35 Epic Kitchen Counter Decorating Ideas to Consider

To style up a kitchen is to style up the very heart of your home. It is, unquestionably, the most important place in your house containing all the love and care which put the taste in your food and nourishes the body and soul.

Each kitchen is unique, as it is a personal space for every home-maker, reflecting individual style and taste.

And, an essential aspect of every kitchen is their counter-tops. They’re the seat of all culinary work, and also the second thing (after the walls) you notice when you walk into a cookhouse. But, it is also one of the most difficult things to design, as one could only do so much with conventional kitchen counters.

But, if you’re reading this, then thank your lucky stars, as we have brought some of the coolest and epic kitchen counter decor ideas that you have been looking for!

Did it answer your prayers? If, yes, then simply continue reading the space below to know all about them!

Kitchen Counter Decorating Ideas

1. The Citrusy Getaway

The citrusy getaway

The beautiful summery, lemony kitchen ushers in a brilliantly spirited aura, dancing on beautiful wooden countertops and reflecting on blue floral tiles for the backsplash, before bouncing off the sweet oval mirror set on the higher shelf!

We’re in love with the painting and especially the casual chalky signboard that contrasts the beautiful greens of the kitchen.

The element of glass brought in by the empty beer and vodka bottles makes for a holiday-ish, carefree, relaxed style, making the countertops more attractive and playful to be around.

Image via Davit Tsay

2. For the blooming minimalists!

For the blooming minimalists!

We can all agree on how stunning a self-referential and bold metallic kitchen can be. Be it polished or brushed, stainless steel is always a class act to pull off in a culinary space.

What we have here is a beautiful matte gray niche wall and matching cabinetry that complements a heavy-set stainless steel sink with an equally beautiful swan-necked faucet.

But the element that makes all of it come to life: an inflorescence of fresh blooms set against a wooden ingredient or a chink of speckled marble! Classically peaceful? We think so too!

Image via Jonny Valiant

3. Breakfast at Tea-funnies?

Breakfast at tea-funnies?

Isn’t having a classic English touch in the kitchen just a joy and undeniably glamorous? The quintessential white kitchen with the perfectly polished and patterned vintage cabinetry has already won our hearts, but the icing on the cake is evidently the cream-toned marble backsplash honoring a royal blue kitchen stove and oven unit.

However, get ready to witness the style quotient shoot to a new high after sundown, thanks to the magnificent chandelier that lights up the epoxied countertop!

So if you aren’t into sticking that little finger out while sipping tea, get that going right away, as this is one style you can’t possibly ever go wrong with!

Image via Jennifer Hughes

4. Stone-house Rock!

Stone-house rock!

This has to be one of the most beautiful decorative ideas for your kitchen and countertops ever. The beautiful stone kitchen with roughly hewn wooden countertops is set apart for all eyes to revel by the sink hacked from a single block of gray stone.

The most awe-inspiring thing about this space is the chandelier strategically overgrown with climbers with the lights twinkling at you from the greens. The stone walls and the plantlings for the countertops all welcome the vivid and elemental Nature into the space, celebrating it in all its glory.

Image via Marion Brenner

5. Flirt with the conventional!

Flirt with the conventional!

One of the most fabulous things you could do to spice up any space is to put two strikingly dissimilar aspects together.

The conventional and serious white kitchen is playfully set up on a date with the flirtatious hot pink marble countertop by their conspiring friend: the wooden cabinetry!

Although we may not be able to predict most relationships getting it all right in the changing world, this idea for your kitchen is definitely a match made in culinary heaven!

And the bright green shoots further accentuate the look by brilliantly contrasting all three shades to bring you the perfect kitchen decor.

Image via Pinterest

6. Where geometry rules!

Where geometry rules!

Going all beehive and hexagonal seems to be the hottest trend for cookhouse walls in the recent kitchen decor arena. And, we’re never complaining about this one!

Not only is this look absolutely stunning and accentuates an ageless white kitchen, but it also visually magnifies the space for us.

Pair this up with suave matte steel-gray lower cabinets with pure white countertops and highlight the entire look with wooden accents and gold-tones on the gray! A pop of lilac in a glass mason jar, and the look’s royally done for the day!

Image via sjoystudios.com

7. The softest natural pastel

He softest natural pastel

What we have next up is a simply beautiful pastel shade of the lightest green. For lovers of a spotless and pristine porcelain white kitchen, this tone could work sheer wonders to such a space.

A pretty limey soft green is sparked off with rich copper or rose-gold tones on the whites in the place. You could easily bring in richer tones in green by placing sweet little herbaceous or garden plants or brighter greens in tender shoots and play with different textures.

The glass element makes the kitchen look neat and cleaner, accentuating the immaculate feel.

Image via Kohler

8. Bare wood glam

Bare wood glam

The simple wooden textures is a definite win for any kitchen space. Not only do these look great with the least bit of effort applied, but they also bring in a clean and fresh feel to the place.

It is especially suitable for smaller kitchen spaces. Pair wooden accents for cabinets and countertops with a white, cozy cookhouse decor and rid the space of any extra things. The bare wooden rack countertop brings all the style in this kitchen coupled with a stainless steel faucet sink and fixtures.

The pendant lights bind the entire look up in a cohesive structure.

Image via ehomedecors.com 

9. Royal in Blue

Royal in blue

If there’s one thing that’s as classy as a pristine white kitchen with marble accents, it’s definitely a cookhouse done in regal blues with marble countertops! A kitchen with royal blue cabinetry paired with a speckled marble countertop is set against an all-white decor. The look is further accentuated with fabulous pendant lighting with a polished copper finish.

Not only does the entire look spell class in every way, but it also achieves a perfect blend of white with an unconventional dark to make a sultry style statement.

The wooden stools add a balanced, carefree touch in an otherwise charged and magnetic atmosphere.

Image via mydomaine.com 

10. Basic grays

Basic grays

Grays are one of the best options for every kitchen space. Being the fundamental neutral shade, it has all the power to transform a bland kitchen into one that’ll be the center of attraction in the house.

Dignified dove gray wood-paneled walls, a black counter body with a pure white countertop: a dynamic kitchen? Without a doubt. Add a dash off natural green and yellow, and that’s it.

Pull the entire look off by topping it off with milky porcelain crockeries on open shelves and hanging glass bird-box lighting.

Image via Karyn R. Millet

11. Paneled white

Paneled white

An entirely wood-paneled kitchen looks chique, feels clean and most importantly, is a breeze to maintain. What we have here is a basic white paneled kitchen that’s complemented with polished metallic and bare wooden accents. This helps bring all the sunlight into the space.

The ceiling is completed with a white and dark vintage fan and lightings to bring in an element of antiquity in the place.

This kind of a kitchen is especially suitable for tropical climates, making for a cool and windy atmosphere, almost as if you’re on a beach somewhere!

Image via Mali Azima

12. The farmhouse counter

The farmhouse counter

Every farmhouse kitchen is unarguably timeless in style and feel. It can whip up a perfectly cheerful and merry atmosphere and make the kitchen way more than just a place to cook.

A singular grey long counter with a built-in shelf for the glass can rival most contemporary countertop looks of new decor styles. Doesn’t require anything else to complete this look, but we aren’t complaining one bit about the stunning chandelier that brings the place to life and makes it elegantly casual in style and feel.

Image via deavita.fr 

13. Going country on the counter

Going country on the counter

Adding a touch of country-fresh colors has never killed a good kitchen decor. In fact, this is one style that could lock in an environment of eternal spring in your cookhouse!

A cool grey countertop against white walls, flanked by square-paned windows spells serenity, beauty, and happiness in every single touch and feel.

A pop of yellow on the furniture somewhere and a slice of lush green in a glass on the counter will do all the magic for the place.

And talk of the rest of the things? I’m sure Mr.Krabs has got it all covered!

Image via Don Freeman

14. Back in Black

Back in black

We couldn’t possibly think of composing a decor column without talking about the majestic and the hypnotic: Black, right? No style is complete without it, and there is no way you can skip on it.

Bold and beautiful accents of black with glinting gold on the knobs could be the foremost winner in all style and design for any place whatsoever. Pair it up with brushed or polished metallic accents and be prepared for your guests never to leave the kitchen anytime soon.

But for the countertops? Creamy white marble. Bind the look in a surreal frame with flaming red, contrasting both colors in equal measure.

Look away from this decor? You simply can’t!

Image via Pernille Loof

15. The Indigo Shift!The indigo shift!

Blue, in every tone and shade, is always a bringing of calm. Not only is it a beautiful color for practically every room in the house, but it also makes for a tranquil living and serene headspace.

A beautiful indigo-tiled backsplash can be just what you need for an otherwise white kitchen. Go ahead and contrast the niche-wall color with a big marble chimney.

A dash of copper and brass tones can add a touch of undiluted luxury and up the glam quotient of such a place.

Keep the countertops simple in wood or polished metals to accentuate the contrast of the colors even more.

Image via Joshua Mchugh

16. Raise the bar with glass

Raise the bar with glass

An all glass decor can be one of the most elegant and ethereal looks of all times. It is ageless and meant for a high-maintenance, well-kept residence. If you’re looking to give your cookhouse a drastic makeover, then do consider a look done in glass for your tabletops and countertops. Complete it with collectors or heavy-set marble crockery and fine-glass dining pieces.

The decor will look classically vintage paired with polished dark wood (or iron) for the tables or a kitchen cupboard with ornate glass square panels.

Image via Joshua Mchugh

17. A completely white kitchen

A completely white kitchen

White can never go out of fashion. It isn’t for nothing that a completely pristine white kitchen is hailed as the classiest, most stylish look of all times, dominating the decor word.

Go ahead and suck out the color from those countertops, tables, and even chair cushions to match a milky white cabinetry and speckled-tiled wall.

A touch of gold and polished dark wood for pendant lights and chairs cuts through the monotone with glamorous ease. Put just a dash of florals to enliven the look.

Image via Annie Schlechter

18. Polished wooden rough-edged countertops

Polished wooden rough-edged countertops

Asymmetrical and natural designs seem to be all the rage in recent times, ruling over kitchen decor ideas.

One of these is the rough and asymmetrical natural-edged design complete with an in-built kitchen sink slot, carved from a single haul of wood. The countertop is done to perfection with glistening polish and a raw finish. The rest of the kitchen is done in a sandstone tone for the niche wall and an ivory shade on the lower cabinets for an overall cohesive look.

Source Unknown

19. Plush in polished wood

Plush in polished wood

Polished wood is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous and dignified decor elements ever! The present kitchen design scenario is seeing this wooden motif make a momentous comeback with awe-inspiring layouts and patterns.

An all dark-wood cabinetry not only looks breathtakingly beautiful, but it also strikes a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary tastes.

To cut through this rich color, go for a creamy white or speckled-white granite center table or a singular countertop, various types of quartzite countertops can also serve you right, having a shocking appeal on the senses.

Image via Jonny Valiant

20. Bare brick love

Bare brick love

Bare-brick kitchen walls make for a very homely decor, that looks casually stylish in form and structure. This kind of a design is being used for both smaller and big kitchen spaces owing to the fact that it complements almost every kind of decor elements such as glass, wood or porcelain to go with.

Pair up your bare brick kitchen with simple wooden countertops and a centrally located patterned-tile design for the niche-wall. The touch of porcelain is radically contrasted with black cabinets that make a vivid statement for the entire look.

Source Unknown

21. Arrowhead sharpshooters!

Arrowhead sharpshooters!

With a flurry of stunning new wall-tile ideas and designs, kitchen wall decor has shot up several notches than what it had even a couple of years ago.

If there’s one layout of it we cannot get over just yet, it’s the new arrowhead pattern. Perfect for bringing in texture and playing with tones, it works great for any color. Contrasting an all-white kitchen with a speckled and arrayed tile design not only looks beautiful, but it adds a depth to an otherwise familiar layout, putting an arrow through the visitor’s heart!

Image via Image via Miki Duisterhof

22. The magic of a gallery diner!

The magic of a gallery diner!

When it’s high-roofed, spacious and gives you ample space to play with, the cookhouse should be something where you do more than just eat and talk. A big, gallery cookhouse could be the place where you spend quality time with your friends and family, having overwhelming discussions over love, life and more!

To make it even cozier, go with something like a neutral, homely eggshell or ivory white paired up with a relaxing, polished wooden floor. Get on with some darker gray-wood and glass for the table and leave it all marble white for the counters.

The epic wrought-iron chandelier will make sure to blend the elements seamlessly in, for a magnificent overall statement.

Image via Image via Miki Duisterhof

23. Of patterns and spices

Of patterns and spices

Oriental or eastern patterns with all their intricacies are one thing that can work sheer magic for any space. Be it big or small, it will turn the area into a beautiful centerpiece for the entire house itself.

Let your love for intricate patterns run wild with stunning mandala and eastern floral designs for your floors and backsplash, and even for your tea-coasters! A dark cohesive color will make the statement come to life.

And the simplest wooden countertop should make the style pop! Spice up the kitchen with some fragile and fragrant little herb shoots in glass to enhance the sensual aura of the place.

Source Unknown

24. The cozy, cool kitchen

The cozy, cool kitchen

If you’re looking for a cooling and calming layout for a smaller kitchen space, then nothing could feel as relaxing as simple stone-grays coupled with some calming blue to go with.

A textured gray backsplash can be the perfect companion color for solid blues on the cabinets leaving a simple, unadorned wooden countertop. Such a balance of colors could help manipulate the ways of natural light to enhance the look of the place, making it appear spacious and inviting for a private rendezvous.

The singular over-sized ship-light maintains the balance of elements in the place.

Image via Victoria Pearson

25. Geometric all the way!

Geometric all the way!

For a real lover of geometric designs at heart, we have seemed to dig out just the perfect look for the cookhouse. A small-squared tiled wall design maintains an immaculate feel to the kitchen directly complimenting a suave gray tone for the cabinets.

Simple, opaque solid-colored counter slabs could be something difficult to look away from, be it on an amber wooden center table with matching stools or for your cooktops.

But we all know that the real winner of this place is the textured grey hexagonal cobble pathway spilling onto a dark polished wooden one. Real stunner even in straight-set numbers!

Image via Nathan Kirkman

26. The rainforest kitchen

The rainforest kitchen

For passionate lovers of nature who want to have the touch of lush green in their kitchen space, it is always a great idea to have a pure white decor to set off the magnificent color. For a heightened sense of the raw and beautiful, go for darker grays with a coarser texture on the counter and extend it to open shelves on the simple white wall; you could also place these shelves in alternate alignment for a more natural look.

We’re hopelessly in love with the play of the simplest natural things such as the bamboo pole for a hanging rack for your pots and utensils or a naturally dark, unpolished wood panel on the ceiling bringing out the contrast in a beautiful way.

Image via Pinterest

27. Planked up for glam! 

Planked up for glam!  

The use of bare plank furniture and countertops is yet another marvelous idea from the wooden decor arena. It looks awesome and is very functional in quite a few ways. They’re easy to clean and maintain and is inexpensive than most other decor material for that matter.

One of the most significant advantages of such a layout is the organic touch and a natural platform that it provides for all your culinary work. It’s pretty hygienic that way and goes with any sort of color tone.

Image via Drew Kelly

28. Welcome to the dark side  

Welcome to the dark side  

The beauty of an all-white kitchen could only be rivaled in effect and feel by its absolute opposite, contrary and antithetical. An all black kitchen could be less of a place to cook and more of an area that holds every gaze transfixed in its path.

To heighten the hypnotic effect of black this kitchen has been adorned with a foiled glossy black tilework paired up with an intricate glass-paned upper cabinetry.

Literally, everything has been done in black which looks even more glaring thanks to the shockingly contrasting ochre wooden countertop, the white sink, and a stunning black n white patterned marble flooring.

Image via ok-norm-interiors.tumblr.com

29. The traditional set up with an asymmetrical wink!

The traditional set up with an asymmetrical wink!

A conventional luxurious kitchen space could be done in balanced white and gray tones. Copper, gold or rose-gold tones can go a long way in accentuating the glamorous statement. And, for those with the “more is more” motif, we have the classic, vintage burnished wooden center table with darker accents to lock the effect in place.

But, the real wink of the modern could be seen in the bird box lighting and the asymmetrical, broken-edged stone top for the table that raises the bar for traditional marble countertops in the place.

Image via Peter Murdock

30. The reign of the turquoise 

The reign of the turquoise 

Very few colors can look as stunning and absolutely regal as emeralds or dark turquoise shades. It is an exemplary shade for kitchens, set apart from all the conventional shades in such a place.

What we’re looking at right now is a perfect dark turquoise niche wall with rich degrees of pure emerald, complete with open shelves. This is an ideal kitchen for a lot of glassware, dark granite countertops and the touch of both black and white used strategically at different places to amp up the statement.

Image via stylecarte.com

31. Of blues and reds with a color white! 

Of blues and reds with a color white!  

The dominant primary colors could look fantastic in a simple white modern kitchen if you know where to put them.

With the exciting new developments in kitchen granites in recent times, you do get a lot of options in tones, textures, and shades apart from the conventional dark or neutral ones.

A bluish granite can look immensely pretty in a small white kitchen with a hint of red somewhere to pop the overall look and to bring a lively, sunny atmosphere inside the place!

Image via Miki Duisterhof

32. Basic green 

Basic green 

A look done in basic, opaque green with white is one of the most comfortable kitchen styles. We love the geometric, complex green and white design of the niche wall that pairs up brilliantly with a wooden countertop and shelves.

The element of glass plays well with the look and brings a personal touch to it. Go ahead and flaunt your eclectic collection of aromatic spices and herbs on the shelves or cute potted plants for the counter: this style is a real win for all!

Image via boligmagasinet.dk

33. Darker tops for every season

Darker tops for every season

You cannot possibly go wrong with darker granites for kitchen counters even if you tried to! This is one of the most ageless designs for countertops that work well with any, and we mean any, kitchen decor.

Be it a neutral shade, spanking’ whites or gorgeous lights, a dark granite counter slab owns the color-game in its entire style and form. And the best way to decorate such a classic tone? Add fresh blooms, and the colors will do the rest for you!

Image via Trevor Trondo

34. For the ultra modern and neoteric bling! 

For the ultra modern and neoteric bling!  

Straight-lines and symmetrical designs can transform a conventional kitchen layout to bring all the futuristic elements of an ultra-modern cookhouse. Grey works exceptionally well in such spaces. It can look as suave and swanky without losing the essence of a dignified look overall.

We dig the geometric, rhomboidal wallpaper that gives the space a curious blend of a retro-ish, yet unfamiliar visual effect.

Go all out and crazy with this new stunning gray monochromatic design and turn your kitchen into the center of all attraction in the house. 

Image via Annie Schlechter

35. The autumnal effect

The autumnal effect

And for our final one on the block, we have a fine and delicate- an almost seasonal decor for your kitchen. Soft, muted grays and whites can work wonderfully well to maximize the effect of natural light in the place, yet, softening any harsh lights for that matter as well.

The subway-tiled backsplash gives a very clean feel and accentuates the variegated granite countertops which look every inch the dapper thing you would want to have in your kitchen.

A touch of contrasting and vivid natural colors will bring the look to life and provide it with a unique, cohesive style element.

Image via Nathan Kirkman


So this was all about what we think are some of the best kitchen counter decorating ideas that you should definitely consider right now!

We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did putting it all together for you!

And, the best part is that we’ll be back with more!

Till next time!

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