10 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink | Buyer’s Guide

How does a dreamy farmhouse-style sink sound to you? It is time to invest in that perfect statement piece.

When we talk of contemporary designs and home decor, the country look is something that many people are aiming for. It can provide your kitchen with a rustic traditional feel, and it blends in well with fusion designs too. 

Fireclay sinks are large and dense, preventing any kind of leakage. When compared to ceramic ones, these have better heat-resistant capacities and are more durable.

But when we set out to purchase fireclay farmhouse sinks, we found multiple options in the market, and choosing one was rather challenging.

To save you from that hassle, this detailed and unbiased list of 10 top options has been curated. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Here is the list of the 10 best fireclay farmhouse sinks that you can use to transform your kitchen into a modern, stylish space.

1. BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front – Best for Stain Resistance

Do you want a smooth and clean sink surface that looks brand new even after years of use? The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front is an incredible choice that will give you just that. It is equipped with a beautifully designed body and is known for its impeccable performance.

Stains can be a sink’s biggest enemy, and this product, with its Clean Plus+ technology, provides a stain-resistant surface. The surface is 19 times smoother than its ceramic peers and will eliminate calcium deposits, dirt spots, stains, and lime remains. The contact angle is such that a hydrophobic effect is created, leading to a clean and smooth surface.

Secondly, the product is made of very durable material and is resistant to chipping and corrosion. We saw no marks on the body even after dropping a steel bowl more than once. 

Also, the surface is heatproof and can tolerate very high temperatures. You can directly put a pot or a pan on the stove. The sink is safe from heat along with discoloration. You can use it in your workshops too safely.

Overall we found this fireclay sink to be 100% organic and deeper than its ceramic alternatives. If you ask us, we would recommend buying it.

Although we found that you could easily remove stains from the body, you will need to buy a special cleaner for it. Purchase a cleaner that is thick and specially made for fireclay sinks, and it should work well. We found this to be expensive, and the total expenditure went up because of it.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 18″ x 33″ x 10″

2. Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino – Best for Traditional Design

If you want a statement piece for your farmhouse kitchens, the Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino is a brilliant option. It features premium craftsmanship and will go very well with deep wooden shades. We loved its traditional and spacious design with a high gloss finish.

This sink is packed with benefits and one of the important ones is that it does not chip, crack, or warp even if you keep heavy utensils in it. The surface is highly scratch-resistant, and it will look like new for a long time.

To further enhance its efficiency, it comes with a stainless steel grid. The grid has rubber bumpers so as not to scratch the surface when loaded with pots and pans. It also prevents the pans from touching the fireclay base, hence, preventing chipping. 

Another important benefit is that the product has an optimized slope, which allows better draining. No water puddles will be formed in the sink, thanks to this!

It also features straight walls on the sides and a larger body with greater depth. The corners are tightly rounded, and the sink can accommodate large pots and saucers easily.

We found it difficult to install the sink. It took multiple YouTube videos and half a day to finally do it well. We ended up with a few slight scratches on the body, but they were hardly noticeable. A better-detailed user manual would be great and could have saved us from this hassle.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 18.25″ x 33″ x 10″

3. Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron-Front – Best for Durability

If durability is of utmost importance, the Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron-Front will be an excellent choice for you. It is equipped with a modern design and is individually handcrafted. We loved the single-square design, which enabled us to wash large pans easily.

This sink is the perfect option for modern homes with a minimalist look. It has a European flair which makes it all the more attractive. Many homeowners choose it just for its timeless design.

Also, it is very resistant to chips and scratches. We have dropped metal pots on it a few times by mistake, and the surface was not scratched at all. It looks like new even today, whereas we have been using this for more than 8 months now. 

Further, this comes with 2 mounting options. You can choose between an apron front and an under-mount according to the space that you will have to place it in.

Not to forget, the drainage hole is very conveniently placed and is large enough to drain all the water. The area around the drain does not become slippery, and you do not have to clean it regularly.

The only issue here is with dark-colored liquids. These may leave a stain if you do not clean them immediately. Hence, if you are dealing with such fluids, clean the sink immediately after. This will prevent any stains from remaining and will provide you with a clean surface.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 20″ x 33″ x 10.13″

4. Sarlai 24 Farmhouse Sink – Best for Noise Reduction

One of our top recommendations is the Sarlai 24 Farmhouse Sink for its beautiful and elegant white color and smooth surface. This is known for its strength and durability and will last for a long time. With the perfect combination of an attractive design with enhanced efficiency, it will surely impress you.

Do you prefer a silent sink that will not make a lot of noise when the water streams down from the tap or when you are washing utensils in it? If yes, this will prove to be perfect with its sound-deadening material that is used to make the body. The sound, along with the vibration, is almost eliminated, and you will not be disturbing anyone while working.

Also, the item features a very cool design where you can install it on both sides. It has a reversible pattern, and you can attach it based on your kitchen decor. 

Plus, the material is heat resistant too. It is very dense and can withstand high temperatures easily. There is a strainer in the bottom, which prevents pans from directly touching the base. This stops the heat from being transferred to the bowl, and hence it acts as an extra layer of protection.

We found this product to be very expensive, although it has worked very well for us. We should tell you beforehand that the parts are costly too, and you will not be able to fit in cheaper parts in case something malfunctions. However, if you do not have a tight budget, then this will be a great choice!

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 18″ x 24″ x 10″

5. ZUHNE Ostia 33 White Farmhouse Single Bowl – Best for Unique Craftsmanship

If you want a sink that will make a bold statement, the ZUHNE Ostia 33 White Farmhouse Single Bowl is going to be a great choice. With a beautiful design inspired by folklore, it is bound to add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. We loved the timeless work and the brilliant capacity that it boasts of.

To begin with, no 2 Zuhne sinks are similar! Each one of them is handcrafted by artisans from Italy and is a superb example of finesse. With a size of 33 inches, these are wide enough to deal with your cookware and boast a classic design.

Also, it is known to be extremely durable and has a high resistance to scratches, cracks, and corrosion. The fireclay is molded at very high temperatures to provide this smooth and strong surface. It is resistant to impacts and thermal shocks, too, which increases durability.  

Further, a drain strainer is already included in the pack. You can use it to keep your drain clean and clog-free without having to spend extra money on it.

Overall, we found this to be a very useful and attractive addition, which is compatible with Insinkerator, Moen waste, and garbage disposal bags.

We found one minor issue with the grates placed inside the sink. It does not have footpegs and hence, slumps over to one side if you place heavy dishes on it. Footpegs need to be placed near the center, and that would allow you to work peacefully.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: No Overflow | Dimensions: 33″ x 18″ x 10″

6. Ruvati RVL2100WH

Up next is a gorgeous product that has been made with ingredients sourced from Italy. The Ruvati RVL2100WH is a beautiful rectangular-shaped bowl that will take care of all your cookware efficiently. We were very impressed to see the bells and whistles of this option.

A unique quality of this product is that it is reversible, and you can choose the front-facing side. One side has a smooth and flat design while the other side features an attractive fluted design. Both will look good and add to the decor of the room.

Further, it is resistant to high temperatures, just like its peers, and will not get affected by them. It can also stand against acidic substances, hot water, and household chemicals. You can safely clean it with any cleaner, and it will shine like new. 

Plus, the bottom is protected with a stainless steel grid. This bowl is large, and the grid fits perfectly at the bottom. It has a drain hole to make drainage easier and will keep the pans and pots from touching the base directly.

We found that the user manual was very inefficient, and we could not understand it at all. It is recommended that you either watch YouTube videos of installations before proceeding or call customer care. They will be able to help you out with the process or send you a detailed guide related to it.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 20″ x 30″ x 10″

7. Elkay Fireclay SWUF28179WH

If you are looking for a large product to take care of all your utensils, the Elkay Fireclay SWUF28179WH will be an excellent pick. It has a big bowl and a porcelain glaze finish, making it attractive and useful. We loved its timeless appeal, and it makes for the perfect statement sink to have.

This one features a reversible design that will allow you to either have a traditional flat front or an attractive band on top. Choose according to the existing decor and make sure that it fits in well.

Besides, no matter which side you choose, it is designed to be very smooth to the touch and has been exclusively handcrafted from fireclay. The front panel extends a little and adds a touch of elegance to the whole unit. 

Further, it features an uninterrupted single bowl which provides ample space. Unlike some products that have a curved interior, this one features a single deep cavity allowing you to put in large plates too.

Also, it is made of sound-deadening material that eliminates loud sound and vibration produced when the waterfalls or when you work with the dishes. If you are a late owl who loves to clean at night, this will suit you perfectly.

While the sink stands strongly against high temperatures, it does scratch easily. If you are working with metal pans and pots, be careful about this as metal leads to the most scratches. Keep a metal grid below so that the pans do not touch the surface of this sink directly.

Color: White | Finish Type: Brushed | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 19.93″ x 29.97″ x 10.06″

8. Barclay FS30

Barclay has been a well-known brand known for its high-quality products, and the FS30 single bowl unit is a great example of its finesse. It has a thick and heavy body that is resistant to all kinds of wear and tear. We found it to be the perfect choice for contemporary spaces.

This product comes with one great advantage. If you are confused between a single and a double bowl sink, this could be the best compromise. With an off-center drain, you can use it as a double bowl sink.

Place the dishes on one side and wash them on the other. The hole can be kept towards the left or right, depending on which way you install it. Since it can be installed both ways, there should be no problem at all. 

The absence of a barrier is helpful as you might need to work with large trays and plates. They can be moved around easily and washed inside the sink without having water spread all around the outside of it.

Also, it is very easy to clean the body. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth, and that should remove all stains. If you are dealing with deep-colored liquids, wipe them immediately, and no marks will remain.

The only issue with this product was that the drain assembly units were not included. These had to be bought separately, leading to an increase in costs, and we could not install the sink immediately. But now that you know it orders the units along with the product, that should save you time.

Color: White | Finish Type: Brushed | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 29 3/4″ x 17 7/8″ x 10″

9. Latoscana LFS3318W

Do you have a smaller vertical space in your kitchen? The Latoscana LFS3318W will be the perfect fit as it takes up less space and needs shorter cabinetry. We found this to be one of the most affordable options in the market. It will provide you with the basics without costing you a fortune.

One of its many features is the versatility that it shows when it comes to installation. You can either install it as a flush mount sink or as a raised or under-mounted one. This will give you the liberty to make a decision and hence is an excellent fit if you are renovating the house.

Further, the body is light, unlike most of its peers, and hence it is easy to handle it. It took one person to assemble and install. Also, there were clear instructions provided, and the installation process was pretty simple. 

Besides, it is exceptionally durable, and once you install it, it will remain a statement piece for years to come. The body does not chip easily and is resistant to staining and discoloration. It can withstand high temperatures and will not crack from it.

We found the bowl is very shallow, and hence you will not be able to fit in a lot of dishes at one time. If you do, water might spill out, and that may affect the flooring or rug below the sink. It works well for those who want to conserve water or for small families.

Color: White | Finish Type: Glossy | Shape: Rectangular | Drain Type: Grid | Dimensions: 18″ x 33″ x 10″

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Comparison Table

Product Color Finish Type Shape Drain Type Dimensions
BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 White Glossy ‎Rectangular ‎Grid ‎18″ x 33″ x 10″
Kraus KFR1-33GWH White ‎Glossy Rectangular ‎Grid ‎18.25″ x 33″ x 10″
Houzer PTG-4300 WH White Glossy ‎Rectangular ‎Grid ‎20″ x 33″ x 10.13″
Sarlai 24 Farmhouse Sink White ‎Glossy ‎Rectangular Grid ‎18″ x 24″ x 10″
ZUHNE Ostia Farmhouse Sink White Glossy ‎Rectangular No Overflow 33″ x 18″ x 10″
Ruvati RVL2100WH White Glossy ‎Rectangular ‎Grid ‎20″ x 30″ x 10″
Elkay Fireclay SWUF28179WH White ‎Brushed ‎Rectangular ‎Grid 29 3/4″ x 17 7/8″ x 10″
Koozzo MJ-3018 White Glossy ‎Rectangular Lift & Turn 30″ x 18″ x 10″
Barclay FS30 White ‎Brushed ‎Rectangular ‎Grid 29 3/4″ x 17 7/8″ x 10″
Latoscana LFS3318W White Glossy ‎Rectangular ‎Grid ‎18″ x 33″ x 10″

Buying Guide For The Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Now that you have gone through the 10 top products, you will know that each one is unique in its own way. There are variations in weight, size, durability, and installation process, to name a few.

To help you out, we have put together a list of vital attributes that you must consider before buying any of these options. Take a look now. We hope this guides you toward purchasing the one that fits the best.

Weight And Size

The two major elements that you should first check are weight and size. What kind of space is available in the kitchen? If there is a large space, you could opt for a bigger bowl or a double bowl sink. But if there is less space, then it’s best to choose one which has a shorter vertical length.

Most sinks are very heavy since they are made of fireclay. This also means that you will have to take extra care while installing it. A special cabinet will need to be made based on size. So, make sure that you first purchase the product and then go on to make the cabinet.

Resistance To Wear And Tear

The surface must be resistant to staining and discoloration. Since the sink will be seeing a lot of used cookware and plates, it must be prepared to handle it all. Most of us love a white sink, but if there are yellow patches all over it, the look is completely spoilt.

Also, always use a stainless steel strainer. This will keep the pans from touching the bottom of a sink and will prevent them from getting chipped. It adds an extra layer of protection and ensures higher durability.

Nonporous Body

The body should be nonporous so that it does not absorb any fluids. Since you will be dealing with a lot of dirty dishes in the sink, it could stink if the smells are absorbed. The body should have a nonporous coating to prevent this and also resist bacteria and all kinds of mold growing on it.

What makes a fireclay farmhouse sink the best choice for a kitchen?

Fireclay farmhouse sink is known for its durability, heat resistance, and non-porous construction.

It is also easy to clean and maintain, and its timeless design makes it a classic addition to any kitchen decor.

Does a fireclay farmhouse sink require special care and maintenance?

Not really. Regular cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or pads and ensure that the sink is rinsed thoroughly after use to prevent mineral buildup.

Is it possible to install a fireclay farmhouse sink as a DIY project?

Yes, it is possible to install a fireclay farmhouse sink as a DIY project as long as you have the necessary skills and tools.

However, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional to ensure that the sink is installed correctly.

What are the common color options for fireclay farmhouse sinks?

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are usually available in white, gray, and off-white colors.

However, some manufacturers also offer sinks in custom colors to match specific kitchen designs.


A fireclay sink can provide you with years of efficiency along with an attractive design. With the advancement in technology, the surfaces stay clean, and you may choose from an array of colors. Add that extra touch to your kitchen as you bring home a beautiful statement piece!

With this, we come to the end of this detailed guide about the 10 best fireclay farmhouse sinks of 2023. But before we take our leave, let’s do a quick recap of our favorites. The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front is our favorite overall for its efficiency and ample space.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a gorgeous, well-designed product, the Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino is going to be a wonderful choice. At the same time, the most durable option is the Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron-Front, which will last you for years and still look like new.

Happy shopping!

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