Cool Robot Vacuum Names For Your Little One

Having a robot vacuum in the house is just one step closer to living the futuristic life we dreamed of as kids.

These little robot vacuums can be incredibly helpful and quickly become a part of our everyday lives. As is human nature, we tend to give names and character to our close personal belongings.

If you are unsure of creative names for your robot maid, worry not. We have compiled a selection of weird and funny name ideas that will bring a smile to your face every time.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Best robot vacuum names for your little one

Why Create Roomba Names?

iRobot models have many helpful features like Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated app control. These can help it connect to your Alexa or Google Home, but they also remind you the iRobot is just a robot at the end of the day.

It tirelessly works away to clean your home and doesn’t demand much to function. Simply having a Wi-Fi connection is enough to create links between the Roomba and the voice assistant for maximum convenience.

Furthermore, the iRobot Roomba lineup has an app integration where you can remotely control the Roomba from your phone. While these qualities may be helpful, there are little to no links formed between the hardware and yourself.

For something that you will be living and interacting with regularly, coming up with Roomba names can make the overall experience less cold. Taking into account how easily humans form bonds with inanimate objects, coming up with a few Roomba names is an inevitable occurrence.

Names For Robot Vacuums

A. Popular Characters

Famous robots in pop culture act as a great source of inspiration for Roomba names. These beloved, iconic characters have their own personalities that make everyday interaction with your robot vacuum a delight.

1. Wall-E

One of the most iconic robot characters in Disney, Wall-E fits well with the cleaning motif of a robot vacuum. In the movie, Wall-E is tasked with cleaning the entire world of trash. This name is a cute nod to the Wall-E robot in the Disney movie; a fitting one if you ask us.

2. C3P0

Another iconic robot from the Star Wars universe, C3P0 served as a robotic butler of sorts. A concept that is related to your own robot vacuum cleaner.

3. Robbie

A fitting name for a robot helper, Robbie, is especially relevant if you have iRobot’s Roomba model. In the film/novel iRobot, Robbie is the name of the robot that saves the female character.

You can see how iRobot’s connection comes into play for an even more creative name.

4. Pikachu

Truly a lovable character in the video game franchise Pokemon, Pikachu is the face of the brand. Being a little creature of electrical power, it is easy to see the similarities being drawn between the character and your own robot vacuum.

5. Alfred

This name is drawn from the popular superhero Batman, who has a butler named Alfred. The character Alfred has become so popular that we affiliate the name itself to cleaning and service, qualities that your own cleaning device has.

We know for a fact there would be many who would enjoy having their own mini Alfred running about the house.

6. The Dude

If you have seen the iconic pop culture film The Big Lebowski, the name The Dude will ring a bell. It is a fun way to pay homage to a great character brimming with personality.

7. The Terminator

Hopefully, this particular Roomba name won’t need much justification or explanation.

A powerful machine from the future that protects a human? Is it the actual Terminator or just another Roomba? If names bring power, this is one of the best options you could go with.

B. Human Names

While naming technology after popular characters in pop culture can be fun, some human names could also work. Whether it is a clever pun or just a normal human name that works with Roombas, using these Roomba names will be sure to add personality to your robot.

1. Clean Elizabeth The Second

A clever play on the Queen’s name herself, Clean Elizabeth the Second, will run across your floor, making dirt and dust fall in line under her authority. Being able to watch the Clean Elizabeth herself mop your floors sure does make for some interesting stories.

2. Dustbin Bieber

A famous personality and singer, Justin Bieber, is given tribute to by having a Roomba named after him. This Roomba name is definitely one for those who appreciate a good pun. Imagine being able to brag about how you have Dustin Bieber vacuuming your living room!

3. Cleanopatra

There appears to be a juxtaposition between royalty and Roomba when it comes to naming ideas. Who could forget the iconic queen of Egypt, now paid homage to in the technological marvel that is a Roomba.

4. Dusty

Normally, Dusty is a human name that was made popular by the singer Dusty Springfield. However, as far as Roomba names go, it is a smart play on words. Dusty works away at removing dust and dirt with its own in-built brush.

5. Rosie

A name that carries meaning behind it, Rosie is a popular girl’s name meaning rose. This name is related to the cheery character Rosie from the 1943 musical Sweet Rosie O’Grady. Naming your robot maid a cheerful name can help it feel like another member of the family.

6. Jeeves

The name Jeeves is quite obscure, most popularly known as a butler name. However, did you know it was once a search engine at one point? Before Google, there was Ask Jeeves. Of course, it did not have the same success as Google but maybe naming a robot after it will give Jeeves a second lease on life.

C. Creating Your Own Name

Who says that your robot vacuum needs to have a relevant vacuum name? You can choose to come up with a unique name that is sure to get you a comment or two appreciating your genius.

1. Little Helper

If your robot vacuum cleaner isn’t helping you out, then what is the use of having one in the first place? Little Helper encapsulates what makes Roombas so satisfying to watch. Your own cleaning device that has suction for dirt and a mop for dust; cleaning your floors is no longer your concern.

2. The Butler

Naming your robot vacuum cleaner after a famous character is fine and all, but what about the name to end all names? While it may be a simple name, it commands a certain level of professionalism and respect.

3. Cat Sitter

If you have a cat in the house, then shedding hair can be your worst nightmare. Floors are littered with strands of pet hair, made worse by an active cat. However, having a robot vacuum could solve both of these problems.

For some strange reason, cats are drawn to these pieces of hardware, entertained even. Cat Sitter is indeed a name that works two ways; taking care of the cat and leaving your space hair-free.

Alternatively, this name works for dogs as well. It seems that having a pet and a robot vacuum makes for a great combination. Having a cleaning device called Dog Sitter can eliminate pet hair while entertaining at the same time.

4. Sir Vacsalot

If you would like a dignified way to name your robot vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the sophistication of a sir. Having a sir followed by a relevant adjective and an “-alot” suffix makes for one of the best Roomba names in the world.

5. Roomby

In particular, this is one of the popular names among the iRobot Roomba device lineup. It may be simply replacing one letter in Roomba, but it adds a bit of endearment to the machine. Something that is important, especially in a robot vacuum that you are trying to relate to.

Best robot vacuum names for your little one


At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong answers to finding the best Roomba names.

While searching for the best name for your Roomba, keep in mind that these are simply a fun way to give life to an otherwise cold machine. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and stand out! Crazy and silly ideas are often the ones that garner a comment of appreciation from guests.

Your cleaning device is yours alone. Naming it could add personality and a voice to the robot vacuum that leaves your world that much bigger, and your floors a tad bit cleaner.

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