11 Best Paint Sprayers for Chalk Paints | Reviews + Guide

When it comes to chalk paint, the HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max offers a good degree of adjustability and provides a high-quality finish. On the other hand, the Graco Magnum X5 Airless 262800 is the best airless sprayer for chalk paint that offers decent mobility. In terms of convenience, the Yattich Electric Paint Sprayer is the best pick.

If I were honest, I’d say that chalk paint is one of the most appealing paint types to exist today.

Not only does it give a beautiful finish to your walls and furniture, but it is also easy to apply since it does not require a lot of priming and preparation. However, if you want your chalk paint to look good, you will need the right paint sprayer. 

That is what this guide is all about, for it has reviewed some of the best paint sprayers available on the market today. So, dive in if you’re curious!

Best Paint Sprayers for Chalk Paint

1. HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max – Best for Adjustability

A lot of experienced DIYers swear by the HomeRight brand, and with good reason. It is a manufacturer of high-quality, versatile DIY tools that can make your home improvement routine a breeze. And the HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max paint sprayer is one of its most popular products.

This particular paint sprayer option has a higher degree of versatility than other similar models. After trying out this product, I can say for a fact that it is one of the most adjustable paint sprayers that you can get today. Not only can you adjust the spray patterns, but you can also change the tips and the air caps and alter the rate of material flow.

The packaging includes six different spray tips, with each tip having a distinct usage scenario. Likewise, the sprayer can be adjusted to spray in a horizontal, vertical, or round pattern. 

Thanks to that, you can use it to apply chalk paint on a wide variety of surfaces, such as doors, windows, fences, cabinets, dressers, and other types of furniture. That said, the above features may make it a bit complex to use, especially for beginners.

Apart from that, I noticed that it comes with a large 39-ounce container that eliminates the need for frequent refills. The container can hold almost all types of paint material, in addition to regular or chalk paint. Similarly, the powerful 450-watt electric motor produces a thick and even finish with minimal effort, which further enhances user convenience.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 39 ounces | Material: Plastic, Brass | Weight: 3.3 pounds

2. Graco Magnum X5 Airless 262800Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco is another popular name in the domain of DIY paint-spraying equipment. This brand manufactures premium-quality painting tools that are held in high regard by most DIYers.The Magnum X5 262800 Airless paint sprayer is one such tool that is known for its reliability and heavy-duty performance.

This airless paint sprayer features a stainless steel body, which grants a high degree of durability to the machine. Based on my personal trials, I can say that this option is best suited for medium-sized painting and remodeling projects. The spray gun is quite powerful and comes with a fully adjustable pressure control mechanism. Thanks to that, you can apply chalk paint (and other paint) unthinned at any pressure.

During my usage, I noticed that it doesn’t come with a built-in paint container. But it does come with a flexible suction tube that you can use to paint from a one or five-gallon bucket directly. What’s more, you can use a hose that is up to 75 feet long, which gives you better mobility while painting.

This paint sprayer features the brand’s TrueAirless spray tips, which offer greater control while painting. It reduces overspray as well, which is great for producing a consistent paint film and reducing paint wastage. However, this product comes with a pretty high price tag, which can deter most users from purchasing it.

Type: Airless paint sprayer | Capacity: 1 to 5 gallons | Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 19 pounds

3. Yattich Electric Paint SprayerBest for User Convenience

Do you want to buy an affordable and convenient paint sprayer tool for using chalk paint? Then you should definitely give the Yattich Electric Paint Sprayer a try. This option comes with a user-friendly design, which makes it one of the best paint sprayers for beginners. On top of that, you get a detailed instruction manual that further improves convenience.

The body of this paint sprayer is primarily made from plastic, while the spray nozzles are made from high-quality copper metal. Its plastic body is easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it easy to maintain. Likewise, copper material has been used in the nozzle because it is less prone to clogging. After giving it a go, I found that it could apply chalk paint with good consistency and thickness.

This paint sprayer comes with five different nozzles for versatility. You can adjust the nozzle to three different paint patterns, which are horizontal, vertical, and circular. Similarly, you can adjust the flow control knob to control the rate of material flow.

The Yattich Electric Paint Sprayer unit includes a relatively large paint container that has a capacity of 1000 ml. Furthermore, the powerful 500-watt motor ensures greater painting efficiency. However, the motor tends to get hot quickly, meaning that you may have to give it a rest after using it for a while. This aspect can be a mild annoyance to some users.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 1,000 milliliters | Material: Plastic, copper | Weight: 3.78 pounds

4. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter PlusBest for Light Projects

For this review, I have selected another product from the Graco brand. The Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus is a part of the brand’s DIY series of spray painting tools. This paint sprayer has a design that makes it a great choice for small-scale DIY projects.

It does not come with a built-in paint container but has a powerful and flexible suction tube that draws directly from the paint bucket. I found it relatively convenient since it eliminated the need for getting frequent refills.

The sprayer is compatible with paint hoses that are up to 50 feet in length. As such, you get a decent amount of mobility with it. In terms of build quality, it is made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured about its durability in the long run.

You can use it to spray around five gallons of chalk paint at once. The adjustable pressure control and TrueAirless spray tips ensure that you get optimal control whale painting. As I tested it, I found that it applies chalk paint unthinned at all pressure settings, making the process more convenient.

Speaking of convenience, I noticed that this paint sprayer uses the brand’s unique Power Flush technology. This enables you to link it up with a garden hose easily, which makes the clean-up process a breeze.

However, the above features come at a price, which means that without an adequate budget, you may find the cost of this paint sprayer to be quite exorbitant.

Type: Airless paint sprayer | Capacity: 1 to 5 gallons | Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 15 pounds

5. Scuddles Paint Sprayer GunBest HVLP Sprayer Gun

Yeah, I understand that Scuddles is not the most well-known brand in the domain of DIY painting kits. However, this does not mean that you should overlook it either, for the Scuddles Paint Sprayer Gun is easily one of the most powerful options that I have come across. 

It is arguably the best high volume-low pressure (HVLP) gun that you can use for spraying chalk paint. This is all thanks to its powerful, 1,200-watt electric motor that can produce a consistent spray at all times. 

The sprayer gun provides three different spray modes for painting on vertical, flat, or spherical surfaces. You get five separate nozzle tips with this product, which further enhances its versatility. That said, you might need to adjust the spray tip frequently to get the desired finish, as the machine has a tendency to clog and splatter paint easily.

This particular sprayer comes with a fairly large paint container of 34 ounces. The outer body is made from lightweight plastic materials, and there is a comfortable grip provided on the gun, which makes it easy to hold.

Also included in the package are three cleaning straws, along with a brush and a pin. Because of this, I found it easy to maintain. As I explored the product, I found that it remains cool, no matter the workload. This is due to the presence of the heat dissipation holes at the back.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 1,000 milliliters | Material: Plastic | Weight: 4.4 pounds

6. NoCry Electric Paint SprayerBest Flow Rate

NoCry is a brand that is primarily known for its DIY safety equipment. Naturally, the brand’s electric paint sprayer has been designed with the safety of its users in mind. It comes with fully adjustable features that allow you to alter the material flow rate, airflow speed, and spray patterns.

I noticed that the flow rate of this particular model is higher than most other paint sprayers available today. It allows you to spray around 1,200 ml per minute and has a maximum viscosity rating of 100 DIN per second. Because of that, you can spray chalk paint and other viscous paint on a wide range of surfaces with relative ease.

The spray nozzles can be adjusted to produce three different patterns. However, after spending time with it, I found that the nozzle becomes clogged easily, which can give rise to uneven paint textures. Luckily, this clog can be cleared easily with the help of the brush and cleaning straw provided with the package.

On that note, the item can be disassembled pretty easily, which means that you can clean it without any issues. You also get a DIN cup with this product, which makes it easy to manage the viscosity of the chalk paint or any other paint type. Furthermore, the low price of this paint sprayer means that you get good value for your money.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 33.814 ounces | Material: Plastic | Weight: 4.03 pounds

7. Batavia BSG0140 Paint SprayerBest Designed Sprayer

The Dutch brand Batavia is globally renowned for manufacturing high-quality power tools and DIY equipment. That is why I included the Batavia BSG0140 Paint Sprayer on my list. It is a highly versatile spray paint gun that enables you to apply chalk paint on different interior and exterior features of your home.

In fact, after seeing it in action, I can say for a fact that it is one of the best chalk paint sprayers that you can get. It comes with a powerful 500-watt motor, which ensures greater painting efficiency and consistency. Also, the overall design of this option is fairly compact and appealing and has a double layer of insulation for user safety.

It comes with an anti-backflow feature, which is particularly helpful when spray painting the ceiling. As the name suggests, it prevents the paint from flowing back and causing a mess. Besides, you can adjust the nozzles to get the desired spray pattern for the paint job.

The paint container boasts a large capacity of 1,200 ml. Likewise, the maximum viscosity rating of the machine is 100 DIN per second, which ensures a consistent spray. However, one issue that I noticed with this option is that it is relatively difficult to clean, despite the brand claiming otherwise.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 1,200 milliliters | Material: Acrylic | Weight: 3.12 pounds

8. Wagner Control Pro 130Best for Large Projects

When it comes to painting equipment, Wagner is considered to be one of the biggest and most renowned brands. On that note, the Wagner Control Pro 130 is one of the best airless paint sprayers that you can purchase today. 

It features the brand’s unique HEA technology that helps to reduce overspray issues by almost 55%. Similarly, the spray nozzle can apply paint almost thrice as fast as other airless spray guns. As such, it is a highly efficient option for your chalk painting projects.

The tool is gravity-fed, which gives you a smooth painting experience without any mess. You can use it for both the interior and exterior features of your home. After putting it to the test, I can say that it is one of the best choices for handling large painting tasks.

You can hold up to 1.5 gallons of material in the stationary hopper tank of this spray painter. All you need to do is pour the paint into the tank, attach the hose to the nozzle, and you can start painting. 

In that context, the attachment hose has a length of only 25 feet, which can feel a little small. It can restrict your mobility to some extent, which is one limitation of this option.

Type: Airless paint sprayer | Capacity: 1.5 gallons | Material: N/A | Weight: 11 pounds

9. Wagner Home Decor Paint SprayerBest for Chalk Painting Furniture

Here, I have reviewed another high-quality spray painting tool by Wagner. As the name suggests, the Home Decor Paint Sprayer is a great choice for painting home furniture, interior decor, and other similar items. Compact and lightweight, this particular paint sprayer is highly maneuverable, which means that you can use it for painting tight corners and small areas with high accuracy.

However, if you wish to undertake large painting projects, then you will find this option to be highly inefficient. The spray painter comes with a 20-ounce container that holds enough paint for small painting tasks. Also included is a hose that has a length of 6.5 feet. This hose length gives you better maneuverability and control when painting furniture items.

After getting a feel for the product, I found it pretty easy to use. There is a pattern adjustment dial that you can use to control the spray pattern. Besides that, it includes a material flow control that allows you to customize the output and consistency of the spray. Thanks to these features, you get an even paint texture on the surface.

Apart from that, I noticed that the machine includes a stationary base so that you can place it on the ground, making it more convenient to use.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 20 ounces | Material: N/A | Weight: 1.08 pounds

10. Titan Impact 440Best for Professionals

Are you a professional painter who is looking for a heavy-duty chalk paint sprayer? Then look no further than the Titan Impact 440, which is easily one of the most powerful paint sprayers available today. This particular airless paint sprayer produces around 3000 psi of pressure, implying that the paint flow is quite intense. As such, it gives a clean and uniform paint texture.

This industrial-grade option is designed to be highly durable. My tests indicated that it can withstand heavy loads without any issues. The machine can spray around 50 to 100 gallons of paint every week. On the flip side, it is pretty heavy, which makes it difficult to carry around.

The Quad+ packing present on the sprayer wipes away abrasive coatings to prevent any damage to the sealing lip or piston. Likewise, the Permalife Cylinder has been designed to be wear-resistant, meaning that you won’t need to replace it often.

Moreover, I noticed that it comes with a full-size manifold filter, which sets it apart from other airless paint sprayers. It features an electronic pressure control mechanism, which enables you to alter the pressure to suit the task better. And when combined with the Rapid Clean system, this particular sprayer is very quick and easy to clean. 

With that being said, this is a tool that is meant for professionals, which means that it has an incredibly high price tag. Due to that, it is not a very feasible choice for conventional DIYers.

Type: Airless paint sprayer | Capacity: 50 to 100 gallons | Material: Metal | Weight: 36 pounds

11. Buendio TPX01 Paint SprayerBest Viscosity Rating

Buendio is a relatively small brand that makes DIY equipment. However, the TPX01 Paint Sprayer is quite popular among customers thanks to its versatility and reliability. It is an HVLP spray gun that comes with a powerful 700-watt electric motor. 

You can use this tool with chalk paint, as well as other types of paint materials. Aside from that, it can be used for painting different types of indoor and outdoor features. It comes with five different nozzle tips and produces three different spray patterns. Thus, you can adjust the paint output in a number of ways.

Unlike many other HVLP paint sprayers, the TPX01 boasts a viscosity rating of 120 DIN per second. Based on my observations, this gives a thicker and more consistent finish. Also, the container boasts a capacity of 1,000 ml. And for the sake of convenience and mobility, it includes a long power cord of 6.6 feet.

The paint sprayer has a double-layer insulation coating to minimize safety issues. Besides, you can quickly disassemble the unit by pressing one button. This makes it convenient to use and easy to clean. On the flip side, the plastic materials used in the body feel a bit cheap and low-quality, which can give rise to durability issues.

Type: HVLP sprayer | Capacity: 1,000 milliliters | Material: Plastic, copper, brass | Weight: 3.96 pounds

Top Paint Sprayer for Chalk Paints Comparison Table

Top Paint Sprayer Type Capacity Material Weight
HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP sprayer 39 ounces Plastic, Brass 3.3 pounds
Graco Magnum X5 Airless 262800 Airless paint sprayer 1 to 5 gallons Stainless steel 19 pounds
Yattich Electric Paint Sprayer HVLP sprayer 1,000 milliliters Plastic, copper 3.78 pounds
Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Airless paint sprayer 1 to 5 gallons Stainless steel 15 pounds
Scuddles Paint Sprayer Gun HVLP sprayer 1,000 milliliters Plastic 4.4 pounds
NoCry Electric Paint Sprayer HVLP sprayer 33.814 ounces Plastic 4.03 pounds
Batavia BSG0140 Paint Sprayer HVLP sprayer 1,200 milliliters Acrylic 3.12 pounds
Wagner Control Pro 130 Airless paint sprayer 1.5 gallons N/A 11 pounds
Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer HVLP sprayer 20 ounces N/A 1.08 pounds
Titan Impact 440 Airless paint sprayer 50 to 100 gallons Metal 36 pounds
Buendio TPX01 Paint Sprayer HVLP sprayer 1,000 milliliters Plastic, copper, brass 3.96 pounds

Buying Guide for The Top Paint Sprayer for Chalk Paint

So, that was my list of the top paint sprayers for chalk paint. In this section, I have discussed some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing a paint sprayer. If you want to know what these are, then read on!

1. Type

The first thing that you should check is the type. Broadly speaking, there are three major types of paint sprayers available today, which are HVLP, airless, and pneumatic. If you went through my list, you might have noticed that most of them belong to the first two types.

Airless sprayers pump out the paint material at very high pressure. The paint material is broken down into extremely fine droplets, which are spread over the surface to produce an even finish. Most airless sprayers can handle both thin and thick paint like enamel, lacquer, and latex quite well. Such a tool can easily paint on surfaces like wood, concrete, and metal. That makes them well-suited for exterior painting projects.

HVLP sprayers use a large but steady volume of air to carry the paint droplets. The droplets are slightly larger, and they travel at a slower speed, which helps them to stick to the surface. These sprayers are best for indoor projects, meaning that you can use them to paint furniture, trims, doors, and windows. Also, they are better with thin paints like chalk, acrylic, or water-based paints unless specified. Lastly, you have pneumatic sprayers, which use compressed air to apply the paint to a surface. Like HVLP sprayers, they are best used for painting indoor fixtures like furniture and cabinets. However, pneumatic sprayers often suffer from overspray issues, which can be an inconvenience. As such, you will need a lot of paint to finish the paint job. Furthermore, they are not good with thick paint types either.

2. Power

When looking for the best paint sprayer, you will need to consider the power of the tool. By power, I am referring not only to the tool’s output but also its speed. A powerful output ensures that the sprayer can produce a consistent and smooth finish throughout. 

Similarly, the speed of the tool determines the rate at which the chalk paint is applied. Surely, you wouldn’t take to spend the whole day painting a single wall, right? Then, it would be highly inefficient, and it wouldn’t be any different than painting manually with a roller or paintbrush. So, the quicker you can finish the job, the better it will be for you.

3. Adjustability

Another key feature to consider in a paint sprayer is its adjustability. In order to get the best results, you may need to adjust different aspects of the sprayer tool, such as the nozzles, spray pattern, flow rate, and so on. Thus, if you buy an option that allows customization of these aspects, you can make the most out of your chalk sprayer.

Is It Safe to Use Chalk Paint With a Sprayer?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to apply chalk paint with a sprayer. In fact, most sprayers available today are designed to handle a wide range of paint materials, such as chalk, polyurethane (PU), latex, varnish, lacquer, and acrylic paint, among others. 

That said, you will need to take all the necessary precautions before you start painting with a sprayer.

What Are the Precautions Needed for Applying Chalk Paint With a Sprayer?

In order to avoid inhaling the paint fumes, you have to use a respirator or a face mask. Aside from that, you will need to wear a pair of protective goggles to keep the paint droplets from getting into your eyes. 

I would also advise wearing a head cap to prevent the paint droplets from sticking to your hair. Moreover, it is a good idea to wear gloves and long sleeve clothing to prevent the paint from getting on your skin.

How Can You Prevent Chalk Paint From Fading or Washing Off?

Despite its appeal, chalk paint is prone to washing off or fading over time. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent this from happening. For starters, you should use good quality paint from a reputed brand. 

Additionally, you should give enough time for the paint to dry after applying it with the sprayer. Afterward, you can protect it with a wax coating to prevent water damage and fading.

Do You Need to Dilute Chalk Paint Before Applying It With a Paint Sprayer?

Whether or not the chalk paint needs to be diluted depends on both the paint and the sprayer. If you are using thick chalk paint, you will need to dilute it with water to make it thinner.

Conversely, if your sprayer has low power or uses a small nozzle orifice, thick chalk paint may cause problems. Therefore, you will need to thin the paint before applying.


That brings me to the end of this informative review-based guide. I hope that you have been able to make up your mind by now.

Before I wrap it up, I would like to mention my personal favorite choices from the above list. My top pick overall is the HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max. That’s because this option offers good adjustability, power, and finish quality.

But if you are looking for a good airless paint sprayer that offers a high degree of mobility, then you should pick the Graco Magnum X5 Airless 262800. If you are a beginner, though, you can pick the Yattich Electric Paint Sprayer, which offers great user convenience

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