Learn What Colors Go With Brown and How to Use Them


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What color goes with brown? This color often gets labeled as boring and lackluster in a variety of different fields from interior design to fashion. However, the color brown when combined correctly with the right shades can be highly inspiring, cozy and super sleek. Brown possesses rich earthly qualities that are warm, dramatic and enveloping.

Brown is a neutral shade which is also very warm and versatile, opens up a whole world of possibilities once you decide to combine it with the right colors. So to help you make up your mind on what colors to accent your chocolate living room or your sandy bedroom with, we have prepared this list of the ten best colors that do wonderfully when combined with brown.

So, keep on reading and see which theme fits your home the best.

What Colors Go With Brown

1. White

A dark brown will always be greatly enhanced when combined with a crispy white shade. This simple and clean contrasting shade pairs wonderfully with a dark chocolaty brown to add an amazing air of traditional charm to every room. By blending these two colors correctly, your bedroom or bathroom décor will have a clean and luxurious ambiance that is highly welcoming.

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2. Blue

If you’re looking to get a much more modern and sleek look that is incredibly relaxing and trendy, then consider pairing brown with blue. Brown and blue are made for each other as the cooler tones in blue harmonize perfectly with the warm browns in the wooden furniture. You can dress up your living room, bedroom, and even your bathroom with this peaceful blend of colors to get a fine balance between a traditional and modern ambiance.

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3. Fuchsia

Dark shades of wooden cabinetry paired with quirky shades of Fuchsia on the walls, heighten the drama in every room. Any room with a brown foundation can be transformed into a feminine and energetic setting by adding fuchsia accents to it. The depth of these two colors combines and enriches the space by adding a sophisticated vibe to the room. The bright and vivacious shade of the color pink adds personality to the more neutral brown and brightens up the whole atmosphere.

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4. Yellow

Yellow is a color that complements brown beautifully to make any room look incredibly aesthetic. Bright shades of yellow look lively and fun and when blended correctly with brown adds a splash of energetic charm to your living space. The yellow undertones in the bookshelf and the bright furniture in the room pop wonderfully against the neutral background bringing together the best of both traditional and modern looks.

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5. Mint

Restful shades of mint will go a long way in prettying up a living room when combined with a good dose of brown and lend it an incredible air of sophistication. Blending this wonderful shade of minty green to a room with brown wooden furnishings will lend a fresh and organic vibe to the overall ambiance of your room. Dress up your front porch in this combination to give off a naturally masculine yet soft feel to the look of it.

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6. Turquoise

Turquoise blended with a rich shade of brown is one of the trendiest combinations that is going around right now. This incredibly modern and sleek look works wonderfully for both living and bedrooms. These two colors complement each other beautifully, allowing you to go for a wide range of versatile design appeals. The two colors can be blended with a variety of visions in mind to result in anything from contemporary to vintage styles.

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7. Gold

The color gold in itself has incredibly bold and magical characteristics. However, this bright and charming shade can be combined with a dark shade of brown to tone down the bright accents of gold and make your room look lively and charming. The look that can be achieved by combining the two colors is one that looks extremely luxurious and refined. The golden undertones in the table lamp and bright designs on the floor look expensive and glamorous against the chocolaty brown in the background.

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8. Orange

The warmth of Orange combines beautifully with the neutral brown to give an amazing contrasting effect which gleams of energy and fun. These two colors blended together has the ability to create trendy and hipster-inspired styles that are ultra-modern and sleek. The orange center tables contrast amazingly with the chocolate brown sofas and the wooden flooring. The orange undertones throughout the room also give off an air of sophisticated charm that look very artsy and modern.

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9. Rose

A beautiful shade of rose contrasts nicely with the warmth of brown to create an energetic and super-feminine atmosphere. The two colors blend with each other harmoniously to give you a beautiful and comfortable space that looks luxurious and cozy. These two colors are ideal for living spaces as well as bedrooms and can offer a versatile range of design options ranging from old-age vintage styles to the more modern styles.

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10. Copper

Dark Chocolate Brown, when accented with a rich shade of copper, can give an incredibly trendy and hip look to your room. With this unique blend of colors, you can create an inviting and warm atmosphere that is booming with energy. The red undertones of copper will be enough to offset the silky hues of brown to give off an energetic and charming vibe to the overall look of your room.

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What colors go with brown?

Don’t take this article as a fact; we’ve mentioned here just our humble opinion. There are so many colors you can experiment with, keeping brown as background that it is nearly impossible to mention them all. However, we can certainly assure you that no matter which mix you choose, they’re bound to look splendid.

And you honestly believed brown is a dull color? Of course, it’s not! Put our suggestions to good use and see how the interior space of your home comes to life.

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