14 Best Central Vacuum Systems To Consider Today

Let’s just face it- daily cleaning and dusting are downright mundane!

And all that back-breaking effort and muscle strain don’t make the process any better. While we can’t really add an element of fun to this chore, what we can do is introduce you to central vacuum systems.

These devices are the ultimate vacuuming solution to help clean your house without consuming a lot of your effort or time. Besides, they come in different specifications and price ranges to fit different budgets and requirements.

That’s why we are here with the top 14 central vacs that are making all the right noise. We have also included a buyer’s guide towards the end to help our readers make the best purchase decision.

With all said and done, let’s dive in!

Best Central Vacuum Systems

Here’s the list of the 14 best central vacuum systems today.

1. OVO OVO-700ST-35H – Best for Large Home Coverage

One of our top picks is this heavy-duty unit from Ovo. Built to provide a massive coverage of up to 9,000 square feet, it can easily suit any mid to large-sized house. On top of that, the high-quality internal components ensure prolonged service life even with regular use.

Honestly, we weren’t quite sure about the abilities of this unit after seeing its compact design. However, the customer reviews proved us wrong in no time! At the helm of affairs is a powerful 2-stage motor that enables the suction to pull up almost anything.

On top of that, it uses “soft-start technology,” which helps extend the life of the motor up to 20% more than ordinary systems. It will automatically prevent the vacuum cleaner from shutting down to get rid of the extra debris out of the hose and piping network.

Talking about the filtration system uses a 2-stage or hybrid mechanism that allows you to use it with disposable bags or without them. In addition, the washable filter makes maintaining the overall unit a breeze. We also liked that the brand has employed a special noise-reduction technology, meaning you can clean your house even when everyone else is sleeping.

Finally, the package comes with flexible pipes and can even be installed with existing pipes for hassle-free fitting.

Perhaps, the only thing that we have liked is for the unit to come with an inlet for the hose on the body itself. However, you can always make one according to the area you plan to cover. But again, at its price, this is far from being a deal-breaker.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Foam | Capacity: 9.25 Gal | CFM: 140.2 | Noise: 75 dB | Coverage: 9000 sq ft | Wattage: 700 | Warranty: 10-year

2. Prolux amzbluecen – Best for Stylish Performance

Next in line, we have the Prolux amzbluecen, which is one of the leading units designed specifically for bigger homes. Featuring a sleek yet sturdy structure, it can contain huge amounts of dirt and debris while requiring minimum maintenance. Additionally, the brand provides an adequate warranty for better peace of mind among buyers.

We are totally rooting for its stylish appearance, which was the first thing that caught our eye. This means that it is built to be suitable for any interior décor or setup, so count the bonus points! But that doesn’t mean that it comes at the cost of efficiency.

To begin with, this vacuum system is powered by a robust Ametek 2-stage motor that can generate up to 150 cubic feet of airflow per minute. As a result, it can seamlessly clean up to 12,000 square feet to get rid of all the dirt and dust.

Furthermore, it uses a 3-layered filtration mechanism that basically doesn’t involve any disposable bags. All the dirt particles that you collect enter through the bagless dirt chamber and move into the final HEPA filter through a micron pre-filter. Users can also remove the former to clean it as and when required.

The unit is accompanied by a 30-foot electric nozzle that can be operated at two speeds, and you can adjust its height according to the cleaning requirement.

It may be helpful to know that it’s one of the premium models from the brand, so prepare to extend your budget. Plus, it’s not meant to clear wet debris, and users have to bear the costs of additional inlet holes and elbows.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: HEPA | Capacity: 3.5 qt. | CFM: 150 | Noise: 75 dB | Coverage: 12,000 sq ft | Wattage: 150 | Warranty: 25-year

3. Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System – Best for Compact Spaces

The Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System is a versatile unit that’s meant for both compact spaces and corners. It runs on a super-powerful 2-stage motor that cleans up the space in a short span. And the body is made to be corrosion and rust-resistant to last for years to come.

First things first, this 550 air watts unit is efficiently built to remove dust, allergens, debris, and fine contaminants from an area ranging anywhere between 1,000 and 4,000 square feet. It operates on a thru-flow motor that’s equipped with high-performance sound-absorbing components.

Not only does this central vacuum system ensure nearly noise-free cleaning, but it also does a better job at deep cleaning compact spaces than any traditional vacuum. It comes with a 6-gallon disposable bag that only needs to be emptied every 6 months. This feature makes this unit ideal for people who don’t spend a lot of time at home.

Apart from that, there’s a self-cleaning HEPA 2.0 filter that can trap dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns. And the exhaust carbon filter eliminates carbon particles from the air to contribute to the healthy air quality inside your house.

Last but not least, it comes in three other designs and air watts variations to suit different user requirements.

Although this unit does a great job of removing smaller or finer dust particles, we felt that larger particles of dirt and debris could clog the filters faster than usual. In that case, you might have to dedicate more time and effort to cleaning them thoroughly.

Form Factor: Upright | Filter Type: Cartridge | Capacity: 6 Gal | CFM: 600 | Noise: 66 dB | Coverage: 4,000 sq ft | Wattage: 550 | Warranty: 5-year

4. VacuMaid GV30PRO – Best for Versatility

This entrant on our list is a wall-mounted model from VacuMaid. The GV30PRO is a powerful central vacuum system that can be installed in the garage or basement. Its versatile performance will come in handy for both residential and commercial cleaning purposes.

We were really intrigued by the brand’s claim of versatility and decided to test this unit to see the results. And it’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed for the most part. One of its biggest advantages is the 5.7” tangential by-pass motor that can clean up to 75% more than some of its peers.

Other than that, it produces a good 740 air watts, which is enough to suck up gallons of dirt at one go. In fact, it has a 7-gallon dust bag so that users don’t have to worry about constantly emptying it during intense cleaning sessions.

Additionally, the 5-layer filtration system can capture up to 99.98% of contaminants and dust from the air without hammering your ears. For this purpose, you will find a dedicated muffler kit in the installation package.

Here, we should mention that the assortment of tools in the package contains everything from brush tools, electronic nozzles, and extension wand to a hanger and carry bag at no extra cost. And this is what makes this one of the most cost-effective central vacuum cleaners on the market.

We noticed that the galvanized-steel body tends to get hot when running for prolonged periods. Now, we didn’t observe any lack of efficiency during the trial, but constant exposure to such heat may well damage the interiors in the long run. So, we’d suggest switching off the unit at regular intervals when in use.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Cartridge | Capacity: 7 Gal | CFM: 110 | Noise: 75 dB | Coverage: 3000 sq. ft. | Wattage: 550 | Warranty: 5-year

5. Ultra Clean SC200 – Best for Efficient Filtration

True to its brand name, the Ultra Clean SC200 central vacuum power unit is a heavy-duty model that sports a sturdy design to clean effectively up to 7,500 sq. ft. It boasts of a superior and versatile filtration system that will keep your house clean without requiring much manual effort.

The Ultra Clean SC200 delivers an impressive performance of 550 air watts, which translates to a suction power of 125 inches (for water lift). Likewise, it has a sufficient airflow of 121 CFM (cubic feet per minute) while operating on the standard 120V household current. Hence, users don’t have to fret about racking up the power bills for keeping the house clean.

Moving on, it has a powerful tangential discharge (2-stage) by-pass blower motor, which, in tandem with the 2-stage fan system, ensures effective functionality when cleaning up large spaces. And much like the OVO OVO-700ST-35H, it has multiple dust collection methods, including disposable HEPA and paper filter bags, standard filter bags, and metal pails.

There’s a HEPA microfiber filter that can trap pet hair and fine dust particles with absolute precision. Plus, the mounting brackets provided in the package allow users to install the unit on either the wall or floor. We are sure that the pure white body will go well with any interior color scheme or setup.

Compared to some of our recommendations, this unit has a loud output, so you might want to get it installed in the garage or basement only. The brand does provide an optional muffler attachment, but that has to be bought separately.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Cartridge | Capacity: 6 Gal | CFM: 121 | Noise: 60 dB | Coverage: 7,500 sq ft | Wattage: 550 | Warranty: 5-year

6. HP Products 9880

If you’re looking for a compact and affordable central vac system, then here’s something that may just be made for you. The HP Products 9880 is a durable and moderately powerful unit that can easily fit in any small room to facilitate seamless cleaning around the house.

To answer it in short, we’d say that this central vacuum cleaner definitely packs a punch for its apparently humble build. Firstly, it’s powered by a decent 7 amp, 120V motor that can run for prolonged periods without getting heated up like some other premium models. Besides, the in-built protector rests it to prevent overloading.

The 7 feet hose can be extended up to 35 feet so that users can reach the tight corners of the house or workshop without putting a lot of strain on their muscles.

Furthermore, it has a 1-gallon HEPA filter bag that can capture dust and allergens to prevent them from spreading. Instead of recycling them into the air, it will directly filter the air so that you don’t breathe in any contaminants.

But depending on your requirements, you can choose from the crevice tool, rug tool, upholstery tool, or dusting brush, all of which come with the unit at no extra cost. Beyond that, there’s a mesh bag that helps organize and store the parts securely.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this central vacuum unit is not meant for bigger rooms or spaces, so it won’t be the best replacement for a more powerful unit. Other than that, it has to be operated manually since there are no automatic features (except for the overload protector) like a timer.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Cartridge | Capacity: 1 Gal | CFM: 100 | Noise: 64 dB | Coverage: 4000 sq ft | Wattage: 501 | Warranty: 5-year

7. Imperium CV300

The Imperium CV300 central vac system is widely regarded as one of the best central vacuum systems by first-timers and experienced users alike. Made from robust galvanized steel, it offers trouble-free installation in new or existing constructions. On that note, let’s dive into its functioning and advantages.

To give you a little insight into its appearance, the unit looks like a very durable oval-shaped post box, and the green color should suit most interior setups. It runs on a powerful 2-stage flow-thru AmetekLamb motor, which can produce up to 740 air watts for 138 CFM suction power. This can, in turn, cover an 7,500 square feet while generating only 58dB of sound.

Like many other central vac systems on the market, it is compatible with HEPA air purification filters. Although the package doesn’t come with one, you can always remove the included micro-lined filter to fit in the former.

The micro-filter has a capacity of around 6.25 gallons, so it can hold quite some dust before you need to empty it, which only takes a couple of minutes. Not only that, but the lining is also effective in removing odors from the interior spaces.

Coming to the installation, the brand provides all the necessary mounting accessories and hardware so that you can tap the DIY lover inside you!

We were a bit disappointed to find out that, unlike some other central vacuums, this unit doesn’t come with any complimentary cleaning tools like brushes or nozzle heads. So, be prepared to run to the hardware store as soon as you unpack it.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Cartridge | Capacity: 6.25 Gal | CFM: 138 | Noise: 58 dB | Coverage: 7,500 sq ft | Wattage: 750 | Warranty: 10-year

8. Nadair PAK722D

Now that we are halfway through the list, the Nadair PAK722D makes an entry. It’s a heavy-duty powerful central vacuum system that’s built to cover up to 6000 square feet. Equipped with a number of beneficial features, it can give even high-end models a run for their money.

Straight off the bat, we were impressed with the 8 inlet system that lets users clean larger space with absolute ease. This is also made possible by the Ametek 2-stage powerful motor that can produce 700 air watts for highly effective suction. Additionally, the soft-start technology can increase the lifespan of the motor by another 20%.

However, it has a relatively low-profile design for the kind of performance it delivers. This is good news for users who don’t want to crowd their rooms, garage, or basement occupied with such fixtures. Moreover, the unit comes with built-in mufflers and noise-blocking foam in the motor compartment for low noise output.

Depending on your preference and requirement, the disposable mechanism can be made bagged or bagless, as the unit comes with filtration bags and a 5.8-gallon canister. The spun aluminum bottom of the canister will contribute to its longevity.

Aside from the 30 feet low voltage hose, users get a complete accessory kit containing a 12-inch floor brush, upholstery brush, extension wands, crevice tool, hanger, and carry bag.

While at it, we experienced a little resistance in trying to move the hose around the room. Hence, we’d advise pulling it out slowly during the first few cleaning sessions. Apart from that, the installation was a bit tricky as we didn’t find the instructions to be very clear.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Foam | Capacity: 5.8 Gal | CFM: 125 | Noise: 60 dB | Coverage: 7000 sq ft | Wattage: 700 | Warranty: 25-year


We have yet another central vac system from OVO in the form of the PAK55G. Popular for its affordable pricing, the brand has engineered it for cleaning up indoor spaces of up to 4,000 square feet. In addition, it has a couple of features that will come in especially handy for first-time users.

Starting with the power capacity, this central vacuum system has a 1-stage motor that’s up to three times more powerful than that of portable vacuums. Besides, there’s an extra protective filter that shields the motor from larger debris particles. And much like its predecessor, the soft start/stop feature enhances the motor life to facilitate uninterrupted use.

Thanks to the LED indicator system, users don’t have to rely on a dedicated circuit breaker in case of power failure or any other malfunction. Moreover, it can effectively work on a 15 amps breaker, and the low-voltage wire takes care of the functioning of the on/off switch.

Having tried the previous OVO whole-house vacuum unit, we had guessed that this one would also have an additional protective filter to enhance the durability of the motor. And a closer look at the internal components confirmed that.

Finished off with an attachment and accessory kit including a 30 feet low voltage hose and a disposable filtration bag, it can well be your go-to if you don’t want to break the bank.

Some customer reviews have mentioned that the motor may need professional servicing after about 500 hours, so that’s something you should keep an eye on. However, with the LED status indicator system, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. You can also get in touch with the brand to know about the maintenance plans on offer.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Foam | Capacity: 4.75 Gal | CFM: 680 | Noise: 65 dB | Coverage: 4,000 sq ft | Wattage: 550 | Warranty: 10-year

10. Allegro MU4500

The Allegro MU4500 is one of the newest vacuum units by the brand and is designed to have powerful suction capabilities. Featuring a premium Ametek Lamb 2-stage motor, it can produce 600 air watts while operating on the standard 120V household current. What’s more, the brand offers a beneficial 5-year warranty on the motor life.

For one, the 2-stage tangential by-pass motor works in a way that segregates the functioning of the motor and fan. Put simply, this unit can get the job done without the larger dust particles damaging the motor in any way. Not only that, but it can also generate around 124 CFM airflow that can effectively clean up an area up to 6,000 square feet large.

We appreciate the built-in self-cleaning microfiber filtration system that provides clean air without requiring much maintenance. Moreover, the 12 feet exhaust pipe made of PVC aids in the effective draining of dirt and dust.

With its powerful suction, you can clean up to 5 gallons of dust and approximately 142 inches of water at one go. And it can trap smaller particles (measuring only 3 micrometers) with absolute ease for precision cleaning.

Last but not least, the package comes with a host of accessories like a carpet power cleaner, adjustable wand, dust mop, a 30 feet long hose, and hose cover.

Unlike some of our other recommendations, this best central vacuum system has a steep price tag, so you might need to stretch the budget by quite a bit. Furthermore, we would have been happier if it was equipped with the LED indicator feature.

Form Factor: Central | Filter Type: Hepa, Microfiber | Capacity: 5 Gal | CFM: 124 | Noise: 64 dB | Coverage: 6000 sq ft | Wattage: 600 | Warranty: Lifetime

11. VacuMaid S2400

The VacuMaid S2400 is a powerful central vacuum cleaner that’s one of the more premium models from this reliable brand. But this reputation doesn’t interfere with ease of use, which is evident from its hassle-free installation. Besides, it can effectively remove allergens and dust to keep the air inside your house clean and fresh.

Before anything else, let us take you through the details of how the cyclonic filtration mechanism of this unit works, which doesn’t employ any traditional filter. Once the dust and allergens are sucked in by the hose, they directly travel to the central chamber, where everything is spun around to separate the heavier particles from the lighter ones.

While the former fall down to the base of the unit, the latter are transported out of your house through a vent. Moreover, you can line the dirt canister with an optional plastic liner that makes it easier to unload and prevents the debris from flying into your face.

The unit sports a robust rolled galvanized steel construction with a powder-coated finish for optimum corrosion resistance. Plus, the powerful 7.2 inches 2-stage motor produces 631 air watts and 121 CFM, which can clean up to 10,000 square feet.

It is backed by a solid 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and free lifetime technical support to solve all user queries and doubts.

Given its high-power functioning, we don’t think it would be very suitable for smaller areas and houses. And although you may think that it will cut down on your cleaning efforts and time, it will be quite a big investment, especially considering that there are no tools or attachments included.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: Cyclonic Filtration | Capacity: 1.2 Gal | CFM: 121 | Noise: 76 dB | Coverage: 10,000 sq ft | Wattage: 631 | Warranty: 10-year

12. Smart Vac SMP500 Central Vacuum System Power Unit

As we arrived toward the end of our list, we thought of including a portable and lightweight central vacuum cleaner. That’s why we present the Smart Vac SMP500, which has the right combination of power, longevity, and portability. And what’s even more interesting is that it has some features found in the bigger units.

To speak the truth, we wanted to break the monotony of trying heavy-duty central vacuums and wanted to test a portable unit without expecting much. However, we were decently satisfied with how this unit performed.

For starters, it has a familiar, 2-stage motor that produces around 700 air watts. On top of that, it can hold 4 gallons of dirt and debris, so you clean the house without taking frequent breaks to unload the collection.

We loved that this central vacuum unit supports both bagged and bagless filtration to ensure maximum user convenience. And the water lift capacity is 107 inches. Be it cleaning tiles, wood, or carpet- this one can do it all. With the motor protection feature and self-cleaning filter, you don’t have to be a pro to achieve spotless surfaces.

The out-and-out metal construction of this unit can last for prolonged periods, even with regular use. However, the lightweight design won’t make installing or handling it very difficult.

We didn’t find any mounting bracket or installation guide accompanying this vac, so be prepared to spend quite some time finding compatible accessories for installation. Besides, the brand recommends wall mounting for this unit, so you will have to make adequate room for fitting accordingly.

Form Factor: Cannister | Filter Type: n/a | Capacity: 4 Gal | CFM: 125 | Noise: 74 dB | Coverage: 4500 sq ft | Wattage: 550 | Warranty: 10 years

13. CanaVac CV700DP Ethos Series

The CanaVac CV700DP ethos series vacuum cleaner is designed keeping in mind the requirements of cleaning small to large-sized homes. Moreover, it can be used to clean almost any type of surface, and the highly reliable motor prevents excessive wear and tear with regular use.

Starting with the vacuum cleaning system, it runs on a sturdy flow-thru motor that can be trusted for delivering consistent performance. The best part about its design is that it uses filtered vacuum air for cooling during operation. As a result, the motor doesn’t experience any undue stress trying to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

This also increases the overall cleaning efficiency of the unit. With an output of 700 air watts, it has a water lift capacity of 140 inches. The motor is covered by a 10-year warranty to provide easy solutions in case of any malfunction in the later years.

What really stood out for us is the accessory kit, which includes a powerhead equipped with a dirt sensor. It will tell users if the surface in contact with the head is dirty or clean, and the integrated rug guards keep it from sucking up or getting jammed on carpets.

Other than that, the pack has a 30-foot electric crushproof hose, a quick-release electric brush, a 12-inch floor brush, and an upholstery nozzle or brush.

Although we couldn’t find its exact coverage, we did feel that it doesn’t do a very good job at cleaning very big houses. Moreover, in the absence of a motor protection mechanism, you may not be able to use it for intense cleaning spanning over hours.

Form Factor: Central | Filter Type: HEPA | Capacity: 8 gal. | CFM: 135 | Noise: 56 dB | Coverage: 9000 sq ft | Wattage: 700 | Warranty: 10-year

14. Johnny Vac JV600C30

Johnny Vac is a Canadian brand that manufactures simple yet effective central vacuum systems, and the JV600C30 has been designed specifically for small apartments and condos. One of the more affordable options on our list, it comes with a complete set of cleaning accessories.

First and foremost, we were impressed with the metal construction of the vac unit, which appears stylish and sturdy at the same time. Moreover, its compact size is ideal for installation in under-sink cabinets or wall cabinets of the garage. And with a noise output of only 62 dB, rest assured that it won’t hammer your eardrums.

The unit employs a robust thru-flow motor equipped with dual fans for fast cooling. Then, there’s the FILUX 2 foam filter, which gets rid of dust and allergens to improve indoor air quality. Besides, it produces 600 air watts and can clean houses measuring up to 6,000 square feet.

The accompanying attachment kit includes a couple of brush head attachments and a 30 feet hose, which is pretty maneuverable for easy cleaning around the house.

We’d have liked it better if the kit came with the necessary mounting accessories and an installation guide. If you’re a first-time user or haven’t installed a central vac before, then it may take you some time to figure out the whole process, so we’d suggest looking for online tutorials.

Form Factor: Central | Filter Type: HEPA | Capacity: 6 gal. | CFM: 125 | Noise: 69 dB | Coverage: 6000 sq ft | Wattage: 600 | Warranty: 5 years

Best Central Vacuum Comparison Table

Product Form Factor Filter Type Capacity CFM Noise Coverage Wattage Warranty
OVO Heavy Duty Cannister Foam 9.25 Gal 140.2 75 dB 9000 sq ft 700 10-year
Prolux CV12000 Cannister HEPA 3.5 qt. 150 75 dB 12,000 sq ft 150 25-year
Nutone PurePower Upright Cartridge 6 Gal 600 66 dB 4,000 sq ft 550 5-year
VacuMaid GV30PRO Cannister Cartridge 7 Gal 110 75 dB 3000 sq. ft. 550 5-year
Ultra Clean SC200 Cannister Cartridge 6 Gal 121 60 dB 7,500 sq ft 550 5-year
HP Products 9880 Cannister Cartridge 1 Gal 100 64 dB 4000 sq ft 501 5-year
Imperium CV300 Cannister Cartridge “6.25 Gal” 138 58 dB 7,500 sq ft 750 10-year
Nadair 700 Cannister Foam 5.8 Gal 125 60 dB 7000 sq ft 700 25-year
OVO Compact Cannister Foam 4.75 Gal 680 65 dB 4,000 sq ft 550 10-year
Allegro MU4500 Central Hepa, Microfiber 5 Gal 124 64 dB 6000 sq ft 600 Lifetime
VacuMaid S2400 Cannister Cyclonic Filtration 1.2 Gal 121 76 dB 10,000 sq ft 631 10-year
Smart Vac SMP500 Cannister n/a 4 Gal 125 74 dB 4500 sq ft 550 10 years
CanaVac CV700DP Central HEPA 8 gal. 135 56 dB 9000 sq ft 700 10-year
Johnny Vac Compact Central HEPA 6 gal. 125 69 dB 6000 sq ft 600 5 years

Buying Guide For The Best Central Vacuum Systems

As you may have already understood by now, there are quite a few things to consider before deciding on a central vacuum system. No matter how expensive the unit is, your investment won’t be worth it if the vac fails to meet your requirements.

And to make things easier for you, we have curated this buyer’s guide to list some of the most important factors that should contribute to your purchase decision.

1. Coverage

Perhaps, the easiest way to understand if your preferred choice will meet the maintenance needs of your house is to check out the coverage of the unit. Most homeowners usually opt for a central vacuum system that can clean between 4,000 and 6,000 square feet, but some models can also clean up to 10,000 square feet.

In case the product description doesn’t mention the coverage in square feet, you can figure it out through the air watts, which is a measure of the suction power of the unit.

For instance, a vac with 500 air watts should be suitable for small homes, apartments, or condos, while one with 60 air watts can ideally clean between 1600 and 3000 square feet. And if the area exceeds 3,000 square feet or there’s a lot of carpeting, we’d suggest opting for a central vacuum that can produce between 640 and 700 air watts.

2. Filtration System

For the sake of comprehension of our readers, we have categorized the different types of filtration systems into:

A. Disposable Filters

Disposable filters are pretty easy to replace and can be used for 4 to 6 months, after which they will require replacements. Moreover, they require practically zero cleaning and can keep the air fresh and free from allergens.

B. Washable Filters

Although washable filters are pretty cost-effective and can last for a couple of years, keep in mind that they require proper and regular maintenance. Plus, regular cleaning of the filters will help maintain optimum suction.

C. Permanent Filters

Permanent filters are mostly found in cyclonic or bagless central vacuums and are considered to last for a lifetime. However, many brands suggest changing them after 5 to 7 years, as too much clogging can reduce the suction power.

While we’d advise going for disposable or washable filters, it’s also important to see if the unit supports bagless (canister) filtration and the load-bearing capacity of the canister. Additionally, you can check the water lift and dust collection capacity to ensure that the unit isn’t over-stressed.

3. Noise

Any central vac that comes with integrated noise reduction mechanisms or mufflers (located in the motor chamber) has a noise output between 60 and 70 dB. Such units aren’t too noisy and can be installed in any room, even without external mufflers.

4. Kit

If your central vacuum system comes with an accessory kit, make sure that it is adequately long (at least 30 to 40 feet) and preferably a kink-proof hose. It should also have the required mounting accessories, cleaning brushes, and an extension wand so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on additional purchases.

5. Durable Build

Most central vacuum systems have an all-metal construction that prolongs the longevity of the unit by resisting rust and corrosion. However, it’s still better to check for a powder-coated finish that reinforces its corrosion-resistant properties.


When it comes to finding the right central vacuum system for your home, various factors, such as coverage area, filtration, and noise levels, need to be considered. Each of the systems we have tested caters to different needs, and it’s essential to choose a unit that best fits your requirements.

For those with large homes, the OVO OVO-700ST-35H is an ideal option as it provides extensive coverage of up to 9,000 square feet and offers a powerful 2-stage motor for excellent suction power. If you prioritize style and high-end performance, the Prolux amzbluecen is a good option, boasting an attractive design and robust motor capable of cleaning up to 12,000 square feet. In contrast, the Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System is the right choice for compact spaces and corners, with a coverage range of 1,000 to 4,000 square feet and a large capacity disposable dirt bag.

In conclusion, a central vacuum system is a significant investment that greatly impacts your home’s cleanliness and indoor air quality. By taking the time to consider your specific requirements and assessing our expert recommendations, you can make an informed decision when purchasing the best central vacuum system for your home.

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