Beautiful shelving solutions for bookworms

Beautiful shelving solutions for bookworms

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Nothing makes a new apartment or condominium unit feel like home than having all of your favorite titles beautifully displayed. Below, you will find some inspiring hints for shelving ideas that will enable you to boast your literary preferences in style. Up lighting or down light – or both – can be used to ensure that all of those beloved books are both illuminating and illuminated. 

Beautiful shelving solutions for bookworms

1. Use lighting

Up lighting or down light – or both – can be used to ensure that all of those beloved books are both illuminating and illuminated. Make use of colorful bulbs to create a dramatic effect. This looks particularly good when all the other lights in the room are out and your bookshelf acquires a beautiful, ethereal glow. 

2. Choice of shelving materials

At Zipmatch, you can find lots of condo for sales or for rent where you can find a variety of living arrangements, many of which are equipped with curved industrial pipes and reclaimed glass, which are all creative ideas for shelving materials. Pipes look especially good in exposed brick apartments, for example, as they lend a little kookiness to this classic, contemporary aesthetic. Choosing reclaimed materials is so much fun and you can have a great time shaping the materials yourself (if you have the skill and the patience) to fit the curves and corners of your apartment. 

3. Oddly angled shelves

Some book shelves are designed to appear as if they defy gravity, using diagonals and stacked geometric shapes to create an arresting effect. Circles, jigsaw shapes and even wooden cutout teacups are all some of the weird and wonderful, seemingly gravity defying designs that you can choose as bookshelves. Diagonal shelving looks especially good when it works all the way up a wall and uses plenty of vertical space.

4. Go for the invisible effect

Invisible bookshelves are very trendy these days, especially among real estate Philippines, and they can be purchased in many homeware shops or online. With invisible shelves, your books will look like they are ‘stuck’ to the wall at their own accord, ready to be picked up. If you want visitors notice your literary obsession, then this invisible shelving will certainly put your babies into the spotlight.

5. Standalone bookshelves

Thus far, the bookshelves discussed in this article are all designed to go on or against the walls of your apartment. However, another attractive idea for shelving in an apartment is to include a standalone bookshelf in the middle of the room. These book shelves can also fulfil the function of a partition wall in the middle of a living room. Standalone bookshelves can come in many weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, including animals, jigsaws and geometric shapes. So, you will have no problem finding something that suits your style.


On the wall or stand alone, invisible or brightly illuminated, these creative shelving ideas will help turn any apartment into a cozy paradise for bookworms.


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