What Color Goes With Navy Blue And White | Things to Know

To be honest, navy blue and white are truly a classic color combination. 

Elegant and timeless, these shades are interior designers’ favorite when decorating any space. Navy blue and white is one of the most iconic shades of the color wheel. Also, they are highly versatile as they fit almost all the hues of color schemes and decor styles. 

Designing a navy blue space is trickier than you might think. And, that’s why many homeowners are afraid of using the navy blue shade in their homes due to its dark tones. Surprisingly, the creative opportunities with navy blue are endless.

So, if you’re wondering which colors go well with navy blue and white, then this guide is for you. We’ve rounded some of the options you can consider to pair with navy blue and white to add a classic tinge to your space. 

So, sit back and keep reading! 

What Color Goes With Navy Blue And White 

What color goes with navy blue and white

Sleek and stylish, navy blue and white are no doubt those timeless colors that can add life to any dull and dreary space. Whether you want to create a coastal, classic, or contemporary style, navy blue, and white fit the bill. 

Even though the two shades can spruce up the interiors of your home, you must make sure to use them correctly. That’s because they can make or break the look of your home. Of course, you cannot paint all the walls of the kitchen and living room navy blue or white and expect them to make your space beautiful and welcoming. 

And that’s why we are here to help you out. In the next section, we’ll walk through the hues that are apparently made for blue and white-based color schemes. So, let’s take a look. 

Colors That Go With Navy Blue 

If you ask us our favorite blue from the color wheel, we’d say navy blue. That’s because we are astounded by the versatile nature of this color. 

Whether a home office, library, bedroom, or bathroom, navy blue is one of those shades that goes well in almost any setting. Moreover, if you don’t want to use neutrals in your space, then navy blue is the best bet. 

However, this rich color cannot be used alone, so you will have to pair it up with other colors to enhance the overall look of your space. 

1. Juxtapose Navy Blue With Bright White 

Ever seen snow-white mountain peaks against the backdrop of blue sky? If yes, then you must know how beautifully the two colors complement each other. Because they go so well with navy blue, whites are a professional’s favorite. 

This timeless high-contrast color complements the deep hues of navy blue color pretty well and instantly lifts the atmosphere of the room. So, if you intend to use this color combination in the living room or bedroom, you can pair it up with navy blue furniture, cabinetry, pillows, and rugs against a crisp white backdrop. 

Alternatively, you can also paint one of the walls of your room navy blue and use white furniture, sheer linen curtains, and fabrics to balance the inky blue. Not only crisp white but creams and off-whites also go well with navy blue color. 

Navy blue and white is definitely an elegant color combination, and when paired together, this traditional pairing can do wonders to brighten up your space. 

1. Juxtapose navy blue with bright white

2. Use Navy Blue With Yellow To Complement The Interiors 

Looking for tones that can brighten up the moody navy blue shade? Then shades of yellow are your best bet. From rich mustard yellow to soft butter yellow, yellows are the best friend of navy blues. 

The brilliance and warmth of yellow shades contrast sharply with the rich tones of navy blue. You can pair yellow with navy blue to enliven the interiors of your space. That said, choose patterned or textured fabrics of yellow and navy blue color scheme. It will be the perfect way to add an energizing effect to your space. 

Also, if you want to make the living room cheerful and welcoming, you can pair navy blue with golden or lemon yellow. 

Use navy blue with yellow to complement the interiors 

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3. Use Bright And Natural Colors With Navy Blue To Grab Attention 

When paired with bright and natural accent pieces, navy blue accent pieces can grab the attention of your visitors. Hence, you can use complementary colors such as orange to brighten up the interiors of your space. Also, terra-cotta, coral, and lime green colors are excellent choices for pairing with navy blues. 

If you’re looking forward to using navy blue in the living room of your home, then don’t forget to add wallpaper patterns and colorful fabrics. Another way to complement the navy blue hues is to use raspberry reds and emerald greens. This will add freshness to your space. 

Navy blue with natural colors interior design

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4. Pair Navy Blue With Pink To Add Sophistication 

If you think pink and blue can only be used for decorating nurseries, think again! That’s because pink and blue have become designer’s favorites and for a good reason. These classic hues add a touch of sophistication to the space. 

Navy blue walls decorated with pink-colored art add a pleasant touch to the interiors of the room. Also, pink rugs look wonderful with navy blue walls. The muted rosy tones of pink balance the cool tones of dark blue in just the right way. That’s why most homeowners prefer using this color scheme in their living or dining room. 

Navy blue with pink interior design

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5. Navy Blue With Gold Is A Classic Pairing 

If you have used navy blue as the wall color and don’t want to add pink, we’ve got something for you too. By adding gold accent furniture, you can immediately add brilliance and warmth to your space. 

Alternatively, you can use a gold patterned wall covering along with blue accessories for a traditional pairing. 

Navy blue with gold interior design

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6. Use Purple With Navy Blue To Balance The Depth 

Planning to use navy blue in your dining room? Then pair it up with purple to balance the depth of the navy blue hues. Also, if you want to add a bold look to your room, use purple as an accent color.

Apart from the living room, these jewel tones can be used in the bedroom to create a sophisticated yet cozy living space. 

Navy blue with purple interior design

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7. Gray And Navy Blue Pair Up Well 

Out of all the neutral colors, gray is by far our favorite neutral color. If you want to add elegance to your space, use lighter shades of gray. 

If gray is the color of your walls, adding navy blue upholstery is the best way to spruce up the room. To emphasize color differences, pick accessories that are slightly deeper or brighter than the navy blue furnishings. Meanwhile, if you’ve added a gray sofa to the living room, you can complete the look by adding navy blue accents.

Gray and navy blue pair up well 

8. Brown And Navy Blue To Create A Contemporary Look 

When it comes to pairing navy blue, brown is an excellent choice. However, it is important to maintain a balance between the two. Hence, if you’re opting for brown with navy blue, going for lighter shades is the best bet. Instead of using darker shades of brown, use light shades such as caramel or tan. 

Navy blue with brown interior design

Colors That Go With White 

White is truly a classic color because it never goes out of style. When paired with navy blue, it adds class and elegance to the space. 

From the bedroom to the kitchen, you can use white anywhere you want. It is perfect for refreshing and brightening your space. That said, we’ll now discuss the colors that you can use with white for giving a classic look to your home. 

1. Navy Blue Paired Up With White Will Refresh The Look Of Your Space 

White is a classic color and is compatible with almost all the colors of the color wheel. But, when it comes to navy blue, white works perfectly to create a cozy and refreshing space. 

If you have rooms with high ceilings, then paint the walls white and contrast them with navy blue curtains, blinds, and chairs. The dark hues of navy blue color will seamlessly blend with the brightness of the white shade. 

Navy blue paired up with white

2. Pink And White Go Well With Each Other 

Looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom or your child’s bedroom? Pink coupled with white is an excellent option that you can use without any trouble. Not only bedrooms, but you can also use this in your DIY craft room, for we are sure it will spruce up the interiors perfectly. 

Pink and white interior design

3. Powder Blue And White Are A Sumptuous Combination 

Timeless and elegant, this color duo is perfect for minimalist or modern interior designs. Whether you want to use it in the bathroom or the bedroom, this trendy color duo works perfectly in all settings. 

Powder blue and white interior design

4. Chocolate Brown Contrast Works Well With White 

Wondering whether neutral colors will be the perfect choice for bedrooms? Of course, they are one of the best choices to make your space stylish yet sophisticated. That said, pair chocolate brown with white and let the hues do their job. Unique and classic, white will add an understated charm to your space. 

To incorporate this trendy duo in the interiors of your home, paint the walls chocolate brown and add white furnishings to brighten up the space. And you’re done! Your luxurious space is ready. 

Chocolate brown and white interior design

What color goes with navy blue and white

Summing It Up 

That’s all for today, folks. Navy blue and white are classic colors that add elegance, class, and sophistication to your space. Also, these two colors are highly versatile and can be paired up with almost every color on the color wheel. 

And so, if you’re looking to add navy blue and white in your space, go ahead with it. Be it the living room, bedroom, dining room, or library, these two shades are perfect for all kinds of interior design themes. 

But make sure you pair these two trendy duos in the right ratio. As a rule of thumb, the 60-40 rule is a good starting point. 

That said, we shall now take your leave. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the right one for designing your home. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below. 

Till then, take care! 

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