6 Best Central Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacements [Buyer’s Guide]

Central vacuum systems have become a raging success. However, you need to choose the right wall inlets for smoothly running them smoothly.

With the rising popularity of the central vacuum systems on the market, it is obvious that range and diversity have also increased. As customers, it is absolutely understandable for you to be overwhelmed and confused to make the right decision while purchasing suitable central vacuum wall inlets.

In this article, we focus on providing a critical review regarding six central vacuum system wall inlets. As our readers, you can expect a detailed comparison of the six products, which can help you to choose the most suitable one.

Without further ado, let us dive right into it!

Best Central Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacements

1. Replacement White Central Vacuum Inlet Valves

The Central Vacuum Inlet Valve for Beam Central Vac designed by Replacement is one of the highly-rated products on the market. It’s not only affordable but has also garnered significant positive feedback from the customers. Its low voltage consumption makes it very suitable for hoses with low-voltage connections.

One of the primary features that customers liked about the product was its affordability. Most of the customers who have purchased it agreed that it costs almost half the price of other comparable products.

Furthermore, its easy affordability does not hamper its quality, which has been greatly appreciated by the customers. It is also very easy to install in a regular household. If you are planning to replace your old central vac, you need not worry about hiring any professional to do the job with this product.

Another stand-out feature is its modern upgrade from the older models. It provides the perfect replacement for your old central vacuum covers in the household. It also has a low voltage connection, which works perfectly with hoses having low voltage connections built-in.

Although the product has been a major success among most customers, some of them found it difficult to fit with their existing vacuum system. According to a few customers, the dimensions of the product can cause a bit of a problem while fitting to the conduit.

2. ZVac Central Vacuum Wall Plate Inlet

The Central Vacuum Wall Plate Inlet by ZVac is known for its universality and can be a great fit for your central vacuum system. The quality and easy installation process of the product make up for its higher price as compared to the central vacuum wall inlets manufactured by Replacement.

The most likable feature of the product is its ability to replace any known as well as unknown brand outlets. It fits a wide range of well-known central vacuums, including Eureka, Hayden, Nutone, Electrolux, Honeywell, and many more.

Along with its good fit, the easy installation and high quality of the product have ensured its popularity among the customers. Its low voltage connections have made it fit for hoses with low voltage connections built-in.

Moreover, the product has a very clean and modern look, which makes it even more attractive to customers. It can provide a clean look to your household by replacing switches, outlets, and covers, thus adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

What’s more, the modern ZVac wall inlet is a huge upgrade from its old and outdated (1995) model. The easy-to-install feature and high quality of the new version have made it an instant hit among customers.

As compared to the price of the central vacuum wall inlets of other competing brands, the ones from ZVac have a higher price. Thus, in terms of affordability, the product loses its competitive advantage among the customers. It also needs to focus on its dimensions to improve good fit and ensure a perfect replacement to other central vacuums.

3. Hayden 1700-01 Central Vacuum Wall Inlets

This Central Vacuum Wall Inlet from Hayden comes in packs of 1, 6, and 12. Like its competitors, the product has a low-voltage inlet valve and is more suited for square doors. Thus, it lacks the universality of ZVac wall inlets but offers other benefits of its own.

The product is affordable and available in various value packs, which is highly cost-effective for the customers. It works well as an effective low-voltage wall inlet replacement with square doors for any central vacuum.

Owing to its low voltage inlets, it is useful in supplying power to low voltage consuming nozzle powerheads. It also provides good value for money to the customers and is very easy to install. Furthermore, it is compatible with any low-voltage central vacuum such as Vacuflo FC650 and Electrolux systems.

Additionally, it also provides a modern and aesthetic look to your household with its clean, beige-and-white appearance.

Many of the customers questioned the product’s lack of a receptacle for wiring along with its limited effectiveness only for square doors. Hence, Hayden needs to improve the good fit of its product as compared to its rivals.

4. NuTone CI358 Central Vacuum Direct Connect Electrified Inlet

The electrified wall inlets manufactured by Nutone can work with any Nutone central vacuum system that fits the hose size. However, it works only with a low-voltage outlet that is lower than 120 volts. We also noticed that the product has a better fit with the newer central vacuum models as compared to older ones.

The customers have greatly applauded the easy-install feature of this product. Furthermore, it has proved to be a good fit for new and existing central vacuum systems in most households. Along with being a good fit, it is extremely easy to install without much hassle.

It is also available to customers at an affordable price as compared to its competitor products. Further, these electrified wall inlets are manufactured by using rigid PVC UL to maintain quality standards. No wonder then that the brand provides customers with a warranty period of one year.

Customers have also found it extremely efficient to replace their old wall inlets with these new electrified ones. It has helped several customers improve the efficiency of the old central vacuum system outlets in their households.

Although the product is a good fit for both new and existing central vacuum systems, many customers have complained about its compatibility with older central vacuum systems. Furthermore, owing to wiring issues, there’s always the risk of fire hazards in case of incorrect installation.

5. Eureka AX-AY-ABHI-102507 Standard Inlet Valve Plate

The plastic inlet valve plates manufactured by Eureka are available in various value packs of 1 to 4. It comes along with various central vacuum fittings and accessories and functions properly with low-voltage outlets.

The prime attraction of the product is its highly durable plastic body, which makes it extremely lightweight. Furthermore, it has two low-voltage connections that help to connect the central vacuum system with the voltage outlet.

The plastic used for manufacturing the valve inlets is of high quality and works well with the valve cover. It is easy to install, which makes it even more desirable to the customers.

Since these products have a sturdy gasket that prevents leakage of air it increases the efficiency of central vacuum systems. Moreover, the different value packs of the valve inlets also provide customers with the option to buy a number of plates at an affordable price.

Customers have mostly complained about the lack of compatibility of these inlet valve plates, as they have failed to be a good fit for different central vacuum systems. The brand should focus on improving the universality of the inlet valves. As a customer, you may also face issues regarding the return policy of the product.

6. LifeSupplyUSA Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan 

This product manufactured by LifeSupplyUSA has been an instant favorite due to its easy cleanup. The product is a great fit for any central vacuum system in the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway. It ensures that your central vacuum system continues running smoothly by removing dust and debris.

For us, the major highlight of the product is the easy removal of dust and debris. Thus, we believe that it can greatly help in improving your life by enhancing the air quality inside your home. This can lead to a visible reduction in respiratory problems related to impure air.

Furthermore, it can easily replace traditional dustpans and make the entire process of cleanup hassle-free for you. Once you sweep the debris in the automatic dustpan, simply flip the switch, and you will be done with your cleanup!

Moreover, it helps in maintaining the efficiency of the central vacuum systems by improving the flow of air and removing dust and debris inside your house. It also comes with various parts such as filters, bags, and hose covers, which can make your central vacuum system even more efficient than before. Additionally, it is a good fit for several central vacs, including VacPan, Eureka, and NuTone.

A major problem with the product is its high price. In terms of affordability, it loses its competitive advantage over other similar products. Furthermore, you might face issues regarding its connections and wiring. As the installation can be cumbersome, we recommend you get professional help.

Central Vacuum Intel Valve Replacement Buying Guide 

After going through our list of the 6 best central vacuum inlet valves, you must have grasped some useful information regarding your purchase. We hope it was helpful!

However, we understand that choosing the right inlet valve replacement for any central vacuum system can be a daunting task. So, we’ve created a detailed buyer’s guide highlighting the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while replacing your inlet valves.

You need to consider these basic features and qualities while shopping for your inlet valve replacement. So please, go ahead and read on!

1. Inlet Type 

Firstly, you need to focus on determining the type of inlet. The central vacuum inlet valves are either square door type or round door type. Based on your preferences and needs, you should choose the most suitable inlet type.

Moreover, you also need to consider whether you want to fit the inlet valves in the wall or in the flow while choosing the right inlet type. Based on the location of your inlets, your choice of inlets should change.

In this context, we believe that the round door type can be a better option as it provides better support to the hose. Furthermore, try to choose inlet valves that have a removable lid covering the connection hole instead of those with solid plastic coverings that require cutting through.

2. Connectivity and Good Fit 

While choosing the right inlet valve replacements, you need to ensure that your chosen wall inlets are a good fit and are compatible with your existing central vacuum system.

In order to maintain universality, standard central valve inlets mostly have a diameter that ranges from 1.25 to 1.5 inches. The vacuum hose is connected to these inlet valves via two connectivity screws or pins.

Hence, while shopping for your inlet valve replacements, you need to measure the inlet diameter so that it’s a good fit with your vacuum hose.

3. Power Consumption 

The efficiency of your central vacuum system greatly depends on your power outlets and built-in electric connections. While some inlet valves work on low voltage, others require high voltage.

By installing a low voltage inlet valve, you can effectively reduce the rate of power consumption and thus decrease the electricity bills. However, low-voltage inlet valves often fail to provide sufficient power to high-voltage vacuum powerheads.

Although the low voltage inlet valves conserve electricity, they are less effective in operating high-power cleaning brushes. Thus, if you own a central vacuum system with high-voltage powerheads, then you will require high-voltage wall inlet valves.

Whereas, if you are more concerned about your electricity bills, the low-voltage inlet valves will be a good fit for your central vacuum system.

4. Basic Vs. Electrified Wall Inlet Valves 

Before purchasing the wall inlet valves, you need to determine the type of power hose of your existing central vacuum system. It will help you decide whether you need basic or electrified wall inlet valves for your central vac.

Standard wall inlet valves are non-electrical. They require low voltage for operating the central vacuum system. As the inlets do not have any electrical capability, they cannot run any electrical attachments like powerheads.

You will need external power cords such as a Pigtail Hose to run the vacuum powerhead using standard wall inlet valves. Furthermore, if you have a Turbine powerhead, standard inlets will be a good fit as no electricity is required to power a Turbine powerhead.

On the other hand, electrified wall inlet valves are primarily designed for direct connect hoses. Like the standard inlets, electrified inlets also require low-voltage built-in connections for operating the central vacuum system.

Along with direct connect hoses, electrified wall inlets are also compatible with Pigtail and Turbine hoses. Thus, we think electrified wall inlets will provide a better universality to your central vacuum system as compared to the standard wall inlet valves.

5. Cleaning 

By installing wall inlet valves, you can avoid the hassle of manually cleaning the dust and debris. Inlet valves can help you to replace your traditional dustpan with an automatic dustpan. Hence, it becomes possible for you to ensure quick and easy cleanups.

Furthermore, by installing the right inlet valves, you can significantly improve the internal air quality of your household.

6. Aesthetics and Decor 

Choosing the right inlet valve is important in maintaining the internal décor and aesthetics of your household. Thus, along with functionality, you also need to consider the look and design of the inlet valves before purchasing them.

Most wall inlet valves are available in white or beige, which can help them blend in with the internal décor of your household. You can choose either color of inlet valves as per the wall décor of your house.

Moreover, based on your household aesthetics, you can go for a modern or traditional wall inlet design. Hence, it is important to carefully consider the design of the inlet valves as they can provide a nice aesthetic value to your household.

7. Affordability 

Along with considering the features and qualities of the wall inlet valves, you also need to be aware of the affordability of your chosen product. There are a variety of wall inlet valves on the market, and most are priced competitively.

Electrified wall inlets have a higher price than the standard non-electrical wall inlets. Similarly, high-voltage inlet valves are costlier than low-voltage inlet valves.

The high price of a product doesn’t always mean that it will be a good fit for you. Thus, you need to balance your needs with the affordability of the inlet valves to make the right purchase. Comparing different wall inlets based on their functionality and affordability will help you get a clear picture of which ones you need to buy.

8. Installation 

While shopping for wall inlet valve replacements, you need to prioritize products that are easy to install. You also need to ensure that the product comes with all the necessary units and components that are required for its installation.

Standard wall inlets are usually easy to install and do not require any professional help. However, you need to check that it works properly with your central vacuum system after the installation.

On the other hand, installing electrified wall inlets requires professional help. Thus, you might need to pay some extra installation fees for hiring professional experts.


Choosing the right central vacuum fittings can be crucial for you to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere inside your household. We hope that our informative reviews and guide can help you in making the right decision while selecting wall inlets.

For your convenience, we will quickly point out our favorite picks. Replacement Central Vacuum Wall Inlet is our first choice due to its affordability and high quality.

Further, the universality of the ZVac Central Vacuum Wall Inlet makes it highly versatile. Finally, the Hayden vacuum inlet is also one of our top favorites and comes in different affordable value packs that can be beneficial for customers.

We wish you a happy purchase. Take care!

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