What Color Goes With Black And Gold + Thing You Should Know

Although there are several stunning color combinations, few have caught human fancy, like black and gold. 

Even when used individually, black or gold helps create interest, add subtlety, and produce contrast. So, it’s easy to understand why humankind would eventually combine these two colors, leading to the beginning of an incredible trend. 

With time, people have become more adventurous, looking to expand their color palettes when it comes to home décor. That’s why you will find black and gold paired with striking colors but they are also capable of delivering a subtle look in other combinations. 

Today we decided to find out what colors go with gold and black so that you can choose the most suitable shades. 

What color goes with black and gold

1. Emerald Green 

Black is a universal color that looks good when you pair it with most shades, and one such color is emerald green. 

Most people prefer painting black walls with a hint of metallic gold, which may suggest elegance. However, if you want to stand out, we recommend pairing it with a splash of emerald green.

This will transform your room from something gorgeous to eye-catching. If you are still unsure, try to imagine a green backdrop with a black couch and gold accents. 

Now that’s a color combination that demands attention, wouldn’t you agree? 

Black gold and emerald green living room

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2. Brown 

Brown is perfect for complementing gold and black, enhancing their appeal without grabbing too much attention. Although it may not be the most obvious option, you can add brown to create a vibrant bedroom décor. 

In some cases, people tend to use these three hues to make their furniture pop, but we are thinking more along the lines of interior décor. For instance, chocolate brown may be the most suitable option if you want to create a deep tan effect. 

Black gold and brown living room

Image Source

3. Bright Red 

What better way to leave your mark on guests than by pairing gold accents with poppy red that’s complete with a black border? In fact, you can find this color scheme in modern houses with slight variations like rose gold and metallic gold, adorning the door or window frames. 

Additionally, you can use gold sparkles (a bright yellowish shade that glitters) with a dark red hue, or black paint with bright red shades. That said, don’t get too carried away because none of these are neutral colors; everything in moderation is the key. 

Black gold and red living room

4. Bright Green 

We have already spoken about green in one form, but we just had to mention bright green as well. Very few shades deliver such a rich contrast with different types of gold, including saturated yellow or soft gold. 

As a result, most people pair yellow paint with green and black lines to design their recreational room. The striped pattern delivers a classy appearance and proves suitable for late-night parties. 

If you want to go for something a little more unconventional, it’s possible to add black paint as the base layer, followed by mint green or salad green. To break up this dark shade, add yellowish gold for contrast.  

Black gold and green living room

5. Hot Pink 

If you want to paint the kids’ room, opt for gold, black, and hot pink. In this instance, pink and black will dominate the majority of the color palette, so the use of gold has to be minimal. 

You could add gold sparkles that aren’t too overwhelming or choose paler golds with bold patterns. In some cases, people paint a room, having metallic gold borders with pink acting as the main element, followed by black. 

Black gold and pink  living room

6. Silver 

The color gold forms a riveting combination with many shades, but one of the most understated colors is silver. You can pair metallic gold and black with silver shades for a high-end and classy interior décor. 

In fact, it may be a suitable option when you are hosting guests at a formal party as gold adds vibrancy while silver keeps it in check. The thing to remember is that black should be the predominant color for this combination to work. 

Black gold and silver  interior design

 7. Slate Gray 

Both black and grey are dark shades, so using them together would create a dull appearance. That said, the gold color helps break the monotony, provided that you know how much to use. 

For example, if you are decorating a room, it would be best to use gold accents rather than big, bold strokes. Since gold pops out much more in a gray room, you won’t need to do too much. 

Simply place items of gold color at strategic points around the room to grab attention. 

Black gold and slate gray   interior design

8. Navy Blue 

Our next color combination with gold and black features navy blue, and the result is mind-boggling. These three colors deliver a royal appearance when used in the right amount, making the room extremely attractive. 

Blue serves as a serene and dependable shade while mixing gold creates a refreshing setting. In other words, they offer the perfect contrast between light and dark, with black enhancing the luxuriousness of both hues. 

Black gold and navy blue interior design

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9. White 

You might have been a little surprised to see white on this list but let us explain why it is a useful shade to try out. Considering that you don’t like tampering with the main gold and black combination, it would help if you had a white background. 

Think of the room as a white canvas before adding dollops of rose gold and black. Not to mention, you can even experiment by mixing silver which acts as a contrast to the black. 

Black gold and white  interior design

Source Unknown

10. Deep Purple 

As elegant as gold and black, purple may prove to be a suitable shade that brings both these colors to life. Provided that you use the right amount of color, what about trying a purple and gold wall supported by black borders? 

Another way to use deep purple is in the backdrop so that an object in the foreground catches your eye. Naturally, the object has to be of a lighter shade, but you can experiment further by having purple floors or walls. 

This will help you attach importance to anything standing in the middle of the room. 

Black gold and deep purple   interior design

Source Unknown

11. Cream 

Have you thought about having cream furniture in a room that primarily features gold and black shades? The cream color creates a soft and natural effect, acting as the perfect foil for brighter shades. 

Additionally, you can have cream color around the doors and windows, complementing the elegant black and gold setting for any formal occasion. That said, make sure to paint with a lighter shade of gold so that it isn’t overpowering. 

Black gold and cream interior design

Source Unknown

12. Teal 

Much like blue, you can use teal to create a regal appearance, supported by gold and black. There are multiple shades of teal, and depending on the intensity of the color, you can choose how much gold or black you want. 

For example, add more gold if it’s dark teal; otherwise, give preference to black to highlight the energy of all the colors inside the room. 

Black gold and teal interior design

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What color goes with black and gold

We have tried to discuss the major colors that work well with gold and black, but there are several other options available out there. 

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free because even the wildest choices may set a new trend. On that note, we will leave you with your thoughts. 

Have a colorful experience, and see you soon! 

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