1. Orion Motor Tech 12″x 8″ 40W CO2 Laser Engraver

The Orion Motor Tech laser cutter is another Chinese product on the market that follows the tried and tested formula of cheap price and more features for less. The engraving area is 12” by 8”, large enough for recreational use. You can easily observe the progress of the printing using the USB cable and software interface provided.

Orion Motor Tech 12"x 8" 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter with Exhaust...
  • Engraving area: 12" x 8".Capable to mark on most...
  • Windows 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32 bit), XP, 2000...


The Chinese formula is popular and successful, because it works. This machine is no exception to that rule, and delivers well on each promised requirement. The designs come out well, with a very low error rate and supports a wide variety of materials besides leather, should you want to switch things up at times.

The machine supports a wide variety of Windows machines both old and new. It works with most image designing software including CorelDraw (not included with the cutter). They ship their own software called Shenzhouyi which works well. It has a decent resolution of up to 1000 dpi.  

Do take care of setting the correct power and engraving settings as well as image quality before finally giving the print command.

  • Delivers a great experience for the price
  • Comes with all features you might expect
  • Can cut through 2 mm of wood if desired
  • Smaller engraving area than is sometimes required
  1. Vinmax 40W Engraving Laser Cutter

This machine is another one which delivers on many fronts. If you have to work with varied file formats or want AutoCAD support to start with, this machine might well be for you. This works with all CorelDraw and AutoCAD file formats. It comes with a rather impressive resolution of 2000dpi, delivering high-quality laser prints for much lesser than the market average.

40W CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Engraver Cutter High Precise...
  • The linear alloy rail, combined with the...
  • It is powerful enough to cut through 2mm or even...


This machine is out to hunt for the best in the business, having many of the features one expects out of much more expensive machines while delivering a largely trouble-free experience. It comes with a standard engraving area of 12” by 8”, but delivers on the engraving speed, which is a flagship-standard 500 mm per second.

The 40W laser can cut through 2mm of glass or wood, which gives you an idea of how strong the laser really is. The internal designing and cutting parts are made in Germany, and the focal lens of the laser is also premium quality. This machine produces lesser vibrations, and operates well even at much higher frequencies.

  • Comes with many flagship-grade features at an entry level price 
  • Strong enough laser to cut through leather easily 
  • Supports a variety of file formats as input 
  • None
  1. Orion Motor Tech 50W 110V CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

This is one of the more advanced and technical machines reviewed, with unprecedented levels of control over the laser pointer itself and the speed and power. With multiple color options, input support for a memory stick to upload your designs right into the machine. Also, it offers up to 100W of laser power, which makes for an unbeatable versatility on offer.

Orion Motor Tech 50W 110V CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Engraver Cutter...
  • 50W laser tube pre-installed. Large working area:...
  • Suitable to work on wood, bamboo, Plexiglas,...


This is a machine that sets out to achieve all that’s possible to do with a laser cutter. This has both a cylindrical and an even surface cutter, so you can have curved designs or rounded patterns which aren’t all even. You can even engrave cups and musical instruments easily! The machine is easily 2 to 3 times more long lasting than your regular laser cutter.

This machine also only supports Windows computers right from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. All the parts have been arranged from the best possible quality from all over the world, including a Japanese main board and a German stepping belt. It has a wonderfully high cutting speed of 80 mm per second. Further, it can resolve upto a maximum of 4500 dpi.

This machine is truly one of the most well rounded and high quality products on the market, and if you’re confused about which machines to go with, this would be our ultimate pick for the sheer number of features on offer.

  • More features and options than you can think of
  • Very high quality materials at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a number of useful accessories as standard
  • CorelDraw not supported, comes with its own set of software which is just as good

This wraps up our reviews of the five best products on the market. Whatever your price bracket or specific requirements, these machines are sure to perform well and keep on performing well for ages to come.

Desktop Laser Cutters Buyers Guide

Here are a few things you should take care of before sealing the deal:

  • The cheapest engravers often have wildly inaccurate labels as to the wattage, which means they might even be rated at 50W while delivering only 500mW. Have this checked right at the outset.
  • Decide whether a small work area is large enough or you need to invest in a larger cutting area as per your need.
  • A smaller work area also comes with a another added disadvantage. If you have a larger work area, you can cut more in one go, thus leading to higher productivity.
  • Any laser below 30W can barely cut through paper. Make sure you go in for a decent enough wattage – 40W and 50W can handle leather easily.

With this knowledge in mind, you are well armed to go out there and get the laser cutter your leather needs and deserves to make all those patterns a reality. Happy hunting!


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