How Much Does A Maaco Paint Job Cost?

One important thing to remember about investing and buying a car is that the expenses don’t just end with buying the said car.

Getting the car serviced at regular intervals and timely maintenance is a must as it helps curb any significant internal issues in the future. However, some people forget about the external aspect of the vehicle. No matter how careful you are, inevitably, the paint will chip, or you will find a few scratches here and there. 

We find that there are people who love keeping their cars in the best condition. For them, it must look as good as new. If you are one of those people or want to reinvent the look of your car, this is for you. 

For your benefit, we have gathered some information to put together this informative guide on paint jobs, Maaco and how much a Maaco paint job will cost. 

How Much Does A Maaco Paint Job Cost?

Infrared lamps for drying of car body parts after applying save gloss coating.

What Is A Maaco Paint Job?

For anyone that loves cars, Maaco is a household name. It is one of the most famous paint shops that offer paint jobs for vehicles. One of the reasons it is so famous is because the costs are pretty low, making it a viable option for just about anyone. And that is not the case with only repair work; every service they offer is affordable.

One of their most sought-after services is their automotive paint job. Maaco essentially gives the car a “maacover” (Maaco makeover) by stripping down the old paint and applying a fresh coat. The paint quality is a bit low, which is why its service is affordable to many. However, if you like customizing your car frequently at a low cost, this is ideal.

Things To Keep In Mind During A Paint Job

Before we get into how much Maaco charges for a paint job, it is vital to know the general things to keep in mind before getting the paint job done. One of the biggest things in this service is the cost. The cost can vary by large margins, primarily because of the quality of the paint. 

So, while company A will offer a paint job at $400 but it might be of substandard quality. On the other hand, Company B might provide the same paint job in the same color for $1000 and sometimes even more. It all boils down to the quality of the paint. Hence, it is important to remember that cost is easily influenced and speaks volumes about the paint job.

DIY Paint Jobs 

Now, taking the vehicle out for a paint job may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those people, I urge you to try going down the DIY path. There are multiple reasons why we advocate for DIY paint jobs. They are affordable, can be learnt easily, and you are in control of the outcome.

Now, let’s talk about money. The cost for a DIY paint job is totally in your hands. So, instead of paying whatever a professional says, you can buy some paint by yourself, ensuring the paint job stays well within the budget. Plus, this way, it is your choice to determine whether you want to spray paint the car or use exclusive premium colors. 

Another great thing about a DIY car paint job is that you can let your creativity flow. We believe that the way a person’s car looks could easily be a form of expression. Hence, you can take charge of how it looks and get it within a budget that is best suited. For example, some like drawing specific patterns, while some like to paint a white stripe in the middle. 

The only downside to a DIY paint job is that it can be an extremely time-consuming task. It can take quite a few hours and sometimes even days. However, you will be saving a ton of money which will make it worth the time. 

Paint Jobs By Professionals 

Not everyone has that creative or artistic bone in their body, which is where professional companies come into the picture. Besides, it is not just about creativity. Hiring a company to do the paint job will ensure the finish is smooth, the method used is correct, and it is not directly taking up your time.

When it comes to cost, it is dependent on a bunch of factors such as:

  1. Vehicle 

The type of vehicle definitely does make a ton of difference. The make and shape of the vehicle as well as the insurance it is under, are crucial in determining the cost of the paint job. Higher-end vehicles need a proper coat of paint that is premium and will last long, and hence will end up costing a lot more. 

In addition, if the vehicle is covered by insurance, the best thing would be to go to a high-end painting company. Not only to make the best use of the policy it is under, but also to maintain the quality of the car. 

  1. Other Repairs

While you may just need a coat of paint on the car, the car may have issues that need fixing before the paint can be applied. This is where the cost can get slightly affected, as repairing or fixing certain problems before the paint job could be necessary. 

There are tons of incidents where people get paint jobs on damaged cars and it ends up damaging the paint. If your car has a dent or any major issue, it has to be straightened out so the paint can sit properly on the body. Even cover-up paint jobs may increase the cost more than the usual amount. 

  1. Paint Quality and Creativity 

As we mentioned above, paint jobs are mostly opted for, hoping that the paint will stay that way. This is why quality is essential. If you do not wish to change the color of the paint anytime soon and need it to look as smooth as it first was, then head over to a high-end shop. 

The quality of paint used by them is usually the kind that is made to last. Yes, they may charge a fortune, but at least the paint will stay for longer. However, if you like to keep changing how the car looks, it would be best to head to a smaller, less expensive shop. 

The quality of paint you allow on your vehicle is really dependent on what you wish to gain out of the paint job. Getting a new car every time is not possible for everyone, and hence the artistic fact comes into play. 

If your intention is to have the vehicle look classy or elegant with monotone colors, then high-end shops may be best suited. But, if you are one of those people who want to make their vehicle look like a piece of art, go to small-scale shops as they can do it for less.

How Much Does A Maacover Cost? Is it Worth It?

Now, coming to the important bit. We all know that Maaco is the household name for car lovers in the nation, mainly because of the pricing. Maaco will charge anything between $300-$1000 for a paint job. So whether you are going with something elegant or something out of the box, Maaco can handle it all.

Trying to figure out whether it is worth it or not is entirely dependent on why the paint job is needed. While it is impossible to jot down all the reasons for either side of the argument, here are some facts surrounding Maaco and its paint job service.

The company is based in North Carolina and is known for the affordable service it provides. It has chains all over the US, so you know it is an accessible company no matter where you are. One of the best things is that it offers multiple packages and warranty periods, with peeling and cracking covered under warranty. 

We know it can be challenging trusting the brand and needing a reason to go for it. Let us remind you that they have been in the market for a long time. With over 500+ shops all over the US, they must know what they are doing. Some might even call it the Mcdonald’s of car repairs and paint jobs. 

That being said, there is no reason for you to trust it blindly. So, you can take a look at some other reviews and make a decision. Needless to say, there will be some horror stories, but then again, which brand does not have those, right?

What Does Maaco Offer?

It is pretty clear that Maaco is a leading name for vehicle paint jobs. Since they have been in the market for a long time, they have created a rapport with the local vendors. This has enabled them to charge less for the paint job and still earn a fortune. They have three packages for paint jobs – Basic, Preferred, and Premium.

  1. Basic 

This is their baseline package, where a single-stage enamel is painted to give your vehicle a fresh and new look. This package also comes with a one-year warranty and will have your old car look like a shiny new one, thanks to the color match and the glossy finish.

  1. Preferred

The preferred package is slightly fancier than the baseline one but still affordable. This one aims to be the balance between high-quality paint job and affordability. In this package, Maaco offers a three-year warranty for the paint job. The painting is done with a single-stage urethane paint that is chip resistant. Additionally, it lasts longer and has a better finish.

  1. Premium

This is the final and the most high-end package that Maaco has to offer. Under this package, the car will be protected for five years. The paint used is highly durable with a glossy finish and is guaranteed to last for a long time.

How Does Maaco Do The Paint Job?

Over many, many years, Maaco has tried multiple methods, but after some trial and error, it has finally brought it down to five essential steps. These steps are what help them achieve the perfect paint job.

  1. Repair 

The first thing they do is take a look at the vehicle for any scratches or dents. As part of the Maacover, the technicians will be repairing and eliminating any blemishes on the car. This ensures the paint has a proper finish after the end of five steps and is free from any scratches or dents. 

  1. Prepare 

The next step will be to prepare the surface of the car. The reason the surface is prepared before the paint is to ensure any scratches, chips, or cracks do not spoil the paint over time. If these are not treated on time, they tend to expose the paint to further damage. Hence, preparing the surface will help the car maintain the gloss of the paint. 

  1. Seal

In this step, a sealer is used to ensure there is a proper barrier between the old paint and the new one. This is important to ensure that the old paint does not mix in with the fresh paint as over time, that can spoil the vehicle’s shine. In order to provide the highest quality of color and gloss for an extended period, Maaco has three grades of sealers. 

You can choose the sealer you want based on the vehicle and the amount of durability that is right and needed. Either way, whichever one you end up picking is bound to protect the car.

  1. Paint 

Based on the package you choose, the team at Maaco will start painting the vehicle. Irrespective of the package, each of them offers high-quality paints that will make the vehicle look good and protect it from external damage. These packages also have warranties, so you can always go back if there is an issue. 

These packages also focus on the appearance of the paint and want what you think is best for the vehicle. They have tons of things to choose from, like color, appearance, and finish. You can rest assured that they will meet all the requirements to the T.

  1. Protect 

The final step in the process is adding a layer of protection. This is usually done using a clear coat that protects the car and gives it that perfect gloss finish that the customers love. It also makes the whole paint job look seamless, with no trace of any damage (if there were any).

Tips From Maaco On Aftercare 

Maaco suggests that while the paint job will protect the car at all costs, it is also the responsibility of the customers to take certain actions. Maintaining the paint and the shine of the car is essential no matter how much time goes by. The best way to do that would be to park in the shade, washing the car, and avoiding sand or loose gravel.

The emphasis on washing is a lot because consistent washing can keep the paint lasting for many years. It is not just dirt and mud, but also bugs and bird droppings that need to be cleaned off the car. Maaco recommends washing it at least twice a month with a soft cloth or sponge. You can also use a mild car detergent. 

Even waxing the car is an important factor. In fact, Maaco encourages its customers to get the car waxed after about a month of the paint job. Overall, the car should be waxed every 3-4 months to maintain the look of the car. But, these are only to be done by car waxes.  

How Less Is “Too Less”?

Low costing paint jobs may seem like a good idea but exposes the vehicle to more damage. While Maaco’s baseline option is $300, it begs the question – is that too less for a professional service? It is imperative that the cost of any service needs to be balanced between being accessible and maintaining standards. 

$300 may seem like a decent amount of money, but it is pretty low for a paint job. For that money, it will be better if you buy the paint and do it yourself. This way, despite the low cost, the quality of the paint job remains intact. 

If you think about a professional service charging less than usual, it may seem sketchy. Moreover, it is almost a known fact that less money means less labor which means less effort. So if you are looking to strike that perfect balance between less money and quality, the best would be to go down the DIY path.

Cost Of Paint Jobs – Based on Vehicle

As we mentioned above, the paint job will likely be dependent on the type of vehicle. This is why we have gathered some information to help get a better idea of the potential costs before going ahead with the plan.

  1. Sedan

Starting with one of the common cars you get to see on the road. A sedan should ideally cost anything between $500-$700. Maaco will do a brilliant job enhancing the way the sedan looks and making it stand out from the sea of sedans on American roads. 

Moreover, it is not just about standing out. Whether you want to be done for general upkeep or want the car to look good enough to sell, a paint job is a solution. No one likes to see scratches, rusting, or any kind of marks in their car or even in a car they may potentially buy. 

This is why going with Maaco will be a great idea since you can get a paint job done for a very nominal amount. Moreover, you can have the car looking good as new which is more appealing in the eyes of a potential buyer. 

  1. SUV

Repairs and frequent maintenance are pretty common when you have an SUV. Especially if you are the type to go off-roading, paint  jobs after something like that are inevitable. Usually, the price of getting a paint job done on an SUV depends on the amount of damage the vehicle has endured. However, the price range would mostly be from about $600-$900.

  1. Commercial 

Commercial cars are cars used by companies for official purposes. Irrespective of the make of the vehicle, they tend to cost slightly more. Most of the time, sedans are used as commercial cars. Despite that, the starting price could be $1000 and go all the way up to $5000 or more.

We think that wrapping the car with vinyl is a much better idea than getting it painted. It is a less expensive option and gives a better look to the car. This is an even better option if you intend on putting the company logo on the car. 

However, you can still go ahead with a Maaco paint job. Instead of a commercial paint job, go for a regular one and then add company information on the car later. It’s like the best of both worlds.

  1. Truck

Getting a truck painted can be a bit stressful since there is a large surface area to cover. Most of the time, people do not get it done for that very reason. It can be beneficial to take advantage of Maaco’s affordable rates for a paint job in moments like these. 

Usually, the price offered by any professional should not be beyond the $700-$1000 price range. 

  1. Semi-Truck

Getting a semi-truck painted is probably the most expensive. These also have a large surface to cover and, more often than not, are used commercially. For those reasons, any professional painting service will cost you nothing less than $2000 and can range all the way up to $10,000.

Estimating The Price 

For The Paint Job 

If you are looking to get a paint job by Maaco, we recommend fixing an appointment with them to get a free estimate of how much it will cost. Based on the damage on the body and other service-based charges, it should be anything between $300-$1000. No matter where you go because it has multiple chains, the prices remain fairly consistent. 

However, the estimate that the company gives you is not exactly fixed. Their website mentions that while the estimate is communicated beforehand, there could be hidden charges. This is based on finding any hidden marks, scratches, and dents that may increase their work. However, should that happen, they will discuss how to navigate through that with the customer. 

For The Cost Of Paint

While trying to figure out the cost of paint used by Maaco, it is imperative to look at DIY and other professional services. When buying paint for a DIY paint job, you need a base coat and a clear coat. Usually, these are available for about $20 per quarter. For a regular-sized car, 3 of each is a minimum, bringing the total up to $120. 

On the other hand, professional service would use polyurethane and urethane. And most of the time is just one coat since these paints are exceptionally durable and weather resistant. A one-coat polyurethane paint or single-coat urethane paint is usually available for about $150. We expect Maaco to use this kind of formula for their cars.

We also believe that their low costs are not just them making smart choices but because of their reputation in the industry. Since they have been in the market for about 40 years and have 475 locations, it is inevitable that they would’ve built on relationships that allow them to keep low costs for the paint used.

For The Cost Of Labour 

Another thing to keep in mind when paying for a professional paint job is that you will have to factor in labor costs. This can become incredibly tricky when the minimum wage or salary information is not available for the professional service. By doing a bit of digging around, we can come up with a range of about $10-$40 an hour as a base wage.

On average, a paint job by Maaco takes about 2-3 business days. If you are looking to get an exact number on how much labor cost you could be paying, it’s easy to estimate. All you need to do is divide the estimated price with the estimated time of completion. 

Since you have an idea of how much the cost of paint already is, removing that value would estimate the cost of labor.

Professional Paint Jobs – Is It Worth It?

One thing people end up asking a lot is if hiring a professional is worth the money when the paint job can be done at home for half the price. And while it is true that the professionals ask for a lot, they have a ton to offer. 

It is not just the money but also the quality and the standard of the paint job. That is something that you may not be able to replicate at home. This is especially the case for expensive and luxury vehicles. When the car is expensive, the care for it should be no less. After all, you may not want to spoil the look of the car, one paint job at a time.

Also, if the insurance can cover it, we would encourage you to get it from a high-end service. But in every other scenario, it is not really necessary to get a paint job from a professional. 

Tips On Saving Money During A Paint Job

If you are looking to save money on the highly overdue paint job your vehicle needs, it will be best to do it yourself. There are plenty of paints available at much lower costs than offer top-notch quality. The fact that going to a professional to get this done is an absolute necessity is a myth. Do not worry; your vehicle will not look worse.

However, it is not a very easy process and requires a ton of additional materials. Not only do you need them, but you also need to know how to use them. Achieving professional-level paint jobs at home is not an impossible task, but it might take a few tries and supplies to get it right. 

  1. Paint Masker

Masking the car is a taxing task, and a lot of people tend to avoid it. However, it is an actual game changer and will change the way the vehicle looks in the end. The finish will be smooth, and it is much easier to cover up all the areas after masking. Incorporating this process is the ideal way to achieve professional results.

  1. Masking Film

While masking is important, it is also imperative to cover windows. We urge you to buy a masking film to protect all the areas you want to protect, like the windows. It can also be a great way to protect areas that do not need any paint. 

  1. Sandpaper and Stripper

A smooth surface is everything when it comes to a paint job. We recommend looking at a few wet sanding kits that can help achieve the perfect level of smoothness for that purpose. This can make it even easier to administer the paint. However, it is not needed if the vehicle has an old coat of paint already. 

Stripping the car is an important step, especially if the car is very old. Removing the old paint will be needed as it can make the new paint flake and fall off. Once you have used the sandpaper, a rust stripper can peel the paint (if required).

  1. Body Filler 

Body fillers are ideal if you have a ton of existing blemishes on the car that need to be hidden. Using a good quality body filler means these scratches, marks, and cracks can easily be hidden. It can then be smoothed out for a layer of paint. 

The only thing to be wary of here is that this process can be challenging for a newbie. So take your time to learn it before attempting it.

  1. Sander 

A power sander is not needed but can definitely be a great backup to the sandpaper and the stripper. This is generally used when the sandpaper and the stripper have failed to do their job and is ideal for removing stubborn old paint. While it is a bit expensive, it can make the whole process a lot easier. 

  1. Razor Blades

This is needed right at the end when you need to remove the masking film. Additionally, it can also be used to remove anything stuck to the body, like bumpers, stickers, and all that. Scratching off anything that is stuck is never a wise option and will end up damaging the car. In some instances, razors can also be used to line the masking film.

  1. Additional Tips 

If you intend to go to the professionals for a paint job, it is not necessary to leave everything up to them. You can also fix a few dents and scratches at home before handing the car over to them. It minimizes their step of repairing the vehicle, and so, they can head to the painting. 

Also, we strongly urge you to avoid going to dealerships. Firstly, they are not professional automotive painters. Secondly, even if they did offer a paint job, the price will be through the roof. Granted, they have cars at lower prices, but their services are expensive, and more often than not, the quality is terrible.

We also urge you to see more than one professional service. Getting a second, third, and even a fourth opinion is never discouraged and, in this case, can be played to your advantage. Having multiple services quote their prices allows you to haggle a little to get it down to a reasonable cost. 

Another great thing you can do is hire a handyperson or a local that can do it for less if you supply the materials. Every neighborhood has that one person who can do it all, and if you don’t, there is always social media to find people like them.

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail. Tools for polishing

To Sum It Up

One of the best ways to save money during a paint job is by just being aware of the vehicle’s needs. Get it serviced from time to time, and do not let anything fester for long; it will help save money for the long run.

Before we leave, we would like to reiterate that going to Maaco for a paint job can be worth it. They have tons of packages, affordable costs, and a long history of satisfied service. We hope this guide on Maaco and paint jobs has been informative. 

We shall be back soon with more guides like these. Until then, stay safe!

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