7 Ikea Standing Desk Hacks to Consider

A standing desk is an excellent alternative to the traditional sitting desk that can boost productivity and burn calories while you work!

Although the standing desk option may not be everyone’s cup of tea, using an Ikea standing desk hack or two can create the perfect custom home office desk for you. These standing desks can be mixed and matched with multiple features to have a variety of uses.

Choosing to stand rather than sit makes for a healthier workflow and keeps you feeling awake and fresh. Not to mention, the best Ikea desk hacks are easy to install and increase the ergonomic appeal of your desk space.

Putting together your DIY desk can be challenging if you don’t have any ideas of where to start. Here are a few of the best Ikea desk hacks to create the perfect personalized custom desk for you.

With that said, let’s get into it!

Hacks For Your Ikea Standing Desk 

Ikea standing desk hacks

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves

One of the handiest desk hacks that are readily available among Ikea furniture is adding a floating shelf. A floating shelf is a great idea for those who have a lot of office supplies and need them at a moment’s notice. These shelves are a cheap and simple solution to adding extra space to your desktop and, at the same time providing maximum storage capability.

What makes this a favorite among Ikea hacks for standing desks is the fact that it can be installed at standing height. This provides better accessibility and stays out of the way on the wall. All your supplies will be at a comfortable eye level and can be accessed without reaching too far from the desk.

One popular Ikea shelf hack to create more storage is by using the Viktor shelf. These types of shelves have a modern design that increases the workspace and opens up the room. With such a simple installation of brackets drilled into the wall, it doesn’t take an expert craftsperson to install these shelves.

For those who are unfamiliar with assembling furniture, putting a shelf or two on the wall is a simple way to make your office more functional without too much of a hassle.

2. Drawers


Another useful desk hack related to storage is adding a few drawers around the table. As these are enclosed storage options, you can store away anything you want to be out of sight in them. Whether it is your external hard drives or craft supplies, drawers are a fantastic way to hide away the bits and bobs that lie around your workspace.

Compared to shelves, drawers are more versatile in their utilization of space. While they do create more storage options, they also need to have a base. When it comes to standing furniture, the best hack is to keep as minimal of a footprint as possible to keep the table as functional as possible.

As a result, drawers can often be seen stacked on top of each other to make up the standing desk itself. There are also drawers that are placed below the table for direct access if you prefer a cleaner look. When it comes to installing drawers, the sky’s the limit in terms of configurations; you can even use them to make a shelf for an ultimate storage unit.

3. Underframe


Another Ikea desk hack for increased storage is putting in an underframe to act as a lower shelf that is out of sight but still accessible. Printers and other shelving units can then be placed on this underframe. This Ikea hack is incredibly simple to install and is perfect for those who have a lot of papers or supplies but need working space as well.

Besides acting as an extension to the storage of the desk, this desk hack also increases the structural integrity of the table as well. Simply attach the underframe component to the legs, and it’s ready to go. Because of the height of the standing desk, the underframe is within arm’s reach and also hides away the contents while still being accessible.

4. Desk Space

Desk space

Now that the storage is taken care of, that leaves the rest of the desk to put together. After all, the best DIY standing desk should be one that boosts productivity in the workspace. Using the tried and true Ikea desk hack of a cheap yet functional tabletop is the best way to get that extra room you need to work.

When it comes to creating an Ikea standing desk, there are a variety of table sizes and shapes you can choose from. Depending on the office room dimensions, an adequately sized table top ensures the area is used to its full potential. Having enough space for your keyboard and monitors or laptop, as well as the necessary office supplies, can save you the hassle of looking for that stray stapler without having to stop working.

Additionally, there are many computer desk hacks to adjust monitors and a keyboard tray, even in small spaces. For one, brackets or stands can be used to make fully functional desks for a home office, even if you may not have room for one. The beauty of making a DIY desk is that you can control every aspect of the desk, including the most essential part: the table space itself.

An alternative to using a pre-set tabletop is by switching to a TV console unit instead. This Ikea desk hack is perfect for those who are novices at assembling furniture. Just drill a few holes and screw in the legs, and the TV unit turns into a spacious, functional desk at a comfortable height.

5. Desktop Legs

Desktop legs

No office desk is complete without a sturdy pair of table legs. A fantastic Ikea desk hack is using specialized table legs to create an adjustable standing desk without breaking the bank. This Ikea hack uses brackets and adjustable legs (such as the Olov legs) to make a comfortable workspace.

Fitting a computer desk into a room can be challenging, especially if you are working in a small space. The cramped quarters tend to keep the monitor too close to your eyes and cause discomfort while you sit. However, a standing desk can also become tiring if you plan on working for an extended period.

That is why having adjustable legs on your desk is such a versatile hack. This simple feature allows the desks to smoothly transition between a standing and sitting desk. Depending on your preferred workflow, you can choose to work seated or standing up.

What’s more, whether you work with a laptop or a monitor setup, the screens can be kept at a safe and comfortable distance from your eyes. While a monitor setup may require a larger desktop space, a laptop can be advantageous in a small space. Regardless of the desk size, the adjustable legs can adapt to the height you need.

6. Decor


Putting together your own DIY standing desk does not end at just the assembly of the table. Making sure your office space has a warm atmosphere is just as important. Decorating the walls and using home decor can be used to highlight the features of the table.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a simple way to add personality and create a space that is unique to you. The different textures break up the monotonous gaps of the room and do wonders for keeping your mind fresh. Not to mention the various pieces can add additional functionality to the room, whether it is more storage or working surfaces.

Another popular way to add a touch of flair to your working space is using paint to accent the wall. A few hits of a high-contrast color like red or gold spray paint is a quick and easy way to make it feel high-quality. Although it does not fall under Ikea hacks, a fresh paint job is definitely the way to go if you need a change of pace in your home office.

Other Ikea Desk Hacks

Among the infinite parts that make up Ikea furniture, there are certain pieces that can be used together to make a custom standing desk. Putting together an Ikea hack standing desk is much easier if you are aware of what works well together.

By using the following components, you can have a solid base to begin making your custom workspace.

1. Lack


These unique units from Ikea are a perfect size and shape to be used together or individually to create an Ikea standing desk. Initially, these units are meant to be side tables, so they are sturdy enough to be placed on the table. By stacking them up or putting them on top of a regular desk, you can make up the necessary height for a standing desk.

Lack tables can be used with the other products in the Lack line. Their coffee table, for example, can act as a sturdy base for the side table unit to create a multi-tiered standing desk. Alternatively, if you don’t need too much desk space, they can be stacked on top of each other to make a standing desk for cheap.

Additionally, Lack shelves and tables are available in a range of color options. No matter the color scheme of your desk or wall, there is sure to be a shade that suits your fancy.

Furthermore, the Lack TV unit is worth looking into if you want to try turning the unit into a standing desk. Not only is it spacious, but it has a wide underframe to the tabletop that is perfect for additional, out-of-the-way storage.

2. Capita


Another incredibly useful component to creating the perfect Ikea hack desk is the Capita line, mainly the brackets, and legs. These legs come in a range of sizes and lengths and give you the freedom to fully customize the desk the way you want it. The six and four-inch variants are two popular sizes that can add multiple layers to the table and make for a unique-looking desk.

As for the Capita brackets, these are just as versatile as the desk legs lineup. Installing these brackets is simple and can be incorporated into any setup. They remain out of the way, which is an essential feature if you are going for a clean-looking workspace.

3. Lagan


Although the Lagan countertop piece may not be the obvious choice when it comes to desktops, it is the perfect size for office work. By affixing this unit to the wall and using a standard Ikea board, you can have a floating desk that also hides away the wires for a minimalist look.

Incorporating the countertop into the wall itself is a great desk hack to eliminate the need for structural support. The brackets are sufficient enough to hold up the table, although this type of desk does not provide much in terms of storage.

4. Ekby


Another popular line from Ikea is the Ekby collection, which has a number of shelving and bracket variants. These pieces can be easily combined with other components, making them a perfect choice for DIY assembly projects.

Ekby Valter brackets have a unique look that increases the structural support of the table. A common use for these brackets is using them to support a keyboard tray as they are offset from the edge of the table. In areas that see high traffic or weight, this increased support can go a long way to make the work surface sturdier.

Additionally, the line of Ekby shelving units has a range of sizes and colors that can be used to add additional working surfaces. What’s more, the Ekby line is not costly, making assembling an Ikea desk a cheap project that won’t break the bank.

5. Expedit


Combining storage and structural integrity, these simple drawer units from the Expedit line are a great way to create a uniquely shaped desk. If you choose to go with a multi-layered desk, these drawers can be stacked to build up the base of the table. Not only do they seamlessly mesh with the other components on this list, but they provide additional storage for any office or craft supplies lying about.

Available in a number of sizes and configurations, there is a range of options you can choose from in the Expedit line. Whether it is a single row of drawer units or a two-by-four-compartment layout, this is a quick and straightforward desk hack to elevate the desk. Depending on what shape you want the desk to be, you can put together these units to make a customized desk.

Furthermore, it is perfect for making a corner desk as the straight edges of the Expedit pieces fit perfectly against the walls. They provide a solid base to build off of, whether it is adding more drawer and shelf units or using the Expedit pieces as-is. Make sure you bring them all together with the corresponding Expedit brackets for the most secure fit possible.

Ikea standing desk hacks

Now that you have the know-how to create your own DIY standing desk feel free to go crazy with the customization and features. After all, these author-posted ideas are just the basis for inspiration to make your desk.

While Ikea offers a range of stand and seated desks, they may not always have the specifications you are looking for. To get the best performance out of your Ikea standing desk, you can mix and match features to get the perfect configuration for a new desk.

Starting a new project at a tailor desk is always a great feeling that fills one with the energy to tackle any task. What are you waiting for? Use these Ikea desk hacks and assemble your dream desk now!

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