11 Best Central Vacuum Attachments Kits, Powerheads & Brushes

Gone are the days of sweeping, scrubbing, and shedding sweat and tears for a cleaner house. That’s what automated vacuums are for.

In fact, we are convinced the person who invented the vacuum was tired of cleaning their room. And so were we—cheers to science for time and energy-saving devices! Recently, many people are opting to install a central vacuuming unit. It saves time and saves you the trouble of clearing it every day. Simply attach it to a hose, and the cleaning is done in a jiffy.

However, even when central vacuums are installed, people still don’t know which kits or accessories to invest in. This is what prompted us to make a review-based guide to help you navigate through the tons of options for a decent vacuum kit.

Let’s begin with the reviews first.

Top Central Vacuum Kits, Powerheads & Brushes

1. Alder Vacuum Kit

Let’s take a look at the vacuum kit by the brand Alder. This kit comes with several attachments, including a hose, powerhead, three different types of brushes, and even a crevice tool to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places. Read on to find out if this kit would be ideal for you.

One of the first things we noticed about this kit was its flexible light gray hose which was an impressive 35 feet long.

Moreover, the powerhead had an LED headlight attached to the internal on and off switch. What this mechanism does is turn on the powerhead automatically once it senses that the wand has tilted. It also turns off when placed in an upright position without intervention from your end.

That’s not all; it also has a clear brush roller, belt-view transparent window and an integrated telescopic wand.

When you are purchasing a complete vacuum kit, it’s natural to expect a wide range of brushes to clean all kinds of floors. In this case, this model by Alder does not disappoint. It comes in a complete 4-piece tool kit which includes a 12-inch floor brush, a long tool for crevices, and a unique tool for gentle cleaning of the upholstery.

Now, we were pleasantly surprised when we used the hose. We could get it up and running effortlessly since it was compatible with any standard 1.5-inch diameter wall inlet valve. The only issue was that it was quite loud; otherwise, we would love to use this product for hours on end.

Hose Length: 35′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate


Another central vacuum kit we tested was the KIT-LV40DP-OVO by OVO. This kit contained the standard hose and a variety of brushes. However, it also came with a chrome hose hanger to store the hose when not in use and an accessory bag to keep the smaller brushes safe.

Firstly, this kit came with specialized brushes for different kinds of flooring, which we liked. When getting a central vacuum kit, you don’t want to go out and purchase extra brushes for your carpets. This isn’t an issue with this model by Ovo because they provide a specialized air-driven carpet beater. Also, its 11-inch brush is perfect for regular use on rugs and carpets.

Apart from that, it has a 40-foot-long low-voltage hose that is easy to use and swivel. This crushproof hose has a convenient switch at the handle, which you can use to turn the hose on and off. Its wide reach ensures that all areas of your house are left squeaky clean after vacuuming. Also, it fits all inlets that are 1.5 inches in inner diameter.

Lastly, the kit includes a telescopic wand with a button lock, so you can increase or decrease the length of the wand as per requirement. Even if you extend the wand to maximum length, the button lock is sturdy enough to keep it in place.

When we tried out this product, we found the 12-inch floor brush to be very useful for daily use. Since it is made of horsehair, it doesn’t scratch the floors and even picks up more dirt than synthetic ones. However, the crevice tool got blocked by dust and pet hair after a while.

Hose Length: 40′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

3. Anboo 8542019759

Next, we have the 8542019759 model by Anboo, which is a lightweight model for attaching to your central vacuum system. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for daily use, this one might interest you. Read on to know more details.

Those of you looking for a no-nonsense and easy-to-use brush will love this product. Often, we might think that more brushes and extra items included in the packaging increase the value for money. However, sometimes all you need is a simple and reliable option that you can use every day.

Moreover, this brush is the perfect option for homes with pets, especially those pets that shed a lot. In fact, it can completely replace cleaning with a mop and eliminate the extra steps. With this kit, all you have to do is attach the brush and hose to the central vacuuming system.

Along with that, this 12-inch high-quality brush has a wide surface and can easily clean a larger room in no time. What’s more, its front bristles have spaces between them to let larger particles through.

This option was sturdy enough for hardwood and rugs, and its durability is what made it an excellent choice for regular use. However, despite the simplicity of use, we had to stop the vacuum frequently to untangle dog hair. But, this shouldn’t be something to worry about unless you have pets that shed tremendously.

Hose Length: N/A | Attachment Type: Hardwood Brush | Compatible with Flooring Types: Hardwood

4. EZ Spares BMD-20-32

Here we have BMD-20-32, a lightweight turbo brush head for central vacuum by EZ Spares. It weighs less than 2 pounds and can clean various surfaces using its smooth-rolling wheels to glide the floor easily. This model comes in a vibrant red and silver color to brighten up your mood.

When we saw this model, it immediately reminded us of “Ironman,” which we later found out was the inspiration behind the color scheme. Apart from its glossy look, we were surprised by how light it was to carry around. We found it easy to attach it to a 32 mm hose (or 1.25-inch on the inside) and use it on hardwood flooring.

One thing that stands out is the smooth-rolling wheel which is placed right beneath the high-quality brush. This addition makes the entire experience of gliding around the floors all the more satisfying. That added to the light weight of the model makes cleaning a breeze.

Furthermore, there is an adjustable suction feature on the inside directly behind the brushes. If the suction power is too much, you can turn on the air outlet to allow the brushes to glide through. Also, you can always turn it off when not required.

Even though we appreciated most aspects of this option, we wished it came with its own hose. Now, it’s not like this kit does not fit into regular-sized hoses. In fact, it’s compatible with brands like Eureka, Royal, Hoover, Bissell, and Kenmore. However, it would have been convenient for many users if the manufacturer included a hose.

Hose Length: N/A | Attachment Type: Replacement Turbo Brush Head | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet

5. Cen-Tec Systems 93048

Up next, we have a high-quality central vacuum kit by the reputed brand Cen-Tec Systems. The 93048 model works on hardwood floors as well as carpets and rugs. Its combination nozzle is designed to move to different areas within the same cleaning session.

Let’s start with its highly flexible hose, which is designed with a power on and off switch. It connects to the central vacuum to form a powerful mechanism for cleaning dust and debris. Also, it is compatible with various major brands, including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Vacumaid, Cyclovac, Hayden, Star Power, and Imperium.

Moving on to the wall end, it is designed to fit Nutone and other inlets with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Apart from that, it comes with two floor nozzles; one is a multi-surface nozzle that can be used on carpet or hardwood floors. As for the other nozzle, it is a tougher brush used for scrubbing and removing debris through the central vacuum.

Moreover, the cleansing metal wand, which is used for clearing up ceilings, cobwebs, and hard-to-reach areas, is adjustable according to your height. You can stretch it between 25 and 42 inches for hassle-free cleaning.

While we liked the complete kit, which included a hose, telescopic wand, hose hanger, crevice tool, hard floor brush, and dusting brush, something was amiss. The button on the hose tends to die down over some time. This might require taking trips to the power plug every time you need to turn the switch on or off.

Hose Length: 40′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

6. Broan-NuTone CT150B

Another reasonably priced option we came across was the CT150B model by Broan-NuTone. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution for daily cleaning, this model just might be the right one for you. Apart from being easy to install, the kit also spotlessly cleans a range of surfaces.

We liked this central vacuum kit because it is perfect for cleaning any surface, be it hardwood flooring or rugs and carpets. The 11-inch floor brush is wide enough to provide edge-to-edge cleaning of laminate, tile, marble, wood, vinyl, steel, and many others.

Apart from that, it also has small wheels hidden beneath the soft brushes. Due to its rolling wheels, the product can glide from hardwood to carpet surfaces smoothly. Also, the front and rear wheels help to maintain the airflow of the vacuum.

Also, no one wants a cleaning product with an extensive manual. Most of us would prefer to progress quickly with a device that cleans large spaces quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is plug in the hose and begin using it for regular or deep cleaning of the house.

Finally, it is constructed of high-quality lightweight material, which ensures the device lasts for many years.

We liked the affordability and versatility this product provided. The wide range of surfaces it can cover was another plus, but it also had a drawback. Since it is smaller in size, the suction power is lower compared to other models. Thus, this model might be well suited for smaller rooms instead of larger ones.

Hose Length: N/A | Attachment Type: Central Vacuum Floor Tool | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

7. Cen-Tec Systems 93785

Another model we had the opportunity to review was the 93785 model by Cen-Tec Systems. It comes with a complete set of brushes which is quite convenient for many uses around the house. If you are looking for a reasonably priced product that comes with multiple brushes, this option might be a great choice.

The first thing we liked about this central vacuum kit is the vast range of brushes and accessories it comes with. It is a complete toolset to meet all your floor cleaning needs while using soft bristles that remove dirt without damaging the floors.

Since we mentioned the brushes, we’d like to introduce you to the ones that stood out. In the complete tools set, you get the 12-inch pivoting-neck floor brush. Its soft bristles are great because they maintain floor quality while collecting dust and debris in the suction. This brush is truly useful if you have shedding pets in the house.

Another brush we’d like to mention is the 3-inch dusting brush which is ideal for cleaning into square corners on tabletops or shelves. Lastly, we have an 8-inch fluted crevice tool that is suitable for cleaning corners, car interiors, or stairs.

On the whole, we liked that it weighed only 3 pounds, making it easy to maneuver around the house. We also appreciated its compatibility with hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete, vinyl, stone, and other surfaces. However, some reviewers mentioned that the wand did not stay attached to the hose, which was disappointing.

Hose Length: N/A | Attachment Type: Telescoping Wand & Attachments | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

8.Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Accessory Kit

Another central vacuum kit we have on this list is the multipurpose one by the brand Ultra Clean. It comes with various accessories and brushes at a fairly reasonable price. Also, the products are relatively sturdy and can be used for a long time. Read on to find out more about this kit.

Right off the bat, we liked that there is a budget-friendly option on the market that provides not one or two accessories but a complete kit. If you have a central vacuum installed, you’ll know that several attachments are required to complete cleaning the house. This product delivers just that, an up-to-date set of all the add-ons that one might need.

We’d like to describe the components that come with this kit, starting with the extendable wand. In fact, this option comes with two wands of different lengths; one is shorter with a pressure valve to turn on and off. In contrast, the other is an extendable wand that can stretch 3 times its regular length to clean ceilings and remove cobwebs.

Apart from that, its 35-foot black hose is sturdy and doesn’t snap with bending, which is a valuable feature for regular cleaning jobs. Also, the upholstery tools are great for running along with couches, and the soft bristles do not damage the fabric either.

While we liked most of the accessories in this central cleaner kit, we were a bit let down by the mop floor brush. This accessory was a standard-sized rectangular floor mop with thread fabric attached to the bottom. We found that pet hair and dust gathered on this mop and had to be cleaned often.

Hose Length: 35′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

9. HP TP-210

Up next, we have the TP-210 model by HP, which is also called “Turbocat.” This product comes at a bargain price with unmatched quality and features. It has a premium airflow turbine that ensures constant airflow into the hose for quickly picking up dirt and debris.

The first thing we liked about the Turbocat is its horizontal turbine design which keeps the power of the tool at a minimum. This is pretty handy for cleaning under and around furnishings. Also, it has a soft covering around the bumper and an agitator, which gives a consistent performance on even high-pile carpets.

Furthermore, the floor brush has a T-shaped design which allows you to clean up close to the legs of tables and chairs. What’s more, the chevron pattern design includes dual height bristles so that it is in constant contact with the floor surface. It also contains a unique brush roller, resulting in enhanced airflow and enhanced dirt pick-up.

You don’t need to worry about how loud it gets while vacuuming because this product creates minimum noise for a quiet vacuuming experience. Lastly, this model is compatible with Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, and many other standard brands.

There were many brilliant features of this product which we felt many buyers would appreciate like the range of floors it can clean. However, some reviewers were not happy with the life of the product. A few of them claimed that the brush stopped spinning correctly after using it for some months.

Hose Length: N/A | Attachment Type: Power Brush | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet

10. Cen-Tec Systems 94038

Another model we decided to see for ourselves was the 94038 model by Cen-Tec Systems. This product features an 11.5-inch full-size agitator, which is a superb option for cleaning carpeted floors. Apart from that, it also comes with several accessories, all of which are sleek and sturdy.

Let’s start with what we liked the most about this product. Undoubtedly, the 94038 model is a superior design from Cen-Tec, featuring an air turbine floor nozzle for cleaning carpeted floors. Also, it comes with all the tools necessary for the safe cleaning of hardwood floors.

Moreover, an Italian-made chrome steel telescopic wand is included, which is designed to extend from floor to hose, ensuring proper airflow. This wand also has an exclusive Button-Down feature making it easy to disengage the wand from the hose for cleaning tabletops, ceilings, couches, and dining tables.

Apart from that, the other cleaning accessories are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, soft upholstery, crevices, and tight spaces. Also, it can be carried along on a convenient wand-mounted tool clip.

Lastly, it is compatible with all major brands of central vacuums, including Beam, NuEra, Husky, ProLux, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, Canavac, Eureka, Cyclovac, Nutone, Honeywell, MD, Wal Vac, Galaxie, and Imperium.

Although we were impressed by the quality of the accessories and the compatibility with common brands, there was one distinct flaw. After using it many times without issue, suddenly the switch on the hose shut off. We had to manually restart the switch multiple times, which was a bit of a letdown.

Hose Length: 35′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

11. Wessel-Werk Central Vacuum Kit

Yet another central vacuum accessory kit we have added to this list is the one by Wessel-Werk. Not only does it have a sturdy hose and wand structure, but it also has numerous features in the powerhead, like LED headlights and quick adjustment. Read on to learn more details about this product.

First of all, this kit, also known as the “Villa Collection,” has many parts and accessories that improve the central vacuum cleaning experience. Some of these accessories are a 35-foot-long crushproof hose, a telescopic wand with integrated wiring, a 13-inch hard floor brush, and a crevice tool, among others.

If we talk about the electric powerhead, it has a height adjustment feature with LED headlights and a quick disconnect neck that swivels when required. The LED headlight burns brighter and longer with less energy consumption. Also, one interesting addition was the circuit breaker, which protected the motor by locking the neck with a release pedal for quick release of the wand.

Furthermore, it has 4 soft rubber wheels which do not drag on the floor to create any marks. This is a pretty good feature for hardwood floors and carpets because it makes gliding across the surface much more manageable.

Lastly, we’d like to mention the telescopic wand, which attaches to the hose in no time and can adjust the height in 5 steps for cleaning carpets.

This option is great for multiple uses around the house, whether it be the living room floor or upholstery. However, it is priced in the higher range, so if you plan to stick to a budget, this option might not be the one for you.

Hose Length: 35′ | Attachment Type: Complete Kit | Compatible with Flooring Types: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

Central Vacuum Attachment Kits Comparison Table

Product Hose Length Attachment Type Compatible Floor Types
Alder Comet Central Vacuum Attachment Kit 35′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
OVO KIT-LV40DP-OVO 40′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
Anboo N/A Hardwood Brush Hardwood
EZ Spares BMD-20-32 N/A Replacement Turbo Brush head Carpet
Cen-Tec Systems 93048 40′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
Broan-NuTone CT150B N/A Central Vacuum Floor Tool Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
Cen-Tec Systems N/A Telescoping Wand & Attachments Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Accessory Kit 35′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
TurboCat Air Driven performance Brush N/A Power Brush Carpet
Cen-Tec Systems Kit TurboCat Air Turbine Tool 35′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate
Wessel-Werk Central Vacuum Kit 35′ Complete Kit Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate

Central Vacuum Attachment Kits Buying Guide 

1. Type Of Hose

You might think that only one kind of hose can be used with a central vacuum. Well, there are actually three different types.

  •  Basic Central Vacuum Hose

The first is the basic central vacuum hose without electricity. This is the most budget-friendly option out there since it doesn’t involve any wires or power switches. Most of these hoses are made of plastic with a 360-degree swivel handle. You need to look for a lightweight and crushproof one if you choose to go for this option.

Moreover, this hose will come with a hose-to-inlet adapter made of metal. Since this is the most basic option, you can find it in various sizes, starting from 25- 40-inch options. However, the only drawback of this hose is that you will have to manually go and unplug it every time the vacuum needs to be turned off.

  •  Low Voltage Hose

This might be one of the most popular hose types for every household and is commonly found on the market. The low-voltage hose features 2 switch positions – on and off on the edge of the pipe so that you can control the power from the hose itself. With this hose, you can shut down or turn on the vacuum for use with a press of the button.

So, you do not need to go to the central vacuum unit to control the power; instead, roam around the house for cleaning and control it from anywhere. Along with that, you can also attach a turbo floor brush for vacuuming carpets and rugs.

  •  High Voltage Hose

High-voltage hoses or motorized power brushes are often used for high-pile carpets and thick rugs. This is because sometimes it gets challenging to remove dust and pet hair stuck on the rug compared to hardwood floors. For a carpet vacuum, you will need a hose that provides 120 volts to the handle for powering up the motor.

2. Floor Brush 

Arguably the most crucial device in an accessory kit is the floor brush or powerhead. This is the most vital part, often sold separately from other accessories because it fulfills the primary task of cleaning floors.

Floor brushes must have soft bristles for effortlessly gliding over carpets and hardwood. Select one that can climb over a higher carpet height and something that isn’t rough to scratch the floors. Many models come with a protective rubber covering, 360-degree swivel neck, and small rolling wheels for creating a cleaning path.

3. Expandable Wand

When it comes to expandable wands, they are usually made of chrome or metal and can be expanded to three times their original size. Usually, they come in handy for cleaning ceilings and removing cobwebs.

The functioning is simple; all you have to do is attach the wand to the hose and manually adjust the length required. There will be a small switch or push button on the side of the wand; press on that while extending the wand. Once it has reached the desired length, you can lock it in place.

4. Crevice Tool

The crevice tool can be identified by its thin and narrow appearance, which tapers into a flat tube that is even thinner. This tool is designed to reach the corners and hard-to-reach areas of the house without moving around the furniture too much.

It can also be used in cars to clean corners around the seats and smaller kitchen areas like drawers and cabinets. Even though this might not be the most vital tool in the kit, there’s no denying it’s always useful if you have it.

5. Upholstery Tool

Many vacuum accessory kits decide to add an upholstery tool in the package to increase the range of products you can use. They look like a smaller version of floor brushes and can also sometimes be round in shape.

As the name suggests, they are designed for cleaning fabric, sofas, couches, leather chairs, curtain blinds, to name a few.

6. Compatibility With Your Central Vacuum

Here is an essential thing to check before you complete purchasing the accessories for your central vacuum unit. You must compare the hose fittings with the wall inlet valves because if they don’t match, your hose will be pretty much useless.

Most standard wall inlet valves are 1.5 inches from the inside, but it’s better to measure the one on your wall to avoid any mistakes. Also, many companies give the option of selecting between a pigtail cord or a direct connect hose configuration. You can check the one compatible with your system and decide accordingly.

Also, some brands provide a square-shaped hose neck. Since most brands come in a round-shaped one, you’ll have to check the shape beforehand. If you do get a square neck hose, you will need an adapter to fit in with the central vacuum system.

7. Other Accessories

Many kits provide numerous other accessories like storage bags, tool hangers, air-driven carpet beaters, caddy bags, dusting brushes, and many more. If these tools are essential for your home cleaning, be sure to check each one to complete your cleaning set.

What types of attachments are available for central vacuum systems?

There are a variety of attachments available for central vacuum systems, including floor brushes, crevice tools, upholstery brushes, dusting brushes, and specialized attachments for tasks like pet grooming and blind cleaning.

Are central vacuum attachments compatible with all central vacuum systems?

While many attachments are designed to be universal, it’s important to check compatibility with your specific central vacuum system. Some brands may have proprietary fittings or connections.

Can I use standard vacuum cleaner attachments with a central vacuum system?

Standard vacuum cleaner attachments are not compatible with central vacuum systems due to differences in hose size and fittings. It’s important to use attachments specifically designed for central vacuum systems.

What is a power brush or electric brush for central vacuum systems?

A power brush, also known as an electric brush, is an attachment with a motorized brush roll. It’s ideal for deep cleaning carpets and effectively agitates and removes dirt and debris.

Can central vacuum attachments be used for above-floor cleaning?

Yes, many central vacuum attachments come with extensions or wands that allow for above-floor cleaning. This includes cleaning curtains, blinds, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Are there specialized attachments for pet owners?

Yes, there are attachments designed specifically for pet owners, such as pet grooming brushes and attachments with extra-strong suction for effective pet hair removal.


So, that is all we have to say about accessories and kits for your central vacuum. If you plan on installing or already have a central vacuuming unit, the essential accessories are a must-have. The sooner you arrange for a vacuum kit, the sooner your house will get a complete cleaning system for regular use.

Remember, the most expensive option doesn’t always have to be the best for you. Make sure to compare the valves and units at your house with the specifications given in the description of the vacuum kit. So, with the help of this review and buying guide, go ahead and select the perfect accessory kit for your home.

Until next time, bye.

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