Large Android Tablets: 9 Best Large Android Tablets of 2023 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Is your laptop too bulky for work projects or enjoying movies on the go? 

Using tablets as a lighter and travel-friendly alternative to laptops and heavy computers is not a new phenomenon. Some people might even prefer to replace laptops permanently if their work on a PC is not as frequent. Often, the screen size may not be as large as one hopes, and the viewing experience suffers from a minuscule screen. 

You may already know this, but Android tablets are available in large screen sizes, and the sheer variety of options is no joke. One of the primary motivations for buying a tablet with a larger screen is the enhanced visual experience. If you are struggling with selecting the perfect Android tablet for personal use, look no further. 

We’ve curated a list of the best large Android tablets and a guide to help you select the ideal one. Let’s get started- 

Best Large Android Tablets

Here is the list of the 9 Best Large Android Tablets of 2023 that we have carefully selected based on factors such as screen size, performance, battery life, and overall value.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Android Tablet – Best for Photography

First up, we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ model, which happens to be our favorite out of all the best Android tablets. With a 12.4-inch screen and ultra-wide camera, this Galaxy Tab has won the hearts of gadget lovers across the world. 

Samsung Galaxy tabs are well known for giving the best screen experience, and the color, resolution, and crispness of images are unmatched. So, it’s no surprise when we say that this Galaxy Tab by Samsung might be the best Android tablet in its size today. The model comes in two categories, S8 and S8+, and we have decided to get into the details of the latter. 

For those of you who love photography, this option might interest you because it records super clear videos in 4K. It gives excellent clicks with an ultra-wide front camera with auto framing that enhances all your photos regardless if you have photography experience or not. Plus, the S pen feels more like using an actual pen, thus enhancing the user experience. 

Besides, using this Android tablet for hours on end is no big deal since it provides powerful performance with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Not to forget the battery that lasts for hours with a single charge. It also charges from 0 to 100% pretty quickly with the fast-charging USB C port.  

While we like that the Samsung Galaxy Tab could give a PC experience due to enhanced productivity capabilities, one aspect could be improved. One of the accessories we take for granted is the charger, but the product does not come with it in the packaging. Instead, users will have to buy it separately, which was slightly disappointing. 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 | Ram: 8GB | Screen Size: 12.4 inches | Storage: 128/256/512 GB | Battery Life: ‎13-14 hours | Special Features: 4K video recording, Ultra-wide front camera, 4GB RAM, Fast charging USB C

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Android Tablet – Best for Work/Study

The next large Android tablet we selected is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, which has a 12.4-inch screen. This tab runs on the Android 11.0 operating system and comes with a keyboard. One can select between 64 GB and 256 GB versions as well as four-color variations. 

The next option we selected is another model in the Samsung Galaxy range, and we have good reason to recommend this product. Firstly, the large screen makes for a brilliant movie and video viewing device. You can even take notes for class or create detailed drawings and designs for a work project. 

Once you get the box, you’ll find it comes with an S pen stylus, USB power adapter (15W), USM cable, ejection pin, and a user guide. We loved the S pen stylus due to its ergonomic and responsive design that feels like drawing on paper with a pen. So, if you need a tablet to create drawings, sketch quick ideas, or doodles, this option might be just right. 

Also, the Galaxy Tab S7 allows you to optimize work in several ways. One can get more work done on an expanded workstation with the option to connect to various devices. You can also open multiple windows and enjoy a PC-like experience on this Android tablet.  

There is no doubt in our minds about the multitude of uses you can put this device to. This large-screen Android tablet makes for a great study or work experience, but the DeX mode could be improved. 

Also, we found that the book cover keyboard (that you purchase separately) is small and cramped. 

Processor: Snapdragon 778G SoC | Ram: 4GB | Screen Size: 12.4 inches | Storage: 64/256 GB | Battery Life: 12 hours | Special Features: Octa-Core processor, 4GB RAM, multi-device functionality.

3. Lenovo Tab P 11 PlusBest for Casual Gaming

The Lenovo Tab P 11 Plus is equipped with a stunning 2K resolution with an 11-inch TDDI IPS display that makes the visual experience a pleasant one. This Android tablet also falls in the category of a larger tab, yet it is pretty light in weight and therefore portable. 

The screen quality is one of the foremost reasons to like this Android tablet by Lenovo. It doesn’t get better than the viewing experience it provides with the TDDI IPS displays on a screen size of 11 inches. 

Since the drive has narrow bezels on all four sides, it gives the best screen-to-display ratio to watch videos. Brightness goes up to 400 nits so that you can view movies under sunlight. 

Another aspect that makes this Android tablet a winner is its captivating sound system that provides an immersive experience without the need for added speakers. The Dolby Atmos combined with four speakers sounds clear, loud, and surrounding like a concert hall. 

Also, playing games is pretty fun on this device for a few reasons. Firstly, the MediaTek Helio G90T tab Octa-Core processor ensures less lag during gameplay. Add to that the big screen and surround sound features, and it comes close to being the best tablet for casual gaming. Lastly, the long battery life and affordable price make this option a serious contender.  

On the plus side, this app comes with a powerful processor and is ideal if you need a larger tablet for games or video calls. However, we thought the tablet design could do with some overall improvements. For instance, the edges of the tablet are not rounded, so holding it with your hands for a long time may get uncomfortable. 

Processor: MediaTek Helio G90T | Ram: 4GB | Screen Size: 11 inches | Storage: 128 GB | Battery Life: 12-15 hours | Special Features: MediaTek Octa-Core Processor, 400 nits brightness, 4GB RAM, 2K resolution

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

It should come as no surprise that the next product we have is another version of a Samsung Galaxy tablet. This option is different from the other Galaxy tabs with regards to a few aspects like screen size, but you can still use DeX mode. For an improved typing experience, you can get a keyboard with an expanded trackpad separately. 

As you may have noticed by now, the Samsung Galaxy tablets seem to dominate this list and the Android tabs markets. The S7 version has an 11-inch widescreen which is slightly smaller than the S8 series, but it is still classified as a big tablet. While you can always use the tablet for making notes, you can also use it as a PC by activating DeX mode. 

Another thing we appreciate about this tab is that it runs for hours on a single charge. Plus, charging it once with the fast-charging USB-C port is enough to bring it to 100% in no time. We also liked the cameras that capture brilliant and clear images with the 13 MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back cameras. 8MP front cameras were also impressive for taking splendid shots. 

Moreover, the screen and sound aspects make this tablet worth considering if you want to use the tablet for watching movies and videos. The edge-to-edge display and AKG quad speakers with Dolby Atmos sound improve your viewing experience immensely.  

It is not a big deal that the screen is around one inch smaller than other Galaxy tabs. So, we were not too worried about that because the astounding display clarity and surround sound made up for it. However, using DeX mode on the tablet still has a long way to go, and a PC-like experience is better found elsewhere. 

Processor: 1.8GHz octa-core | Ram: 6GB | Screen Size: 11 inches | Storage: 128/256/512 GB | Battery Life: 15 hours | Special Features: Snapdragon 865+ processor, Fast charging, 13 MP and ultra-wide 5 MP dual back cameras, Samsung DeX

5. Nokia T20 Android Tablet

If there is one Android tablet that surprised us during our research, it was the Nokia T20 tablet, which came at a pretty reasonable price. With a 2K captivating display, this tab allows you to work or play in high quality. This model is also sturdier and more durable than other tablets out there. 

Whether you are viewing this Nokia tab during the day or night, it provides an equally clear picture for videos with the 2K screen. With this brilliant clarity, you can work on office presentations, watch movies, relax at home with music videos, and much more without eye strain. Not only will the details of moving images appear brighter, but the low blue light is better for the eyes. 

Since the tablet is designed and tested for durability, you do not have to worry about using it gently wherever you go. Despite its larger screen of 10.36 inches, the product is travel-friendly and fits regular purses and bags. It can handle a few bumps on the way to work; thus, you can expect it to last a long while as your entertainment device. 

Two years of OS upgrades help you stay up to date without any effort on your end. Three years’ worth of monthly security updates keep the device safe and protect your private data efficiently.  

The good thing about this model is that you get all the basics of what an Android tablet can provide. It comes at a pretty good price, so one cannot expect too many awesome features too. Our only issue was that the model might tend to lag over time and does not come with a fingerprint reader system. 

Processor: Unisoc T610 | Ram: 3GB | Screen Size: 10.36 inches | Best For: 64 GB | Battery Life: 7 hours | Special Features: 2K display, 8MP Rear Camera, 4GB RAM, Ocean Blue Color

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

It may be evident by now how impressed we are with the Samsung Galaxy range, and it is difficult for other brands to compete with it. The Galaxy A8 model is on this list for several reasons, including the sizable screen, compatibility with the Google Play Store, and long battery life. 

With a 10.5-inch screen that offers decent streaming and video experience, this Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best Android tablets for home. Compared to other Android tablets, this option has a sizable screen that gives you an immersive screen experience for viewing and video calling. Also, its high performance and storage make it great for everyday use. 

This tablet also makes for a good secondary device for work, study, or entertainment. Instead of purchasing a separate laptop for homework and watching movies, you can invest in this option for a low price. What’s more, you can store plenty of files without running out of space with 128 GB storage. Any file that you wish to share in the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is easier than ever. 

We say this because you can connect this tablet to any phone, laptop, or computer seamlessly, giving you the freedom to use any device interchangeably. Also, the Galaxy connectivity syncs everything, including to-do notes, lists, work notes, and much more.  

We didn’t have any major complaints about this product, only that it is slightly slippery so a back cover may be required. While the front camera has a flash, the rear camera is missing the same, which disappointed a few users. With the flash, indoor photography has limited lighting, and images for work might not be as bright. 

Processor: Octa-core | Ram: 3GB | Screen Size: 10.5 inches | Storage: 32/64/128 GB | Battery Life: 10-13 hours | Special Features: 2K resolution, 128 GB storage, 64 GB ample storage space

7. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 

Most tablets have processors that may or may not handle long hours of use, but this is not the case for the Lenovo Yoga tab. With a 2 GHz Snapdragon processor, this model is a capable tablet that runs fast no matter the task you use it for. 

Essentially, we were looking for a large tablet with a big screen that has various uses and can handle long hours of use. This option ticked all those boxes and more, as we’ll explain to you now. This model has a pretty good battery that can last the day without requiring a single recharge. Also, the Android tablet has a 10-inch screen that is pretty sizable for most projects. 

Besides, the display quality is clear enough to enjoy movies and videos with friends and family. The model has one special feature for screenings that will be useful for a hands-free viewing experience. The tablet has an attached stand that you can unfold when you need to watch something but do not want to hold it manually. 

The speakers are pretty respectable, giving the user a surround sound experience that is perfect for at-home movie viewing. Unlike other Android tablets, this model has all the features you need for work or study at home.  

We liked the Lenovo Yoga tab for various aspects, and the comfort of using it as a laptop replacement was one of them. It also had a big screen which we liked, but we thought finding cases for the tab was quite the challenge. This may not seem like much; however, when there are so many tab options available, the slight differences add up. 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 | Ram: 3GB | Screen Size: 10 inches | Storage: 64 GB | Battery Life: 11 hours | Special Features: 2 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM, 2k resolution

8. Fire HD 10 Plus Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is the latest model of all the Amazon Fire tablets, and we thought it was one option you shouldn’t miss. This Android slate offers quick charging (wireless), 4 GB RAM, and a soft-touch finish. It has a decent screen size of 10 inches, and one can consider this model in the category of large tablets. 

With a fast and responsive Octa-Core processor and 4 GB RAM, you can expect the tablet to run as smoothly as butter for a long time. Compared to the previous Amazon tablet, this version has two times more RAM than the previous generations. Plus, the Vivid 10.1-inch 1080p full HD display is up to 10% more bright and clear than the earlier model. 

Even though this is an Amazon Fire device, your entertainment options are not limited to Amazon’s app store. You can enjoy various apps; however, Google Play is not supported. We’re sure you’d like to get more done with the tablet in your hands without opening the laptop once. This large tablet assists you in checking emails instantly, updating shopping lists, and setting new reminders. 

As far as the battery is concerned, this is probably one of the best tablets with a long-lasting battery. It has a wireless charging feature and the option to select between 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. Additionally, you can add 1 TB with microSD that is sold separately. 

With this Amazon device, you can use voice control to get “Alexa” to help with work. There are several other features that we enjoyed; however, one aspect left many customers and us slightly disappointed. Google Play Store apps are not supported on the Fire tablet, thus limiting your access to many Android apps. 

Processor: 2GHz octa-core | Ram: 4GB | Screen Size: 10.1 inches | Storage: 32/64 GB | Battery Life: 12 hours | Special Features: Wireless charging, 4GB RAM, Soft-touch finish, 2k resolution

9. Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Table

We haven’t missed out on tablet options for kids; in fact, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet might be the best tablet in this category. No, this is not a toy; instead, it is a proper tablet specially designed for children. Notably, the makers offer a two-year guarantee, and if the product breaks, they are willing to replace it for free. 

If you have a kid between the ages of 6 to 12, this Amazon Fire tablet would be the perfect tablet for them. Full-feature tablets are pretty expensive; thus, you can opt for this Android tablet which is a special version just for kids. You can save up to $99 with this model and get extra features like a year-long subscription to Amazon Kids+. 

Also, you get full parental control to monitor the shows your children watch, along with 2 years of guarantee for the device. With the device, all users get a free case to keep the tablet safe and protect it from damage. No need to worry about accidental breaking because the screen is made of strengthened aluminosilicate glass that does not break with regular use. 

Moreover, you get 3 GB RAM and an Octa-Core processor that allows the system to run smoothly. For the kids, you get over 20,000 apps, games, books, songs, videos, and audiobooks. 

Lastly, the tablet has access to a digital store that allows kids to purchase and download media that parents can approve. 

Instead of spending on a premium tablet, children can make use of tons of features at a lower price. While plenty of kids and parents love the device, a few of them have a complaint. Parents said that the user interface looked cluttered and unorganized, thus making it difficult to search for specific shows to watch. 

Processor: 2GHz octa-core | Ram: 3GB | Screen Size: 10.1 inches | Storage: 32/64 GB | Battery Life: 12 hours | Special Features: octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, 2k resolution, 32 GB internal storage, 20,000+ kid-friendly content

Best Large Android Tablet Comparison Table

Product Processor RAM Screen Size Storage Battery Life Special Features
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 8GB 12.4 inches 128/256/512 GB 13-14 hours 4K video recording, Ultra-wide front camera, 4GB RAM, Fast charging USB C
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Snapdragon 778G SoC 4GB 12.4 inches 64/256 GB 12 hours Octa-Core processor, 4GB RAM, multi-device functionality.
Lenovo Tab P 11 Plus MediaTek Helio G90T 4GB 11 inches 128 GB 12-15 hours MediaTek Octa-Core Processor, 400 nits brightness, 4GB RAM, 2K resolution
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 1.8GHz octa-core 6GB 11 inches 128/256/512 GB 15 hours Snapdragon 865+ processor, Fast charging, 13 MP and ultra-wide 5 MP dual back cameras, Samsung DeX
Nokia T20 Android Tablet Unisoc T610 3GB 10.36 inches 64 GB 7 hours 2K display, 8MP Rear Camera, 4GB RAM, Ocean Blue Color
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Octa-core 3GB 10.5 inches 32/64/128 GB 13 hours 2K resolution, 128 GB storage, 64 GB ample storage space
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 3GB 10 inches 64 GB 11 hours 2 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM, 2k resolution
Fire HD 10 Plus Tablet 2GHz octa-core 4GB 10.1 inches 32/64 GB 12 hours Wireless charging, 4GB RAM, Soft-touch finish, 2k resolution
Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet 2GHz octa-core 3GB 10.1 inches 32/64 GB 12 hours octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, 2k resolution, 32 GB internal storage, 20,000+ kid-friendly content

Buying Guide For The Best Large Android Tablet

Now that you have seen our top picks, it’s time to decide which large tablet would be the best one for you. We know keeping track of essential features is challenging, so we created an all-inclusive buying guide to help you compare tablets based on individual requirements. Here are all the factors that matter when it comes to buying a new Android tablet. 

Screen Size

The screen size is the first thing you should look for if you need large tablets for work or entertainment. Depending on your purpose, the screen will help in work or school projects, and you won’t need to squint to view the text or drawings. People who need to experiment with a lot of sketches will appreciate a bigger tablet as it gives more space to work with. 

At the same time, something that is too big might not be easy to carry to school or the office. And, you will lose the ability to carry the tablet wherever you want. We’d say a large tablet is anything that has a screen size of 10 to 15 inches. Anything smaller defeats the purpose of buying “large tablets.” 


Your search for the best Android tablet cannot start and end with simply the existence of a huge screen. The screen should have a good resolution, too, if you want a decent viewing experience. Low resolution on a larger tablet is never a good idea because the low pixels stand out, and the clarity gets diminished. 

Essentially, low pixels will make your images look blocky, the videos will not be as clear, and you may miss many details. So, if you want to replace an old laptop with a large tablet, you absolutely cannot afford to settle for a low-resolution device. There is high chance that drawings and sketches using the stylus will appear blurry, and your overall work will get affected. 

We think that 1920 x 1080 pixels will be good enough for a 10-inch Android screen. But, try to get a better resolution for any tablet larger than 12 inches. 

Device Build And Quality

Sometimes, the option we think will suit us does not turn out to be the ideal one. It’s ok to make mistakes, but when it comes to a pricey investment like a tablet, you don’t want to see money going down the drain. Some buyers blindly go with the cheapest option on third-party online stores or one that comes at a heavily discounted price. 

The problem occurs when the tablet slips from the hands and crashes onto the floor, shattering into a dozen pieces. Yes, we might have exaggerated a bit, but the point is to avoid inferior build and easily breakable tablets in general. The most durable ones are made of metal, and they also feel sleek to hold and use. 

Compared to plastic options, the metal build will last a long time and will also feel like a premium tablet. 

Processor Type

Tablet processors work like an engine that keeps the device running smoothly and powers the system so that it functions optimally. So, check for a tablet with a better processor because the device can handle much more work without lagging. 

Using heavy apps with a poor processor will waste too much of your time, and the experience will be quite disappointing. Tasks like editing videos or playing games will need a powerful processor, so select your options accordingly. 

Alternatively, if you only need a handy tablet to surf the web, write emails, and watch movies and videos, you do not need to worry about processors. 

Battery Life

We cannot imagine buying a tablet that does not last for at least eight hours at a stretch. And, we suggest you do not settle for anything less either. The thing with battery systems in tablets is that they vary from brand to brand, so you will have to check them individually. In fact, it is best if you shortlist tablet companies based on this factor. 

If you are traveling and do not have a power bank or power outlet nearby, a battery that drains quickly is a waste of your time. And believe us when we say you do not want to be stuck with a low charge when there are deadlines to complete. A tablet that lasts 10 hours after charging is the minimum you should aim for, although you will get better options. 


Going overboard on the budget in the spur of the moment happens to the best. But, you do not want to feel guilt over spending too much on a device that you may not even use every day. All the options we presented to you previously and others we did not mention are good in their own right. But what makes an option suitable for you is if it fits your needs and budget. 

Before you even begin window shopping, write down the amount you are comfortable with spending. After this, select a buffer amount if you find the product exceptional, and only, in that case, will spending extra not hurt. This exercise will help you choose options that fall within your price range and makes the entire buying process easier. 

Also, you can automatically eliminate the devices that are too expensive for you. 

Screen Brightness And Audio Quality

If you are getting a new tablet for enjoying movies and fun videos in your free time, the audio-visual qualities need to be top-notch. Any tablet with a screen size of 10 inches or more should have a peak brightness of 400 nits and higher. It’s even better if the screen offers high contrast options between intense colors since that enhances the visuals. 

An LED screen or a tablet with wide viewing angles makes for even better movie-watching experiences. Similarly, select audio features that offer crisp sound so that you do not need to wear headphones. Something like Dolby Atmos surround gives a well-rounded sound, and you can enjoy the movie with this enhanced audio. 


Better to check before buying whether the Android tablet comes with a warranty. Now, we don’t mean to be nit-picky, but tablets cost a lot of money. And, one needs to know if there will be some compensation if things go downhill. Basically, in the cases that the tablet comes to you damaged or any mishap occurs soon after purchase, you can approach the company for repairs. 

If the tablet needs fixing, it’s better to know that the company will help you out and cover the costs. That is why it is always better to read the fine print or conduct private research to know about the applicable warranties and guarantees. 

Tablet Weight And Portability

If you want to use the tablet at home, its weight and portability will not matter since the device will never leave home. So, getting a heavier tablet will not make any difference and you need not worry about the tablet’s weight or size. 

However, we know that many of you plan on carrying the tablet around in backpacks and purses to offices or schools. So, if you think the added weight of a large tablet will weigh you down, make it a point to buy lighter models. 


It might seem like a small detail, but it is impossible to think of a modern device that does not connect to Wi-Fi. Believe it or not, there are a few models that do not have the option to connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. And, you do not want to find out about this detail after the purchase is complete. 

Also, a device is much more appealing if it comes with a USB Type-C port without having to purchase it separately. 

What should I consider when buying a large Android tablet?

There are several factors to consider when buying a large Android tablet, such as the screen size, resolution, build quality, processor type, battery life, price, and screen brightness and audio quality.

You should determine your purpose for using the tablet and choose one that meets your specific requirements in terms of these factors.

What is the ideal screen size for a large Android tablet?

A large Android tablet should have a screen size of 10 to 15 inches, depending on your purpose.

Larger screen size is ideal for those who need more space to work with, such as artists or designers, while a smaller size may be more portable and easier to carry to school or the office.

Why is the device build and quality important in a large Android tablet?

The build and quality of a large Android tablet are important because they affect its durability and longevity.

Tablets with inferior build and easily breakable components are more likely to break or malfunction, which can be costly and frustrating.

Tablets made of metal are generally more durable and provide a premium feel.

What processor type should I look for in a large Android tablet?

The processor type in a large Android tablet determines its ability to handle heavy apps and tasks, such as video editing or gaming.

Look for a tablet with a powerful processor if you plan to use it for these purposes.

If you only need a tablet for basic tasks like web browsing and email, the processor type may not be as important.

What should I consider when it comes to battery life in a large Android tablet?

Battery life is an important consideration in a large Android tablet, especially if you plan to use it while traveling or without access to a power outlet.

Look for a tablet with a battery that lasts at least eight hours, and aim for a tablet that lasts 10 hours or more.

The specific battery life will vary depending on the tablet brand and model.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of our detailed description of the topmost large Android tablets on the market. Our motivation behind listing the important factors was to give you a well-rounded understanding of what to look for in tablets, and we hope this guide was helpful. 

Larger Android tablets might be precisely what you are looking for, but they aren’t exactly cheap. So, we recommend careful deliberation before making a hasty purchase. 

Out of the whole bunch, we had a few favorite tabs that we’d recommend to everyone. The first one is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Android Tablet which has a sizable screen and excellent resolution for viewing videos. We also liked the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Android Tablet that allows users to replace laptops with sleek and handy tablets. 

That’s all for today, see you next time! 

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