What Color Goes With Purple And Green + Things to Know

If you think interior decoration is about fancy accents and expensive furniture, then think again!

While we aren’t discouraging you from bringing home those limited-edition pieces, we’d definitely emphasize the importance of colors. Unless you have the right color combination, even the exquisite accents and accessories will fail to impress.

Sounds intimidating? Well, don’t worry, as we have prepared a brief guide to help you identify some mesmerizing combinations you can try with two simple colors, viz., purple and green.

What Colors Can You Pair With Purple And Green? 

What color goes with purple and green

The easiest answer will be “the other one!” Purple and green can be combined to make any room look vibrant and welcoming. For example, you can go with a lighter tone of green (like gray-green or mint green) for the walls and go for purple accents and curtains.

Similarly, neutral-colored walls in white, gray, or beige complement purple upholstery, and you can always throw in some green accessories to tie the whole look together. 

But we understand that not everyone may settle for this green and purple combination. That’s why we will now walk you through some other purple-based combinations.

1. Purple + Gray 

It’s no secret that gray is one of the most popular neutral colors. As such, gray walls, furniture, and linen form the perfect background for beautiful deep purple accents, making the latter stand out like nothing else. 

We’d suggest pairing light shades of gray with dark purple and dark gray tones with light purple, as combining deep shades will invariably make the room look dark.

Purple green and grey interior design

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2. Purple + Pink 

If you plan to go for a bold pair that doesn’t make your room look cramped, then consider choosing purple and pink accessories against light-colored walls. For instance, you can bring in pastel purple upholstery or drapery, which will make a fitting backdrop for smaller elements like cushions in bright pink or magenta.

Likewise, amethyst-colored accents and vibrant pink accessories against cream or white walls will be the perfect makeover for your teen daughter’s bedroom.

Purpleand pink interior design

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3. Purple + Dark Blue 

Although purple and blue are “neighbors” on the color wheel, they can combine to create a very eye-soothing combination. And depending on the shade you choose from the purple palette, you can add the right amount of warmth, depth, or richness to the décor.

For example, blue accents and upholstery match vibrant lilac or lavender walls, making the room appear elegant and more spacious.

Purple and dark blue interior design

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4. Purple + Red 

We know what you’re thinking- two dark colors are a big no-no! But how about placing a rug with bright purple and red hues? It’s the classic color combination that adds a distinct oriental charm to any room. And you can build it on further by adding more fabrics in the same shades or using a contrasting color to bring in some depth.

Purple and red interior design 1

Which Colors Go Well With Green? 

1. Green + Yellow

Let’s start with the timeless combination of green and yellow, which is a favorite for residential and commercial spaces alike. And the best part is that adding just a splash of yellow can transform your room without making you break the bank.

For instance, if you have a dark green accent wall, then consider getting a bright yellow sofa or side chair to create a fun focal point. Or, if your room has light forest green walls, then get a mustard-colored rug or carpet to prevent the interiors from looking dull or faded.

Green yellow interior design

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2. Green + Orange

This next combination on our list is for all the warm-tone lovers out there! Try putting up a muted orange painting on a deep forest green or olive-colored wall to strike the right balance between contrast and depth. Plus, it’s suitable for both modern and traditional mix.

Green and orange interior design

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3. Green + White

White complements almost every color on the color wheel, and green is no exception. And the biggest advantage of choosing white is that it will suit both light and dark green shades. You can easily use white to give the illusion of having more light in dark interiors or pair light green with white to make the space appear bigger.

Green white interior design

4. Green + Gray

Gray can is the perfect alternative for white, especially if you think white will be too bland for your style. These complementary colors are ideal for minimalist lovers, and gray can be easily paired with different greens, even blue-green hues like turquoise.

Green and gray interior design

What Are Some Colors That Complement Both Purple And Green? 

As surprising as it may sound, there are certain colors (aside from white, of course) that complement both purple and green. And in the following sections, we will talk about some of them.

1. Pink

While pink combines with purple to render a vibrant charm to your space, pairing it with something more subtle like sage green can help make your place look more luxurious and welcoming.

Purple green and pink interior design

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2. Red

Green plants against a red accent wall can strike the right balance between warm and cool tones. You may even take it one step ahead and add some deep purple accessories placed on a beige-colored rack to make the décor bold and fun.

Purple green and red interior design

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3. Blue

Much like you’d do for purple, match light shades of blue with deep greens or opt for deeper, more dramatic blues with light greens. You can even throw in a couple of beige or deep brown accents to bring the look together.

Purple green and blue interior design

Final Words 

On that note, it’s time for us to wrap up this guide. 

We hope we have provided enough ideas to get you started on that much-needed makeover for your home. But before you do that, here’s a pro tip: utilize the free interior decoration planning websites to create a layout of your final plan. And don’t forget to do your research before hiring professional interior designers. 

We will see you next time with more such content. Till then, take care! 

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