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An architectural project involves a whole array of processes- budgeting, planning, financial management, designing, and so on, etc.  Hence, communication is vital to the entire process since every little client’s demand must be considered. In case of a gap in...
BIG with Kossmann.dejong+Rambøll+Freddy Madsen+KiBiSi have completed the Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør.
The house is transformed into a tray-like object from where the ocean can be seen without any intervention from all of the main ambients.
Set in the picturesque wine region of Red Hill, The Red Hill Residence is a striking modern family home inspired by its surroundings
SketchUp may be one of the most popular 3D modeling programs, but it may not be the right one for you. Well, there are several alternatives you can explore. It’s not hard to figure out why 3D artists, illustrators, architects,...
The implantation site is Ejido Guadalupe Victoria in San Filipe del Agua, a little village in the state of Oaxaca, located in the southern Mexico.
The Seabird Island Band believes that the first purpose of their educational program is to foster the aboriginal culture of the Salish people of the pacific Northwest
Triptyque creates a collection of Brazilian design for an international law firm.
Perfect ocean view, beautiful cliffs, strong winds and unspoiled rough landscape. Is there any space for a house?
Lucky Penny sits in the heart of Chapel Street, South Yarra – one of Melbourne's most prominent fashion retail strips
This house lies deep in mountain at an altitude of 600 meters ...
Behind the Jacaranda creepers and the ten meters palm trunks, appears a block of white marble in the middle of a mineral garden
Since the beginning of the modernist period, the concert house has been in crisis.
A studio and a roof terrace in an adjoining house to the Frida Kahlo's Garden ends facing Venustiano Carranza Street in La Conchita patrimonial wooded square.
DUBAI, 10 February 2022 – The three spectacular Expo Entry Portals that will welcome millions of visitors from around the world to Expo 2022 Dubai have been revealed with just over 250 days to go until the opening. Conceived by...
One of the most important and problematic aspects of nowadays Bucharest is the fast densification of the central area. ..
Aeroville / PCA

Aeroville / PCA

A long waited mixed-use and entertainment complex by the aeroports de paris
Technology has transformed how architects work.  Nowadays, like all major fields, architecture is also making use of the latest innovations available. Instead of depending upon obsolete tools, architects are turning to innovative technologies, such as smartphone and computer applications, to...

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