5 Best Stationary Vacuums of 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

Even after you’re done with the daily cleaning work around the home, are you confident that the rooms are spotless?

Surely not, because irrespective of how careful you are, there will be horizontal lines of dirt, pet dander, small food bits, and other particles left behind. And getting rid of them won’t be so easy, as you might have to bend over several times or even wipe the dirt.

But there’s a way to bid adieu to these strenuous cleaning sessions- by switching over to a stationary vacuum, which is currently the most loved cleaning tool. These products use suction power to remove all the dirt so that the floors are 100% clean, thereby giving rise to a hygienic environment at home.

But with tons of stationary vacuums flooding the market, you’re bound to be confused while making a choice. That’s why we’ve put together this guide consisting of the top five options to help you choose the best stationary vacuum. So, let’s dive in!

Best Stationary Vacuums 

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If you’re in the market for a stationary vacuum but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. Here’s the list of the 5 best stationary vacuums to help you make an informed decision.

1. EyeVac EVPRO – Best Budget Friendly

EyeVac is a leader in the world of stationary vacuums and has been appreciated by professionals and homeowners alike. And this stylish unit upholds the brand’s reputation perfectly, helping users achieve spotless floors in every room effortlessly. Also, since it’s priced affordably, it won’t require you to stretch your budget to a large amount.

EyeVac Pro Touchless Vacuum Automatic Dustpan - Ultra Fast & Powerful...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1400 watt vacuum removes 100% of...
  • CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we found the powerful motor of 1400W to be the most striking feature of the EyeVac Pro touchless stationary vacuum. Its superior suction ability can vacuum every form of dirt, debris, hair, or dust into its canister, thereby cleaning the floor of all the dry stuff.

So, you can be pretty sure that the waste will be whisked away with the very first sweep. It can even clean spills of all kinds in high-traffic areas, be it at home, community spaces, or office buildings.

Note that both dry dust and spills are detected through EyeVac’s efficient sensor, which uses advanced infrared technology to activate the motor automatically.

And the benefits don’t end here; its two filters work to remove most of the invisible dirt and dust molecules in the air. Following this, the EyeVac Pro touchless stationary vacuum returns pure and healthy air, shielding you and your family from airborne diseases.

Lastly, there is a control dial that lets you regulate the cleaning action easily, while an LED light indicates the manual, auto clean, and canister full modes.  identifier=”B0011G20QY”]

What Could’ve Been Better?

You need to maintain this stationary vacuum regularly to keep its efficiency intact. While you can clean the surface using a soft and dry cloth, its filters need a thorough brushing and shaking to ensure that the air cleaning action is not affected adversely. Apart from that, we didn’t face any issues with this unit as it did its job very well.

  • Superior suction ability
  • Efficient sensor
  • Thorough air cleaning
  • Easy-to-use control dial
  • Needs regular maintenance
Color: Black, White | Power: 1400 watts | Capacity: 1.8 liters | Filtration: HEPA filtration | Warranty: 1-year limited | Dimensions (in): 13.5 x 9 x 20.5 | Noise Level: 75 dB | Cord Length: 6 ft

2. EyeVac EVH-W – Best For Ease Of Use

Here’s another pro from EyeVac that can complete your cleaning jobs flawlessly, thanks to its range of high-quality features. It’s perfect for use in any space, be it kitchens, playrooms, walkways, mudrooms, or rooms having hard flooring. So, forget about sweating it out with traditional tools like dustpans and brooms.

EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum Automatic Dustpan - Great for Sweeping...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1000 watt vacuum removes 100% of...
  • CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared...

Why Did We Like It?

With their furry companions roaming around the home very often, many people have a hard time cleaning the dirt, hair, and litter lying here and there. But the EyeVac Home touchless stationary vacuum would solve this issue most effectively as it can suck up any pet hair, dirt, pet food, or cat litter on the floor.

It is also powerful enough to remove 100% debris, dust, and human hair instantly. What makes this possible is its 1000-watt motor that’s no less powerful than our previous pick. Plus, this stationary vacuum comes with a super sensor, akin to all EyeVac products, that can automatically detect all the spills and dry stuff that make the floors dirty.

The powerful 1000-watt vacuum is also completely safe for use around children and pets as its short 7-second vacuum cycle ensures that it doesn’t stay on for a long time. Lastly, the 1-gallon capacity of its canister is enough to accommodate all the dirt and debris that gathers on the floor throughout the day, and cleaning it is also a cakewalk.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A few customers complained that the warranty offered by the brand doesn’t cover all the issues that might be faced with it. However, owing to the effective cleaning action that it offers, you’re less likely to experience any quality issues with the EyeVac Home touchless stationary vacuum anytime soon.

  • Removes pet hair and dirt
  • Removes debris, dirt, and hair instantly
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Cannister holds large amounts of dirt
  • Ineffective warranty
Color: White, Black, Matte Black, Silver, Sea Glass or Rose Gold | Power: 1000 watts | Capacity: 0.5 liters | Filtration: HEPA filtration | Warranty: 1-year limited | Dimensions (in): 13 x 8 x 18 | Noise Level: 65 dB | Cord Length: 6 ft

3. Sweepovac SVP SL2 – Best For Kitchen

Our next pick for you is this kitchen vacuum from Sweepovac that can make any dirty kitchen floor spic and span within a short while. It can also get the job done more easily than you can imagine. Hence, this stationary vacuum is a must-have for anyone who uses the kitchen extensively throughout the day. To know more about this touchless vacuum, head on to the next few sections.

Sweepovac SVP SL2 Undercounter Kitchen Vacuum
  • New, slimline version fits most kitchens under the...
  • Powerful Suction-5 times the power of most...

Why Did We Like It?

This stationary vacuum cleaner can be conveniently fixed under a kitchen cabinet and draws in every floor-sweeping to render the floor perfectly clean within seconds. Its suction power is five times that of most hand-held vacuum cleaners. As for the applicability of the model, you can use it for cleaning dust, dirt, pet hair, and even other small dirt particles strewn around the kitchen floor.

We also liked how easy this stationary vacuum was to install, as it could be put together in just 30 minutes using the wooden bag-in machine, HEPA filter, and reusable bag. Plus, there are 3 disposable and one reusable bag provided in the package, so that can rule out the need to buy more packs for disposing of the dirt.

Even using this stationary vacuum is a breeze as you just need to kick the switch gently with your foot to allow the vacuum to start its sucking action. And you can also dispose of all the stuff very easily by emptying the reusable or disposable bags once daily.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We didn’t find any information regarding the warranty offered by the brand either on the product page or the package. As such, some customers might choose other stationary vacuum cleaners over this one. But other than that, the stationary vacuum performs quite well in keeping all the dirt away from the kitchen floor.

  • Cleans floors within seconds
  • Easy installation
  • Simple to use
  • Easy dirt disposal
  • Warranty unknown
Color: Silver | Power: 650 watts | Capacity: 0.5 liters | Filtration: HEPA filtration | Warranty: 2-year limited | Dimensions (in): 16 x 7 x 3.9 | Noise Level: 65 dB | Cord Length: N/A

4. EyeVac EVPRO-PW

We always look forward to spending quality time with our pets. But getting rid of the mess on the floor due to their daily escapades around the home is also our priority, and the EyeVac Pet touchless stationary vacuum does it best. So, if you are faced with the same problem, maintaining your floors even with furry companions around will seem effortless with this model.

EyeVac Pet Touchless Vacuum Automatic Dustpan - Ultra Fast & Powerful...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1400 watt vacuum removes 100% of...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the cyclonic vacuum ability of this touchless stationary vacuum for pet hair unit helps you tackle all the daily mess that your lovable, furry companions might create. These include leftovers of dog food, pet hair, bird seeds, cat litter, and many more dirt particles strewn around. Its 1400-watt motor aids the process to ensure consistent performance.

Another great advantage is the super-quick action as this stationary vacuum has a smart sensor just like other EyeVac units. This feature works to detect the dirt using infrared technology and activates the touchless stationary vacuum automatically to suck it in. In addition, it’s perfect for use on all types of hard floors, including those made from linoleum, cement, tile, and wood.

We even liked its efficient air purifying ability, whereby all the pet dander, dust, and dirt molecules are eliminated from the air to return healthy air. This lets you breathe easily and reduces the chances of being inflicted with airborne diseases.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue with this touchless vacuum for pet hair is that it might produce a slightly disturbing sound on being used at a stretch. As such, first-time users may find it a bit difficult to put up with it initially. But this issue may not be experienced in all cases, and performance-wise, most customers were happy about this unit.

  • Tackles all the daily mess
  • Super-quick action
  • Efficient air-purifying ability
  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • Disturbing sound
Color: Black, White | Power: 1400 watts | Capacity: 1.8 liters | Filtration: HEPA filtration | Warranty: 1-year limited | Dimensions (in): 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 | Noise Level: 65 dB | Cord Length: 6 ft

5. NeoVac Elite

The NeoVac Elite is a touchless stationary vacuum designed for efficiently vacuuming dirt, dust, as well as pet hair. With its striking resemblance to the EyeVac Home in both functionality and design, this vacuum aims to cater to a user’s needs without adding complexity. In this review, we will be assessing the NeoVac Elite based on its performance, features, pros, and cons.

NeoVac Elite- Touchless Stationary Vacuum - Black
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1000 watt vacuum removes 100% of...
  • CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared...

Why Did We Like It?

We liked the NeoVac Elite primarily because of its powerful suction and touchless operation. With a 1000-watt motor, it effortlessly picks up debris, ensuring optimal cleanliness while minimizing physical effort. The 1.4-gallon dustbin capacity is sufficient for most cleaning tasks and is easy to empty, maintaining its practicality.

Being a brushless vacuum, the NeoVac Elite is particularly useful for hair, pet fur, and similar debris, as there is no roller to get entangled. The vacuum stands out in this area when compared to other vacuums with rollers, which may require maintenance or cleaning over time.

Additionally, the design is streamlined, making it comparable to the popular EyeVac Home. The available color options are black and white, which keeps choices simple for both a minimalist or more traditional home setting.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite its strong performance and aesthetic appeal, the NeoVac Elite could have been better in terms of offering more variety and upgraded features. For instance, more color options and value-added features like a built-in mop or automated cleaning could have set it further apart from its competitors.

Furthermore, the NeoVac Elite seems to be a clone of the EyeVac Home, lacking any improvements over its counterpart. As a result, it fails to differentiate itself and cannot be considered a substantial evolution from its predecessor, which can influence purchasing decisions.

  • Powerful 1000-watt motor
  • 1.4-gallon dustbin capacity
  • Touchless operation, ideal for hair and pet fur
  • Simplistic design with black and white color options
  • Limited color options are available
  • Lacks unique features, seems to be a clone of EyeVac Home
  • It does not offer any significant improvements over its predecessor
Color: Black, White | Power: 1000 watts | Capacity: 1.5 liters | Filtration: HEPA filtration | Warranty: 1-year limited | Dimensions (in): 12 x 7 x 18 | Noise Level: 70 dB | Cord Length: 10 ft

Best Stationary Vacuums Comparison Table

Product Color Power Capacity Filtration Warranty Dimensions (in) Noise Level Cord Length
EyeVac EVPRO Black, White 1400 watts 1.8 liters HEPA filtration 1-year limited 13.5 x 9 x 20.5 75 dB 6 ft
EyeVac EVH-W White, Black, Matte Black, Silver, Sea Glass or Rose Gold 1000 watts 0.5 liters HEPA filtration 1-year limited 13 x 8 x 18 65 dB 6 ft
Sweepovac SVP SL2 Silver 650 watts 0.5 liters HEPA filtration 2-year limited 16 x 7 x 3.9 65 dB N/A
EyeVac EVPRO-PW Black, White 1400 watts 1.8 liters HEPA filtration 1-year limited 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 65 dB 6 ft
NeoVac Elite Black, White 1000 watts 1.5 liters HEPA filtration 1-year limited 12 x 7 x 18 70 dB 10 ft
Cleaning cat hair, fur with mop, brush and dustpan

Buying Guide For The Best Stationary Vacuum

For choosing the best stationary vacuum that will do the job just as you desire, taking into account certain key characteristics of these products is a must. Otherwise, your search for the most suitable model might go wrong, leading to a waste of both money and effort. That’s why we’ve listed a couple of important factors for you to remember, so go ahead and read it.

1. Filtration

Considering the availability of a filter in the stationary vacuum is a must since it provides better protection by cleaning the air of dirt molecules. The models available on the market come with different types of filters, which include those made from felt or foam or coming in a pleated form. Notably, some of them offer a particle-capture rate of 90-95%, while others known as HEPA filters trap 99.97% of dust particles.

In the case of homes that have more than one fur-shedding pet, it will be best to go for the latter. Furthermore, some stationary vacuums come with reusable filters, which implies they will be very economical in the long run.

2. Suction

Naturally, suction is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the best stationary vacuum. The strength of the suction feature determines the effectiveness of any model. Now, the ideal choice in this regard would depend upon the environment where you’ll be using the model.

For instance, if you own a pet or are a hairstylist or groomer, you’ll require a touchless vacuum with a tremendously powerful suction. Going for a free-standing unit with a high-wattage motor will be the best decision in this case.

But someone planning to use the vacuum mostly for post-meal pickups can do with a vacuum having a less powerful suction.

3. Motor

The motor of a stationary vacuum is the driving force behind its proper functioning, which is why you need to consider its wattage, amps, and efficiency for choosing an ideal model. Note that the wattage is a measurement of the power that the motor uses.

And as for the amps, it tells you the total electricity drawn by the unit as a whole. To know the wattage and amps of any stationary vacuum, you will have to check the details provided by the manufacturer. In contrast, efficiency can be ascertained from customer reviews.

4. An Auto Mode

Not all the stationary vacuums you find out there can activate the suction feature by themselves. Only specialized models come with a sensor built into them that is capable of detecting the dust, hair, and debris and starting the suction.

But in this regard, you should first determine the average frequency of use, as such stationary vacuums will be ideal for people who need to do lots of cleanups daily. If you plan to use the stationary vacuum sparingly, you can also go for a model which only comes with a manual suction feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain a stationary vacuum?

To maintain a stationary vacuum, you should regularly empty the collection container and clean or replace the filter. It is also important to check the pipes and inlet valves for blockages or damage and to have the system serviced by a professional every few years.

How do you install a stationary vacuum?

Installing a stationary vacuum typically involves cutting holes in the walls of your home to install the inlet valves and running pipes through the walls to connect the valves to the central unit. Hiring a professional installer is recommended to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely.

Can a stationary vacuum system be used in a commercial setting?

Yes, a stationary vacuum system can be used in a commercial setting, but it may require a larger system with more powerful suction and a larger collection container. It is recommended to consult with a professional installer to determine the best system for your commercial space.

Are there any downsides to using a stationary vacuum system?

While there are many benefits to using a stationary vacuum system, there are some potential downsides to consider. These may include the initial cost of installation, the need for professional installation, and the potential for pipes or inlet valves to become clogged or damaged.

Can a stationary vacuum system clean carpets?

Yes, a stationary vacuum system can clean carpets, but it may require a specific cleaning attachment that is designed for carpet cleaning. Some systems may also require a separate powerhead or motorized brush to effectively clean carpets.

Best stationary vacuums of 2021 014


Now it’s time to simplify your cleaning chores by bringing home the most suitable stationary vacuum. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with it just as we did while testing these models. So, go for it!

But before we wind up, here’s a quick recap of our favorites from the list. If you’re searching for a high-performing touchless vacuum that is priced lower than other models, the EyeVac EVH-W will fit the bill perfectly. But in case you don’t mind going for a model that’s a tad more expensive and wants greater ease of use, the EyeVac EVPRO will be an ideal pick.

Do you agree with our verdict? Let us know in the comments section below.

See you soon, take care!

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